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on May 4, 2013
This is a must for Asylum fans. All others avoid this film. I couldn't stop laughing.

The film follows a typical Asylum formula for disaster films. While the world is coming to an end, parents try to reunite with their children. On your Asylum column marked "Disasters" please check the following: volcano, ice age, hail, earthquake, sun blockage, ice cyclone (hand write "ice" in front of cyclone, then check).

The German scientist (Iván Kamarás) speaks with an accent. The word "model" he pronounces "moe-doe" until 12 minutes into the film when he begins to pronounce it correctly. Like many films, it has subscripts showing the location which are typed in with accompanying typing noise in the background. In the first few instances the typing noise needlessly continues after the letters appears.

Dad must travel from England to France. He manages to get a car with the steering wheel on the left side and finds roads where he can drive on the right side. Who would notice a guy driving in England on the wrong side of the road with a car with the steering wheel on the wrong side?

This film also boasts one of the worse uses of a defibrillator. The operator used it over the clothes, no lubricant. Ryan (Marc McKevitt Ewins) is immediately revived after that.

The film makes for a great drinking game too. Everyone needs to do a shot every time Ryan is knocked to the ground. SPOILER: After doing a half dozen or so shots, you will need to do three quick ones at the end.

The acting and dialogue are typical Asylum grade. It promises to be hopelessly bad.

No f-bombs, sex, or nudity. 5 Asylum stars for lovers of bad films (1 star for everyone else) This was a stinker.
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on June 13, 2013
At about 1h11m, there is this piece of dialog in the movie. While flying to Paris in a helicopter, Lacey Foster says: "This is really bad", and her husband Steve answers "I've never seen anything like this before!"

Funny, because that's EXACTLY my summary for this movie! :-)

Anything to add? No. Not really. This was one of the worst movies I've watched in my whole life. And I HAD to do it to write a review. Couldn't even enjoy it with a group of friends.

So, if you like poorly scripted, directed, and played disaster movies, don't hesitate to watch it. But remember: the movie itself is the biggest disaster ;-)
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on June 8, 2013
Volcanoes, earthquakes, ice cyclones, ash clouds that will block out the sun for years and make Europe's just another mundane day for almost all of the actors in this movie. We have all heard of overacting, but this is underacting at its most glaring. Except for the French girl (who is probably Hungarian, since her name is Eastern European and the film was partly filmed in hungary)everyone here seems pretty calm and collected. The hot French girl Angelique (Zsofia Trecsko)can't speak English very well, but she does manage to be the only character who gets the fact that there is a very strange and dangerous change in the world going on, namely the extinction of all life in her native Europe. She does a great job in her mute fear. Everyone one else is super casual about the following: the Earth opening up, so they have to run/drive/fly to escape, the Tour Eiffel is about to fall and kill some of the main characters, mega hail falls from the sky, and of course, the brother and the sister keep falling and having things fall on them with nary a scratch or broken bone. The young wife of the father (everyone in all movies and TV is either getting divorced, is divorced, or just got remarried after a divorce...the global divorce rate must be 556%) takes an excruciatingly long rolling fall wherein she hits her head on a rock, and after pops up, literally smiling broadly, and happily exclaims, "It beats walking." There are countless such moments such as these. But, horrible acting with one exception aside, the special effects weren't bad, and we enjoyed yet another disaster movie that takes out the Eiffel Tower. The movie's non-stop pace helps keep the mind off the poor acting. We like these weather/earthquake/tsunami/things that are genetically engineered fall from space types of movies, so I'll give it two stars. If you don't like this genre, or find Asylum films objectionable, stay clear.
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This may well be the worst disaster movie The Asylum has ever made – and that’s saying something. I’m probably the world’s biggest Asylum fan, but even I will admit the company turns out some embarrassingly bad films – especially over the past couple of years. 100 Below Zero is nothing but a horribly cheap film with bad acting, a terrible script, and absolutely abysmal special effects that could very well have been thrown together in a week. It’s particularly sad to see a decent actor like John Rhys-Davies pretty much announce to the world that his acting career is officially over.

A volcanic explosion in Iceland triggers a series of earthquakes and further volcanic explosions along some tectonic plate all the way across most of northern Europe. It’s just the type of disaster scenario that some forgettable scientist projected four years ago – but, aside from a video chat room full of his loser friends who are far too young to have the responsibilities we’re supposed to believe they have, no one cares what this guy says apart from some NATO colonel (Rhys-Davies). NATO, by the way, is apparently a two-man operation operating out of what appears to be someone’s home. Enter our main characters, former Air Force colonel Steve Foster and family. Steve is flying to Paris alongside his new young wife to meet his son and daughter – until he’s grounded in London. Meanwhile, all heck is tearing loose in Paris – the ash cloud arrives, the temperature plummets, earthquakes rock the city, etc. Fortunately, I suppose, all of this takes place on a day when the entire Paris population consists of about six people. Will Foster get to Paris in time to save his kids from an inundation of snowfall, horrible winds, and record cold? If you can bring yourself to care what happens to any of these people, you’re obviously a better person than I am.

