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182 of 189 people found the following review helpful
on April 10, 2013
I have been using this display a little over a month now. Before committing to purchase, I had researched dozens and dozens of monitors before finally dropping the cash for this guy. It needed to meet a few requirements:

1080p or higher resolution
VESA mounting
IPS Display

Do you know how hard that is to find? It seems like IPS displays lack VESA mounting. I have no idea why. I would have settled for the 24 inch version of this monitor, but again, it lacks VESA mount (which is weird). My next plan was then to order a Korean 2560 x 1440 IPS monitor off Ebay (Like Catleap) but after much deliberation I decided I didn't want to play Russian roulette and risk a getting a bad display with no warranty or dead pixels and then have to spend more money to ship it back, or even worse, be out of a warranty (which is not unheard of for those displays).

So after comparing many other displays, I decided to go with this one as it was the only one that met all my requirements. The only reason I was hesitant to order it was because of the reflective screen (more on that in a minute) And I am happy I did. The colors are perfect after downloading an ICC profile for the monitor (which was calibrated with a Spyder Pro). The blacks are indeed blacks. Almost like looking down into an abyss. The whites are white. My screen has a more warm hue to it (yellows) but you can mess with the settings to change this, however, the whites are still very accurate.

The construction of the display is solid. The weight is distributed evenly throughout the panel and feels sturdy. The best way I can describe it is like holding an iPad. It feels like it's one solid object instead of a cheap plastic shell housing components (like other monitors I have used). I love the Edge-to-edge glass and this thing seriously looks stylish and commands attention, as I have come to notice from friends who have asked about it.

It has a powered USB 2.0 hub which I have been using. Mainly to charge my iPhone 5/iPad mini. Works great. And will still transfer/sync stuff. The HDMI port DOES use HDCP (I confirmed this through the NVIDIA control panel/HDCP) , meaning, you can watch Blu-Ray movies from either your Blu-Ray player on your PC or if you are hooking up the monitor via HDMI to a Blu-Ray player or PS3.

Again, the colors, brightness, and contrast are amazing. This was a huge upgrade, as I was using a 26" Vizio TV, which of course, does not have a high end panel.
Now, let's get to the cons:

Reflectivity. When you hear people say this thing is reflective, they are NOT kidding. This thing is like a mirror when it's not on. If you are in a darker room, or if it will be in a corner or with its back to a window, then you will have no problems.

When I ordered it, I knew I was going to be a "worst case" user. My office has 6 large windows. Two of which are directly behind my computer chair. With nothing outside of them to block the view of the sky and sun. I had orange curtains that are more for decorative purposes rather than function. So they did not do much to block the sun.

With that said- when the monitor is on, and you are doing stuff, you will hardly notice the reflections unless you are stop to look for them. OR the content you are viewing is very dark. For example, I was trying to watch the "Blackwater Bay" episode of Game of Thrones. Dark, dark episode as a good chunk of it takes place at night. The glare from the reflections was distracting (this was during the brightest part of the day- and again, a giant window directly behind me). However, when I put up "Jiro Dreams of Sushi" which is a bright documentary, I did not notice or was distracted from the glare.

I have since rearranged my office so there is no sunlight coming from behind me. I repeated the same viewing of "Blackwater Bay" and there was a marked decrease in reflection, and it looked great, even during the brightest day.

So really, the big take away here is: Placement and content are big factors for glare. If you are in a bright spot but watching bright content- hardly any glare- but bright spot, dark content - noticeable, but not terrible, glare.

The other thing people have talked about is how things will "reflect off of themselves" within the display. To explain this, pretend you are looking at a desktop icon. If you start viewing the monitor from an angle, and keep going, at a point you will notice the icon is reflecting itself within the glass. The best way to describe what it looks like is if there was a dimmer color shadow of the icon behind it. A duplicate. Almost 3D-holographic.

I personally do not think it is an issue as looking at the monitor in a normal way (directly from the front) on or even at regular angle (such as maybe turned in your computer chair, or tilting your head) does not produce this hologram. But if you are deliberating moving at an angle and looking for it, you will see it.

