Customer Reviews: The Death of a Culture: Understanding the War: Animal Rights vs. Animal Welfare
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on January 18, 2011
The Death of a Culture: Understanding the War between Animal Rights and Animal Welfare is a must read book. This is the first book that actually delves into the motivation behind the relentless movement to force people to rescind all contact with and use of animals. Perhaps it is the special background of the author, and his personal interests in animals that has allowed him to get the clarity needed for this perception. Whatever it is, the motivation for the animal rights activists,their degree of violence, their willingness to break laws and even subvert the electoral processes become quite clear to the reader with a background in their history.
The author's three areas of expertise;1. police work, 2. professional religous involvement, and, 3. Years of expertise in animal husbandry through breeding German Shepherd dogs, come together to reveal background motivations for this movement today. The information presented bares the result of large numbers of several generations with no clear moral education and lack of ethical training. This guideless segment of society then seeks a reason for their existence, turning to causes like animal rights and extreme environmentalism as a salvation of sorts. Both the animal rights movement organizations and environmental activist organizations have been very high on the FBI domestic terrorist list for many years.
What else but personal salvation could motivate the type of crimes committed by these people?
And now, through skillful leadership, many humane organizations have been receiving millions of tax-free dollars that are being used to influence legislation and to elect legislators to pass laws favoring these organizational goals.Little or none of these millions goes to animals, but is funnelled into politics.
This book should be read with the ability to get the thought, because, under the list of the author's expertise, grammer and English are not listed. I suspect that his patience is waning, too, as it is apparent that no proofreader was employed. Let us hope that subsequent editions of this extremely important book are grammatically corrected for those readers who are victims of a failing educational system. Or, maybe, this book was written in their mode of reading for their better understanding.
All should read and understand it. This is a very important work. Thanks to the author for this work.
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on July 25, 2012
This book needs to be in social studies in schools, so that people are truly educated about the animal rights movement's continuing threat to our society. The AR movement is at its peak RIGHT NOW, influencing legislation and poisoning public opinion against animal use, and in particular vilifying animal industries, from livestock to pets. Fritsche did an excellent job of research. I haven't found anything untrue in the book, unlike the propaganda mill BIG LIES from the animal rights industries. Chapter 12, "A Look at the HSUS - The Humane Society of the United States", is compelling and revealing, from its vegan leader Pacelle's embracing of "true believer" AR-philosophy (masked by true con man rhetoric) to the attempted brainwashing of our children as young as 5YO with AR-leaning propaganda pieces in schools. Chapter 23, "A Manifesto" is written from the perspective of a natural alliance between animal industries and individual animal owners, and embodies true animal welfare and compassion, rejecting the "animal rights" 12-step agenda [as amended recently, 25 years later:[...]. There's plenty of info out there now to expose the animal rights movement's sociopathic philosophy, and this book brings much of it together in one place, as well as suggesting ways to combat the AR poison that has been injected into our mainstream thinking.
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on January 13, 2011
BOOK REVIEW, By E. M. Gilbert Jr.
The author has been breeding, working with and exhibiting German Shepherd Dogs for 55 years. David's background is quite interesting and fits well for the War we are in: Police Officer; Pastor of Life Center Church, Reno, NV; College Professor teaching Criminal Justice and Theology; and serving both the German Shepherd Dog Club of Reno and the GSD Club of America. He, like you and I, is involved in the day to day war with the Animal Radicals.
This book clearly defines the Culture War in which we are involved.
The author outlines the Cultures as follows: Hunter- Gatherer; Agricultural; Industrial; Information; Animal Rights Culture
The author then outlines each cultures effect on: land; religion; law; power; family; rights; and wealth. With an understanding of these cultural effects all of us can better understand the problems associated with communicating with the public, legislators and the Animal Radicals. "The rules of one culture can change so drastically in the next that the hero becomes the criminal and the owner becomes the abuser. It is not that the activity of the individual changes but the context that judges the activity." The dog breeders are law abiding citizens but via the AR legislation become common criminals.
Further on the author states: "These organization who propose animal rights are not proposing that we need to be better at our ownership and care, but that the animals' legal position in the world should be elevated to the same level and status as humans, so that they can have standing in any suit in a court of law." Then the AR lawyers can become rich defending the animals - with no benefit to the animals.
Here is how the author defines the issue: "The issue is the presence of the legislative sweep itself. It is a created phenomenon. It is created by organizations committed to a cultural philosophy which is not in the interest of animal ownership and enjoyment. It is created specifically to eliminate our rights and relationship to our domestic animals. It is a war, calculated and organized by our enemies and we have not recognized that as yet. Neither have our local legislators."
Boy does that nail the problem down. Without understanding those cultural changes you can not effectively fight the battle. As I have stated in the past - we are playing a ball game - our team is in the Stadium in Anaheim and their team is in the Meadowlands. That's a guaranteed looser.
The many Chapters cover from: "Culture Shift: Why Things Go Wrong to defining the enemy - H$U$ and PETA and others, and sums up with a Manifesto and a Battle Plan.
As one reviewer stated: "This book should be required reading for every legislator before voting on animal rights legislation.
Ø Every animal lover MUST read it!
Ø Every legislator should have it!
Ø Everyone who donates to animal causes should read it!
Get a copy into the hands of your local, state and national legislators now! There is a war going on, and most people do not even know it is happening."
This writer considers "The Death of a Culture" as a companion volume to Rod & Patti Strand's classic "The Hijacking of the Humane Movement." Own, read and act on both of these books for the sake of all animals.
Order "The Death of a Culture" from Amazon - ORDER NOW, do not wait:
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on September 22, 2011
Animal Welfare, NOT Animal Rights
Animal Welfare, NOT BSL

