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on January 2, 2013
I'm sure others will give a much more tech-heavy review but I wanted to chime in and say this is an AMAZING monitor. I do a fair amount of photo editing and design work in CS6 (I'm not a designer by trade), but more than anything I just do work-related tasks. This monitor is incredibly sharp and has all the features you would expect.

I am running it off a 2012 MacBook Pro 13" and could not be happier. I did have a bit of a learning curve that may be of interest to some of you...having never owned such a large monitor, I (wrongly) assumed that an HDMI cable and mini-displayport adapter would get me where I needed to go. Well, the monitor certainly worked but it wasn't tack-sharp like I expected. Turns out the resolution was only (!) 1080p, the best you can get from an HDMI cable, apparently. So, I switched to a DVI cable and appropriate MDP adapter. Same result as the HDMI cable.

Then I did some research and bought--simply, it now seems--a DisplayPort cable with the mini DisplayPort on one end. And like magic the monitor sprang to life at full resolution with no adapter on the computer end. And I feel like a dummy but I learned a lot about DisplayPort technology which, as it turns out, is pretty awesome.

So if you read anything about a "Dual-link DVI adapter" or anything like that, don't fret- just get a DP cable and you're set. I hope this was helpful. If you take the plunge I think you'll really enjoy this BIG monitor!
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on December 13, 2012
I don't ever write reviews for the products I buy. Given the amount of things I buy from Amazon, I'd be reviewing all my days. However, for such an amazing product I have to make an exception.

I am a web designer and typesetter, and both color and correct font representation are of prime importance to me personally, as well as professionally.

Having upgraded from an iMac to a Hackintosh, the only thing I sorely missed was its glorious 27" Apple LED screen, with crystal clear and sharp font rendering. I bought and returned many monitors since then, and even with the FontSmoothing terminal hack, the fonts were nowhere near as sharp as those on my erstwhile Apple display. In desperation, I decided to buy one of the Korean IPS monitors from eBay, and try my luck there. TERRIBLE choice. A few dead pixels and large yellow areas in the bottom right corner. What's worse is that the seller refused to accept a return, citing that these issues were within spec.

Which is when I found this monitor. It uses the same panel as the Apple iMac & Thunderbolt displays. U2713HM always has been out of my range @ the price it usually retails for on Amazon, but I was fortunate to find it on sale for nearly 250 less. I bit on the deal, and boy, am I happy I did!

It is hands down, the most, and I repeat, the most gorgeous display I have ever seen. The display is uniform, it has excellent color calibration out of the box, it has crystal clear, razor sharp font rendering "without" the need for any terminal FontSmoothing hacks to make it work. I am in awe of this display.

One thing I was uncertain about when I bought this monitor was the AG coating. The previous model, U2711 had a very thick coat of the Anti Glare material, and many review sites said that the AG coating on the U2713HM was much lesser and much more acceptable. However, I was still wary - AG will take the sharpness out of font rendering. However, on this front I was surprised by the monitor yet again. The AG coating is minimal & takes nothing away from the sharpness of fonts. I don't even notice it is there, till at once I do notice that there isn't glare where there used to be. And then I am thankful. Seriously, I have this monitor where my iMac used to be placed, and I couldn't have my shades open while working on my glossy screen iMac - whereas now, it is a whole different tale.

Finally my Hackintosh setup is complete. I have no dearth of superlatives for this panel, and would highly recommend it to anyone looking for an effortless, excellent out of the box experience.

TL;DR - Excellent monitor; font rendering in OSX is as good as a native Apple Display; AG coating is excellent and non-intrusive
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on April 11, 2013
[UPDATE #3 11/14/13]
Just purchased another U2713HM from Amazon. Build date July 2013 Rev A00. Had some yellow light bleed in the lower left corner. Returned to Amazon for a replacement and received one with the build date September 2013 Rev A00 with no issues whatsoever. Got lucky this time, only had to do a return once!

I have to say, I absolutely love this monitor. Did some research to see if there were any other displays worth purchasing but this one has the best value.

[UPDATE #2 5/12/2013]
Dell replaced my defective U2713HM with a U2713H which is a substantially more costly monitor. The U2713H is a great monitor, however, it suffers from overshoot (ghosting) caused by aggressive overdrive that cannot be tuned down or turned off like you can with the ASUS PB278Q. It's very annoying and is noticable when you're dragging windows or moving anything across a light background. You can see a dark greenish/black trail when you move objects around the screen.

I received the U2713H monitor after receiving 3 U2713HM replacement monitors from Dell (1 refurb, 2 brand new) that suffered from backlight bleeding and yellow tint issues. It's a great monitor if all you will be doing is graphic work as the monitor is damn near perfect in every way except for the overshoot/ghosting issue. Also, the U2713H is a 10-bit professional monitor. Since I don't have the workflow to support it (workstation graphics card), I have no use for the 10-bit panel. Everything looks so saturated, unless I put it in sRGB emulation mode which adds input lag according to a review website.

