Defender vs. Commuter vs. Impact? I've looked but cannot discern the differences between the Defender, Impact, and the Commuter. Help, anyone? Also, one poster said that Otterbox had fixed the problem with hearing the phone, by eliminating the cover over the speaker (?) -- how do we know WHICH one sold on Amazon would have this fix already in place? (vs. which ones are older, and still have the problem?)

thank you for any help!
asked by K. Ridgeway on August 4, 2010
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I have the original Otterbox that I got back when it only came in black and wasn't called the Defender. I absolutely love this case, but am looking for a new one (nothing wrong with the one I have) only b/c I like the color accents (or maybe the white one). The black case can make it hard to find the phone if you lay it down somewhere. I haven't personally seen the Commuter or the Impact, but from reviews of the Commuter case I wouldn't purchase one. It doesn't sound like it offers the same level of protection at all and there seems to be big flaws with fit. I don't know about the Impact. I do know, while Otterbox doesn't list the Defender as waterproof, it certainly is water resistant at the very least. To my great chagrin, I dropped my in the toilet once (clean water thank goodness!). Scared me silly. I rapidly removed the rubber casing. There was a little water on the plastic case, but when I removed the plastic case, the phone was just fine. The only water was a few small drops that I got on it trying to remove the two casings so fast. I wiped those off, dried out the two cases and gratefully put it back on. My only complaint is that the belt/waist band clip doesn't hold the phone as securely as I would want. My husband won't use his clip because in his active job the phone kept popping off the clip when he'd bend over or even just lean to reach something. My problem was mostly getting in and out of the car (sedentary desk job). After scaring myself losing the phone when it popped off in my car (fell in the crack next to the seat, and the black case was very hard to find) and dropping it when I've gotten out of the car, I've acquired the habit of touching it with my hand or elbow automatically in any situation where the phone might pop off. It still pops off now and then, but I haven't lost it mostly because of my habitual vigilance. I love the Defender model. That's why I won't get the commuter even though it comes in more colors (and the color I would really like to have!). But, functionality and protection take priority for me and I'll get one of the two-tone black with color accent. I see you posted your question a while ago. Hope this is still helpful.
SkyDoc answered on February 2, 2011
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