Customer Reviews: Deception Was My Job The Testimony of Yuri Bezmenov Propagandist for the KGB
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on April 6, 2012
This video is an old interview with Yuri Bezmenov, an ex Russian KGB member who defected following a stint in India as an intelligence and propaganda operative. In this video, Yuri outlines the methodology for Soviet era societal subversion; basically the plan the Russians had to enter a society and over a sequence of three generation destroy it within and replace it as a Soviet Satellite. I wont go into the steps, but he is very clear about them and cites examples of his current era and what he projected we would likely see in ours. He was spot on but projected the changes would come latte than they eventually did.

I find it an interesting view (and Ive watched it about 8 times at least straight through) as it is from someone who grew up in the early years of the start of the soviet union and saw how they operated and what they did and then latter took part in it himself. He then became disillusioned, actually he always had been to an extent but his time in India is what brought it out to the fore, and defected to the U.S.A via a rather insane route and effort. Now, Intelligence and KGB operatives in Russia were well off and well taken care of and respected, for him to leave was a huge deal and also punishable (anywhere he was found) by assassination. No small matter.

Also I like this as it shows the change in interviews we have seen over the last few decades. This is a simple "host asks a question and Yuri answers it, uninterrupted" then another question, followed by the answer. It is a decently long interview and shows how media changed to the ridiculous "journalism" we have now where some one is asked a question then as they answer immediatly yelled down silent by the host that asked before the idea is complete.

I have read and seen numerous interviews from defectors and escapees from Russia, China, and North Korea and it always amazes me how adamant they are about what they see happening in the west and in the US as slowly morphing into what they had left. In fact Yuri himself stated that if "America goes socialist, where are you going to defect too? There is no where to defect."
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on November 16, 2011
I, like the previous reviewer, purchased this DVD after watching some YouTube video clips of the interview with Yuri Bezmenov. In contrast to this reviewer's experience, the DVD I received had the audio and video perfectly in sync. It is an excellent interview, and I fully recommend that others purchase it! Perhaps the previous reviewer obtained a bad copy, but I have had no problems with mine and have enjoyed this eye-opening interview immensely.
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on February 3, 2013
This interview is old (1984)as can be clearly seen by the interviewer's red pants and dated clothing but the information is as pertinent as the day it was filmed. Very eye opening. Really shows the different levels of information that people have access to all over the world, as well as the bubble that most people live in. Shows clearly how brainwashed our society is and how easy it is to brainwash and control an entire society directly from the person whose job it was to do the brainwashing. I love the extremely blunt pull no punches style of Yuri. He doesn't speak "fluff", and regularly uses the terms "idiot" or "useful idiot" and "stupid", but in a very non-childish meaningful way, to describe the fools that are so easily trapped with these simple mind games and blatant propaganda. Yuri comes off as extremely intelligent and can speak at length without the slightest stutter or pause in, from what I gathered, is maybe his 4th language. He leaves little room for doubt that he is a true expert in communism and the true nature of it, not having studied it but having lived it. Which is in start contrast, as Yuri points out, to the American so called experts, or "useful idiots" as Yuri calls them, that were often brainwashed by Yuri personally. Yuri is truly a person of a high caliber and character whose advice should be listened to and considered very carefully.

If you enjoy this I would also highly recommend: "I Was A Spy For Joesph Stalin, The Testimony of
Alexander Contract" also produced by the Reality Zone. It is an audio CD. (Actually I strongly recommend all of the audio Cd's available from the reality zone if you enjoy this).

It's sad to see that someone gave this a one star rating without having watched it as the information is exceptional. I don't believe any non-biased person could watch it and give it anything lower than 5. My DVD has no audio timing problems. If mine did have a timing problem, I would listen to it without watching and still give it five stars. There's not much to see anyway, aside from some still personal pictures of Yuri's (which wouldn't matter with a timing problem anyway), the rest of the time it's just him talking. What he says is what's important, there are no special effects.
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on March 28, 2016
Other reviewers have capably captured the message of this video, so I'll skip that. This video is EXCELLENT for understanding how we got to where we are today. The bad seeds were planted long ago. At certain moments I had the urge to cackle wildly like a madman at the utter truth of his message, as is manifest today. Deliciously politically incorrect. A good education, lest you become another useful idiot.
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on May 30, 2015
Very revealing.
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on April 24, 2016
Great film--should be seen by all
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on May 16, 2015
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on April 21, 2016
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on October 3, 2011
I became interested in this interview after viewing the partial on YouTube and wanted a DVD copy for personal reference.

However; Once I received this copy I played it for the first few minutes. I then discoved that the audio was not in sync, when the interviewer was asking the questions of Yuri Bezmenov.

You can see the lips move, and then the audio would follow up 2-3 seconds later!

I am disapointed in this purchase to say the least.
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