Foster’s two twenty-something kids obviously inherited none of their father’s toughness and survival skills. Ryan, for example, actually falls over unconscious at one point after being lightly bumped by a passerby. Get used to it because Ryan falls down a lot – I mean a lot. Don’t even think about playing any type of “drink every time Ryan falls down” game because alcohol poisoning is no laughing matter. This guy can’t take two steps without doing a header. If falling down were an Olympic event, he would win gold and silver. His sister falls down a lot, too – but she’s got nothing on her big brother. The guy is a falling down fool.

If you watch this film, just sit back and try to enjoy the absurdity of it all. Who knew that normal people wearing summer clothes could even survive at a temperature of 100 below zero? Apparently, as long as you rub your arms up and down from time to time, you don’t have to worry about frostbite or anything. Heck, you don’t even see anyone’s breath in this environment. Why? Well, the half a million dollar budget obviously didn’t allow for any kind of decent CGI – or a halfway decent plot. The bulk of the movie consists of bad actors standing in front of green screens and failing to convey any sense of their supposed environment. Unless you love laughing at embarrassingly bad movies, steer clear of this one.
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8 of 10 people found the following review helpful
on April 28, 2013
Story was so bad it was funny. I would pass on this movie unless you would like to watch a poorly done movie for laughs.
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on February 11, 2015
This is a charming little movie redolent of Plan 9 From Outer Space. Imagine, if you will, a director who wants to make a Euro version of the classic disaster movie but only has a budget of around $1,000. What's he to do? Hire his friends, make do with the most cheesy "special effects" imaginable, and hope for the best.

The result is unintentionally hilarious, from the dire script, atrocious "acting" and comical model aircraft to the risible effects and camerawork. It had me laughing out loud every few minutes. There are multiple scenes where supposedly the world is coming to an end but in the background you can see regular people just going about their business because the producers didn't have enough money to film on closed streets. Or the incongruity between "the traffic is jammed everywhere" statements and then a long shot of a single car driving along an empty main road. But I'm not mocking the movie. It's so earnest and so well-intentioned that you can't help liking the fact that they tried so hard to get it made despite lacking practically every component necessary. In its own way it is truly a labor of love and as such, despite everything, quite admirable. The net result is that you end up watching a movie very much like one your own eight-year-old would make with her school friends if someone gave her $1,000 and a couple of weeks of spare vacation time. You can't help liking it even through the most cringe-worthy moments.

So if you have a wry sense of humor and 90+ minutes to kill, I can honestly recommend this budget flick as a pleasant way to spend the time.

And unlike its slick big-budget Hollywood counterparts, there's no gratuitous violence or pretentiousness. Just a group of film makers desperately trying to get everything into the can before the cash ran out and the school holiday came to an end.
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on September 2, 2014
I thank heavens I watched the movie on Netflix as it was just TOO wrong due to the acting. You see a bimbo-looking (sorry, I am being vulgar). You see a seemingly lightheaded girl with really bad acting skills running around town with her 'brother'. But the chemistry is so off and not believable that you can't help to wonder where it is heading. Whenever they touch each other, it does not feel brotherly but 'extra' friendly. Anyway, here is a point form pros and cons:

- to sum up the movie, the siblings spend most of their time falling on the ground for no reason, as in, EVERY four or five minutes.
- the special effects are cheap but we have to be lenient as we know it is a B-movie
- everyone in Paris walks casually in the background and public transit does not seem disturbed because everyone, except the protagonists, fail to see the hailing, storms, building crashing down and other ''apparent'' doomsday signs.

- the actors playing the dad and new step-mom are pretty decent in their acting given it is a The Asylum movie
- the movie poster is attention-grabbing (some would say a shameless bait but hey)
- everyone playing military roles were not believable it added the fun moments of the movie.
- the movie, while not exciting, had enough action to keep me alert for its duration.

Not great but mildly entertaining.

P.S. I knew the sister had something pornoesque in her acting. While not what I was expecting Sara Malakul Lane also stars in, with The Asylum still, Jailbait . It's 'Orange is the New Black' meets 'The Big Bird Cage'.

Orange is the New Black:
The Big Bird Cage:
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1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
on November 23, 2014
"100 Below Zero" is one of those movies that purchase and watch you can't believe that you bought it and spent the time watching. The basic deal of this movie is on scientist believe that a new ice age is coming. He has people who don't believe him but of course soon he is proven to be truth. The center of the "average person" going through the new ice age is a ex-military man meeting up with his kids are in the center of the event (of course) and there is some family drama but in the end dad get there to save the kids and they live happier ever after new the new warm zone.
I really like these crazy weather, end of the world movies but this one was really not that good. While they had the key elements, One tough military type, a family have drama, and a friend that has the escape route. The action was almost funny at time. If you like the genre, do yourself a favor and skip this movie.
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6 of 8 people found the following review helpful
on April 17, 2013
was looking for short movie. mercifully it was short. title more exciting than movie, although some did find it a little exciting.
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1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
on January 9, 2014
This movie was so bad it was unintentionally funny. Poor dialog, bad special effects. The characters were so stupid it was pathetic. I can't believe I paid to see this.
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