This is more of a personal preference thing, but as soon as I mounted this thing next to my other two monitors- it ruined the others for me. I spent more time tweaking the other two monitors (which are cheap $150 Acer ones) trying to get them to match my Dell than adjusting the Dell. The difference in quality between them and this one is noticeable and bothersome. And lastly, to put my money where my mouth is, I am ordering another one of these Dell monitors today to replace my other two. I am pretty excited!

All in all, if you are still reading this, then you are really, really trying to find the best product for your money. The Dells2740L is a serious contender and one you should seriously consider.

2/27/2014 Update

Almost a year later. I will let you all know I followed up on my promise to buy a 2nd one of these. One screen in portrait and one horizontal. Both displays have similar lighting and color consistency after some slight tweaking. The newer one appears to have a warmer tone than my original one (right out of the box), but as stated, changing the settings and applying the ICC profile I would say the colors are very similar (yet one still is slightly warmer than the other. Only noticeable when staring at two of the same website with a white background such as Google).

I also wanted to update this review with another major aspect of it I left out. I play a lot of games. IPS panels are known for ghosting. There are several different types of panels for IPS displays (H-IPS, S-IPS etc.). Others are recommend over others due to latency, viewing angles, colors. I can tell you from my experience this panel has no noticeable ghosting which makes it excellent for gaming.

I still recommend this display for those who appreciate color accuracy, contrast and good black levels.
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93 of 100 people found the following review helpful
on December 7, 2012
I purchased this after a co-worker purchased the Dell Ultrasharp series monitor for graphics work. This monitor is flawless and beautiful in every way. No dead pixels. No fuzziness or aberrations at the corners or edges. AMAZING color and clarity.

DIMENSIONS: Important note about size - the Amazon description gives the size of the monitor in the box, not the actual measurements.
- Actual screen dimensions without the frame is 23 1/2" wide X 13 1/4" high.
- Screen dimensions including the 7/8" frame is 25 1/4" wide X 15" high.
- Height including the base stand is between 18" and 18 1/2" depending on how much it is tilted.
(These are physical measurements, not to be confused with stated "screen size" which is measured diagonally, which of course is 27" in this case)

RESOLUTION: AMAZING! I have it set at the maximum 1920 X 1080 and I LOVE IT! I can fit so much on the screen its amazing. Photos and graphics are vivid and clear, text is crisp and easy to read with Outlook emails, and everything just "pops" with vivid clarity. One important note is that 1920 X 1080 is a widescreen format, and gamers might want a 1920 X 1200 format. But otherwise there is NOTHING lacking in the visible resolution.

WARRANTY: 3 Years. This is somewhat confusing, as I have seen this same monitor listed on different sites with both a 1 year warranty and a 3 year warranty. Even the Dell website shows this monitor as having only a 1 Year warranty. So I called Dell customer support, provided the serial number of the S2740L purchased from Amazon, and they confirmed that it DID have a 3 year warranty when purchased separately, and I got that in writing. If you were to purchase this same monitor as part of a Dell computer system, however, it would ONLY HAVE A 1 YEAR WARRANTY. This doesn't seem logical, but that's what they said. So if you plan to buy this monitor, buy it separately and not as part of a system.

- Edge to edge glass looks VERY sexy and sleek.
- Minimal frame, only 7/8" wide border means maximum screen size for the space it takes up.
- Amazing color and clarity; deep blacks, bright whites, no dullness at all.
- Super thin! I had that same surprise like when I first took my Kindle out of the box - WOW it is is thin!
- External power supply! I was specifically looking for a monitor with an external power supply. First, the power supply is the most likely thing to go bad in a monitor. A bad external power supply is so much easier to replace. Second, the external power supply can be kept further away from the user, keeping more harmful EMF radiation further away.
- Excellent low-profile base, looks sharp and very balanced. Not likely to fall over.
- Comparable almost to the Dell UltraSharp - If you are a professional graphics person and you have the extra dollars, the Dell UltraSharp has reportedly better true color and better rendering, but you truly would have to be a professional to notice or appreciate the difference. Unless you do graphics for a living, this is definitely good enough.
- 3 Year Warranty! (When purchased separately - See above)

