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on October 16, 2006
This game is very touchy based on the system it's being used with. Sometimes it's fast and fun and other times it's slow and frustrating(sometimes even buggy). In my XBOX 360 the game runs nearly flawless and is very repsonsive, however, in my Pioneer and Toshiba dvd players the game is frustratingly slow to be read(game is on a dual-layer disc which may create majority of problems depending on where info is). I've also experienced the $.01 case being opened 3 times during the same game and when it goes to the board, I've eliminated a larger amount. The worst part of this game is choosing your case. They're not all displayed, giving you no idea which numbers are left or how many are left. You shouldn't have to keep a mental/written tally the entire time. Depending on your player, the selector for the cases will be extremely repsonsive or so slow that you'll probably feel frustrated enough to choose any case just to get it over with. Also, every time you do select a case, you have to scroll by your case which you've already chosen making it take even longer. This could've been an easy fix, however, they obviously opted to take the lazy way out and just create a really simplistic screen. For the price you can't really complain, however, this could've been much better had a little more time gone into its creation.
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VINE VOICEon October 14, 2006
My wife picked this game up. This is my first interactive DVD game so I didn't expect much to begin with.

The game itself is almost like the show, except for the fact that you will notice that it's VERY slow. Another thing that I ran into was that after you pick the case to open, the CD locks up, and doe not allow you to select another case unless you press menu on your DVD remote and then resume game. This adds to the frustration. On top of that you have to cycle through all the cases as they do not all appear on the screen at one time. After you spend a good 15 minute or so picking all the cases for the round, you are given an offer and this part is almost exactly like the show. Howie even says the dollar amount of the offer.

AFter that you are back to selecting cases again, and again you have to go back to the menu and resume the game to pick the next case.

I played a 2 player game and wasn't able to finish the game after my wife took the offer because right after I picked my next case, the DVD froze again and I pressed "Menu" to go back to the Menu screen as I have been doing for all this time. However this time when I pressed Menu, the game just quit and said "Thanks for playing" All that time and I didn't even get to finish the game. My wife asked if I wasnted to play again, and I reluctantly agreed. This game could be more fun if it wasn't so slow and forces you to work around the bugs due to poor design. Maybe 1 player mode is not as buggy. Another bug was when we were finally able to finish the second game, I took a deal at $145,000 (my case had $25,000). My wife got it down to her final two cases ($200,000 and $500,000). The banker offered her $350,000 and she took the deal and it turned out her case had $200,000, so that was a good deal. However, Howie said she should have stayed in the game. Huh?? Make no sense at all. Obvious this game was rushed.

This game is maybe fun for once or twice, then it becomes boring. For $20, I guess its an OK deal.
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on December 3, 2006
Bought this DVD this weekend at Wal-Mart. Graphics aren't so great, the game is slow and pauses as if it is going to freeze. I was hoping that it would be a lot like the actual game but... It doesn't display all the cases at one time but rather displays an up and down arrow as you scroll through the cases. Because of this, I was not able to really see what number I had picked previously. It also does not display all of the amounts as you choose them, only displays them after you choose the prescribed number of cases. Not really fully interactivbut displays one screen at a time.

I am going to try to take it back to Wal-Mart and get my money back. It seems that the makers of this were just looking to make money on a great game show but only created a subpar DVD. I hear that there are several versions of this game out there. I obviously picked the wrong one. I went online and played a online version that was much better and it was free. I guess I'll connect my laptop to my television and play for free.
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on November 23, 2006
When the Deal Or No Deal DVD Game came out I was so excited with joy and even saved up my allowance to buy it however I wasn't prepared for the pitfalls ahead that would keep me from playing Deal Or No Deal. The trouble began the day after I bought it when it started freezing whenever I would get an offer from The Banker and I could never find out how much The Banker offered me because it would freeze at the same spot and cleaning the DVD did not solve the problem and it made me restart the game over again. I also noticed another problem with the Deal Or No Deal DVD Game and it occurs when The Banker calls Howie's voice gets choppy and sounds like he has a lisp and Howie gets silent but his mouth moves and no voice comes out when Howie moves and this causes the board to freeze. Another problem I had was whenever I played Deal Or No Deal all the way to the final round it never let me switch cases or keep my case and it froze again and it really DISGUSTED me. NBC and Howie Mandel should really be ashamed at what Imagination Games has done to the DVD game of their hit show and really should write fans of DOND like myself an apology letter for not fixing the glitches of this game. I think Imagination Games rushed the Deal Or No Deal game out for Christmas and they should make a Deal Or No Deal 2nd edition DVD game that's better than this. For a better version of Deal Or No Deal I advise you to check out the just released PC version of Deal Or No Deal by Global Star. Now that version rocks and is more enjoyable. so my final advice to you this holiday season is STAY AWAY FROM THIS GAME
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on December 27, 2006
I can only speak for myself here (seeing as how so many other reviewers were less than flattering in their commentary), but I love playing this game. I requested it for Christmas, and it has run perfectly on my DVD player, which I purchased over four years ago (that would make it a dinosaur by today's standards). I don't know why everybody else is having so many technical problems with the DVD's game play, but mine works just fine.

