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on February 2, 2013
I am only moderately computer savvy.
I compared this to the Acer 23 inch touchscreen monitor.
The Dell costs more but there are advantages over the Acer...

* integrated web cam (for Skype, etc)
* integrated microphone and speaker
* USB 3 ports in the display stand (for attaching mouse, keyboard, etc)
* the versatility of the stand itself (it lies flat, or rotates to almost any angle and height you want).

This is a great monitor. Win 8 works seamlessly and gestures are very fast.
All these Win 8 Metro apps -- Netflix, Hulu Plus, Video, Music, Camera, Maps, NBC News -- work and work well.

One word of advice...this monitor comes with DisplayLink software (two kinds: graphics software and core software). DO NOT install these.

It will mess up Windows 8 and cause you great frustration.

Just plug in the monitor via HDMI, plug in the USB 3 cable, the power cable and start using it.
If Displaylink installs, uninstall it.

Other than that, no issues. Dell hit a homerun here.
Been using this for two months and love it.
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on November 30, 2013
Really nice monitor, with a good picture and lots of connectivity, and the built in web cam was unexpected (for me) but a welcome plus..... saving me a usb port since I could put away the logitech.
The resolution is slightly lower than the monitor it replaces but not by much.... not sure why resolution is this *should* be lower since it is a newer model. Touch also works great (once I calibrated it in Windows 8).

So great overall, but 3 things you should know before buying:
1. Hdmi or Displayport inly - no DVI connector - so..... get an adapter if your card doesnt have hdmi or display port
2. USB and DVI connectors are at the back of the base - so if your monitor gets pushed back against a wall (like mine does) then get some right angle usb and hdmi cables as the included cables are pretty inflexible so you lose a couple inches in the back. Also if your kids are like mine the first thing they think is "why is the monitor so far forward?" and - bang... broken connector.
3. The screen is *very* reflective, so if you have a bright window behind you when you sit at the monitor, it might be an issue.

Hope this info helps you make a decision.
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on January 23, 2013
I'm quite satisfied with the performance of my S2340T both as a touch screen, and as a monitor generally. The monitor has a glossy, bright screen that's been easy on my eyes.
Setup was simple, and complete in two minutes: remove screen from packaging, plug in power cord to wall and to monitor base, connect USB 3 cable to monitor base and to computer, and connect HDMI cable to monitor base and to computer. In Windows 8, the monitor functioned immediately as a touch screen; no setup required, no drivers downloaded.
I'm pleased that Dell has brought this product to market. It's innovative in that the monitor is one of only a handful to support Windows 8 multi-touch features, while performing admirably in terms of monitor fundamentals.
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on June 1, 2013
I'm very disappointed. I got this over the comparable Acer for the WebCam and the Ethernet port. Find out the Ethernet port doesn't work unless you install the DisplayLink Software. The DisplayLink software is horrible. I'm using the monitor as a secondary display to extend the desktop of my laptop. Basically, I want this to serve as a pseudo-docking station: plug in one USB cable and one HDMI cable, and my keyboard, mouse, scanner, speakers, and Ethernet are ready to go.

Everything worked great except Ethernet. Dug through the OSD menus and found out Ethernet comes disabled by default. Enabling it triggered installation of DisplayLink. As soon as that happened, my sound stopped working. Turned out, sound was now being routed over the USB port. No obvious way to change that in Audio Settings. So I used the OSD screen, set the audio input to USB (which takes up bandwidth on the USB), and heard fuzzier-sounding audio. Finally found the setting to revert to HDMI audio, but then the OSD menu had disabled the option for HDMI/DP audio. So I left it on USB.

Next, I found out that when the monitor sleeps, it comes back up with a blank screen (showing the solid color I use as a desktop background). The mouse cursor disappears when I move it off the edge of the laptop display. The only way to get it back is to reboot or to go into display settings, set the monitor to Main Display, then set it the laptop screen to Main Display.

I think I figured out the problem. Display settings shows 3 displays when DisplayLink is installed: the laptop display and the Dell monitor twice. One instance is the HDMI version, the other a USB version. I don't want to send graphics over my USB. There's no need for it. I have an HDMI cable. I got so fed up, I uninstalled DisplayLink. Everything just worked, except for Ethernet. I got clever and installed DisplayLik, then uninstalled the graphics portion while leaving the "core" portion. No luck: Ethernet is still dead.

So now I'm using a USB dongle for Ethernet, one of the main things I wanted to avoid by getting this monitor. It's much slower (since it's USB 2) and it wastes a USB port. Fortunately, speed only matters sometimes. But it's still annoying.

Also, the touch aspect doesn't work well: touching the monitor registers on the laptop screen. I'm hoping this is a Windows 7 problem, and that when I get Windows 8, the touches will register on whichever screen I'm actually touching.

