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on October 17, 2011
It never ceases to amaze me to regularly come across so-called "reviews" of books on amazon by people who have not read the book in question. Pick any book on a controversial topic and you will find a stream of such outpourings masquerading as reviews by ideologically driven non-readers.

Are such people so insecure in their own positions or worldviews, or so dogmatic that they cannot even bother to read a book that takes a stance different from the one they hold? Instead they need to immediately login and launch into abusive tirades, putdowns and ad hominem attacks? Real reviews may be positive or negative, laudatory or critical, but reviews by non-readers are dishonest, hypocritical and pathetic. That some of these non-readers are recognisably well known names and partisans in the very issues or debates covered in a particular book compounds the hypocrisy.

Let me repeat, one cannot honestly review a book one has not read. Nor can one attack an author without giving chapter and verse examples from that book of where he or she has committed the heinous and fallacious errors of which he/she is accused.

I have read Donna Laframboise's "The Delinquent Teenager Who Was Mistaken for the World's Top Climate Expert". It has a cleverly provocative title that some true believers in catastrophic anthropogenic global warming (CAGW) could consider sacrilegious. The book is however not an argument against CAGW as such. It is neither an academic treatise nor a polemic, but an investigative report into the operations of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC)... an investigation that uncovers a sleazy underbelly to a powerful and prestigious organisation before which much of the world's media, opinion makers and political leaders genuflect.

Laframboise brings a reporter's eyes and nose to the IPCC. The book is an easy and fast read but Laframboise's breezy writing belies the extensive research and explosive details contained therein. It's revelations and allegations are disturbing - and are supported by extensive footnotes and links that build a persuasive case that the IPCC is, in fact, a law unto itself - a hotbed of cronyism, shoddy science in the service of political activism, and politically-correct hand wringing. If she is even half correct, the IPCC has a serious case to answer. Read it for yourself, follow her links, examine her footnotes and then give your critique or rebuttal. Until then hold your tongue... and your typing fingers.
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on October 17, 2011
As of this writing, there are 3 negative reviews, 21 ea 5 star, and 1 ea 4 star reviews.

Its painfully obvious that none of the 1 star reviewers even read the book. Which when one thinks of it, is a good metaphor for the IPCC. Why review the actual thing, when you can just present your pre-concieved viewpoint?

Peter Gleick: If you need it, I will give you the 4.95, so you can actually read the book. I bought the pdf version, so I can lend you that.

A short summary, Peter. The book is about how the IPCC is structured, and how it works, albeit dysfunctionally. Its about how the IPCC is composed of climate activists from NGOs like Greenpeace, the WWF and EDF. Its about how the IPCC ignores its own rules, especially on grey literature. Its about how, when an independent review made recommenadtions to reform the IPCC, the IPCC simply ignored most of them.

Most telling is the recommendation to institute a Conflict of Interest (COI) rule. I find it amazing that a large governmental organization DOES NOT HAVE A COI code.

When asked why the COI has not been put in place for the AR5, Pachuari replied that it would be unfair to the members who had already been chosen. (!?!)

So, Peter, you are supposedly a scientist. Try researching the topic next time, please.

My review? Well written, and concise. Everything is documented, with links to the source information. Much of that information is from the IPCC.

I recommend reading it twice. Once, to get the full impact without breaking the flow. But watch your blood pressure.

The next time you read it, follow the links. As a good scientist should do; trust, but verify.

