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on November 1, 2003
i havent been abducted by aliens since i bought this book
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon November 12, 2010
The title of this book may give the impression that it's written by some kind of kook; after all, most people who know little or nothing about the abduction enigma are informed by popular consensus culture that it probably doesn't even exist, and that "conventional explanations" ranging from "sleep paralysis" to "lucid dreaming" explain all the reports. Only if they investigate deeply into the matter do they discover that none of these flimsy "psychological" explanations fit the data, and the phenomenon - whatever it is - is real enough.

Ann Druffel is a multiply-qualified ex-NICAP and CUFOS investigator and author of several moderately successful books, including "The Tujunga Canyon Contacts", an early examination of the abduction issue originally published in 1980 and twice updated and reprinted; and "Firestorm", a respected 2003 biography of Dr. James McDonald. She has in the past inclined towards the view that the hard evidence for unidentified flying objects (filmed, photographed and recorded on radar performing extraordinary manouvers, chased by military jets etc.) and abductions are two separate phenomena, the latter being some kind of inter-dimensional intrusion but not necessarily perpetrated by UFO occupants.

So, what about this book? Well, Druffel has researched the issue and interviewed a lot of abductees over the years, and here simply describes techniques, with a chapter devoted to each, which abductees claim to be effective for them in warding off the abductors. These techniques are, in chapter order:

1. Mental struggle

2. Physical struggle

3. Righteous anger

4. Protective rage

5. Support from family members

6. Intuition

7. Metaphysical methods

8. Appeal to spiritual personages (i.e. calling on the name of Jesus etc.)

9. Repellents - incense and perfumes etc.

Plus two final chapters: "What Abducting Entities in other Cultures tell us about Greys" and "The Bitter Controversy."

Overall the book is quite well written, with serious intent, and not a trivial work from an uninformed writer. Whether any of these techniques really work in practice is doubtful, as experience shows that abductees often sincerely believe abduction has been prevented whilst simultaneously experiencing a seamless period of missing time, during which an abduction has in fact taken place, the memory of the event having been blocked and a "successfully thwarted" delusion substituted by the abductors.

