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on August 11, 2011
There are so many people who walk through life with the burdens of various events. At times, it is extremely difficult to forget about past issues or incidents. Sometimes, the method of thinking positively becomes very tedious and we tend lose track of self-confidence and self-awareness. Leo J. Battenhausen's Defeating Depression gives readers an insight on how to conquer such a deadly disease.
In his book, Battenhausen addresses major steps on overcoming depression. Calm and Sense is definitely identified at the beginning of the book. Everyone has the ability to discover calm and sense from their inner being. It is always recommended to stay calm in every situation, but sometimes, it is difficult to realize the simplicity of performing such a simple act. You have to stay focus and find your inner peace. It doesn't matter the depth of a dilemma, it is very important to stay calm. Battenhausen explains by being calm, we are having complete control of our feelings, which is Emotional Invincibility. It is imperative to control how we feel by having a positive mindset and this is the way to incorporate Calm in our lives. Battenhausen kindly shares with us immediate progress tools of success, which are the following: The Ten Year Rule and The Five Minute Rule. The Ten Year Rule allows us to determine the amount of energy each individual should implement in a faced challenge or interruption. The Five Minute Rule questions the duration of fixing a problem. If something takes longer than five minutes to solve, it might become an overwhelmingly, burden-filled issue, which isn't equivalent to being calm.
In regards to defining Sense, the procedure of sense is the complete understanding and acknowledgement that nothing in this entire universe can bring us complete happiness. Only you can make yourself happy. Furthermore, Sense allows individuals to reflect through rethinking and relearning the way you identify yourself. When you indulge in Sense, you'll realize the need to cease mental negativity and simply just perform to the best of your ability.
Overall, the book goes further into various aspects of Calm and Sense. Readers will learn how to let go of the past, believe in yourself, take ownership of your life through finding courage, and developing self-identity. Once you're balanced with inner calm and sense, there are steps to doing the same in love and relationships, but of course, individuals will learn that love begins with yourself and then the love for others. Battenhausen definitely provides helpful tips in various life aspects, which includes: family matters, friends, and careers. Personally, I enjoyed the individual attention on men and women. Men and women handle situations differently and it's quite amazing to read advice that is specified by gender. All of these insights will lead to a calm and sense life. I definitely recommend this book!
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on August 9, 2011
Have you ever wished for a calmer, simpler lifestyle? Leo J. Battenhausen explains how easily life is made simple, using what he calls the "Calm and Sense" approach, in Defeating Depression. Battenhausen explains why most people continue to suffer after being diagnosed, "Calm and sense is unlike any other approach to treating depression." Battenhausen talks about creating a Calm and Sense lifestyle that can last an entire lifetime. Throughout the book, he shows you how the Calm and Sense approach will "help you out of unhappiness and guide you toward a future you only dreamed possible!"
A former Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Alcohol and Drug Counselor, Certified Relationship Specialist and a Certified School Social Worker, Battenhausen has years of experience backing him, as well as a Master's Of Social Work from a major University. Battenhausen explains the various problems plaguing people--in a fresh, new way. Using real life clients with major problems, he reveals what has caused their issues, and the Calm and Sense applications necessary for solving them. Readers will sense that the author is seemingly speaking directly to them, through the problems of others. Battenhausen expertly makes his words personal.
The author structures the book in four parts: What is Calm and Sense?, How to Live a Life of Calm, Calm and Sense in Love and Relationships, and Some Calm and Sense Tips. These contain chapters in which Battenhausen explains what it truly means to have Calm and Sense, and how it can benefit each area of life.
In Defeating Depression, Battenhausen shows insightful tips and solutions for truly coping with depression, and more importantly, for solving depression in a personalized, step-by-step way that is nothing short of life changing. Defeating Depression: The Calm and Sense Way contains something for both the severely depressed, and the happiest of happy.
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on July 18, 2011
Holder of the MA, MSW, LCSW, LCADC credentials, Leo J. Battenhausen's Defeating Depression: The Calm and Sense Way to Find Happiness and Satisfaction is the perfect book for those who are knee-deep in depression as well as individuals who may be suffering from onset. The book provides critical facts, such as the average age of the onset of depression going from 29 years old a half century ago to an astonishing 14! More importantly, what Battenhausen writes and discusses in the book is concrete; he provides a realistic and rational way to not only identify depression but to overcome it.

Defeating Depression revolves around two major factors that are essentially linked: calm (controlling the emotions) and sense (the mind aspect). Using a number of examples and actual cases from his years of experience as a social worker, relationship specialist, and alcohol and drug counselor, Battenhausen shows that the first step to any recovery--even achieving calm and being sensible--entails that one love himself.

Often times, depression is a result of loneliness and a lack of a purpose or goal in life. The author does a magnificent job of getting this idea through to readers and devises countless ways to help avoid common pitfalls such as procrastination and avoidance. Though depression is a predicament where fear and uncertainty are expected, Battenhausen encourages readers to live in the moment and trust themselves and others.