If this book does not shatter your opinion of the IPCC, then you must already be a member of the IPCC.
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on October 16, 2011
In The Delinquent Teenager Who Was Mistaken for the World's Top Climate Expert, Donna Laframboise blows the lid off the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). Instead of being a neutral body evaluating whether there has, in fact, been unprecedented global warming, the IPCC started with the premise that global warming was increasing at an alarming rate. Instead of investigating whether this warming was due to natural temperature cycles related to natural phenomena, human induced production of a trace atmospheric gas, carbon dioxide, was the cause celebre from the beginning. Instead of convening the world's experts, Laframboise exposes many of the IPCC "scientists" as being young, un-degreed, sometimes unpublished fledglings! She shows abundant examples of true world experts, purposely avoided by the UN IPCC, because they disagreed with the anthropogenic global warming party line.
Surprisingly, instead of gathering scientists with no preconceived notions of climate change, Donna Laframbroise lays bare the high percentage of IPCC scientist who had been closely associated with and many times employed by the powerful and monied environmental activist groups, such as the World Wildlife Fund, The Environmental Defense Fund, and others. Thus, these IPCC staff were following an agenda. They were "more activist than scientist!" She exposes The IPCC as a shoddy organization who didn't even follow what few rules it had, but portrayed itself as the indisputable oracle of impending climate disaster backed by the consensus of "thousands" of the world's most best scientists!
The Delinquent Teenager... is a fascinating unraveling of the world's most powerful voice for redistributing trillions of dollars in the name of the unproven theory of anthropogenic global warming, a theory rapidly losing many of its early proponents.
If Donna Laframbroise hasn't put the final nail in the coffin of the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, I'll be surprised!
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on October 16, 2011
I've followed Donna Laframboise in print and on the 'net for years, because she thinks clearly, works harder than ten other investigative journalists combined, and has a refreshingly iconoclastic view of the world - she sees it for the folly it often is, and yet retains her affection for - and trust in - the basic common sense of the global citizenry. But in this book, Donna has truly hit her stride - the issues that surround the science of Man-Made Global Warming are grave matters and they require serious grown-up attention. The problem is that serious grown-up attention is thin on the ground in the modern news whirlwind, where opinions that ought to be nuanced and well-considered - and above all FACT-CHECKED - are instead thrown into the wind without a backward glance. Donna has taken two years at least - at I can only imagine what personal toll - to bring her serious professional skills to one of the most contentious and important issues facing humans on this planet. And the result is a devastating critique of the United Nations panel on Climate Change. No matter what your position on Global Warming - and there are many reasonable if differing views - this relentless and yet extremely amusing assessment of the vanities, idiocies, and outright delinquent irresponsibility of the IPCC ought to make you carefully reconsider everything you thought you knew about Global Warming.

Outstanding book by one of North Americas premier investigative journalists.

Carsten Stroud - author of various thrillers none of which were half as compelling as this short sharp and steely work.
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on October 15, 2011
The author has written the UN's scofflaw IPCC a dozen parking tickets (which will naturally be ignored). It's very well written and well-armored against counterthrusts. And what it tells only the half of it! The author writes (in Acknowledgments, 74% of the way through the book, at Kindle location 2586) the following:

"... the focus and content of this book is highly strategic. This is not a catalog of every bad thing the IPCC has ever done. ... I have chosen my examples with care, selecting ones I thought might be easily digested by the average person who knows little about the climate debate."

I hope Donna (or someone) will produce a follow-up document containing "the rest of the story" for us buffs. suggested title: "Nonsensus: ICPP"; or "IPeCaC" or "Scofflaw: The UN's IPCC & Its Chicken-Little Nonsensus" or "No Clothes!" or "Kangaroo Court."

PS: If you like this book, you should also check out: The Hockey Stick Illusion: Climategate and the Corruption of Science (Independent Minds)
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on October 15, 2011
This book is a brilliant expose of how the IPCC doesn't follow its own guidelines while mandating that everyone else must. It shows how the IPCC is virtually a Science-Free Zone. It reveals the intimate relationship of the WWF and the IPCC almost none of this relationship being based on Science, settled or not. The book investigates IPCC scare-campaigns like the CO2 'tipping-point fiasco' and the Hockey Stick Fraud. It details the IPCC role in the libeling of Spencer and Christy by Trenberth.
This book reveals the IPCC for what it is. A politically motivated and publicly funded tool to facilitate World government and World financial control
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on October 16, 2011
Donna Laframboise carefully traces the origins, structure and working practices of the world's leading climate bureaucracy with devastating results. We find that, far from being a disciplined and impartial judge of climate science - it is a partisan organisation which has been hijacked by green activists and political extremists from its very beginnings.

