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on March 26, 2013
AWESOME!! It's a 3cd set and contains some really good stuff!! I wished they were uncut totally, but it's better than the Gunther/Renke(Spell?)and they don't have some idiot telling you about the show in between the show! ARG Hate that!! I want ALL the shows from this series!! It was awesome and it was awesome because of it's star!! I want to see ALL of it! But, if all we get is this, then take it!! At least you get some!! :-) We sure enjoyed this set!! Hope you do as well! :-) My only complaint is its not bigger and more complete a collection!! The uncut is WAY better!! :-)
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on January 15, 2013
What more do you want? Probably more will be the answer after viewing these wonderful, timeless shows from The Dean Martin Show, certainly one of the best, if not the best, variety show from the classic years of the 1960's and '70's. There are 6 "uncut" episodes, spanning the years 1966 to 1971, and all of them have enough special moments, great singing, and comic gems to make this purchase a MUST for Martin fans. ALL of the guests listed are here, so I was bemused from some of the negative comments. The picture and sound quality is VERY GOOD to EXCELLENT throughout. The ENTIRE shows are here and there are even the commercial breaks with Dean's picture and the announcer stating, "and tonight's sponsor is ..." and you get to hear the music playing without the commercials. Wonderful. You will be transported back to an era when TALENT mattered - real talent. There are moments when Dean is clearly clowning through a song, but others when he is fully engaged - and the performances are often moving. Most of the comic bits hold up well, especially when it's clear that Dean, perhaps underrehearsed, is having a grand time "improvising" through a scene, which keeps the comedy fresh and appealing all these years later. "The Dean Martin Show" began in 1965, barely 10 years after his split from Jerry Lewis, but you can see Dean actually doing some "Jerry" in his comic routines. The guests range from Sid Caesar, to Bob Newhart, to Joey Heatherton, and all of it is remarkably "modern." You get a show from his very first season and the DVD's end with a show from 1971, one of the last real seasons of the show before the show became almost weekly "roasts" of other celebrities. For the price you are paying, which is rather low, 6 uncut episodes of this incredibly entertaining show are worth the price and you can just hope that others will follow. The best part of the show, for me, is still when Dean jumps up on the piano, with Ken Lane playing, and proceeds to spend a few minutes making fun of classic songs, with different, funny lyrics, and then sits on the couch and proceeds to craft a song with his impeccable phrasing and tone. He was a gifted singer, terrific straight man and comedian and actor, and a legend. No one even remotely like him today. No one quite this fun. And how we miss his great talent. You can experience it again here and it's well worth it. FIVE STARS!
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on June 26, 2013
I like Dean Martin and watched his variety show back in the day. These are definitely not the best shows from his hit series. Few (if any) of the guest entertainers on these six shows were any good...mostly just slap-stick, unfunny comic skits and dancing around with the Goldiggers. Dean does justice to a couple of songs, but most of the other (dozen or so) songs are butchered-up by his goofy attempts to be funny.

There were a few redeeming moments though: "yodeling" George Gobbels was a treat as was a balancing act by a couple of weight lifters. The were also a couple of unheard-of comics that were funny. But that was about it for these six shows.

I remember a lot of really good episodes from The Dean Martin Show...with appearances by some of the best entertainers and comedians of all time. I know it's too much to ask, but I sure wish they'd find a way to bring back those episodes uncut. Now that would be a REAL treat.
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on February 24, 2015
Never saw this show when I was a kid. Maybe it came on too late, or the parents thought it was too adult, or there was a family fav on at the same time. Whatever the reason, as an adult I've become a big fan of the Rat Pack, Sinatra, Deano, and their music, movies, and tv. So it's been a real treat to discover Dean's show. It's funny how the fact that Dean is "winging it" most of the time is what stood it apart from the other variety shows of that era. Like The Dean, very cool.
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VINE VOICEon April 21, 2013
Time-Life, NBCUniversal and The Dean Martin Family Trust finally got their act together and released six complete episodes from Dino's 1965-74 variety hour. Admittedly, the selected broadcasts do not represent the laid-back series at its absolute best. Still, the three-disc set offers memorable performances by Martin and his diverse guest stars — unique talents we will never see again. A particular favorite is the January 1968 program featuring Dean's "I've Got a Tiger by the Tail" duet with Buck Owens and the magical presence of Orson Welles. Compared to 2013's prime-time wasteland (which lacks any trace of spontaneity), "The Dean Martin Show" delivers far more entertainment value.
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on January 20, 2013
This is THE variety show I've been waiting for years to see released on DVD. I used to watch "The Dean Martin Show" just about every week with my dad, and watching it now makes it seem almost like he's still here watching it with me. There were plenty of other great variety shows on at the time, but no other host had Dean's smooth style, laid-back personality and Sense of FUN! Those of us who are nostalgic about NBC shows from the 1960's are so relieved the tapes of Dean's shows weren't "wiped" in the '70's like so many others were. I've never bought any of the "Best of" compilations available up until now, because I only wanted to watch the complete episodes, the way they were originally broadcast. That's the way you get them on this set, and it's wonderful to see the NBC peacock at the beginning and the "chime logo" at the end of each show! (My favorite moment: At the finale of Episode #2, when he realizes he's accidentally pulled off Eddie Foy's toupee, the look on Marty Allen's face was PRICELESS!!!)

