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on May 16, 2008
I didn't come to Deca Sports with extremely high expectations. I was just hoping for a fun little experience that could be shared with a few friends in multiplayer mode. What I got was a very frustrating game with a input response delay that makes the whole thing unbearable.

While the event selection, game mode variety, and graphical presentation meet my expectations for a budget price, multiplayer casual game, the gameplay leaves something to be desired. In almost every one of the 10 sports on offer, there is a major control problem that makes the experience completely unsatisfying. Two examples:

Badminton: When executing a swing the on-screen character does not initiate movement until the player has reached the end of their wiimote motion. This delay feels unnatural and ruins the experience for me. Volleyball and basketball have a similar delay.

Curling: The velocity at which the stone is released is dictated by stopping the power bar at the appropriate level. This task is nearly impossible due to a significant (and inconsistent) delay between the wiimote command and the game's response to that input. It is very difficult to enjoy the best part of curling (strategy) when a basic element of the gameplay mechanics introduces an uncontrollable random element.

I cannot recommend this game due to the high level of control related frustration I experienced.
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I was very excited for this game. Unfortunately it is not even close to what I had hoped it to be. I wanted more of Wii Sports. This game isn't even in the same category.

The controls are NOT intuitive. For some of the games the controls don't respond well. In particular the archery game was one where I had to shake the wiimote to get the target to be on (you are not supposed to have to shake it). Soccer was confusing. Skiing was o.k. It was VERY short. Beach Volleyball was so-so. Kart racing (of course) is not Mario Kart.

You cannot play with your Mii (which is REALLY a let down!)

My daughter did play a little when I finished. She remarked that most of the games were very boring. In fact that's a good way to put it. BORING! There is also NO real exercise value to this like you get with Wii Sports--this is one that is absolutely not designed to get you up and moving even a little bit. The only exercise you might get is a little bit of thumb workout. Disappointing.

Hopefully it will have some trade in value since its brand new. Otherwise I'm out $30 (I wrote this review so you won't be too!)
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on June 5, 2008
I have owned this game since it came out. I was bored at work and thought that I would look up other peoples reviews and I am completely shocked at all of the bad reviews. I have had so much fun with this game. Beach Volleyball and Badminton are my fav's. Mostly I have played this game as a single player but when my friends have come over they love it as well. I think the part that is better than Wii Sports is that the competition is harder. In tennis on Wii sports I have reached a point where I am a pro with over 2000points. I can beat the best team every time. So now I only play against friends and never against the computer. However with Volleyball and badminton you can increase the strength of your competition and I have been unable to beat any of them. It's great that they have made it more challenging. I totally 100% recommend this game and at $30 it's a steal!
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on May 17, 2008
I have been waiting for this game to come out on the store shelves for so long, as I am a huge fan of Wii Sports and thought it would be similar but with more games. I was really let down. The controls are so hard and don't seem natural in anyway. Save your money.
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on May 20, 2008
This game failed miserably. My expectations were high, and this game crashed and burned. Horrible graphics, horrible control response... just plain horrible. If you are expecting Wii Sports 2, look else where.
Also incredibly boring. If I could give it zero stars I would.
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VINE VOICEon May 21, 2008
There is only one word to describe Deca Sports. Terrible. And disturbingly enough, one issue makes it stand out as being worse than it actually is over a couple of other issues that aren't even as glaring. If you thought Deca Sports was going to be another Wii Sports, you were wrong. The end result is a game that wasn't even close to doing the things Wii Sports did right.

If there was anything Deca Sports did better than Wii Sports it's that they put more games into the compilation. Some that are a little strange to see, but other wise, it's more than just five games. Deca Sports gives you ten. Some are fine to include. Such as Basketball, Soccer, Volleyball. Even Archery doesn't feel out of place. Not everything seems like it fits into place (Figure Skating?) but at the very least, you're still getting a lot of fun games. Unfortunately, it takes very few tips from Nintendo in terms of the controls.

There's nothing too intuitive about the control scheme. Most of them are fairly simple, but the first big mistake about Deca is the simple fact that some of the controls make you do two things. In basketball, for example, wagging the Wii Remote doesn't just make you shoot. It also makes you pass. This means you might find yourself passing the ball when you really wanted to shoot. So you've got some pretty loose controls. But the bigger problem is that the controls are unresponsive in several instances. Much of the lack of fun comes from the fact that the controls don't always respond. This isn't just every once and a while. This is often.

But the truth is, most of the games just aren't that interesting or fun to play. The lack of responsive controls can make multiplayer a drag. But the lack of any sort of challenge can make playing the actual game a drag. Most of the AI is pretty bad. Usually not even giving you much competition. Even in Wii Sports the computer seemed to do something when you played against them. Despite some unresponsive controls from time to time, you still have a good shot of beating the AI. Because they spend a lot of time not even trying. Sometimes even doing nothing at all.

