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on December 5, 2011
Compared to the LG HX350T, I feel that this projector offers a sharper image and superior contrast. The 76" image that I project is plenty bright and vivid even in eco mode. My main complaints would be the lack of a remote, few settings to adjust the image, and fan noise that's slightly higher than comparable LED projectors.

Edit: I wanted to let potential buyers know that I use the projector in eco mode (which I find to be plenty bright for 76" inches). In regular mode, I find the fan noise to be very annoying. If you plan to pair the M110 with a much larger screen, I would probably look elsewhere as you'll likely be annoyed by the fan noise in "regular" mode. I'd estimate that most people would be very satisfied with the eco mode for screen sizes up to about 84" or so.
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on August 6, 2012
- First of all, the product comes very well packaged in a simple package by Dell. Then it comes with a great carrying case that allows you to carry all of the cables that you need. It comes with a power cable and a pc connecter.

- However, the quality of the picture with the VGA adapter seems to be low. I would stick with the HDMI cable as it allows for the highest resolution. The picture quality is fantastic.

- The image isn't overly bright and so you definitely need a dark room as the picture looks a bit washed out with a light in the room. The size is incredibly small!!! It weighs hardly anything and allows you to use movies from a micro-sd card.

- this is truly an incredibly product that goes well paired with an iPad, netbook, or other small multimedia device. If you are looking for a business, classroom presentation, or projector that needs to work in a lit room, I would go with Dell's basic projector (which is cheaper).

- what you are getting here is a great, portable, and FUN projector to use with your friends and families to show pictures or HD movies.

I would definitely buy it again!
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on January 18, 2013
Firstly, I didn't purchase this through Amazon; I got it from Newegg. I had it rush processed and shipped to me in Afghanistan. Even rushed it took 20 days to get to me. I set it up on a tripod with an HDMI cable hooked into my laptop. I'd been using it for about one to three hours a night for a week and a half just fine. I loved watching Spartacus on a 40" screen in my tent before hitting the rack. Around 11 hours of use I noticed it started flickering every now and then. The colors would change from red to blue to green and keep doing it. I messed around in the settings and lowered the color temperature from 'high' to 'med,' and it seemed to fix it. Last night I turned it on and the flickering started and it kept flickering no matter what I tried. I tried lowering the temperature to 'low,' I tried turning the contrast and brightness all the way down, I tried changing it to 'ECO' mode, I tried the various presets, I tried lowering the 'white level' to zero... nothing fixed it. I tried restarting it. I even tried using the VGA cable that came with it, but NOTHING fixed the flickering. I turned it back on and now it only displays blue and green colors. No red at all. I used the two test images in the menus; the first showed the the RGB image, and red showed up fine; I tried the second image and it only showed an entire screen of red. I'm not sure if that's what the second test image is supposed to do, but it did. I've taken great care of it as I'd spent $350 on the unit itself, $3 for the rush processing, $25 for the APO shipping, and $30 for an HDMI bundle. It's set up in a tent, so dust isn't a huge concern even in Afghanistan; even so, I'd been covering it up with a towel after each one to three hour session. I left it plugged in so the fans could properly cool it down after I'd powered it off. I haven't dropped it or anything. It's been sitting on this tripod since I initially took it out of the packaging. I feel screwed out of $400 now for a device that should have lasted for ~20,000 hours. I can't return it as it took 20 days to get here, I can get a replacement, and I doubt Dell is going to give a care... very very disappointing.


- Small/portable
- Good clarity via HDMI (while it lasted)
- Universal tripod port
- Internal storage, SD slot, USB slot
- Decently padded carry case
- Velcro wire ties included
- All NECESSARY cables included


- Less than 17 hours of light operation and it's now useless?!
- $400 paperweight
- Shoddy clarity via VGA (while it lasted)
- Loud cooling fans
- Realistically useless 1-watt speaker (would have rather they'd spent the money perfecting the unit itself)
- Impossible to focus everything, at least one corner will be blurry
- For wireless streaming you're required to buy Dell's $70 USB dongle vs. being able to use any wifi dongle
- No simple lens cap?...
- Did I mention it stopped working after only a single season of Spartacus and one movie?!

