Customer Reviews: Dell AC Adapter PA-21 Family 19.5V 65W NX061 LA65NS2-00
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on November 17, 2010
This is a replacement charger for my wife's stock Dell Inspiron 1545 laptop charger. The original charger began flaking out after a year of use, and died completely a month later.

This charger, while cheap compared to others of the same make and model, seems perfect so far.

The specs on the charger (charging voltage and current rating) are exactly the same as the original. In fact, the only differences I can see are the charging cord (the detachable cord that connects the charger to the wall outlet) and the led power light. The outlet-to-charger cord has a perpendicular connector, while the original was a parallel connector (comes in at a right angle). And the led is green instead of blue.

These minor changes make no difference in quality, and in fact the green led is easier on the eyes than the original blue (the original blue led was *very* bright, and actually uncomfortable to look at).

I'm very surprised that the original charger died within only 1 year of use. Perhaps this is normal with laptop chargers since the charging current is so high compared to other chargers for electronics. Therefore I must assume that this 3rd party replacement will fail within a year also. But I'm okay with that as the price is just right.

Bottom Line: if you're looking for a replacement charger for your Dell Inspiron, this is the one to get.
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on April 14, 2011
Hi Dell Users with a "really bad connection"...
My new"ish" Dell 1545 had a connection problem. There are 2 pieces to the A/C adapter, the one that has the rectangle box and inserts into your laptop for power and the 2nd piece which plugs into the rectangle box and then goes out to the A/C - electrical outlet. Well, the first piece that plugs into the computer - the wire failed, broke apart from the plug side,AGAIN.

It is imnportant to get a new adapter so you are not moving the cord around trying to hit the spot where you can see it is really charging your machine... when the wire goes bad you are jangling the connection cord all around like crazy trying to keep your computer powered up. Well, my cord came apart - it literally broke away from the "plug" part that you insert into the computer. BTW, if you keep jangling this cord around to get juice, you will eventually screw up the plugs' receptor on the "inside" of your computer; and no one, repeat no one will repair/replace that internal receptor. How do I know this you ask? The A/C adaptor to my previous Dell 600m broke the same way this A/C adapter broke... Tried to have it fixed after all it is a cord connection issue - wouldn't electrical tape work??? The wire/cord attachment of the adapter) couldn't be fixed. So I bought a new A/C adapter for my 600m (really expensive laptop) and by that time the interior receptor was loose, almost broke and no A/C adapter cord/piece would stay inside the laptop and power it!!! I was totally bummed, all my stuff was on that laptop.

So here I am with my 1.5 - 2 y.o. Dell 1545 and the SAME DARN THING HAPPENS AGAIN!!! I look all over the net and what should I find??? Zillions of people with the same problem!!! What a surprise. It's not just me, it's not just the way I use my laptop, or the way it is situated in relation to where/how the A/C plug fits into the computer - is your wire straight coming out the side? Does it make a turn around your computer in the back or front to reach your electrical outlet, etc....

The problem is the totally rotten vendor Dell uses for this A/C Adapter. Since this is such a well documented problem, I cannot for the life of me understand why Dell does not, can not or refuses to listen to their customers and improve the manufacture of this vital part of our laptops??? Totally beyond my comprehension. This incredibly irritating problem - alone - may make this my 3rd and final Dell machine.