Those seriously interested in this phenomenon might consider reading this book to add to their store of knowledge. However, the contents and conclusions should be viewed with caution: you may believe these techniques can be effective, but it ain't necessarily so.
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on January 9, 2001
"Ann Druffel is an indefatigable, veteran UFO researcher who has for more than 40 years completed intensive, first-hand investigations and authored numerous articles and books on close-encounter UFO cases, the witnesses, and also abductees: i.e. those people who claim intrusion into their lives by the actual presence of UFO entities..... The popular explanations that infest the media today usally ascribe these unusual events to extraterrestrial visitations. Ann Druffel contributes through HOW TO DEFEND YOURSELF AGAINST ALIEN ABDUCTION countless examples from her long-term database which demonstrate how these unwanted intrusions can be successfully resisted... specific "how to" techniques [such as] mental struggle, physical struggle.. protective rage, intuition, and metaphysical methods... Rather than being a cookbook-like expiation, Druffel's exposition is an in-depth and scholarly probing, replete with seminal references and footnotes, often accompanied with stimulating and challenging speculations.... She shows how these invasions induce trance-like states in the afflicted person and how these can be broken or ameliorated with relief from the immediate attack and, in many instances, how to prevent repeat episodes of atack. She stresses the apparent psychobiology and possible genetics of the invasions, i.e. how these involve various family members, sometimes unknown to each other and extending over generations....
"Druffel also presents medically sophisticated details that make HOW TO DEFEND YOURSELF AGAINST ALIEN ABDUCTION a most valuable book and more meaningful than what the perhaps restricted title might suggest... By delving into ancient religious and cultural paradigms inclding Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism, Islam, Persian beliefs and so forth.... Ann Druffel presents strong evidence for the interdimensional hypothesis.... There is also the question of alleged alien implants which begs for study... [I]f these were proven to exist, this should only push further researches suggesting the possibility of apportations which happen in dissociative states with paranormal physical effects.
[Her] view that these alien abductors are interdimensional and pose as physical UFO occupants.. is practical and possible to study through paranormal research in experimental Ufology; this might be more pragmatic than invoking fanciful theories without any substantive documentation....
HOW TO DEFEND YOURSELF AGAINST ALIEN ABDUCTION is an easy to read, focused book destined to become a classic. [It] transcends the literal meaning of its title and presents in a lively and stimulating manner an entire hostr of often surprise issues that are dealt with in a scholarly and yet mouth-watering manner. Quench your thirst with HOW TO DEFEND YOURSELF AGAINST ALIEN ABDUCTION and be prepared for a roller coaster ride into the unknown.
(Whole review can be found in THE JOURNAL OF RELIGION AND PSYCHICAL RESEARCH, Vol. 22, No. 4, October 1999, pp. 230-233.
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on June 11, 1999
This book raised so many more questions that it tried to answer. For instance, if it's true, as the author contends, that alien abductions can be prevented if the experiencer uses techniques which prevent Incubi/Succubi visitations, can a case be made "aliens" and "demons" are one in the same phenomenon? I would suggest reading this book along with one called COSMIC TEST TUBE, which gives the entire history of ideas about alien abduction and provides a few more possible answers!
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on February 6, 2002
Like others, I assumed this was a joke when I bought it, but was delighted to find it not only serious, but highly practical and refreshingly free from dogma. This book could save many abductees much misery.
The best thing about this book is its essential phenomenalism: it doesn't need to make any assumptions about what UFOs actually are, only the (surely incontrovertible) observation that there are people being troubled by abduction experiences. The methods here are appropriate no matter whether "alien beings" come from outer space, the spirit world, or the unconscious mind.
Also notable is the challenging of the highly destructive notion of absolute impotence before the alien beings. This is a modern notion, I believe, nowhere found in the fairy-lore precursors to the UFO phenomenon. Be true to yourself and fight back! Actually I wish people were more aware of the folklore connection between fairies and UFO aliens. When you read the original material there's little doubt that the two are no more that two popular explanations for the same phenomenon.
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on January 29, 1999
I actually bought this book to give to my brother as a joke, and decided to read through it first. I found it to be a very interesting account of the abduction phenomenon. While I don't believe that people are actually being abducted by spacemen in flying saucers (a view the author seems to share, incidently), I now believe this phenomenon is very real, and probably very puzzling and frightening to the people who experience it. For those people, this book should be an invaluable aid to help them take control of their situation. Recommended for anyone interested in the subject.
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on January 17, 2005
If you accept this book's premises as true -- that alien beings from alternate universes are traveling to the Earth using "dimensions" that we perceive as ordinary forces (gravity, electromagetism etc), and these aliens are conversing with / experimenting upon Earthlings all the time -- then this is an extremely solid and interesting, very seriously composed literary work.

And at the same time, a phrase from the film "Terminator II" kept arising in my mind as I read about the different defensive techniques: "delusional architecture." Every single occurrence of one of these abductions sounds identical to a standard-issue, plain old deep dream.
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on September 4, 2009
As a Grey, I found this book to be entirely slanderous of me and my people and our mission on Earth. We are not here to "abduct" you, perform horrible experiments and make you doubt the reality of your own petty, wormlike existences. We are here as mere researchers, trying to discover what it is about humanity that makes you so... special. If the advice in this book were to be taken, why, our research would come to a complete standstill! Without subjects to study, how can we know more about you and your inconsequential lives? We are on your planet for entirely peaceful reasons, and not - I repeat NOT - here to steal your genetic material to build an invincible army to utterly annihilate those crustaceous scum on Alpha Centauri.

What's more, it would completely mess up the fourth season of "Who Wants to Be an Earthling," and you really don't want to screw with the networks like that.

Don't buy this book! Think about the bigger picture!
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on July 29, 2007
How to Defend yourself Against Alien Abduction is a book which teaches you several self defense tecnhniques on how to defend yourself from your typical Communion-style alien. In the book the author details a few encounters and what worked for them.

I admit I am skeptical about alien abduction, having never experienced the phenomenon. I liked the techniques but I felt they would be somewhat obvious.... Maybe this book would be useful for a younger inexperienced person.

I think I'd also like to read an updated book with more recent encounters. Many of the encounters described seemed really out of date and lacked credibility to this reader. Overall it was an interesting read but nothing mind-boggling. 3 stars.
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6 of 9 people found the following review helpful
on December 26, 1999
I found this book very helpful in the knowing that prayer was the real answer. While physical struggle is also a part of it. Prayer is the key. It is the selection process by the aliens or however you percieve this phenomenon. Wether it be physical or spiritual. I have found this phenomenon to be both. A complex living machine capable of manipulating mass population thought processes. To keep people in a prison of controlled thought.
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