My only quibble with the game is that you don't get to interact with the models. You interact with Howie Mandel, the host; you even get to see the banker, which is a nice feature. But part of the guilty pleasure of the show is watching the models open the 26 briefcases, and that is sorely missed here. They ARE on the DVD; you see them at the beginning of the game play, and you see them at the end when the credits are rolling. But during the actual game play, only one model is used to open each of the 26 briefcases. It would have been a lot more fun if ALL the models were on the DVD, just like it is on the television show.

Despite that minor flaw, I love playing this game. It's unfortunate that so many others have had difficulty playing theirs, however. Hopefully, the makers of this DVD can improve on their formula and come back with an even better DVD release.
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on August 22, 2006
This a DVD interactive game,with no board or game pieces.You just get the DVD and manual,though the game is explained by Howie on the actual DVD anyway.

It's a ONE or TWO player game.In the TWO player game,Player 1 picks six cases first,then gets an offer.Then it's Player 2's turn,to do the same.It alternates like this till the end.The player who won the most money wins.However,since the game doesn't have any memory,Player 1 has to remember or write down the amount won,to later compare it with Player Two. I found the 2 player game to be too slow and boring while waiting for my turn.

I've played 36 games so far.Each game takes about 15 to 20 minutes to play.I've won the million twice(Games #12 and #31).The odds are: (1/26)*12 games=4.6% chance that you'll win it in only 12 games,like I did.Each time Howie then said in a boring non-exciting way,"Well done.That's how it's played.You're taking home the million.Congratulations."

Since there are 26 cases,your odds are only 25 to 1 (3.85%) of winning the million.The more you play,the greater your chances,though the odds stay the same for each game,of course.If you play 2600 times,based on the odds(1/26*X=100;where X=amount of times played,and 100 represents 100%), you should win at LEAST ONCE. Therefore,I got extremely lucky to win twice,so quickly.Once I even switched my case at the end, to win it.

Because you can't see the board until you've picked all the cases you're supposed to pick(per round),the game isn't as exciting as the Tv show,but it's well done when the banker calls Howie.You even see the previous offers you've turned down,exactly like on Tv.Howie has about 3 different phrases for each round,so I'm guessing there's about 20 or so Howie phrases and clips.

Once the offer is made,Howie says it aloud as the board is shown and you then see all the dollar amounts on the board that are left.Once the offer is made,there is NO time limit,so you can take all day to decide if you want.Of course,you'll almost never take the deal,unless you're playing realistically.

-Has a boring pick your case screen.Only one silver numbered briefcase is shown(your case) and then you must use your DVD remote and press up or down to pick a case.The softer the buttons on your remote are,the less annoying and faster the cases change.

-Other than seeing all the girls(in green dresses)in actual Tv clips at the beginning and end of the game(Note:can't pause;only can zoom in on the footage),only one girl is shown opening each case!According to the end credits,that girl is Tameka Jacobs,who is one of the real girls from the Tv show.You never see her face or hear her speak.You only see her hands,arms,chest and green dress.She holds the case,then opens it to reveal the amount.

-To save loading time, Howie NEVER says,"open the case" or the dollar amount chosen .

-After awhile,you'll notice that Tameka opens each specific case(dollar-wise) the SAME way.So you can tell if she opens it really fast for example, it's going to be only one of two possible dollar amounts.Though,each case is opened rather quickly anyway,it still does take away from the suspense;since you know that because her hand is already on the handle when the clip starts for instance,it can only be a few specific dollar amounts inside that case. Many hand movements look very similar,so unless you play it a lot and really pay attention,you usually won't notice anything but the speed with which she opens the cases.

-Even if you are having lousy luck,Howie will say you're doing well,so it seems like he's watching a different game and thus takes away from the overall enjoyment.

-You can't save your game or money you've won.Though, you can stop playing and continue the game later(as long as you leave your Dvd player ON and the game in it).

-Bright and flashy and taken from the actual Tv show.
-Howie Mandell,the banker and models from the show are here.
-More than one model holding and opening the cases would have helped,though.