I'd be careful when considering purchasing this product.
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on August 2, 2013
3 stars because I got a lemon... otherwise would have easily been 41/2 to 5 stars. I got this thing to take overseas with me on deployment. It was initially great, but within 6 months, color started to be totally off. No red at all... everything looks blue. There is also this area in the upper left that is always out of focus. I get to choose if I want the upper left in focus or the lower right. I can't just call dell customer support from Afghanistan (well you can... but I choose to use my phone time to call my wife). When I get back, I call dell... and it's out of warranty by 3 months. According to Dell item was purchased in April when I bought it in June, and the company name that it was registered under with Dell is not the company I bought it from... which is also suspicious.

Buyer beware. You get what you pay for. The M110 is bright for it's size with good features, I like everything about it other than the focus is off and the color won't show red... at all. (so basically I have a $400 paperweight) I'm sure I got a bum product and if I was not out of the country, Dell would have fixed these issues under warranty. Just make sure you register with Dell (WHEN YOU BUY IT) and don't expect them to bend over backwards to help you like they used to do 10 years ago. I vote with my money and I have bought my last Dell product.
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on January 30, 2013
I guess the micro projector market is still almost non existent, but nonetheless this is a great projector. For how small it is, I was surprised at the brightness, picture quality and projection distance it accomplished. The firmware contains all the required adjustments a full size projector would. There are a few draw backs though. The speaker is terrible, but then again whatever you're using as the source is most likely going to have its own speakers. The cooling fan is very loud, but that is to be expected from relatively high end components squished into such a tiny housing. And the beeps it produces when turning on and off are very loud and annoying, and can't be turned off. This just bothers me because I frequently watch it in the same vicinity as people who are asleep, and the loud beeps at night are not very appropriate. It would be good if it came with a hdmi cable too considering the price, but I guess almost nothing else does either.
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on February 4, 2015
To fix the flickering colors, it's a little annoying but you have to go to factory reset, turn the projector off, then turn it on again. I have to reset a few things like hdmi input, eco mode, 16:9 ratio and the vertical keystone. It takes less than 2 minutes and only happens once every 9 or 10 times I turn it on. A small price to pay for 20,000 hours of lamp life.

Make sure you unplug the power from the projector and from the wall outlet when you're done. I think the color problem comes from a buildup of charge in the unit when it's left plugged in.

I'll never buy a lamp projector again, they're too limited and the replacement bulbs cost too much. This unit is more than bright enough for an 85" picture in the basement, in eco mode. In regular mode it should be good for a much larger screen but I don't have that much space.
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on December 15, 2012
I was looking for a portable projector which wasn't too expensive but yet had high enough resolution to work with.
This seem to fit the bill.

Use it with the Mac book Pro 17" for business presentation. Find it very portable and the resolution is enough for this purpose.
Works great for small office settings.

I wish DELL had included the WiFi adapter and/or the remote as part of the package.
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on February 17, 2014
I am a training facilitator by profession. I've worked with a lot of desktop and ceiling-hung projectors over the years, and now went shopping for a lightweight pico-sized projector that I could easily carry with me, and with the following specs:
1. dimensions: not wider than an iPad, fits in a laptop briefcase along with my training documentations. max 500 grams.
2. Built in Wifi.
3. Built in MicroSD port.
4. Built in HDMI port.
5. Built in RGB port.
6. Built in USB port.
7. Screw-down socket for attaching to a mini tripod.
8. Focusing ring.
9. Zoom capability.
10. Remote control.
11. Good ANSI Lumen under standard conference room daylight,
12. Standard brightness, contrast, hue, and white balance controls.

a. The Dell M110 has all of the above, ALL of them.
b. You can "WATCH" everything on it: photos, short videos, long movies, MS PowerPoint or Apple Keynote presentation.
c. You can connect through Wifi and HDMI cable any smartphone (eg. iPhone, Samsung Galaxy,..), tablet (iPad, Samsung Note, ..), PC Laptop, Mac, DVD player, even gaming consoles. You can also connect a MicroSD card memory stick, a thumb USB2 memory card, or a laptop through its sRGB port adapter cable (included).
d. It has a built in MS Office reader. eg.put an MS PowerPoint file on a microSD card, plug it into the M110, and it will read the file and allow you present it without the need for a PC laptop. GREAT. Can you imagine the considerable reduction in weight that you would be carrying around with you?., No more need to carry a laptop to a meeting room / conference room!

