Customer Reviews: Defeating Political Islam: The New Cold War
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on October 23, 2009
I purchased this book primarily to learn the views on political Islam and Jihad from a "non-white" European/North American. As the author points out, India has been victimized by Islam perhaps more than any other country on the planet with the exception of Arabia itself. However, unfortunately, all too often during the past several decades or so, Indians have, in the name of political correctness and "non-aligned" movement solidarity stemming from the Nehru/Nasser aliance, white washed the centuries of ethnic cleansing perpetrated on them by Islam, as well as the more recent predations. So, it was quite refreshing to learn that at least some Indians are beginning to re-examine their past so as to better understand the threat to their future. Whether one agrees with the author or not, one should read this book for the sections on India if nothing else.
His primary thesis is that militant Jihad can never be defeated unless the philosophical underpinnings of political Islam are discredited and eliminated. Unfortunately, he points out, that political Islam itself (and ultimately Jihad) can never be eliminated unless the theological underpinnings of Islam itself are discredited and proven to be false. Contrary to what certain intellectually challenged critics claim, he is not advocating the mass extermination of Muslims or any sort of persecution. In fact, he makes the point several times that military responses to Jihad are not the solution, though they may be needed from time to time to gain short term breathing room. Rather, his main point is that the only way to defeat political Islam and subsequently eliminate Jihad, is to
subject the Islamic trinity of Qur'an, Hadith, and Sunna to the same scientific and scholarly scrutiny that Christian doctrines have been subjected to over the last several centuries. Use science, he says, to first convince the westernized, intellectual Muslims of the errors of their religion, and then this will eventually trickle down to the masses in the third world countries. The Western powers could speed this process up by setting up TV and radio stations beamed to the Islamic world where their scriptures would be analyzed by experts and held up against the findings of science. In the process, the numerous contradictions and outright silliness of most of literatures in their holy trinity of Qur'an, Hadith, and Sunna, would become apparent to all leading to a mass defection from the religion. He warns, however, that such an effort would likely unravel Christianity as well as religion in general gets de-mythologized by science.
I wanted to give this book five stars for the author's unique approach to dealing with Political Islam and for his invaluable recounting of the true (and very grave) situation in India. However there were a few issues that prevented me from doing so. One was his tendency to repeat himself rather often. Another issue was his tendency to accept the position of the apologist Steven Swartz that the virulent form of Sunni Islam sweeping the world today is entirely the fault of Saudi Arabia's Wahhabism. In so doing, the author undermines his own thesis that it is Islam itself that needs to be dismantled. By placing all of the blame for virulent Islam and Jihad on the shoulders of the Wahhabis (bad though they are), he is, in a sense, letting the MB and Sayyid Qutb off the hook. Then there is the matter of minor factual errors. For example, on page 69 he makes reference to "the Saudi tribes Muhammad was a part of." Historically, the Saudis did not appear until the 15th century, and then the ruled only one tiny village near Riyadh. They did not become major players until they wedded themselves to the Wahhabi doctrine in the 18th century. So, there were no Saudi tribes during the time of Muhammad. What the author should have said, was Arab tribes. Unfortunately he made that same mistake several times throughout the book, projecting "the Saudis" back into historical times and geographical areas when and where they did not exist.
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on August 12, 2009
Author Moorthy Muthuswamy has applied scientific methods of statistical analysis combined with insightful policy analysis to the solution of one of the contemporary world's most urgent problems, namely the danger of an aggressive and expansionist political Islam.

Muthuswamy uses a ground breaking statistical analysis to demonstrate that Islam resembles more of an ideology of conquest than a religion. By examining the contexts in which the Islamist trilogy of scritures, Koran, Hadith and Sira speak of unbelievers, it was found that an overwhelming number of passages enjoin conquest, subjugation , dispossession, marginalization, enslavement , exploitation or outright massacre of non-Muslims.By examining patterns in Islamic history, the author has been able to demonstrate a pattern of conquest by design enshrined in its scriptural trilogy, replete with strategies to extend Islamic dominion worldwide. Even in the present when the traditional Islamic powers such as Saudi Arabia, Iran and Turkey have declined vis-a-vis the West and other civilizations, the jihadic pattern has been seen to persist in the strategies employed by political Islam to achieve conquest of non-believer lands.The nations of South and South East Asia are prime examples where these strategies are still being successfully employed.Moreover, the pattern of utilizing a potent mixture of terrorism and demographic conquest can be seen as imperilling even such countries as France, Britain and Denmark in the heart of democratic Europe.

The author points out that the West's ignorance of the ideological roots of political Islam together with a policy response consisting in failed ad hoc strategies, alliance with and dependence on the very protagonists in the perpetration of the asymmetrical warfare being waged by the members of the Axis of Jihad , are factors in the West's inability to defeat the designs of political Islam. A new policy response is indicated and Dr. Muthuswamy recommends that the strategy be along the lines of the successfully waged Cold War against the Soviet Union. This approach includes demonstrating to the Muslims that the backwardness of Muslim-majority societies is mainly due to the medieval orientation of Islam's theology and clerics , not to the thwarting of their legitimate aspirations by non-Muslims. This ought to be combined with scientific means to question the authenticity of Islamic scriptural revelation and employment of rational arguments to counter the fire-brand hate-speech of the imams who whip up jihad fever worldwide. Envisioned also, is a central role to be played by India, supported by the West: India which shares ethnicity, culture, language, cuisine and geographical boundaries with a vast population influenced by political Islam , and itself a perennial victim of the same, is uniquely positioned to play a decisive role as a bulwark against it. With these advantages, an India which shares the democratic ideals of the West is a natural ally for the U.S. and other nations in their life-and-death struggle with political Islam.