Bottom line: IT SHOULD NOT TAKE ALL DAY TO CONFIGURE WHAT IS ESSENTIALLY A MONITOR AND A USB HUB. There's no reason the Ethernet port can't work just as the USB ports do. The software is plain awful, and makes the user experience worse while offering not a single benefit. Just give me a device driver for the Ethernet port, and I'll bump this to 5 stars. I gave it 2 because the monitor is nice and sharp. But the things that distinguish it from it's principle competitor--and justify the higher price--simply don't work well.
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on March 23, 2013
I bought this monitor primarily to use as a glorified touch pad for my Windows Media Center box which is stashed away in a closet and for that purpose it's excellent, though rather pricey. After plugging in the HDMI and USB cables I was up and running after a quick reboot and my Windows 7 installation now allows me to use the monitor to act as a mouse as well as bring up the on-screen keyboard by pressing a soft button on the desktop.

Loving it so far.
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on August 2, 2014
Is it worth the money?

.... I think so, over time. Truthfully, you can run Win8.1 without a touch screen, and even with one, you'll find you still use the mouse a lot. That being said, the touch screen adds something worth having and a couple of the ways you move around in 8 are a little slow to respond to a mouse. As more people adopt Win8, I notice the price of these increasing from what t-screens were at Christmas 2013.
You don't need as much of a base as they say you do. A lot of touch screens are designed to rest the bottom edge on your desk for stability. I worried about that in buying this one but this base is more than stable enough. Also, you won't really be using your arms so much that you have to lay the screen back. I think that idea is rooted more in journalism than fact.
If you have one of the many Radeon graphics cards you'll want to bring up the Catalyst utility and click on "my digital Flat Panels - Scaling Options" and set it to 0%. Otherwise your touch won't line up with the image, as was noted by some of the frustrated early reviews before people figured this out.

The built in camera is optically pretty good for a webcam, though it would be nice to have some contrast settings to play with.
Playing videos isn't quite what I'd hoped. 1080p is good, and the color is nice and rich. The surface is so shiny however that you're best dimming the lights quite a bit, to avoid your own reflection if you're watching movies. Also the refresh rate is just barely fast enough. Not sure video gamers would view this as top of the line with respect to speed. As is sometimes the case for video, I had to turn off the power adjusting function in my computer to get an even clock speed and therefore remove any sense of jutter in the video. I tend to notice that however, when some others don't. And the changing speeds are a function of the computer not the screen. Despite the shiny surface I really like the color and aspect ratio, so I do watch more video on this screen than my last one. I just turn off the main overhead light.

Speakers function better than a laptop but only somewhat better. There's only so much you can do with the edge of a monitor (of laptop for that matter) If I didn't have 5.1 audio on my computer I probably wouldn't watch as much video with this as I do.

Haven't tried using it as a port for connecting a laptop, but have read articles about tech-capable people doing so happily and successfully with the dredded DisplayLink software.

Not having the problems with fingerprints I keep reading about. Yes I touch it. Yes sometimes I think there are probably some marks, but if you keep your fingers grease-free and wipe with the little rag every couple of weeks or so (if that) it's hard to see any marks at all through a lit screen. If I turned my machine off more maybe I would notice something. It just doesn't seem to be much of a problem for me.

All in all this has been a real upgrade from my last one and I plan to keep it for a long time. I'm also glad I went with the Dell and not one that rests directly on the desk. I like the control I have over screen orientation, I love the color and am glad I picked one that leaves me the desk space underneath my monitor. Given the fact that this will probably out last my computer I've decided it was worth the extra money and I'm very glad to have it even if it does cause me to turn off the main light before settling down to watch a lengthy video.
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I am using this with a Sony Vaio i7 laptop. It functions just fine. No issues whatsoever. It is like most windows 8.1/update 1 ==simple plug and play.

The true advantage to this monitor is the adaptability of the stand. With this you can easily interface with the system. It really helps with proper posture when performing marathon tasks. Nothing is worse than having arm pain or back ache after a days work.

Highly suggest this to anyone who wants to take full advantage of the touch function while working in a desktop situation.
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on April 16, 2014
Hooked up to my Dell Venue 11 Pro.

All you need to attach is the USB 3.0 cable and you get webcam audio, video and touch! (you still need to attach power)

It turns your tablet into a GIANT tablet at your desk.

the tilt is cool but I'm not sure what I will use it for.

The screen looks great, very clear and the IPS is awesom.

Its glass so there is a little glare. That and the price are the only cons.

A very cool design.
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on May 19, 2013
The monitor performs as expected. Excellent picture quality. However, of the three choices to hook up the monitor, HDMI x 2 and USB , the USB does require a 3.0 USB output from the computer. I have a Dell XPS model that required an installation of a 3.0 USB card which I installed myself. I then installed the driver CD and it is running perfectly. I recommend this monitor. Very good quality. I received this monitor 3 days after ordering it from Amazon!

Kevin G.
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on March 25, 2014
This touch screen is amazing. I absolutely love it. Everyone told me on windows 8 touch screen that I would not like it. Nothing could be further from the truth. Th clarity of the screen, size is fantastic. A touch screen is the only way to go. The vendor delivered it promptly and in excellent condition. No more having to deal with a mouse. Touch an item an it moves instantly. So easy. Thank you. I wish all my computers had a touch screen.
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