From antidepressants to television infomercials, the author runs the gamut of companies and industries trying to benefit from depression. Nevertheless, what Defeating Depression does best is help the individual change their perspective and look at the world from a different point of view. Instead of feeling like everyone is against them, Battenhausen proposes to his audience to search within and discern any particular behaviors that may shut others out. The one thing to take from this book is that depression can only be defeated from within. There will be no magical cure or perfect moment that will change one's life; the longer one hopes that they will be rescued from the outside, the deeper they will fall into depression.

Battenhausen also offers tips on careers, finance, friends, family, etc, as negativity from these elements tend to trigger the depressive state. Overall, Defeating Depression is highly recommended; it's well written, clear, and gives audiences a tangible approach to defeating depression.
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on July 28, 2011
When I first came across Defeating Depression by Leo Battenhausen, I thought to myself, not another book about fighting depression. The truth is, cases of depression are on the rise the world over. More and more people find themselves with a really bad, extended case of the blues that they just can't seem to shake on their own, and these people all need help. Depression has hit my own family hard, and I know what it's like to deal with a loved one that finds no joy in life.

Battenhausen's approach is different from many others I have seen and read before. The subtitle of the book is, The Calm and Sense Way to Find Happiness and Satisfaction. When I first read it, it didn't make any sense. Then I started reading. The first two chapters explain what Calm and Sense are as a foundation for the rest of the book. Battenhausen keeps these two chapters very short-about 10 pages in total-so the reader will not get bogged down in the theories and fluff found in so many other books about depression.

Battenhausen brings a lot of experience to the table, and his experience comes through in the contents of his book. He is a very capable writer, keeping difficult terms out of the book when they aren't necessary and defining terms that readers may not understand immediately. Many other authors gloss over important definitions when dealing with this topic, and the reader feels both alienated and stupid at the same time.

Defeating Depression is dripping with good advice. Really, anyone that wants to find more joy and happiness will benefit from reading this book. Depression is tough for people to deal with. Life in general is also difficult to deal with at times. This book can help you figure out what you can do to make your life easier and happier.
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on May 7, 2012
Having endured two significant losses in my life (the death of my grandmother and subsequent death of my mother), I found myself with a cloud hanging over me. I felt "heavy" and isolated myself from people and events which previously brought me pleasure. As much as I tried, I could not shake this feeling. It became abundantly clear to me that something was wrong as I drove in to work each morning and would begin to cry for no apparent reason. Through therapy aided by antidepressants, I now find myself in a much better place.

Due to my own unique experience, I was intrigued by the book Defeating Depression by Leo J. Battenhausen. Battenhausen introduces the reader to what he calls the "Calm and Sense" way to find happiness and satisfaction, and draws upon his own research and experiences (personally and professionally) to drive home the point that " is all manageable; life can be brighter, happier and more wonderful if we learn to use Calm and Sense in all we think and do." As I read the first two chapters, I couldn't help but wonder if "Calm and Sense" could be simplified to "Common Sense." In no way am I simplifying this author's approach, but as I continued to read, one thing became very clear: depression, in whatever state, is the manifestation of a struggle with some aspect of our life.

I agree with the author that reading this book felt like I was sitting and talking with a trusted friend. Defeating Depression is intended to help those battling depression find peace in their lives; however, I found the book to be much more enlightening than that. This book, though not a substitute for professional evaluation, fundamentally will teach you to love, appreciate and accept yourself.
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on May 3, 2013
I like this book because it is easy to understand. Leo Battenhausen writes with his heart. from real life struggles of his own with so much feeling it is like he is talking to a close friend. He has clear messages for anyone with depression or anxiety illnesses. I think anyone would benefit from reading his book. The more one can learn how to handle depression the way Leo does the healthier people will feel.
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on June 15, 2015
I liked how it. Was an easy read, gave lots of examples as well as quotes to understand a concept. I also liked the acronyms used to help you remember what terms stand for related to subject of the chapter.
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on April 29, 2011
This is a wonderful book that indeed helps you get out of that funk.

Recommended for anyone looking for an easy to read, self help book.
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on June 8, 2012
I am a company owner. I am dealing with many business people and also with my workers. When I find a work not in good condition or not to my expectations I feel anger and then finally depressed. I tried many ways to defeat my depression.
I found this valuable bood by Leo.J.Battenhausen, where he explained well about life centric feelings and aspirations. He defines how to make life happy!!. He used simple and easy methods to defeat depression and become calm and sense. It is happy to read this book.
Actually this book advises to lead a happy life. The author is a great social worker. We could call him as Social Reformist. He defines the starting point of the problems in life and to solve in a better way.
Every body should read this book as an elixer to the calm and happy life. I recommend this cheap kindle book with greate value of enriched life principles, to all of my freinds and family members.
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on October 10, 2012
Defeating Depression is not the right title for this book. it makes you expect for a series of Depressing stories. On the contrary this is a Heartwarming, optimistic book. Through various methods of facing hardship and life issues, enriched with a lot of life examples of the Author's patients (real people), the author accomplishes to pass to the reader the valuable results of Calm and Sense in our lives. As editor has already written I also believe that this is a book that you will read more that once when you seek for some help or solution in order to face an important psychological issues for yourself or for helping a friend. The way to Happiness passes from Calm and Sense Way!
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