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on September 6, 2005
Like Keith Moon and Pete Townshend from the Who, Liam and Noel from Oasis merit 5 stars for their comedic skills alone. That they also deliver the goods musically on this, their finest album, is worth another 4 stars. My only complaint is that the interviews aren't longer.

Since Amazon won't let me rate this 9 stars, I'll do the next best thing and share some of the DVD secret tracks with you. There may be more, but these are the ones I do know:

* DVD Secret Tracks *

Rock 'N' Roll Star audio track - press "down" on your DVD remote for an interview about Liam wanting bagpipes on Rock 'N' Roll Star. Yes, bagpipes.

Supersonic audio - press "down" for music theory.

Cigarettes & Alcohol audio - press "down" for interview with Noel about the song.

Slide Away audio - press "down" for interview about the name Definitely Maybe.

Married With Children audio - press "down" for the letter from Guigsy on why he was not on the DVD.

Sad Song audio - during the black intro, press "down" for audio clips of the legendary "Wibling Rivalry" interview.

Live Forever audio - press "down" for interview with Noel about wanting Live Forever as track three on the album.

Press "angle" on Live Forever, Shakermaker, Supersonic and Cigarettes & Alcohol for US versions of the videos.
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on September 2, 2004
For the first time ever, the whole album, including rare vinyl-only track 'Sad Song', is available on DVD. The classic audio version is accompanied by an hour-long documentary about the recording of the album featuring rare and contemporary interviews with the band, label, friends and entourage, memorable live and TV performances of Definitely Maybe's twelve era-defining tracks and - totalling nearly five hours of classic Oasis music and footage.The roll call, starting with performance footage:'Rock 'n' Roll Star' Top Of The Pops, September 1994'Shakermaker' Naked City, June 1994'Live Forever' Glastonbury, June 1994'Up In The Sky' Chicago Metro, October 1994'Columbia' Hammersmith Palais, December 1994'Supersonic' The Word, March 1994'Bring It On Down' Gleneagles, February 1994'Cigarettes And Alcohol' Southampton Guildhall, November 1994'Digsy's Dinner' Buckley Tivoli, August 1994'Slide Away' New York Wetlands, July 1994'Married With Children' Los Angeles Whiskey A Go Go, September 1994'Sad Song' Later With Jools Holland, December 1994Definitely Maybe : The DVD includes the bands promo videos for 'Supersonic', 'Shakermaker', 'Live Forever', 'Rock 'n' Roll Star' and 'Cigarettes And Alcohol' (uncensored), some with director commentaries. Also included are the U.S. videos for 'Live Forever' and 'Supersonic'. Hidden extras include a segment from the seminal Wibbling Rivalry Fierce Panda interview release and various non- documentary strands (including a letter from Guigsy), as well as other hidden extras. A bonus disc (only available until the end of 2004) includes further interviews and live performance footage.
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on May 29, 2014
I have listened to my original CD copy of this album more times than I care to count and would consider myself very familiar with this recording. This is simply a review of the vinyl itself because if you are reading this you probably already like Oasis and this album (which is certainly a slice of their best work). Ok, on to it: two lovely black LP's, wonderful gatefold packaging with artwork that appears reminiscent of the original (ie. no cheap low dpi scans). Another big plus is that whoever assembled the sets had the common sense to use anti-static sleeves to protect the LP's. What this means is that the records come out of the sleeves clean and ready to play (ie. no damage from paper sleeve burn or debris sticking in the grooves). I simply do not understand record companies that ship (expensive and fragile) records in garbage paper sleeves! Is it really that much of a cost savings?!?

Anyhow, on to sound quality...yup, they got it right and it plays as lovely as an album with heaps of guitar distortion can: clean, steady and dynamic sound from edge to edge on both LP's (ie. good quality control between pressings!). Liam's voice never melts or splits apart and Noel's guitar never distorts beyond what seems to have been intended by the original production. In all honesty I've never thought of this album as a very high fidelity recording but much to my surprise what I found beyond the CD was a little more color in the guitar and vocals, a slightly deeper look into the master and a much, much bigger (or as the Brit's like to say "massive!") low end. The kick drum on "Supersonic" truly thumps and on the whole this version feels like a much larger soundscape. So there you have it, if you like well pressed records and enjoy noisy rock and roll from the two brothers who were "born for adversity" then you will be more than pleased with this set. Enjoy!
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on April 4, 2005
In 1994, Grunge rock had deteriorated from the fresh, brooding energy of Stone Temple Pilots and Nirvana to the contrived repetitions of Bush and Silverchair. The once mighty Pearl Jam ("Ten," and "Vs.") had evaporated artistically with Eddie Vedder's recession into increasingly greater self-obsession and personal misery. The era was clearly in its final throes and rock fans were primed for something different. A record that spoke to the idea of rock as possibility and exuberance.