Many of its "leading scientists" turn out to be activist grad students with Greenpeace of WWF affiliations and no previously published scientific work. Its rules, procedures and time limits are regularly flouted to include more alarmist material and a high proportion of the included "science" comes not, as claimed, from peer-reviewed scientific papers - but from environmental activist's PR material.

A clearly written and revealing book - which might turn out to be a turning point in climate politics - read it!
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on October 17, 2011
The origins of the book lie in the enormous amounts of hype and characterizations that have followed since the IPCC was given a Nobel Peace prize in 2007. We have been alternatively told and made to believe, an array of comforting facts about the IPCC - perhaps the only influential UN-related body that enjoys a positive reputation. What if someone who believed every word of it, but ended up accidentally taking a peek behind the curtain?

A book like this, would be the result.

Author Donna Laframboise is fairly well-known in the climate debate now. Her and the (earlier) have been around for a while. When the author's forays focused into a team effort of examining the IPCC reports for the state of affairs regarding the use of peer-reviewed literature, it catapulted her into attention. The result? Ground reality did not match the hype - more than 5000 references were not peer-reviewed, and they originated at times, from the most dubious of sources. Laframboise subsequently examined the Interacademy Council's report on the IPCC - which contain detailed insider opinions about the IPCC's workings, having played a small part in persuading its public release.

The book itself, is a coalescing of these efforts. What is entirely surprising is, how well the book flows. One finds the story kicking into high-gear on page one and the relentless pace continues to the last page. Hit after hit - the author lays out one small fact about how the IPCC works (the sources are linked), provides the absolute minimum of background, and before the reader can take it in, the next one rolls in. One could read this book if only, for the sheer number of Greenpeace, WWF and other activists that parade through its pages as IPCC authors and high officials. "The best climate science assessment - performed by a slew of Greenpeace activists" - that is not the IPCC is sold to us, is it?

The next big surprise is, how well the book works, even if you are familiar with the landscape of the climate debate and ongoing IPCC criticism (since Nov 2009). Laframboise does not delve into excessive detail or indulge in prolonged "he said, she said" type of litanies. Instead as the points of IPCC criticism follow one another, a certain picture emerges all on its own. The reader will connect the dots. The author does not take a wholly cynical tone; nor is this akin to the more acerbic demolition work carried out by blogger Richard North on the IPCC's Himalayan glacier and Amazon rainforest errors.

Fully recommended. A must-read.
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on October 16, 2011
Unlike reviewers Gleick and Bowles above, I have actually read "The Delinquent Teenager ...". First, in the interest of full disclosure, I am one who was privileged to read Donna's early and final drafts (as well as one whose own work has been cited in the book).

One cannot over-estimate the importance of this book in addressing the shortcomings of far too many so-called science journalists (and other media mavens) who have been content to let the UN's Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) rest on its self-anointed laurels for far too many years.

Until this book, far too many questions about the IPCC had been unasked - by far too many influential people. Donna has asked these questions, and meticulously researched the answers, which she presents in an eminently readable (and easily verifiable) fashion.

As Prof. Ross McKitrick observed in his pre-publication review: "Donna Laframboise shows that the IPCC's actual operations bear little resemblance to its public reputation ... far from being an open network of top experts it has turned itself into a narrow clique of like-minded activists ... [The IPCC's] reports have come to be more like agenda-driven propaganda than competent, objective scientific assessments."

A copy of "The Delinquent Teenager ..." should be placed on the bookshelf (electronic or otherwise) of every scientist, politician and government functionary who has (unwittingly or not) ever relied on the authority of the IPCC's assessment reports.
review image
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on October 16, 2011
Golfers know when they hit the ball exactly right. Some times they say, "I hit the cover off that one".

This book hits the cover off the IPCC and unwinds the tightly woven rubber bands inside of the UN's IPCC.
Thank the deity of your choice that there is still one investigative journalist in the Northern Hemisphere
and she's written this book. Global warming is a contentious topic. Peeling off the layers of Gold leaf to reveal
the interior of the IPPC doesn't require a Phd. This book isn't about the science, its about the process of reporting
the science. It's not what you were told.
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