The history of the continuing millenial jihad against India and the role India can play in the defeat of political Islam are major new insights offered by the author.

The book is a must-read for anyone who wants to understand the phenomenon of political Islam and especially those who are in positions to influence or implement policy in the War on Terror.
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on May 1, 2009
I have read numerous books on the subject of Islam, trying to understand the history and why it appears to be so radical. FINALLY, an honest, open, in your face analysis of the history, what motivates & drives the Islam we see around the world today.

In this book, why the "West" doesn't understand Islam is clearly explained for all to see. The book is full of current events and examples of how it went wrong and what needs to be done. Clearly it takes a well educated author who is outside the dogmatic "think tanks", to give a clear and concise analysis of Islam.

Honestly, this is a MUST READ book by the person on the street and the government leaders of the word!! It will open your eyes in ways the entrenched religious and government institutions don't want you to know.
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on May 13, 2009
An outstanding review of the realities of Islam, with each chapter well-documented before the following chapter. Coupled with the eleven (11) -volume "Islamic Trilogy," by the Center for the Study of Political Islam [...], ignorance of Islamic doctrine and continuing bloody history is now a choice - a very dangerous choice!
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on August 23, 2009
Excellent work by Moorthy Muthuswamy.

The centrality and obsession of a strong ideology can create a civilizational whirlpool that grows at the expense of everything and everyone else. In the case of Islam, it does not produce wealth or creativity or freedom, but simply more Islam.

This hardcore belief is not compatible with disagreement and thus naturally has 'bloody edges'.

In the end, enemies (non-believers) and even followers (believers) become victims of the ideology.

I do not see any solution from warfare (whether nuclear or not) or from dialogue. The solution can only come from an internal awakening and revolution.

I think it is safe to say that this Cold War will last much longer than the one against Communism and will be much more painful - both for Muslims themselves and for the rest of the world.

Anyone concerned about living in a peaceful, multi-religious world should read this book.
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on September 14, 2009
Moorthy S. Muthuswamy's DEFEATING POLITICAL ISLAM: THE NEW COLD WAR analyzes the threat of global jihad and the Islamic supremacist, considering what must be done to fight and win both the political and ideological arguments against human rights that jihadists pose. His survey uses a recent statistical analysis of Islamic doctrines and considers Muslim perspectives and how Islam promotes ideas of conquest. An outstanding survey, college-level libraries strong in Middle East issues in general and Islam in particular will find this a solid prospect for debate and discussion.
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on March 3, 2014
After you have read this book on the connection between Islam and terrorism, you will know that Muslims are the who, terrorism is the how, and Islam is the why behind the world's most heinous acts. But these will not be the only riddles you will solve as you read this. You will also know what lies behind America's political and media deceptions.
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on October 16, 2009
Well written. Perhaps too much detail re the problems India is having with Islam and Pakistan but those problems may be foreshadowing problems we will have with Islam in the US (google CAIR and Muslim Brotherhood). I evaluate news stories about the war in Iraq and Afghanistan much differently now, as well as the atrocities perpetrated by 'political islam' in India, far too often based in Pakistan. Islam is certainly not a religion of peace if you're not Islamic!
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on July 30, 2010
This is topic that I am particularly interested in. I am also very well read on this topic. It was wonderful to find a book that provides new information, insights, and perspectives. Most US readers are not particularly familiar with jihad issues in India, but they will be after reading this book. I felt that it was invaluable in adding sophistication to my understanding of the difficulties we are encountering with political Islam.
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on August 3, 2010
Mr Muthuswamy has to be congratulated for having the courage to tell the truth. Unfortunately India, UK and the U.S. have been infested by the ostrich mentality - which is basically having one's head in the sand. Before I digress further, let me begin with a real life anecdote. Few years ago, I visited my town in India. And I asked my brother why the nearby Muslim Mosque loudspeakers wake everyone in the morning. His answer was: "Well it is there religion". It is this lack of objectivity and will to analyze the Muslim phenomenon with a critical angle that will do a great harm to non muslims who do not understand the muslim phenomenon.

First thing a non muslim should do in their attempt to understand Muslims and the news coming out of the places such as Pakistan is to go to the "source". In other words read Quran. Once you see the "us" versus "them" mentality taught in Quran, you will understand the root of the problem. A religion, in my view, is supposed to enlighten human mind to escape animal existence. If the only thing a so called religion does is to divide the world between believers and non believers, then in my view it does not quality to be called a religion. It is nothing more than a "us" versus "them" cult. Which is what I think Islam is.

In India, starting from Gandhi and continuing to this day through Congress Party, there is a tendency to appease particular groups even if these groups are thoroughly wrong. Gandhi may have been a great human being and saint but he was a terrible politician. He ended up conceding to the demands of a separate country for muslims, without getting anything in return. India still does not have common civil law. Indian politician is the biggest curse on India.

I think this is a great book. Islam should be seen for what it is - "Arab imperialism disguised as a religion". God is one or two or millions should be left to a worshiper. It cannot be dictated by a medieval book.
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