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on June 17, 2012
I was shocked that I enjoyed this book. I felt ashamed and dirty for reading such trash, but this was surprisingly good trash. Mostly having been annoyed by the Palin s***show for the last several years, I figured this was going to be whiny and self-serving, which it was, but much less so than the Sarah/Bristol offerings. Johnston accepts a remarkable share of blame for his poor life decisions, which was refreshing versus the Palin victim-card that keeps getting played. A lot of this is Skoal-soaked redneck rambling, but Johnston is acutely aware of the culture in which he was raised, and how that has affected his life, for better or worse. I believe in a few years he will have faded back into the Alaskan background and he will gladly do so. Unlike certain people we know who keep getting TV show after TV show, proudly displaying their cringe-worthy ignorance for the world to see. Oh well, someone somewhere enjoys that, so cheers to them.
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on September 22, 2011
I just finished Levi's rendition of his 5 years of hell dealing with the Palin/Heath family. While his lack of sophistication is obvious, his love for Tripp is overwhelming. He tells his story with honesty and clarity, that may never win awards but is an "easy read" and so believable.
Living in Wasilla I know for a FACT that his story is valid, accurate, and humble. My only criticism would be the minimizing of his "wild-child" high school antics---remember I live here!

The Heaths and Palins are more despicable than we imagined. The lack of parenting has been a well-known fact around town but never realized how ugly Todd really is to people. Sarah's motivation for "quitting" on all the citizens of Alaska to line her pockets was confirmed. She has been heard saying she "hated" her job but now we see how utterly lazy Sarah Palin really is.

This is a "true" review. After reading how Sarah would "rig" reviews by having friends vote or write a favorable comment under a false name I would encourage you to read the book and make up your own mind.
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on October 8, 2011
This is a good book for some background on Sarah Palin and her family. I highly recommend it. It is earnest and very interesting. I have sympathy for Levi Johnston; it is hard to go against the power people in any community, and especially a small one. The tales Levi tells are typical of what happens in many small towns. What's not typical is how Sarah Palin and her "get them before they get me" outlook grew to such national prominence and influence.
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on September 24, 2011
I've never been a fan of Sarah Palin, or of her daughter, Bristol, who I think takes a page right out of her mother's handbook. That being said, this book was a breath of fresh air. While telling it like it was, this young man is a down to earth person who takes responsibility for his son and wants a good future for him, and wants to spend quality time with him. I don't understand why the Palin women (Sarah and Bristol) need to get their jollies by twisting the truth and being "mean girls" but I guess they've always been that way. Sarah's day is over, I believe, and I'm glad. Things are bad enough these days without having a truely manipulative shell of a person holding public office in this country. I'm sorry for the way this young man has been treated and I hope eventually he finds a woman he can love who loves him back, without the drama and dysfunction. I thought his treatment of the Alaskan beauty and wilderness in the book was fasinating....He finds his peace there, and he's entitled to some peace. A great read!
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on September 28, 2011
Finally a truthful and easy read into what it was like to be part of this Palin nightmare that our country has been forced to swallow over the past few years. It's too bad her fans and political base don't, can't or won't read. Finally we get a real first look into the 'home' of Sarah Palin. Levi may not be the most articulate guy to interview or do press but with the help of James and Lois Cowan and friends this book puts into words what Levi has been having difficulty expressing publicly over the past few years. This guy holds many many deep truths and insights regarding the real Palins. When I first watched Levi having to deal with public interviews and press, I knew the day would eventually come when he was mature and secure enough to open up and let the world know. I think he now realizes how important a contribution he must make to our history and I now understand why he is a real threat to the Palins and surrounds himself with 500 pounds of security. Levi - your next project has to be 'Sarah at Home' or better yet 'Sarah & Todd - The Movie' !!!
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on September 21, 2011
I read this out of a curiosity about all the news stories
with conflicting viewpoints of this young man and his
relationship with Bristol Palin.
It reads like it was written by a young fellow, who I think Levi probably is. a young, fairly sincere fellow who loved the wilderness; hockey; and his family -- had a young girl friend with hopes for their future together. Her mother(sarah palin of course) all of a sudden became a "celebrity" and all their lives changed.
The book is this young fellow thinking about his last few years,
trying to defend his position against someone (Palin) who seems to be known for wanting revenge and perceiving her self as a victim- a tough position for a very young man. I admire how much he cares for his own family and at the end of the book I was left hoping he can have some quality time with his little son and be the kind of father it sounds like he grew up with- a loving, wanting the best for him, Dad. Good luck to Levi as he matures. The book gave me a better view of what life in Alaska/ the oil field, hunting, all that means to those residents.
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on September 22, 2011
I was curious about this book because after Levi Johnston's Vanity Fair article I suspected he was actually Ok. I thought the mud slinging about his family, and his mother in particular, from Palin was extremely low class and it actually bothered me that someone so in the public eye with so much ability to manipulate the press would want to be so vindictive.
I am giving this book such a high rating because it seems to have performed an actual miracle. It is a straightforward story that concerns Sarah Palin that is obviously true and that does not rely on gossip or innuendo.
I do not blame Johnston for wanting people to be educated about him and his life since so many people had passed judgment on him without knowing much about him.
There is an added bonus to reading this story. This is one of the only true depictions of what it is like from the young man's perspective to have an out of wedlock child.
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on October 15, 2012
I read Bristol Palin's book and was interested to hear Levi's side of it....While very interesting to hear all his side of the details, it was VERY hard to read. It was so poorly written gramatically that it was difficult to figure out some of what he was trying to say. I am surprised it got through a publisher the way it did...Not only does it come across uneducated, but it makes it difficult just to get through the book because you constantly have to go back and re-read things to get the points he is trying to make and figure out who is talking and who is saying what (he NEVER uses quotation marks to show who is talking and when they stop).
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on September 10, 2014
Interesting, conversational--like hearing him speak. After reading other books by folks who were close to the Palin's, as well as watching the presidential campaign pan out AND enduring the aftermath, I found myself not a bit surprised to believe in the truth of what Levi was saying in contrast to the "True Adventures of Being Palin." The conversational style points out only too clearly just how young and immature Levi probably still is. However after reading of his experiences, I am eternally grateful that the presidential election did not elevate Mommy Palin to a spot next to the most powerful position on earth. Just the thought is frightening! I also fervently hope Levi is given his rightful chance to guide his son in a way that is practical, honest and approaches reality. This book was interesting but not on a Top 100 list by any means.
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on July 30, 2012
This book was written very poorly. It did not give much insight into the Palin household like I thought it would. He randomly starts talking about hunting experiences in the middle of talking about things that do not even relate. I would not recommend this book.
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