Into this greasy world of longhaired suicide cases and pseudo-nihilism came Liam and Noel Gallagher with brash English smiles and swaggering Manchester impudence. "Definitely Maybe" is an album seemingly replete with one simple message - I wanna be a rock-`n'-roll star! It is this mantra that makes the record, and indeed the band itself, so important in an era where mediocre substance too often supersedes rock's spirit. "Definitely Maybe" brings us back to the days when lusty-eyed youths willed fame and fortune through guitar strings and makes us forget the languid, whining, shallow psychology that cried its way into so much of 90's rock.

While each song on the album stands on its own, it is the entirety of this effort that warrants notice. The message is clear: "In my mind my dreams are real," Liam grinds in the opening track, unsurprisingly named "Rock `N' Roll Star." And while so many of the songs are just out-and-out Brit-rock fun (i.e. "Shakermaker," "Up in the Sky," "Digsy's Diner," etc.), there are several seriously arresting tracks as well. "Supersonic" features Oasis at their punkiest, while "Slide Away" seems to transcend the album itself, leaning, in a way, toward much of Oasis' more mature work yet to come. "Cigarettes and Alcohol" is as appropriate a maxim as can be expected from the Gallagher's - defiant, working-class urban dissenters first and artists second. And "Live Forever" is a salient single with some of the greatest in recent rock lyricism: "Maybe I just wanna fly / wanna live, I don't wanna die / Maybe I just wanna breathe / maybe I just don't believe / Maybe you're the same as me / we see things they'll never see / You and I are gonna live forever."

"Definitely Maybe" is not an album of subtle orchestration or complex conception, but then that was never the point. In the mid-90's, as in the mid-70's, rock had begun to take itself too seriously as a genre, and had consequently rendered itself an overblown parody. Oasis is to grunge what the Sex Pistols (and Punk in general) were to 70's rock - a slap on the wrist. A reminder that rock is not about art - it is about anti-art. It is about fun; expression; defiance. And with these as standards, "Definitely Maybe" is an album that immerses itself deeply within the spirit of rock stardom as it was once perceived - and an album that proves beyond any doubt that the spirit is still alive.
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on November 22, 2000
In the UK, "Definitely Maybe" was the biggest selling debut album of all-time. Here in the US, the album wasn't nearly as successful, but that doesn't mean it isn't a great album. Quite the contrary, "Definitely Maybe" is the album that launched Oasis into superstardom. Though US fans are more familiar with their second album, "(What's The Story) Morning Glory?" and its mega-hits "Wonderwall" and "Champagne Supernova", "Definitely Maybe" is certainly worth a listen from anyone who liked "Morning Glory" even a little bit. The album's most successful single, "Live Forever", is a timeless classic. This song contains brilliantly uplifting lyrics, an very unique melody, and superb vocal performances by the brothers Gallagher. This song ranks among my favorite Oasis songs of all-time. Other standout tracks include "Slide Away", a "sort-of ballad" containing outstanding lyrics and a blistering vocal performance from Liam Gallagher. This track has an incredibly catchy chorus, but the layers of electric guitars that enrapture it make it hard to call this song a traditional ballad. "Cigarettes and Alcohol" is a full-on rock and roll track with a great melody and awesome guitar riffs. If you can get past the morally deplorable lyrics you'll find this song to be the best rock song on the album. "Rock and Roll Star" is another great rock song on this album, and its lyrics are much more insightful than those of "Cigarettes and Alcohol". Though "Cigarettes and Alcohol" is a catchier tune, "Rock and Roll Star" is clearly the winner in the lyrics department. It's just classic Oasis rock and roll. "Supersonic" is one of the most unique songs on the album, as, like most of the songs on this album, it contains a very catchy chorus. It's not really a full-on rock tune, but it's not a slow ballad, either. Unfortunately, however, the lyrics are nothing more than complete gibberish, so don't waste your time trying to find some "hidden meaning" in this song, 'cos it just isn't there. Still, this song is a treat to listen to. "Digsy's Dinner" is one of those happy, uplifting Beatlesque tunes with comical lyrics and a catchy tune. It's not hard rock by any means. "Up In The Sky" is also an uplifting tune that clearly "borrows" something from The Beatles. Again, the lyrics are mediocre but it's still an enjoyable tune. The album's final track, "Married With Children", is a slow but enjoyable acoustic number with some very funny lines, such as "I hate the way that you are so sarcastic, and you're not very bright." This is the only acoustic number on the album, and it sounds nothing like the rest of the album, which has much more of an edge. The reason I don't give this album 5 stars is that it contains a few tracks that are marginal at best. These include "Shakermaker", "Columbia", and "Bring It On Down". "Columbia" and "Bring It On Down" aren't horrible, but they contain neither innovative lyrics nor memorable melodies. Both of these songs were early Oasis tracks, so clearly Noel Gallagher's songwriting has improved as the album progressed. "Shakermaker" is a blatant rip-off of "I'd Like To Teach The World To Sing" used in the old Coca-Cola commercials, and its lyrics are gibberish. This is by far the worst song on the album. I mean, come on, Noel? If you're going to rip off the music, at least write some decent lyrics to make up for it!!! I'm completely baffled by the fact that this track was released as a single in the UK, while classics like "Slide Away" were never released. In any event, "Definitely Maybe" can best be described as "Morning Glory" with more of an edge. It's not all hard rock, but it's not filled with the mid-tempo, very melodic tracks that make up "Morning Glory". Still, "Definitely Maybe" contains more than a fair amount of truly great songs, and is well worth a listen for any Oasis fan.
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on May 26, 2014
If you're looking to buy this reissue, you likely already know how good Definitely Maybe is so I won't dwell on that. (It is, however, worth noting that Slide Away doesn't include Noel's backing vocals on this set.)