- A minor thing, but the glass is so shiny that it could reflect distracting light. Consider where you are using this, you may need to change the angle or change the locations of your lamps. This is a very small trade-off for the quality, but worth considering. You would be frustrated if you have a bright window behind your chair.
- Height of monitor not adjustable, but another very small thing, and a worthwhile trade-off for the stability of the base.
- USB ports do not maintain power when monitor is off. (Minor but worth mentioning)

BOTTOM LINE: You would have to spend hundreds of dollars more to get only a slightly better monitor. Buy this, you won't be disappointed.

*****UPDATE 05/25/15 - 2 1/2 years of constant use. Not ONE dead pixel. Not one issue. This monitor is SO good that I am now buying a second one. There are many other newer types of monitors on the market, but this one is such a solid build, I figure I would stick with a winner.
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on March 24, 2013
First lets discuss picture quality. This monitor looks amazing. Its extremely bright, the colors are sharp, everything looks great. It was a huge improvement over the Dell 2409W I have.

The outside of the monitor looks great too. Its built well, its heavy enough to feel like a great product, and the stand seems very stable.

The major drawback I found, which caused me to have to return this monitor, is the piece of glass covering the front. Combined with the glossy coating, it makes games, movies, TV shows, everything look amazing however it also reflects EXTREMELY bad. To the point where I had to have every light off in my house, and the shades drawn, to be able to see what I was trying to watch. Its almost like a mirror. I would be watching a TV show and see my face reflected in the scene. This also can cause eye strain due to the increased amount of light reflected into your eyes. If you tend to have eye strain after looking at a monitor for a while, I would avoid this model.

I wouldn't hesitate for a second to buy this monitor if you could buy it without the glass piece on the front. It would take away some of the physical looks and the sharpness of the monitor, but it would make it less mirror-like.

Also, this monitor only comes with a VGA cable, which I find absurd for such an expensive model. This is double the cost of similar resolution 27" LCD's yet they can only include a VGA cable?
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on January 17, 2013
Everything about this monitor is beautiful. I typically don't use glossy screens, but immediately found it attractive and sharp. After gaming on this monitor and watching a blu-ray movie I am convinced it is perfect for home desktop use. It allows you to sit back from the monitor and still enjoy high def. But the one thing I can't quite shake off is:

There is like a 1/4" gap between the monitor panel and the glass. This causes internal reflection. If you're looking directly on it's fine. If you move your head a foot to the right (something IPS monitors are supposed to be able to do) Everything doubles up (two mouse cursors, looks like shadows). I find it incredibly annoying that Dell thought this design was a good idea. How? Why? Wha....?

This monitor would be PERFECT if it were not for the fact that it feels like a glass box you have to look inside to see a screen in there somewhere. Having no gap between those front two layers would have made this a monitor worthy of even the most picky individuals, instead it's a good monitor with a mid-to-high level quirk.
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33 of 39 people found the following review helpful
on July 30, 2013
The screen is far too much glaring, which prematurely tire the eyes (Judge by yourself [...] Do not buy if you intend to use it for long periods of time. I contacted Dell to ask for an anti-glaring film: they have one, which cost $175. Those guys are funny. Returned!
review image
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53 of 67 people found the following review helpful
on December 21, 2012
Update 9 Nov 13

Guys, I appreciate all the support. This has been the first review I've done that has become the top review for a product. I've enjoyed all the interactions with other owners of this wonderful product.

But technology moves on and even I will not buy this today if I were looking for a new monitor. There are many new higher resolution options and prices have dropped sufficiently for them to be more compelling than this. I will still continue to use and enjoy this monitor, but find myself also using tablets more often to enjoy my content. The nexus 7 2nd gen has become my go to device. I have been watching Breaking Bad on it, more than on this monitor. I guess it is more comfortable to lie down than sit! I have reviewed the nexus as well, although not as comprehensively as this but do have a look if you found this review useful. The world is progressing and so must we - and that's a good thing!!


