Customer Reviews: Dell Inspiron 640m
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on June 2, 2006
Dells in general are really pretty good computers but from personal experience I would not give you 15 cents on a good day for what Dell call's a power supply. To call most Dell power supplies cheap far beyond worthless is to give too positive a spin on something truly bad. I had two Dell Power supplies die within just a few days of each other with no warning whatsoever. The Dell power supplies in question did not slowly die they just up and quit no warning of nothing. Just that damn stupid amber light when your Dell power supply croaks. I love Dell computers they are awesome machines but, the people who chose the Dell power supplies for their workstations have a morbid sense of humor.

I guess Dell chose the lowest bidder on power supplies and trust me it for sure shows. A Dell power supply is lucky to last a year. Worse a dell power supply does not just stop working it just up and dies. You just get that stupid amber blinking light and the thing just up and dies. Better a cheap power supply than a cheap motherboard I guess. Until Dell gets the message that a cheap power supply makes even the nicest computer just another paperweight I'd avoid Dell unless you know how to swap power a power supply.

Cheap as Dell power supplies are I would buy more than a few Dell Power supplies to keep laying around as spares since the average Dell power supply dies faster than 15 cent goldfish left in a hot car on a summer day. If I could give Dell power supplies a negative number I would.
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on May 22, 2006
Ordered the E510 with several upgrades like 1GB RAM and GeForce 7300LE video card, and 20.1" WFP widescreen LCD monitor among others. It's a pretty decent computer when you're running a number of applications (or rather processes), and you see the dual core difference. Excellent bargain for word processing, watching videos, listening to music, browsing the web, and other everyday apps.

BUT, and it's a big one, if you want to upgrade DO NOT BUY A DELL! Dell uses a lot of proprietary hardware, particularly the Power Supply Unit! This is something you MUST upgrade if you want to upgrade your video card.

OK, another caveat. This machine isn't TERRIBLE at games. You can play all the newest games such as Oblivion, FEAR, Tomb Raider Legends, and whatever you can think of, I've tested. You're going to have to obviously turn down a lot of the settings and play at like 800x600 with AA and shadows off to see 25FPS, which sucks, a lot. Last gen games such as FarCry run fine though.

If you're eyeing Windows Vista, wait. Do NOT buy this system as it will struggle to run effects such as Aero. If XP and non-gaming apps is all you care about, this is an excellent buy.
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on December 13, 2006
Dimension 5150 With Intel Pentium D 820 Processor | 1024MB PC4200 DDR2 Memory | 160GB SATA Hard drive | DVD+-R/RW CD-R/RW Burner | ATI X1300 Pro PCI Express 256MB Video Card | 8 X USB2.0 | 1 X Ethernet | USB Keyboard and Mouse | Windows XP Media Center 2005 No recovery media | Ready to install New Vista Operating system | New 450Watt Antec Power supply | 5.1 Sigmatel audio | Questions Email me

This is the specs i have on my dell and with this specs it runs smoothly on all games also ATI graphics card i have is made for VISTA Aero Feature. Ready to roll with vista. I changed the power supply to make my machine run like a Gamer PC. its is worth it for the money i would say Go for it but for technical side i dont like the fact they ship with cheap power supply. LOL Enjoy
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on June 26, 2007
I made the mistake of doing business with Dell and purchased an E510. The problems began as soon as the warantee expired. The disk drive died at four months. I replaced at my expense. Now the power supply is dead. Tech services is a case study in how not to deal with customers. I would have strangled a couple of them to death if I could have got my hands around their necks. Lucky for them that they are in India. I took a magic marker and wrote "Never, ever do business with Dell again" on the side of the computer in large letters. On the positive side, if you want to learn how to repair computers, an E510 is just the thing you want.
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on January 4, 2007
I would give this product negative stars if I could. My advice, buy an Apple, their customer service is unmatched by any other I have experienced.

I have 3 Dells, nearly all the same system. My problems started with the last one purchased. From the moment of setting it up, it NEVER worked properly. We called the tech support - and the nightmare began!!

Now I have issue with any company who makes a majority of their money in an American market, whose entire sales staff is all American, or at least speaks without accents, and then suddenly when you call tech support with your valid issues you are only speaking to foreigners with such heavy accents and very little regard for American customs and ways of life.

Dell out-sources all of their tech support to India and now the Philippines, which are two countries that are far more economically depressed than ours. This becomes an apparent issue when you are trying to solve a serious tech problem and you are met with the attitude of being a spoiled and ungrateful American, and treated as if your valid problem is trivial. I chalk this up to the fact that what you spend on your computer as one purchase takes them a huge amount of time to earn. I could be wrong, but after dealing with the tech support for over two years, I feel as if I am experienced enough to make that call.

