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In Defence of Food: The Myth of Nutrition and the Pleasures of Eating
by Michael Pollan
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Hi Kate, I've read both books and would definitely recommend Omnivore's Dilemma first. It's a wonderful book- one of the best I've read- that's eye-opening and thought-provoking. It's one of those books that once you start reading, you can't stop. In Defense of Food is good, but to me felt much more dry, an addition to what's presented in OD. -Daniella
Jun 30, 2009 by Dani
For a good cook book that I think is really focused on a wholesome diet, including many vegetables, and is not against meat or alcohol, I would suggest The Mediterrasian Way. You can find out a lot of information and get recipes at their website: Their recipes are sometimes fairly difficult, in that they require many ingredients, but they are good starting points, and the cook book itself--which I bought after being pleased with all of their online recipes--offers a lot of good sense advice about putting together healthy meals and such. They put a lot of emphasis on creating delicious food by mixing vegetables into dishes, rather than the somewhat traditional American idea of seperate veggies, meat, and grains.
Apr 22, 2008 by Thomas Gonzales
The story of Soy and Estrogen molecules being similar enough to each other for the body to react to soy as if it were estrogen has been a main stay of the body building community for years. But you are talking about extreme eating here. Body builders would avoid soy protien because when you are taking in 100 to 150 grams of it per day, thats a lot of soy/estrogen... Again the key here is MODERATION. If you have soy milk in your coffee because you don't do well with lactose, or you have soy sauce on your chinese food once in a while, you are a LONG WAY from the quantities of soy we are talking about. I think that there are many many issues like this one that start with a truth, but get completely blown out of proportion, and folks really need to take a step back and do research for themselves before they believe every iota of what anyone out in internet land managed to write up. Just because its on the net does NOT make it true
Mar 27, 2010 by Randy B
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