Update 12/5/13

Just watched the Matrix Trilogy in 1080p on this monitor - amazing how it has been 14 years since the first Matrix movie and 10 years since the sequels! This time, the sound was via Klipsch x10 earphones, since my daughter destroyed one side of my Soundsticks!! Throughly enjoyable - the combination of a compelling story, razor sharp visuals and perfect sound reproduction.

Update 1/1/13

I've been watching Band of Brothers on this monitor in 720p format - there is nothing like viewing a first class production like this, in blu ray quality on this beautiful screeen. And the Soundsticks really crush those bullet and airplane sounds! A great way to relax on a quiet New Year's morning after a night of too much food and way too much wine!

Original Review

A few weeks ago, I was looking for an external monitor for my Sony Vaio Sb18, which is a wonderful machine, but sporting a screen that was disappointing by Sony's high standards. I've always loved the Apple 27 inch screen and was pleasantly surprised to find that Dell had a new model that looked similar, but at just 1/3 the price.

The biggest difference, of course, is the resolution. Many high end 27 inch monitors, like Apple, run at 2560x1440, while this monitor has a more pedestrian 1920x1080 resolution. Let me begin by saying I am a big fan of higher resolution screens. When the iPad 3 was launched early this year, I replaced my iPad 1 with it, primarily because of the higher resolution screen. And what a difference it made to reading e-books and pdfs on it! Likewise, all my mobile phones were chosen with a heavy emphasis on their screens. Nonetheless, I ended up buying a 1920x1080 resolution 27 inch monitor, even though there are plenty of choices in the higher res department: why? A couple of reasons:

1. Value
If the higher res screens were 20-30% more expensive, I would have likely gone for that option. However, at 2-3x, it really doesn't make any sense

2. It isn't just the resolution
There can be big differences in the quality of two screens with the same resolution! The Dell s2740l 'makes up' for the lower res by having excellent colour rendering (the blacks are really black). The glass to glass surface adds additional depth to movies and pictures.

3. What do you watch most?
For me, it is movies and tv series. I like to watch them in high definition, either 720p or 1080p. Guys, it makes no difference whether your screen is 2560x1440 or 1920x1080 for that because the limitation is the quality of the video! You'll have to wait for the day where 1440p videos become the standard for 'super' high definition, at which point, those high def screens will be a lot cheaper!

A review of this monitor will not be complete without mention of its reflectiveness. Yes, it is more reflective than most screens because of the glass to glass surface. This is a personal preference and a tradeoff. Because I've used Apple screens for a long time, I have gotten used to the reflectiveness to some degree. There is also an important tradeoff, which is the little coloured dots when the background is white on any matte display, which I personally dislike more than the reflectiveness of the glossy screen. But this is Your call.

I was seriously considering some of the Dell Ultrasharp models, given how positive the reviews were but 1) they were mostly matte surfaces and 2) they were very big and bulky, which is something I didn't want. Also, I wanted a HDMI connection and was quite surprised to find that some of the older Ultrasharp displays did not have this option.

After using this screen for more than a month, I must say, I'm very pleased. I almost look forward to being in front of it after a long day's work, just surfing the net or watching a video, enjoying the huge real estate and lovely design. If you are someone who uses your notebook often at home and squint at a small 13 inch screen, you should really consider this set up.

It is a shame to see Dell's stock (and HPs as well) get pounded daily because of weakness in the PC business because they do make some of the best monitors. This monitor is excellent value for money while still getting a beautiful, very able screen.

Note: the screen does not come with speakers. I have paired mine with the amazing Soundsticks III (I have reviewed that separately), which collectively looks beautiful and look and sound perfect together.
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on October 2, 2013
Having read the many reviews that mention the mirror-like reflective gloss finish of this beautiful display, I ordered one, knowing I could relegate it to a dark room where reflections would not be an issue, but I hoped that I could use it in my office. Well, no way, no way! Believe the reviews! You are going to see anointing at best reflections in any part of the screen that is dark where it essentially behaves as a mirror.