Another issue that is painfully apparent when dealing with the out-sourced tech support is that the accents are so heavy that it is very hard to understand what they want you to do, and when you repeatedly ask them to repeat themselves, they take offense. I often find myself telling them my phone has an awful connection and to please spell what they are saying. I never want to offend anyone, and usually on the phone with tech support I often feel as if my valid requests of speaking slowly and loudly and spelling do indeed offend them, and thus the quality of service dramatically decreases. I become frustrated, as do they. I don't blame the innocent support staff, they are just doing their job to the best of their ability and are human. I blame Dell for not providing the proper training for these people, if they are to troubleshoot the American market, perhaps not only computer classes are relevant, but to ease the stress of their staff, accent reducing classes would be appropriate. I have heard they may have begun that, but for this product loyal consumer it is a bit too late.

Honestly, that is just the tip of the iceberg, more a point of frustration. And if you purchase a Dell and it has any sort of issue, you will end up feeling as if you are on the Titanic and are slowly sinking to the demise of your pocketbook and sanity.

To make an extremely long story short, we bought a Dell that never worked properly, and were told that if trouble-shooting did not work that we could return it. While talking to tech support we were treated as if we didn't know how to turn it on, and were talked down to on well over 100 phone calls with tech support. Out drama began on the first day of setup and has not ended, and our warranty expired 3 months ago with the same case number as the first day of setup. Ridiculous. We were lied to, made false promises, told a million different things, insulted, and we spent about $1500 for the privilege.

We were told that there was nothing wrong with it, that it was us, 4 months and 30 phone calls later it was diagnosed with a bad motherboard. Still didn't work, again we were told firmly that it was not the computer but rather the user, 2 more months and at least 30 more phone calls it was diagnosed as a bad hard drive. Still never worked properly and ever since they replaced the hard drive they will not do anything else, claiming that the motherboard and hard drive are the computer and that there couldn't be anything else wrong - except for the user. I reminded them that they repeatedly told us that if the troubleshooting was not successful we could return the unit - and they had the audacity to tell us we were over our time and that returns need to be within the first 14 days, when we made the original complaint we were well within it!! Talk about pissed off!! We gave them the benefit of the doubt and did as they asked, we were treated as if our heads were firmly planted up our rear ends, we were told that someone would get back to us - and they never did (we heard this at least 75 times). We escalated the case - twice and were met with worse service.

Having the same case number since before my warranty expired allows the warranty to continue coverage - but no one will call back, as our issue is so great that they send us to several different departments. As soon as the warranty expired on all other issues, they stopped responding to the same one we have had since the very first day. The last week of October I left no less than 20 messages via email and voice mail with 3 different people and to date have still not received a phone call back, and most were with the people that the case had been escalated to, who are supposed to be professional and extremely qualified. My warranty expired on October 26th while actively dealing with the original issue. I have written letters, I have made phone calls, I have done as much as I have he time to do - and they have never replied. AWFUL!!

If you purchase a Dell and it has any kind of issue, you are in for a world of frustration. Like I said, we have 3, and the last one was a horrible experience, the first two never had a problem. I would never purchase another product by Dell. If I could afford to take out a full page ad in the New York Times for a year, I would do it to warn others of this horrible company.

If I had been paid a modest wage for the time I wasted dealing with tech support over this computer, I could have easily afforded to purchase a brand new, fully loaded, all the bells and whistles, wonderful customer service with an Apple computer, and still had money left over for a spa day and shopping spree. Plus I wouldn't have pissed away the original $1500 on the doorstop that Dell provided me.


Honestly, the worst experience with any company ever.
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on May 26, 2007
while all computers are defective as they are subject to viruses, hacking and assorted crashes as well as more dysfunction the more you use them, I can truly say that what sets dell apart is that their website and customer service is horrible...prepare to go through major hassles as yuou use their website to get info and using their chat, email and phone service..the company should be investigated for consumer fraud(except that the government is already on the take from big business)....good luck
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on June 10, 2006
I just purchased a Dimension 310 and got quite a few upgrades for a really great price (Direct from Dell). Even got free shipping.

I do like the machine on a cost vs components included basis (few other name brands even come close). However, when you buy, one thing to think about is the future upgrades. If you want to upgrade, DELL has an easy flip open case, snap open parts and then... oops the DELL proprietary hard drive caddy for the second new Serial ATA drive you got for dirt cheap off of Frys isn't in there! And there's no easy way to mount the drive otherwise (unless you want to drill a few holes...) Darn... another 20 Bucks to Dell for a .99 cent piece of plastic. So I'm thinking when you buy a DELL Dimension get one of these things thrown in.

Also, there are limited drive bays but, in a USB/Firewire world does it matter?

Finally the thing is dead quiet - my old Gateway sounds like I've left the vacumn on, but this Dell is whisper quiet.

Overall I'm three days into it... took a while to kill the AOL virus they load on the darn things and the stupid free trial Word Perfect junk, but so far so good.

Hopefully it'll last like my Gateway (blue screens of death now and then but my Gateway keeps on chuggin'... 7 years now).

Oh, by the way, DELL support is pretty good but you have to talk to a computer for 10 minutes and sit on hold on a fuzzy line for another 5 before you get a real person who has to put you on hold 7 times to answer your question... then they try to sell you someting else like a warranty or other 'program'... but hey, they're really polite...
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on April 23, 2007
If you want a computer company with the worst customer service... be my guest.. buy a dell computer!!!!!
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