For six complete episodes, you couldn't beat the price ($19.99, including shipping). I hope this set is a huge seller, because I'm looking forward to purchasing more volumes of complete shows as they're made available, and I hope to see episodes featuring guest stars I remember from NBC in the '60's: Don Adams, Barbara Feldon, Barbara Eden, Phyllis Diller, Don Rickles, Rowan & Martin and the two funniest guys ever, Jonathan Winters and Paul Lynde!

If any of the tapes have the original sponsor commercials and NBC promos on them, it would be great if they could be included in future sets, to add to the nostalgia. It has been possible to do this with other sets in the past, as in the case of VCI Entertainment's Burke's Law: Season 1 - Volume 1 (First 16 Episodes) and Honey West: The Complete Series (Fullscreen B&W), SOFA Entertainment's The Four Complete Historic Ed Sullivan Shows Featuring the Beatles and 6 Ed Sullivan Shows Starring The Rolling Stones / [2 DVD], Image Entertainment's Movin With Nancy and Naked City - Set 3 DVD sets, as well as Infinity's The Mama Cass Television Program, all of which contain all (or most) of the original commercials.

To the couple of reviewers who were critical of the picture quality of these episodes, I can honestly say the shows look great to me, just the way videotape from the 1960's should look, and I'm watching them on a 46" HD 1080p flatscreen. There was no high-def video in the '60's and '70's, so people should keep this in mind. There's the occasional minor glitch (certainly nothing that would detract from the shows), but the colors are vivid, and the sound quality is great, too!

Mr. Neil T. Daniels, in case you or anyone connected with NBC happens to be reading this, I have a request (actually, a plea). This isn't directly related to "The Dean Martin Show", but it's still NBC-related, nevertheless. There are a LOT of us who grew up watching TV in the '60's who are wondering if the "streaming theater marquee lights" intro to "NBC Saturday Night at the Movies" still exists on tape or film somewhere in NBC's vaults, or in a private collection. This seems to be the opening title sequence that baby boomers want to see the most; it was always very exciting for us to watch every week as children. NBC probably doesn't have any idea how fondly remembered and sought-after this particular intro is; if there's any doubt, just do a Google search for this sometime and read all the comments. I hope NBC wasn't so hard-up for blank tapes in the '70's that they destroyed this wonderful 30-second intro. If this was the case, please let us know and we'll stop asking. If it does still exist, would it be at all possible for this intro, along with the "drum roll" bumper that preceded the commercial breaks, to be included as a bonus extra on one of the NBC-related DVD sets, possibly one of the Dean Martin sets? We KNOW there would be copyright issues with the theme music, we know that. But if these issues could be worked out to the satisfaction of everyone concerned, I'm confident most of us would be willing to shell out an extra buck or two per set to cover the licensing costs. Please seriously consider this request.....It would be the ultimate bonus feature of any NBC set, and possibly the late '60's "Monday/Tuesday Night at the Movies" intros could be included on later sets (all following the NBC peacock, of course!).....Thank You! Dean Martin Variety Show Uncut
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on August 31, 2015
Funny guy he wasn't in my time. The real reason I bought this was because of the Billy Meier story. I was looking to see if those dancers were the ones Billy took of photo of as Asket and Nera. So far the dancers on the Dean Martin show are not them.
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on June 26, 2012
After the last two disappointing sets, this one actually delivers the goods. Dean, singing, laughing, entertaining, singing, and charming. I cannot understand what those who are panning this release expect. These shows are quintessential Dean Martin episodes and the video quality is fine. They're 45 years old. Get this release and tell your friends to get it too. You will be entertained.

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on May 30, 2012
They FINALLY got it right, good job! A big thank you to Neil and the Dean Martin Family for working so hard on this, all us fans greatly appreciate it. Now keep them coming and lets get the Martin/Sinatra 1967 Christmas show out there!!!
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on January 7, 2014
Found quite a few choices in Dean Martin here on Amazon. There has been a huge infomercial campaign for his Celebrity Roasts, which are fun but not so much about Dean as his Variety Show's and Specials. Really loved these and we made a marathon out of all our Dean Martin purchased for the Holiday.
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