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on June 29, 2009
I won't write a review telling you what happens in the story. Frankly, I avoid reviews because they usually give too much away. What I will say is that I loved it! I have read all of Hart's novels. Some I liked better than others. All them tell a good story with plenty of what you would expect from erotica. This one was different in that I was emotionally involved with the main character, but not too the point of despair. As always the characters portrayed are well developed and feel real. In the back of my mind as I read, I thought this could happen, though I knew it to be fantasy. Deeper is also the perfect summer read since it takes place at a beach house during the summer season. If you have never read a Megan Hart book this is a good place to start. Then try Tempted and Dirty. Broken is more powerful, not a fluffy read. Deeper is just the "right depth" of romance and compelling story...thus my favorite by Hart so far.
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on September 2, 2012
Okay, first thing is first when it comes to Deeper by Megan Hart... WOW!!!!!

I saw this book at the bookstore and had NO IDEA it is a semi-paranormal book romance novel. When I say semi... it's because it's not all about paranormal activity like with vampires. But let's talk about the book firs and I'll explain....

While Bess was 20 she meets the bad boy of town Nick. Bess instantly is attracted to him even though she is with Andy, her boyfriend of four years who is cheating on her and ignoring her all summer while they are apart. Bess and Nick instantly get together understanding what they are doing is just sex. As the summer goes on their relationship develops into more even if neither will admit their feelings. As their summer ends Bess leaves and Nick vanishes, nobody knows where he went. Some think he joined the military, others in the small beach town thinks he went with Bess to school, and Bess she thinks he just moved on from her.

Twenty years later Bess is now 40 years old, divorcing Andy and a mom of to two teenage boys. Bess moves back into the beach house and to the small town she called home for three summers during college. While walking the beach she sees him... Nick, but he looks exactly the same, he hasn't aged. That is because he is DEAD! Yes DEAD! He doesn't realize he has been dead for 20 years. Bess is taken back but their chemistry is as hot as ever having hot ghost sex all over her beach house. It isn't until others see him that Bess actually believes he is real and she isn't crazy. Their relationship is odd and they have no idea how long they have together or what to make of it.

I LOVED this novel. Even as silly as sleeping with a ghost may sound, I couldn't put it down. I loved the relationship between young Bess when she first meets Nick and their instant chemistry. Bess LOVED Nick and wanted him to go with her to college and I believe Nick did love her too even if he could not admit it. I wanted so badly for Nick to tell Bess he loved her, even 20 years later when he returned to her but he never did. I cried at the end when Nick told Bess how he died.... Their lives could have been totally different if didn't happen. The sex scenes were erotic, the dialogue was spectacular. My heart broke for Nick... to finally trust someone and to love someone and he died.

Do not let the ghost story line make you not read this novel. It is beautiful, touching and will make you laugh, be sad, cry, and cry some more. I adored Bess and Nick and wish things were different for them. It was hard to read knowing there wouldn't be a happy ending for them but their story was still touching.

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on January 22, 2010
I have read 3 or 4 books by Megan Hart, my favorites being Dirty and Broken. I just couldn't get engaged in this one. I don't know if it's because it kept switching from Then to Now. I felt like it really dragged in the middle and got a little boring. I never really "bought" the connection between them in the Now, though I did think the connection in the Then was written much better.
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on January 4, 2010
Wow, really, Wow. I've reads lots of erotic /Spice books, but this one is different. It is definitely sexy, but also so poignant. This book touched my heart. I was so wrapped up in the characters, I barely realized how sexy it was. It is very well written, and such an amazing story. I normally shy away from books that might make me cry, (I read to escape, not cry) but this one was so worth it. I cried... a lot, but I loved this book so much. Actually, as soon as I finished it I read it again, and cried some more. I recommend reading this book all in one setting with cocktail and a box of tissues. It's an amazing roller coaster ride of emotions worth exploring Deeper.
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on September 21, 2012
This story really touched me. It is so different from the usual love story. The characters are so richly drawn and each of the three main characters is immensely sympathetic. It took awhile to accept what was actually happening but once I did, I could relate to Bess's internal struggles as to how to handle each situation.

I loved the 'then and now' concept and generally found the book extremely enjoyable. It's comforting to think that if you want something strongly enough, you just might get to have it.
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on June 28, 2011
This review will contain spoilers: BE WARNED!

I read the other reviews and so many readers were brought to tears with this novel. I didn't find anything to cry about in this story. As I was reading, I wanted to read all the "then" chapters first and then the "now" chapters, but didn't.

I don't understand why Bess let "then" Andy jerk her around like that. Why did she even marry him? Because he loved her and she wanted him to be happy?? Lame excuse for a marriage.

