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on November 24, 2006
This is one of the best seasons Degrassi has ever made! The show took a more of an adult approach but still kept it more teen orientated. In this season you will see Paige facing her rapist in court and destroying his car. Craig dealing with bipolar and loses Ashley again. Emma contracts a STD. Then you have the world famous school shooting in "Time Stands Still". Plus, six couples also break up during this season. You also get deleted scenes (that will probably make you wonder why they didn't use 'that' in a particular episode). Also you get way more funnier bloopers from this season than you did with season two. It's a very good four disc dvd pack that any loyal Degrassi fan would enjoy!
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on August 21, 2006
I accidently stumbbled onto Degrassi several years ago over a Christmas break and found the show to be easily addictive. Not being one for the standard sterotypical high school scene like in the OC or Dawson's Creek I was stunned on how well the show was put together along side it's addictiveness.

Not only is the show intelligently written and plotted the acting from the youthful cast is spectacular. Each character (as partly a result from them being well written) is brought out onto the screen with that particular oddness and poignancy that is all to familar with someone who just left high school.

This is not a show where the entire cast is drop down gorgeous nor act exactly the same; there is a wonderful diversity with the roster of characters present. They all don't wear most expensive clothes or drive the most expensive cars to school and do not go around spouting out mindless phrases such as 'waxing philosophical.' This is a real life show displaying real life characters with real life problems and having those characters work through them with real life means.

About six months after I discovered this little gem of a show I found with much surprise that the DVD sets for each season were available and freaked out; quickly drove to the store and laid down my money. I bought season one sortly before season two came out in Aug. 2005, and saw that the release date for the third season was already scheduled for this past March and quickly pre-ordered. I watched them the entire way through and was able to pick up larger story arcs that I had missed when I saw the reruns on the Noggin Network and longed for more after the last episode had ended on the third season disk set. Once again I saw the release date was only about six months away after the third season (a very short time considering it takes over a year for each season of most other shows to be released on DVD).

I wrote a review for the third season of this show months back and claimed it the be the best season of the entire show (based on what I had picked up on TV and later watched on DVD) and still claim that, but must admit that season four is a very close second.

As in past shows Degrassi boldly faces down such issues as teen pregnancy, drinking, drugs, sex, cutting, homosexuality, violence, and much much more with a raw force that other shows would only dream of doing. The fourth season however goes even further with such issues as noted and beyond.

Not to give anything away (though I will give away some) a school shooting occurs, a student is murdered, another paralyzed, affairs of the heart go out of control, secrets are revealed, and pretty much the same intensity ignites as it has done in the past seasons.

Though some has called this show pretentious, overly dramatic, or just plain stupid they need to think again and take a look at the other shows out there depicting life in high school and recall what it was like for themselves years past in high school. I for one (as someone who just left it) find Degrassi to be all to true to the reality that teens go through as they walk the halls to class. It's safe to simply say this show gets it right.

As for the DVD as with the past three seasons the extras seem to be a step above one another with each passing season. Deleted/extended scenes, gag reels, casting tapes; the usual (I'm not one who does much with extra features on DVDs apart from deleted scenes). The quality of the print of each episode is great (the only drawback is it's in fullscreen (although apart from HBO DVDs not many TV shows that I own are in widescreen format)).

In the end is Degrassi worth laying down the money for? Absolutely...100%...YES!!! It is a must own for fans of the show, fans of high school programs, and fans of people who just like plain good old television; you will not be disappointed.
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on January 9, 2007
I bought this fourth installment for my stepdaughter, who is a huge Degrassi fan. We watched every moment of it as a family -- she's now got a full DVD collection with more to come, but she'd seen most of it on tv. Thought it's over-the-top drama and gets into almost every sordid teen situation imaginable, the series is a good educational exercise for everyone. Guns at school, bipolar disorder... you name it. Degrassi (a Canadian show) takes it on. I say go for it. Ideally, you have a mature teen to present the DVD pack to, but really, it doesn't matter... it's the real world. Watch it with your child. Your child will live it regardless.
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on January 20, 2014
I love this series all the way to where I am now, however in a later series I am disappointed that 2 people get married and then just drooped off the show, and leaving us with our dreams on what happens next. It would be awesome to know how their married turns out as long as they stay happy and together of course, but show them going through some obstacles. But I do love this show still watching even the new episodes that come on!
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on January 31, 2014
This is by far my favorite show as a young person growing up! It wasn't like the Disney channel shows where everything was a peaches, rainbows and unicorns. It was REAL.These issues that Degrassi addressed were things kids actually dealt with and frankly still are! Everyone can relate to this show at some point. If I had to pick one season as my all time favorite, Season 4 would win, but lets be honest they were all great!!!!
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on July 24, 2008
In season four of Degrassi: The Next Generation, the show changes from a relatable teen drama, into an over the top parody of teen life. I'm not knocking the show, because even despite a weak season like this, Degrassi is still one of the best teen dramas on television. However, season four takes the show into over-dramatic territory, which is why I consider it one of the weakest seasons, with a few high points.

The main problem I have with season four is the amount of drama crammed into each episode. Take the season four premiere for example. In "Ghost in the Machine", Paige's rape trial finally goes into effect. In some of the earlier seasons, that would've been enough to carry the entire episode. But instead, the show added more drama to add more shock value. Paige conveniently runs into her rapist at a college frat party, purposely runs into his car and totals it, and then has her boyfriend take the heat by getting arrested. This is what I mean by over the top. Too much drama for one episode. I liked it better when the show focused on the issues and less on dramatic effect.

However, despite that one nitpick I have about this season, there are also a lot of wonderful episodes and storylines that ensue. One of the highlights of season four is Rick's storyline which develops wonderfully on screen. Rick is immediately introduced as a villain right from the start, as we know he's the guy responsible for putting Terri in a coma in season three. Consequently he is shunned and outcasted at school by his peers, which inevitably pushes him over the edge and causes him to bring a gun to school in "Time Stands Still", which is still considered one of the shows best, highest rated episodes to date. The aftermath of Rick's actions become a major part of the second half of this season, as some of the main characters are largely effected by what happened.

Other issues covered this season are: bipolar disorder, STDs, and paralysis.

Overall season four is filled with drama and spectacles of great proportions. However, I feel like this season the show lost a bit of its light hearted edge and the issues became less real and relatable and more over the top. However, a couple of great storylines make the season more enjoyable. And like I said, despite some weak points, it's still better than most teen dramas on television today.
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on November 20, 2014
Great family entertainment. The show does deal with adult situations but nothing graphic. It is realistic. The casting is excellent. It is very entertaining. I would highly recommend this series.
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on January 9, 2007
This was the best price around for season 4. My daughter & I love Degrassi The Next Generation. We watch all the episodes together. I have to say, I think they tackle many issues affecting kids today and they aren't always happy endings, I feel it's very realistic and well done.
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on January 28, 2014
I enjoy being able to go back and relive my early years. I missed a lot while they were in syndication but wathinv on prime allows me to catch up as well. Really enjoy this series!
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on January 21, 2013
good quality, but the show is a little politically correct preachy, and has more than a couple agendas that don't make logical sense. Ok if it's just for entertainment.
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