They should have let you see all the cases that are left,with the girls holding the cases like on Tv,and then let you type in the actual number of the case you want to pick.Instead,you just scroll up or down(Note:left or right buttons do same thing as up or down)from a dull (no music or audio)screen showing just a single briefcase.You also have to finish picking each round's cases before you see the amounts come of the board.This is what kills the excitement.However,once you get to the banker's phone call and then the offer,the game gets fun,and feels like the actual Tv show.

The delay between each screen isn't too bad(about 2 seconds-depending on Dvd player,perhaps),so once you pick the case,it goes pretty quickly to Tameka opening the case(I used a Panasonic DVD player).That's why you can finish most games within 20 minutes.

AUDIO: 6/10
-Has the actual opening,music and voice of Howie Mandel from the Tv show,however,the girls never speak.

-Has enough different phrases to keep it from being repetitive for about 12 games or so.

Not bad for $20,though I'm already tired of it and gave it to a friend to play.

Still an ok game to play with your family(unless seeing Tamara's chest closeup each time she opens a case,is too much for your 8 year old to handle),if you can stand the lifeless pick the case screen and various other minor flaws(as mentioned above) in the game.

If you're a fan of the show,you can always occasionally play it in between Tv shows(Deal or No Deal returns to NBC sometime in late August or September 2006).You can sit around with friends or family and decide as a team which cases to pick,then yell or laugh at them if they gave you bad advice.Don't expect it to be as much fun as the Tv show can be,but it's still decent enough.

Deal or No Deal?
I'll say Deal.
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on December 4, 2006
My twin girls and I watch Deal or No Deal all the time and we thought this would be a fun DVD game....BOY WERE WE WRONG!!!! In the two player is so slow that the waiting playing is just sitting there watching you pick a case...not much action. You have to pick the case with the up & down arrow key on your remote and thats the only interaction you have in this game.....Don't waste you money....also I TRIED TO RETURN THE GAME AFTER having it for 2 DAYS TO WAL-MART....THEY WON"T TAKE IT BACK DUE TO COPYRIGHT LAWS IF IT HAS BEEN PLAYED.
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on November 28, 2006
Those of you who know the TV show know that "Deal Or No Deal" does not require a lot of thought to play. What the TV show offers is basically quick game play, and eye candy in the form of an amusing host (Howie Mandel) and guests, female models holding the cases, music and lights, etc.

This game has managed to remove all the interesting parts of "Deal Or No Deal."

1) There is only a small amount of video content; mostly very short clips of Howie Mandel telling you how many cases you have to open, etc.

2) The game is dragged down by a very strange, very poorly-thought out system for picking the cases you want to open. Each time you need to pick a case, one numbered case is displayed on the screen at a time, and you press the up and down arrows to move to the next case, and so on until you eventually get to the case you want to open. It takes a second or two to get from one case to the next ... very slow. Why not display all the cases on the screen? Why not have a video of the models holding those cases? Heck, why not just play some music during the process?

3) The game is poorly programmed. In particular, the "banker's" offers and Howie's comments aren't consistent with the way the game is usually played. For example, I revealed the $1 million dollar case, and Howie's response was "now you're making the banker nervous." At another point, the banker's offer went up when I revealed one of the highest valued cases.

All in all, just a weak effort. The sad thing is that a DVD version of this game could've been nearly as amusing as the TV show (unlike a board game version, for example). Very disappointing.
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on November 3, 2006
Game has great video and graphics. Unfortunately, I had the exact same bugs and problems as the others below. The game froze constantly and would hang at the same place. After three tries, we had to physically turn off the DVD player just to get the DVD to eject. My wife is returning this game tomorrow. Game bugs like this are unacceptable. Too bad, we were looking forward to playing this with our friends.
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on February 11, 2007
This game is one hot mess. I bought it for my Mom for Christmas. We decided to play the 2 player game thinking it would be fun. Well, the word my Mother used to describe it is "EXCRUCIATING". This was the slowest and most boring thing I've ever played. There is at least a 10 second pause between EACH function (choosing a case, opening the case, Howie giving you directions, taking turns, looking at your opened case. . .you name it). Each time you switch back to the other player, THE SCREEN LITERALLY GOES BLACK! You only see the suitcase girls in the beginning and the end. When a case is opened, you only see two arms, breasts and the case! When it is your turn to pick a case, there is COMPLETE SILENCE as you scroll - and I use the term loosely - up and down to pick a number. For a "video game" which you assume to move quickly, you'd better set aside at least an hour to play it. You will be exhausted when you're through. We suggest they go back to the drawing board and stop with all the pauses, play some theme music when you are choosing your case, show the girl who opens your case, have the audience clap - ANYTHING!!!!!!!! If you buy this game, you only have yourself to blame. P.S. I won $750,000 and didn't even care, I was just glad it was over.
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