I thought what Nick did to Bess with that girl in front of her sons was god-awful. He made her look like a fool to her sons. But I guess that was a convenient way for them to break up.

Eddie was indeed the best part of this story. For one second there I thought Eddie may be a ghost too. How is it that "then" Eddie knew to show up on Bess's doorstep and just be with her (no words necessary) when she was having a bad day? A little hard to swallow but whatever.

I also think that "now" Alicia, the witch, should have found out that Bess was the girl at the party when they played the quiji game. It would have been interesting to have Eddie or Alicia see Nick.

It was nice to hear about Joe and Sadie from Broken.

Of all the books I've read by Megan Hart, this is my least favorite. After a while, I just skipped over the sex scenes with "now" Nick and Bess.
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on May 17, 2010
I really disliked this book. I want to say "hate" but that would be too harsh because I think that Megan Hart is a talented writer. The story itself brought me moments of interest and longing to connect with the characters, but it was short lived, and I couldn't wait until the book was finished just to get it over with.
The story of a former lover from 20 years ago coming back as a spirit to finish a love affair or to tie up loose ends just didn't sell it for me. It sounds romantic, but it wasn't. And Bess' relationship with Eddie doesn't really have much weight either.
It just didn't gell for me and I felt that the tugging on my emotional heart strings, eventhough was quite strong, only made me dislike the story more because nothing came together to bring closure to the story properly.
Ms Hart has a way of evoking strong feelings of love, grief, loss from her novels, but i'm not quite sure I like that level of intensity in every book.
Anyway, as always with her books, there are some lovely sex scenes, but the pain of loss and grief just marred it for me. Sorry I can't be anymore positive.
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on July 8, 2009
Elegantly written Megan Hart's "Deeper" has moments that truly touch you. Was this the book for me? No, I didn't find happiness in the ending. I'm not a fan of smarmy books that struggle with their own identity crisis. I read the reviews and thought I'd give it a chance since I hadn't read anything by the author before. Though the book hinged on supernatural, there are far better writers out on the market that deliver just as much romance without feeling like your swept up in some teenage melodrama. Bess, as a character, was a wishy washy as the waves that washed Nick ashore. Nick's character was flat and pretty consistent all along the way. Even Connor, Bess's son, was written in a stereotypical manner.
Yes...I'm well aware that many will disagree with my assessment of this novel. But I'm stating my own opinion on the book. Karen Moning, Jaid Black, Sherrilyn Kenyon, Stephanie Blair and even Lora Leigh are my favorites by far and perhaps I'm comparing apples to oranges but I'll stick by them.
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on November 14, 2009
I have been a huge fan of Megan Hart for a while now. I was a little disappointed with Tempted, and having read some bad reviews for Deeper I was reluctant to buy the book. Now having read it I am sorry I waited so long!

It is hard to explain the story without giving too much away, but what I will say is that while the plot is simple I found it incredibly easy to enjoy. Out of all of Hart's characters, Bess is the one I felt I could identify with the most. A big problem I have with most of Hart's leading ladies is how stubborn they are. Sometimes this is realistically written, while at other times I feel as if the author is making them willfully dense to cause melodrama. This to me is more believable in Bess' case because she is so young and her circumstances don't exactly allow her many options.

The one bad thing I will say about this book is that the developing subplot in the NOW sections seems to be stalled and then rushed towards the end. I knew when I only had a few chapters left that the conclusion was going to be hectic. While I found the end satisfying, I wish that there had been more time spent on the subplot so that Bess didn't look so easily jerked around.

Overall this was a very captivating book. It is not perfect by any means, and if you like your endings happy I would tread with caution, but the raw emotion Hart managed to capture in Deeper is pure magic on the page. Definitely worth the time to read!
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on December 4, 2012
After finishing, Dirty, Broken, Tempted, Everything Changes and Stranger I was excited to read this book. All of the others have been 3.5-4.5 reads for me. However, this book I just never connected with and when I did I was hoping for more of a story that never happened. The "then" parts were interesting and I was engaged with Nick/Bess during most of those chapters, but that was the only positive. As far as the "now" - why not follow the storyline with Alicia and the Ouija board (or at least learn something from the books Bess did purchase from her), for a while I thought that Eddie or Andy murdered Nick (as a mistake) and thought that might have been an interesting twist regarding his disappearance and reason for him to come back, but nothing interesting transpired. What really happened was just a sad commentary on missed opportunities of the past. It felt shallow and unfinished at the end. The sex scenes were good as in past books, but because the story and characters were lacking, I found I enjoyed the steamy scenes less as the book progressed. Also, I didn't like Eddie much. He was a bland and unbelievable character in my opinion. Even more unbelievable than the Nick the ghost- go figure. All in all, I am disappointed. I am still going to read Naked and am hopeful this book is just an anomaly for this author.
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