Included in this set are three discs: One has the original album remastered, another has the b-sides and non-album tracks remastered, and the last has unreleased bonus tracks. After owning the original album and singles for years, it is nice to have them all in one place. It is worth mentioning for completion sake that Bring It On Down (Live), which was on the Shakermaker single, is the only b-side not included on this set.

The second disc compiles most of the official studio tracks recorded in the Definitely Maybe era. Sad Song, for example, was never released on CD in the US or UK so it's also nice to have that on here. Also included is the Whatever single.

The third disc is probably a significant reason you want this if you previously had everything on the first two discs. There is an assortment of live tracks, demos, and other bonuses unavailable anywhere else officially. Whatever (Strings) is the only track on this disc that is not a demo or a live track. The order of the song placement is pretty odd, though. I would've much rather had all of the demos together then have the live tracks, rather than "shuffling" the order of them. I'm also a bit disappointed that the 1993 (I think) demo of Live Forever wasn't included, as it is one of my favorite Oasis demo.

But how do they sound?

These were supposedly transferred from the original analog tapes to high resolution digital files. The end result will please some, but it will also dissatisfy others. The 2014 mix appears to be smoother, presumably because of the higher bitrate used. It also has more bass and separation, which I do find enjoyable. The downside, however, is that it doesn't breathe as well. The dynamic range of this remaster is not as good as the original edition of the album. I find it to be a different experience, and I haven't made up my mind on which version I like better. (There is a lengthy discussion going on in the Steve Hoffman Forums about this if you want to read into the more technical aspects of the remaster.)

I recommend the vinyl! You get Definitely Maybe (plus Sad Song) on two discs, plus a download code for all 44 tracks included in the deluxe CD set. Unfortunately, the download code isn't high quality, so you'll still have to buy the CD if you want lossless-quality digital files on your computer.

The huge super deluxe set isn't worth it to me. Why? You get no more content then you would buying the vinyl or deluxe CD set. You're paying $100 extra for a box, a nice book, an extra 7", and silly things like a tote bag and a badge.

Overall, I am satisfied with the Definitely Maybe reissue. Others may be disappointed with the remaster itself, but I find it to be a different experience. As I said earlier, it's great to have the entire Definitely Maybe era in one package. Looking forward to the (What's The Story) Morning Glory reissue in July!
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on September 19, 2012
Well? What can be said 'bout Oasis. I love those guys! This is their first album, and one of the greatest one ever. I'm only twelve right now, but i hate that modern mainstream music you hear in the radio every day. Just not worth it. For me, the Gallagher bros. are my oasis of good great music in the modern times. Noel was the talent and creativity, Liam, the freaking rock n roll attitude! I hear their music every day, and these first years are their best. I simply love hearing (and I do it daily) Live Forever, Shakermaker and Cigarretes & Alcohol. Along with The Masterplan and (What's the Story) Morning Glory?, this is the very best of Oasis! It's good music the old way. It makes me wish I had been born in the '80s... Though, they have some pretty great stuff in the following years, specially Be Here Now and Don't Believe the Truth.
I discovered Oasis very recently, only after the Olympic Games closing ceremony. But since then, I've had the time of my life. They have helped me get over things, do things right and even helped me with a girl. I also ordered all of their albums by Amazon.
If you like real music and not that new electro-nonsense mainstream, this is definitely a must-have!
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on September 12, 2004
I'm a huge Oasis fan. I own just about all of the music they have released and I'm very proud to say that. This DVD is a perfect addition to what I own and this is a must own for all Oasis fans.