Be proud to OWN your animals. When you submit to the words guardian you are falling in line with animal rightists. Protect your animals with ownership. If the supporters of animal rights have their way there will be NO DOMESTIC animals on the planet. That INCLUDES or beloved dogs and cats. THEY WANT AN END TO PETS which they call SLAVES. Animal welfare concerns ending animal cruelty! Making the world a better place for all animals. It does NOT mean letting species die out. If you eat meat you are NOT a lesser person. Veganism being touted by the animal rights agenda is a step toward the end of ALL DOMESTIC animals. Learn the difference between animal welfare and animal rights. Our goverment is falling into step with the animal rights agenda by passing Breed Specific legislation. Mandatory spay and neuter of ALL pets. Be careful-because the animal rights agenda has lots of money and power. The HSUS does NOT help animals. They kill them. Your donations to HSUS do NOT go to local hands-on shelters to help animals. The money goes to pay lobbyists to pass BSL and other againest animal law. Read this book if you want to know the truth. I am PROUD to OWN my pugs. Ask my pugs if they wish to be owned by me-or wiped off the planet!
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on January 13, 2011
This book is a must read for anyone who owns animals, loves them and wants to continue to do so. The author does a great job defining the difference between "animal rights" and "animal welfare". This book should be read by local and state government officials who are considering laws concerning the ownership of pets. There really is a war going on that most people do not understand.
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on November 21, 2015
As I read this book, it really seems like it was written like this: one day, I thought, 'I'm gonna write a book' then I sit down all day and write none stop for seven hours. I don't reread anything that I write. My "book" is filled with lots and lots of rambling and rants. Then, I think, 'I should edit this but I really don't feel like it'. And so, my book is done.

Within the first two chapters of the book, it was clear that the author didn't know how to use "there" vs. "Their". That might sound pretentious but haven't you ever head to proof read your resumes, etc because if you make mistakes, it takes away your credibility. Yes, so I don't find someone who doesn't know how to use their vs there reliable or credible.
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on July 27, 2012
This book does a good job of explaining how the US animal culture has evolved to the ridiculous state it's in; i.e. owning and breeding animals is considered a "criminal" activity. If you have those HSUS-Animal Rights leanings, you won't like it. If you have some modicum of good sense on the subject of animal rights vs. animal welfare, you'll love it.
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on February 27, 2011
An interesting book that says what I've been trying to tell people for a long time now. The HSUS, Peta, ALF are all lined up to eradicate what we know of the animal kingdom. Can you imagine horses, cows, pigs along with dogs and cats running as free spirits? Personally, I do not want to become a vegan or a vegetarian - I enjoy my meat, both domestic and wild. Animals should not be equated in any way, shape or form with humans. I love my animals - both dogs and cats are members of my family. I take them for regular checkups with the vet as well as taking them to the vet when I see a need arise between regular checkups. Can the animals do that for themselves? We already have laws on the books that protect them. We do not have personnel to enforce laws that exist now let alone laws that have no reason being passed except to advance the agenda of those organizations - which is to eliminate our four legged friends.

My complaint of the book is it needs editing - many grammatical errors especially
usage and spelling errors that spellcheck misses. Parts of it do drag a bit.
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on December 20, 2010
This is the best book to describe how and why this anti american animal rights cult movement has declared war on the sane caring loving people in this country who want to love their animals in peace. Every politician better read this book now if they ever wish to hold office in the future. We are here and we are ready to take on this new dictator Wayne Pacelle of the HSUS and PeTA who have corrupted this country and threaten its very existence. Think this is hyperbole then read this book and you will understand why HSUS and PeTA and ADL are dangerous to the survival of the democratic process let alone the human race and all domestic animals. READ this book and then act against any law passed by politicians who listens to animal rights cults as these people intend to kill of all domestic animals. Read the philosopher Peter Singer who has the ear of the New York times as he asks our young people to all neuter themselves and then party down until the last human being dies out. This is a sick human being and should be stopped. If you read the comments many from from the young who have followed this man's teachings. They are depressed and believe all humans are evil. This philosophy is dangerous as was Jim Jone's poisonous cool aid. Our country and your way of life is in a war you don't even know about and the risk is your grandchildren, your food supply and your love of animals.
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on February 16, 2011
I only got about half way through before a friend "stole" it from me, but I can say that I whole-heartedly agree with the blurb on the main sales page. This is definitely a book that EVERY dog owner out there who loves their dogs and doesn't want to lost the RIGHT to own them and show them, train them, raise them, etc., MUST read. And, then buy one for your city, town, or county councils. We must spread the truth about us, and about the so-called "animal rights" groups that would take away our rights to own pets of any kind.
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