Now, onto the seller of the new A/C Adaptor: GREAT, it is actually the perfect part, it is plugged in and my laptop's battery is 100% charged and I am working from the actualy electrical outlet, not draining down my battery while the machine cannot be charged and I have to turn off my computer ;-((( The price was reasonable, the new A/C Adaptor has the same wattage, the piece/round plug like thingie is a hexagon shape vs. the usual round plug and my laptop is once again usable whenever I want. Kudo's to the supplier of this part. No tricks, no frustrations, plain and simple - it is the right part for the job and it took a few days (I was waiting with baited breath for its arrival), but it really, actually works! 100% - you can buy this part from this supplier and get what you need!!!
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on December 5, 2011
I thought with all the good reviews, I was bound to get a good adapter. I thought wrong. This adapter only worked for THREE days! I started to think that there was something wrong with my laptop so I took my laptop in for repair, but was told I had an aftermarket adapter. The professional told me that anyone can buy a Dell sticker and slap it on an adapter. He said that if I bought it for the price that I did, chances are it's not a genuine adapter. He referred me to eBay and told me what kind of adapter to get, and to buy a used genuine adapter since if it's being sold for new, it's not legit. You can only find used Dell parts that are genuine. Luckily used parts aren't that expensive. I'm one to normally ignore a few bad reviews, but please take this one seriously.
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on November 1, 2014
A fantastic, OEM replacement and much heavier duty than my original OEM Dell plug. Regardless of what part # is advertised, the part # sent was AA90PM111, a round head instead of octagon (stop sign) shaped plug. I was concerned it wouldn't work or would damage my computer but I plugged both part #'s into Google and found multiple sites listing AA90PM111 as a replacement for multiple part numbers. Decided to plug it in, it worked, and has worked much better than the original as the plug can rotate with the computer as it sits on your lap. This plug and it's head are extremely heavy duty compared to my old plug. The reason I needed a replacement was because the old plug wore through from twisting in place on my lap. This plug fits that by being round and considerably beefier. A great replacement.
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on December 6, 2011
When our laptop was about 1yr old the AC adapter only intermittently charged the unit(said "pluggled in, not charging"). We got the run around from Dell and got fed up with it. Replacements we found online 10 months ago were over $100. We just got sick of it and decided that we'd just use the lap top constantly plugged in. Then last month the cord had a kink in it and was showing unsafe wear, so we found this replacement. We were pretty excited that it was such a great deal. Showed up right away, looks legit, and worked great. Now about 1 month later it is doing the same thing that our first adapter did. So, here we go again!
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on September 26, 2015
How a Dell computer knows you didn't buy it from Dell, is beyond me. This works great to use as a power adapter. It does not charge. My laptop is 3-1/2 years old and the original Dell charger/powercord wore out. I got this one on amazon but it doesn't charge my laptop, just powers it.
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on May 26, 2014
This is the third adapter I've tried to buy for this laptop. The first made a loud squealing when it was plugged in. I notified the seller and they quickly sent me a return authorization and refunded my money. The second was the wrong adapter. I received the PA-12 which doesn't charge the battery. I contacted that seller and they told me they were out of the PA21 adapter. They sent a return authorization and refunded my money too. I made sure with this purchase that the description was exactly what I needed. It said it worked with my Dell Inspiron laptop no problem and was the exact same model I was replacing. So, I ordered it. What did I receive another PA12 adapter! I contacted this seller and the apologized for the inconvenience and refunded my money. They never sent me a return authorization, so, here I am with another useless adapter. For the third time! Why is getting the right adapter for my laptop so freaking hard?!
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on September 22, 2015
This is a Dell badged product with caveats. First, label on box IDs product as NX061 NS200, in box actual item is an NS400. Second, power cord was bad.

Here's the good part, an NS400 is identical except the power prong is 1mm longer than the NS200, issue? None. Bad power cord? Issue? Resolved by using OEM power cord.

So, from manufacture confidence, Dell, to small differences an ideal replacement. Don't save a nickel buying a knock-off. Excellent delivery, packaging and item is exact match to OEM. Super value and Amazon again makes small essentials easy to find and order, duh.

For those with older laptops these considerations are important, no one wants a cheap or mismatch on a power supply. Bad power cord? Very surprising but check first if unit seems DOA. Note: the original fault was the wire coming from the power supply. A small fiddle and heavy duty rubber band fixed it but it's better to have a new unit and a Band-Aid back-up. Again, these little bits are hard to source and this one is the OEM with small differences inconsequential in use.
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on October 26, 2011
A known problem with Dell adapters: they continue to work but stop charging the battery. I have two identical Dell Inspiron 1545 laptops and the computer simply stop "recognizing" the original adapters. This is a flaw in the adapter itself. To replace the adapters, I bought one from the official Dell website and the one pictured here. They both work the same except this adapter was far cheaper. If I had to do it all over, I would simply buy two of these adapters and save quite a few dollars.
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on April 26, 2011
I bought this adapter about 4 months ago and haven't had any issues until just recently. While charging my computer, I noticed my screen started to flicker and I heard some crackling noises. Luckily, I checked it out because I noticed sparks and smoke coming from the outlet. I tried plugging it into several different outlets, and the same thing happened; the problem stemmed from the adapter, not the outlet. I also noticed some of the plastic near the prongs of the adapter had melted.

I would not recommend buying this product.
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