When Oasis busted out in 1994 they were a warm welcome to rock n roll. The depressing grung scene had gone on for way to long and this all gave these guys from Manchester the perfect chance to be the biggest band in the world.

This DVD is different from all of the other Oasis DVD's. The others are basicly just a recorded concert with little specials except for ....There and Then. Definetly Maybe is much more than just a concert with a couple of interviews.

You have the option to just listen to the songs. All of the songs from the album are here including the Sad Song which had previously only been available on singles, vinyl, and some of the U.K. versions. The music sounds great and is crystal clear.

You also have the option of watching a performance of each song. Some songs are from different concerts while others are from promo shows at different studios. All are great performances and are fun to watch. Most are shot with a British audience and it's funny to relieve some moments from 1994 while watching them.

There also an option to get a documentary on each song. All 12 songs are special in their own right and it's nice to hear the band talk about them and especially Noel who wrote them. This guy is a musical genius and is one of the top song writers in the world.

All the original promos from the album are here. There are some alternate videos included as well. There are some directors commentaries that really equal out to some special stuff.

The band and producers have really put together a special DVD here. I'm on the Oasis maling list and alomst a year ago I got an e-mail asking for old pictures or recordings of the band from the Definetly Maybe era. They said they were working on making a DVD and wanted to make it special. They really have done that.

If your a serious Oasis fan this is a must own. This is the greatest band in the world at their earliest stages. This album is what Rock N Roll is about. If you like this band or this album you wont regret buying this.
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on May 30, 2014
As a huge Oasis fan who finds their 90s music almost sacred, I was so excited when they announced the Deluxe Edition of Definitely Maybe. The original album is one of my favorites of all time, and although I've also owned all the B-Sides for years, it seemed like a good retrospective to have them together on one disc. (I know I could've just made a playlist in iTunes, but there's nothing like putting a physical album into a good music system.) I was especially looking forward to the 3rd disc of rarities. Demos? A recording of Noel singing Half the World Away in a hotel room? A track with just the strings from Whatever? I was sold.

When I received my copy, I put in discs 2 and 3 right away, and enjoyed the whole glorious thing. I still am. I feel like it's the mid 90s again, and I am discovering this music for the first time. If you are on the fence about this, or if you are an Oasis fan (or just a fan of Britpop and good rock in general), grab this now. It doesn't get much better than this. Although, in fact, it will, when the Deluxe Edition of (What's the Story) Morning Glory comes out later this year.

With that said, when I finally put in the remastered album, I couldn't stand it. The compression on this is way too high, to the point where the quality of the sound on the tracks suffers through digital distortion. I am by no means an audiophile- in fact, I usually love when remasters give an album a fuller sound. But this is the first remastered album I've heard where I've gotten ear fatigue. I always thought that ear fatigue was a dramatic term used by snobs to describe their dissatisfaction, but I finally experienced it. For the most part 90s music doesn't need to be remastered, anyhow. When U2 rereleased Achtung Baby and Zooropa a few years ago, they didn't remaster it because they said it didn't need one. And they were right. Liam Gallagher said this album didn't need a remaster. And he was right, too.

So why give this 5 stars? Because discs 2 and 3 are fantastic. In theory, the (re)mastered sound should be the same as disc 1, but it's better. Especially disc 3.

I didn't buy this for the original album remastered, and chances are you aren't either. If you are buying this album for the original album, track down a copy from pre-2014. You'll enjoy it. And THEN buy this for discs 2 and 3. You'll enjoy this, too.

Can't wait for the Morning Glory and Be Here Now editions coming in a few months!
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on February 17, 2007
Straight outta Manchester, England comes a breath of fresh air in Oasis. These guys pour their heart & sould into all their records, and Definitely Maybe stands out against the rest.

Most people crown Morning Glory as the best Oasis album, but I gotta tell you, that they are wrong. Up in the Sky is the only track that I skip over, and this song would be a chart topper for other wanna be bands!

The highlights on this album are Columbia & Supersonic and they happen to follow one another (track #5 & #6 respectively) on a solid debute album. It's fitting that they lead off with Rock N' Roll Star. It's like the Gallagher brother's knew they would hit stardom! Shakermaker is a great 2nd track as it highlights their musical range!

If you like Definitely Maybe, & I know you will, Be Here Now, Morning Glory, & the Masterplan are all excellent Oasis discs to add to your collection!
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