There are a couple of minor issues surrounding Deca Sports. The first being that you can't use your Miis. Even though a lot of the characters in the game actually look like Miis.

The saddest part about Deca Sports is that the game could've easily been a good game. A lot of the ideas for some of the sports aren't bad, but the game overall just feels unfinished. That, and the simple fact that it just can't compare to Wii Sports. Deca Sports has some games that are actually good for a sports compilation if you change up a few controls in some of them and just make the controls work. Games like Archery and Volleyball aren't half bad in terms of ideas for another compilation.

In the end, Deca Sports feels like a game that was made for the sole purpose of cashing in on the success of the Wii and the phenomenon of Wii Sports. Unfortunately, it's mini games don't play as well and they're not nearly as fun as some of Wii Sports best games. Save your money. Wii Sports is still a better choice. Even at thirty dollars, Deca Sports is a waste.
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on September 3, 2008
I think this is a good "expansion" to the games that come with Wii Sports. Theres some fun new sports to try. And you can definately play them for a while. Each of them take some time to understand and the directions take a while to master but once you get the hang of it its alot of fun! I wouldn't recommend to young kids who can't grasp directions well, it even took me a while to learn how to do somethings correctly :-).
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on June 9, 2008
They tried hard, but failed. The idea is there, but if ANY developer is looking for what casual gamers liked in Wii Sports it would be a first person feel, or at least a very close third person.
There are many different menu choices, single & multi player of course, also practice area, locker room to know your high scores, etc. The only strengths in this game is all the menu options & title music.
All games make you choose your team players on a choice of about eight different teams, each team is known for power, speed, or balanced, all guys, all girls, etc.
What is great is each game has a tutorial and practice for each part of the learning. Such as just learning to shoot hoops by yourself for basketball, or just how to steal, etc.
Each games gives you choices of how long of a game, how hard a course, sudden death, etc. You also choose how smart to make the AI.
All great customization which adds replay to a game as well as get a wider audience, too bad the graphics, sounds, details, controls & gameplay are bad.
Badminton & Volleyball - the camera angle is in the audience.
Kart Racing & Motorcross - boring tracks, clunky controls
Snowboarding - only game w/good graphics, too boring, would have been great if it had obstacles like snowman like in Wii's Super Monkey Ball's mini game.
Basketball & Soccer - pass between your players & has camera far away in the audience
Figure Skating - follow the yellow dots like Pac Man & flick your remote when you hit a huge, colored circle... woo hoo.
Archery - tiny target, has wind & even a timer for each shot. the timer helps, but still boring.
Curling - ?? slow-motion boccie ball

find reviews on many game sites & gameplay on youtube
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on August 6, 2008
I first played this game at my brother's place and I couldn't wait to get my own. I am a big fan of Badminton, and actually I am a semi-pro badminton player myself. What do I have to say is that the badminton game feels like a REAL game, and the controls feels like you are swinging a real racket. Since you are not controlling the movements of the player, you will need to be patient not to swing too early, i.e., wait till the player closer to the birdie to smash or drop. What is really satisfying is that you can even deliver a faked smash, jumping high in the air to fake the smash, but drop the birdie. While receiving the drop, you may drop back or return it far to the back court, just like play a REAL game!!! This is so fun and both my brother and I got sore arms after playing a very tense game.

All in all, I love BADMINTON and the Deca Sports simulates it VERY well, and I really enjoyed it.
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on August 29, 2008
I gave five stars based on the certain awesome aspects of a badminton gameplay.

1. In tournament mode,the game is getting harder and harder with the more time you spend playing the game. The computer A.I. can play like a real Olympic player.
2. A practice mode is good enough for a quick learning.
3. Here is why I gave it 5 stars. It is possible to
3.1 fake drop shot
3.2 dive in every directions to receive a smash
3.3 Drop return a thunder smash and win the point
3.4 Smash hard onto the fallen opponent
3.5 Loft a birdie far from the fallen opponent
3.6 Jump smash a high serve

1. Swing time in the gameplay lag quite a bit behind that of wii-remote
2. The direction of shots is not 95% controllable depending on the position of the player and a swing time. It requires some practices to master a swing time and a direction control. If one gets used to it, the game will get very intense and incredibly fun when you play with an intermediate to excellent skill-level A.I.

3. A.I. at its excellent performance level is almost impossible to beat but it is still fun to play with it

4. Drop shot does not work all the time if the wii mote is not moved hard enough.
5. The position of the player should be able to be slightly adjusted.
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