Overall, its Pros are great.

a. Although very suitable for viewing under dim-light conditions, its ANSI Lumens is not enough for a standard-lit conference room.
b. Once your media is connected through any of the methods mentioned in the "PROS" above, all their audio gets transferred to the M110, that is "it will become the only source of audio". With a built-in 1 Watt speaker, this is not enough AT ALL to listen to a video, movie, music, or speech in a presentation. I seeked help at Dell online, and they had an expensive audio kit that will allow you to connect the M110 to a loudspeaker at USD 80. Imagine, all these wonderful PROS, and if you need to listen, you must buy this audio kit for an extra, hefty $80. This is the M110's greatest CONS point.

To me as a training facilitator, the CONS outweigh the great PROS of the M110; but then it would have been perfect.
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on July 25, 2013
This item was not purchased online through Amazon, but through Dell directly as I had gift cards to spend. Overall, the prices listed on Amazon with no tax and free shipping may come out to be better, but you should compare the prices.

As for the projector, I have had it for about a month now. I might have to say that this little projector is pretty amazing for what it can do. The size of the projector is about 4" square and about 2.5" in height. It is wrapped in a glossy black finish which will be prone to oily fingerprints.

I have viewed this on a standard wall in my house at around 120" in a room with the mini-blinds closed and no lights on. There is still light coming into the room through cracks in the blinds, but the display from the projector is still very good. Even in a well lit room, the display at about 50" is really good. It's hard to find a WXGA projector with capabilities for movies at 720p within this prices range. I got mine for $389.00 + Tax at dell.

Inputs are available in a handful of formats such as HDMI, A/V in, USB, (VGA with adapter), or optional wireless connectivity. Using the HDMI, the video's and images from computers have been crisp and clear. I didn't really notice and rainbowing effect, or blurred images, etc. Basically a great looking image from my laptops and roku 2 player.

The only drawback for the projector is the almost non-usable built in speaker, the fan, and the heat it gives off. The fan is a little loud for the projector, but what would you expect when they have to cram a little 30mm fan in here to cool the projector internals. Remember, the smaller the fan, the faster the RPM's so the more noise you will potentially hear. A 200MM fan is almost silent, but this is not that. It is not lound enough though to take away from the experience of the projector.

The sound, is well what would you expect from a speaker that is about 1" in size. At full volume, it is just loud enough to hear a movie while sitting about 6 feet away over the noise of the internal fan. Impressive? No way, Functional? Yes! you can always all external speakers if you need something more.

The heat, is unexpected. I was thinking that since it was a LED bulb type projector that the heat would be almost non-existant. But that is not the case. That is the reason it does need the fan. This little unit can get pretty warm after watching a full 2 hour movie. Not burn your hands hot, but warm enought to be noticeable.

Durability - well this hasn't been tested so far other than I have used it for about 20+ hours and have only enjoyed using it. I haven't dropped it, bumped it, etc, so can't tell you on that end. The only thing that I can see going wrong with this unit in the future and over time will be the main two moving parts: fan and color wheel (DLP).

It comes with a case, AC adapter, projector and VGA connector cable. Additional cable are available, but I would suggest you look on amazon for HDMI to ***** conversion cables.

*****Recommended that you purchase the remote as it really helps to navigate the menu over the buttons on the projector.******

Overall, I think this is a great deal for the price is you are looking for a good home projector, mobile projector, or small office projector. Mainly, this is very suitbale for a small location or traveling when wanting a big monitor to watch things on.
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on September 26, 2013
First of all, I did not buy it from amazon, I am one of the loyal fans of amazon as to buying great stuff and receiving excellent services from,

I purchased this projector directly from in Jan. 2013, the common focus problems were identified right after the purchase, I thought that I could tolerate the out-of-range focus issue which only happens on the edge of display, essentially I do not want to spend too much time on calling dell. But after several usage (less than 10 times, and less than 20hrs operating), the symptom became worse and worse. The color is just not right (which I did not complain to the DELL CS, I believe that it's the hardware shortage due to the limited physical design-space either from engineering perspective or the manufacture cost ),

Okay, The biggest headache is the focus, whatever I'v tried to adjust the focal length, it NOW can't get things nearly right, when center is focused, everything on the edge will be completely vague. I could not tell clearly what text is no matter how I change the projector distance,
another headache is that the projected image is not a perfect rectangle, I tried to tune the angles of the device to which the lens is pointing in all directions, it delivered a "trapezoid" image to me, what a awful product!!

Within the warranty, I called the DELL customer service in September, and was told that they can only ship a refurbished unit to me to replace this one, I am very disappointed, and reject the option. I guess that I will just give this one to my relative and seek another one,
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