The computer I put it on had an ATI Radion HD4000 series display adapter under windows 8. I hooked it up via HDMI (the monitor comes only with an old VGA cable, why oh why?!!!). There was about an inch of black border all around the picture in the native 1920x1080 resolution. I spent ages going through the windows and driver settings to find the solution. I tried to update drivers but found I had the latest and looked for settings for "Overscan" which I had confirmed to be the problem but found none. The ATI Catalyst software gave a message saying something like there is nothing useful it could do and refused to open. I installed the Dell display utility from the CD that came with it and it auto-updated, but also no settings related to autoscan. After about an hour of messing I manually downloaded the HD4000 driver software from ATI, ignored the message telling me it was already installed and up to date, and re-installed it. After that I was able to open the Catalyst software and found the option for % Overscan - I have no idea why but the default settings are for about 8% overscan resulting in the black boarder - that's crazy. The previous 28" monitor that I had just disconnected that was working from the same HDMI connection had no such issue. Setting the overscan to 0% did the trick and now it is fine. This probably isn't a Dell problem or related to the Dell display, but maybe it will help someone else. I haven't experienced this problem using Samsung 27" or HannsG 28" monitors on the same computer. Surprising to me the display supports DVI. Perhaps Dell default to no overscan for DVI and 7 or 8% overscan on HDMI intending HDMI for use with TV's and projectors? Only guessing.

Comparing the Samsung (costco) and HannsG the Dell does have the most beautiful looking image, color and picture quality, but really terrible reflection. Far worse than my glossy screen laptop. Bottom line, I should have headed the warnings and wouldn't buy it again, I'd stick with the Samsung or the HansG 28" (same size display but an extra couple of inches of vertical screen). All are very nice, but the Dell's glossy display outshines both in image quality and reflections!
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7 of 7 people found the following review helpful
on January 18, 2013
This did exactly what I wanted it to do, which was have the clarity I am used to from my Samsung 24" monitors, while making the fonts bigger and more readable for my aging eyes without cranking the font size up via the OS or the programs I use. The look is bright and a bit more saturated than my Samsungs without being so bright as to bother my eyes, and believe me I've always been a very picky guy about monitor eye strain and the Dell is right on the money for my needs.

The only slight issue I have with it is that it has a glossy screen. On the up side it can makes things look a bit more striking and picturesque than a matte screen, but it reflects the lighting in the room a bit more than I was used to from other monitors. Fortunately that has not been enough of an issue to make me return the product because it's not so reflective as to be overly distracting.

If what you want is a monitor that has a larger presentation at 1920x1080 stretched across 27 inches, over 1920x1200 on a 24" screen, then this works beautifully for that application.
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6 of 6 people found the following review helpful
on November 6, 2013
I have noticed on purchasing the second monitor from Amazon that the second screen is not nearly as bright. The screen is also a yellowish tint and looks terrible in comparison to the first one I ordered a few months ago. The actual encasing looks the same but the Screen quality has either switched manufacturers or Dell is letting the Quality slip in an attempt to ship more monitors. I expect the best from Dell and possibly would not have noticed unless they were sitting right next to each other since I am attempting to setup a triscreen rig. Now I remember seeing all the L line at Fry's and the other monitors were just as bright as the first one, otherwise I would have probably bought a different monitor. So will see if on return I can get a better quality screen considering I plan on purchasing a third one at some point. Also I have attempted troubleshooting through different monitor connectors, switching between the cords on the monitors and different plug styles, Also settings through the actual Monitor menus and Windows 8.1 are exactly the same.

11/12/13 Update

Second monitor is displaying the same yellowish non bright screen. This is not the same monitor that I ordered in May. Dell has let the quality slip and now I will be forced to either go looking in store for a brighter screen, or try another outlet and see if I get a brighter screen. I'm knocking my review down to one star for letting the high quality of the product slip.
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5 of 5 people found the following review helpful
on October 5, 2013
I got my monitor not to long ago. The color is great can't say more then that. On white backgrounds I noticed that the left of the monitor has a slight yellow tint. If your gaming or video watching you don't notice it, but when browsing the internet on white backgrounds the slight yellow tint starts to be come noticeable. I decided to return the monitor for a full refund and reorder hoping that the next monitor wont have this problem.
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