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In the first book, the focus seemed to be more on the police officers forced to choose between helping the citizens of their city and assisting the politicians in their attempt to escape via a luxury ship, although other storylines included both civilians and soldiers, and the controversial orders given to the military to ensure that the outbreak is contained. In the second book, it becomes obvious that the worst is yet to come when the characters meet monsters worse than the zombies.

The series continues to divulge more about the background of the surviving characters, revealing their own individual experiences within the same outbreak area. The human strengths and weaknesses are more than plausible, with North giving extra attention to the details this time around. Many people behave egotistically, but it's those moments when someone chooses to do the right thing, even when it's the hardest thing to do, that really creates a strong bond between the survivors and the reader.

I can't wait for the third book!
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on July 4, 2014
There's two kinds of zombie novels. The first kind of zombie novel is the disaster story about the event (like World War Z). The second kind of novel is survival horror about the survivors (like Romero's films or the Walking Dead). There's significant overlap between the two but it'll give you a rough idea of the two major trends in these kinds of stories.

Dead Tide Rising exists in the middle of these two types, leaning towards the former. We get dozens or so accounts of survivors trying to live through the horrors of the Apocalypse but, in a real sense, it's all about their individual stories giving us perspective on the event itself. Dead Tide Rising is the sequel to the original Dead Tide (reviewed here) which had a similar approach. The book was criticized because it had dozens of characters and very short chapters dealing with their reactions to events as they unfolded, switching rapidly between perspectives. Some wished he could have made a smaller cast or, at least, taken more time to give a stronger sense of each individual.

I think this is unfair because it misses the point. In addition to having several very memorable characters, this is not a series about the survivors like say The Walking Dead or The Becoming. This is a series about the end of the world. We get lots of action and personal tragedies but this is to let us know what the apocalypse is like. The citizens of Saint Petersburg, FL (like those in every city across America by this point) are losing their loved ones and watching their world end one person at a time.

I actually like the rapid switches between characters and the short chapters because it contributes to the general sense of chaos which the story is all about. We see people struggling to survive from every walk of life. Trish the Stripper, Mills the fireman, Jacob the psychopath, Tallaski the cop, Natalie the teenaged girl, and even the President of the United States. The event is happening to them and their personal melodramas from before are less important than the grand guginol going on around them.

It's kind of refreshing really.

The chaos, confusion, survivor's guilt, anger, and emotional trauma runs high throughout Dead Tide Rising. People say things they don't mean, do things they never would under normal circumstances, and make mistakes because they're not thinking clearly. After just three days of hell, all of the cast is running on no-sleep and is half-crazed. One thing I liked in Dead Tide Rising is we get the government's perspective on the zombie problem. Jokes about the Pentagon's zombie preparation plan in real-life aside, it's fascinating to watch them portrayed as human. Given a completely out-of-context problem, they struggle to find solutions but make mistakes in the process which wear on them.

At one point, someone in the government (no one knows who) decided shooting everyone who might be infected was a good idea, only to find out the disease didn't work like that. The government forces in Saint Petersburg have to deal with the fact everyone now considers them butchers and doesn't believe them when they claim they're now evacuating survivors. This is in addition to guilt and trauma the people who did the shooting may now feel. The military also becomes inclined to turn on the government when VIPs put their families' safeties above those of the soldiers' themselves.

Of the characters in Dead Tide Rising, I think I enjoyed Trish and Natalie's the most with President Foster's story rounding them out. Their reactions to events were touching and I was quite concerned for the characters. Mills the Fireman, also, is the breakout star of the series and a character I'd like to see more of in the future. In a real way, I think I liked this better than the original Dead Tide. It's not going to be to everyone's tastes but what is?

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on July 4, 2015
Great second installment in a wonderful series. This was a great follow up to Dead Tide. Like most great stories of the genre, this book centers on the human characters versus the undead they face. Great writing and admirable second book in the series (a sometimes daunting place to be, like the middle child in a large family). Getting ready to purchase Book 3!
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on June 3, 2014
When I write a review I prefer to keep my spoilers to a minimum. That being said Dead Tide Rising kicks into overdrive picking up where Dead Tide left off. The author throws you back in with the original characters from Dead Tide as they have to fight off zombies at every turn. Our survivors have to fend off attacks from the undead as they confront a growing sadistic menace other humans. There is no let up in the action as you seamlessly flow between story lines. I was paranoid with each turn of the page as the author fills you with a sense of fear and dread. He delivers unmerciful blow after blow to the survivors. With Dead Tide Rising we are introduced to the zombie outbreak on a whole different scale. All of these authors story lines tie beautifully in to the overall zombie filled experience that is Dead Tide Rising get it, got it, great!
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on July 12, 2014
The action and adventure continues in Stephen A. North's Dead Tide Rising, the follow up to the first book in the Dead Tide series. The book begins at the beginning of the zom-pocalypse with the addition of yet another character, Dead Eye Johnny, and we are then hurled head first back into the continuing saga of the first book as the undead rip through the Tampa Bay area.

Again, as with the first novel, it's definitely a fun read. I love the blood and guts, the storytelling is adventurous and risky, and there is plenty of zombie action and death scenes to go 'round. But just like the first novel, the follow up was just as confusing. In addition to the already overwhelming number of character view points, North has added the president of The United States, Dead Eye Johnny the cart pusher, the president's wife, and so on and so forth. I can only say so on and so forth, because after now reading two of North's books in the same series (nearly back to back) I can barely recall all of the characters' names and I couldn't begin to tell you anything other than their occupation.

My favorite kind of story is one in which I can identify or relate with at least one of the characters. I truly enjoy and have the ability to immerse myself into a book in which I genuinely care about someone in it. Unfortunately that is not the case in Dead Tide Rising. For however much I enjoyed the content of the book, I never truly found myself ever caring about the characters and I found that if any one of them were killed off and the third book in the series has an entirely new cast of characters, I would be fine with it. I never truly got to the point in which I wanted to see any of these peoples' stories played out, and again, as with the first book, I never found that "hook, line, and sinker" protagonist that made me root for them in any way.

I'm not bashing North's books by any means, if that were the case I wouldn't have finished them. In fact, I still have the desire to read the next book in the series. I just wish there weren't as many characters, or that at least the characters were defined by something more than their name.

Another quick thing to point out if you're planning on reading this zombie adventure, is that there is quite a bit of sexual tension between everyone all of the time, and rape tends to gets brought up quite a bit. Something that just didn't seem to fit well with the story was the fact that during the end of the world, everyone seems to want to have sex with everyone that they meet, at all times.

All in all, Dead Tide Rising entertains. It's not a book that bores you and it's definitely a book you'll be able to finish and enjoy. Again, North creates dialogue that is believable and genuine, something that matters a great deal to me when reading a book in any genre. I think this is another great addition to any zombie lovers collection. Just don't expect to remember the differences between different people unless you're really good with names.
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on August 30, 2013
I enjoyed this post apocalyptic tale alot more than I liked part 1. The characters are great and the story is a little but easier to follow. My only complaint is how abruptly the story comes to an end. It almost feels like the author suddenly stopped writing and forgot to finish the book. Regardless, I recommend this book to lovers if zombie stories.
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on August 4, 2014
This was a great zombie genre book but the grammar and spelling were quite horrible. The writing was really good and the action and characters were great. Just wish the kindle version had been edited better.
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on February 27, 2014
Same as the previous book. Still feels complicated. A good read but not great. I enjoy more of the prep and survival of the characters. However seeing the dark side of people is a bit of a change from other zombie books
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on October 22, 2013
Stephen A. North knows his zombies. With his original book, Beneath the Mask, he showed himself quite capable of crafting a top-notch story in a genre that is filled with lesser efforts. Filled with characters that are interesting and relatable, and set pieces that are, at times, unnerving, Dead Tide Rising continues to deliver more of what made the previous books so good.

The Tampa, Florida based story continues to engage me, and while some have criticized the rapid jumping back and forth between characters as being difficult to follow, I find it adds greatly to the feeling of desperation that permeates the story. The short chapters contribute further to the edge-of-your-seat feel and this book moves along at a brisk pace, enticing you to turn to the next page as quickly as possible to see what happens next.

While no book can be everyone's cup of tea, I am happy to be drinking deeply from this one, and look forward to the next cup full whenever Mr. North has it brewed to bone-chilling perfection!
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on August 26, 2013
Another great read indeed! My only complaint is that I was left hanging yet again wondering if our heroes are going to make it some place safe. Keep writing and hurry with the next book!
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