It's not impossible to get a U2713HM that is perfect. I have one, but it's proving difficult to get another one that's without the defects. It's a gamble when you purchase this. But with Amazon's amazing return/exchange policy coupled with Dell's warranty/exchange policy, it makes it somewhat worthwhile to go through the processes to get the perfect monitor. I might end up selling the U2713H to purchase another U2713HM eventually or wait for something better to come out.

[UPDATE #1 4/20/2013]
1. I just ordered another Dell U2713HM monitor from Amazon and the monitor is absolutely perfect! There is no light bleed whatsoever in any corner which means no yellow tinted corner as well. Rev. A00 built Jan 2013. No crosshatching. Still has the buzzing noise when viewing text on the screen but you really have to put your ear to the monitor to notice it. Haven't tried using it in a dead silent room due to my case fans.

2. I just spoke with a Dell representative and apparently the well known backlight bleeding issues have been addressed and the fix will be implemented in monitors manufactured in May 2013 and after. I was issued a case number and was told to call back mid-June to place a warranty order for the new design.

I own both the ASUS PB278Q and Dell U2713HM monitors. After having used the Dell U2713HM for a few weeks side by side with the ASUS, I've come to the conclusion that both monitors are on pretty much on par with each other. The Dell has a few features I like better (buttons on the front instead of the bottom, white led on the power button instead of blue, USB hub, and thinner bottom bezel).

Both monitors are usually found on Amazon at around the same price point. However, if you do any color critical work and don't have a calibrator on hand, I'd get the Dell as it comes calibrated from factory. I'm not saying that the ASUS monitor cant reproduce accurate colors. You'd have to find someone to lend you a calibrator or purchase one if you get the ASUS monitor as the default settings are far from great. I calibrated both monitors using a Spyder 4 Elite and they look nearly identical now.

- Very high quality panel used. The screen is very bright, detailed, and the image quality is top notch. Photo editting on this monitor is a dream. (Gets a bit brighter than the ASUS at the brightest setting. 85% Brightness on the Dell is = 100% Brightness on the ASUS. I use both monitors at around 20 - 35% brightness so this is moot point.)
- I love the USB 3.0 hub on the left side of the monitor. I don't have to plug my USB flash drives on my tower anymore.
- Best warranty and service in the industry. If you find a dead pixel or a defect, they will ship you a new monitor next business day in advance and provide you with a return shipping label for your defective monitor. (They'll ship you a refurbished unit unless you continually receive defective monitors as replacements. I got Dell to send me a brand new unit.)
- Very easy to navigate and use On Screen Display menu.
- Comes factory calibrated with it's own unique calibration report. Good to know I have a monitor with an sRGB preset that is accurate out of the box. (The sRGB preset is very close to my calibrated ASUS monitor. A calibration is a must for the ASUS if you'll be doing any color critical work.)
- Thin bezel / frame. Aesthetically pleasing. (The ASUS bezel is slightly thicker on the bottom.)
- Non-PWM Backlighting. (The ASUS uses PWM to dim the monitor but I do not notice any flickering or eye fatigue even on the lowest brightness setting so it shouldn't be a concern if you're leaning more toward getting the ASUS. PWM is running at a high frequency.)
- Sturdy stand. The monitor feels very secure and stable on the stand. The pivot movement is smooth as well.
- Comes with VESA holes to mount on a wall or monitor arm.
- Monitor wakes up from sleep a couple seconds quicker than the ASUS monitor.

- Backlight bleeding in all four corners with the lower left corner being the most prominent. Very noticeable on dark backgrounds. (The ASUS has no noticeable light bleed.)
- Backlight bleeding on the left corners and edges have a yellowish hue. Causes images to look washed out and yellow.
- Buzzing noise when viewing lots of text (excel spreadsheets and Wikipedia webpage). I had to put my ear by the monitor to notice it. My laptop fan is much louder than the buzzing noise.
- * Crosshatching on white background. I only noticed this on one of the replacement screens I received from Dell and I had to really look for it by moving closer to the monitor.
- Input lag and response time is slightly worse compared to the ASUS. This shouldn't matter if you're not a hardcore, competition gamer.
- Does not come with a DisplayPort cable. (ASUS includes all cables.)

I have added pictures to the product page to compliment this review. Check the customer added images for them.
review image review image review image review image
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on July 14, 2013
I bought this monitor a week ago and am experiencing the same backlight bleeding and cross-hatch effect that other customers have reported. Based on what a Dell customer rep just told me, I'd advise against buying this monitor from Amazon until Amazon gets new models for which at least the backlight issue has (allegedly) been fixed.

I bought the U2713HM on Amazon on July 7 based on The Wirecutter's review: [...] Despite the many reports of backlight bleeding (and a buzzing sound that I did not experience), The Wirecutter continues to recommend the monitor after speaking with Dell. This is what Dell told The Wirecutter:

"Dell stands behind its products. We are aware that a small number of customers with U2713HM monitors are reporting a 'buzzing noise' or 'light leakage.' Any customers experiencing these issues are encouraged to send a message to DELL Chris M in the Dell Community Forum. Thank you."

I contacted Dell's Chris M per these instructions. He asked me to look at the back of my monitor to see what Revision number it has (AOX). I told him it's Rev AO1, and he said:

"Amazon only has the older panel revisions (A00 and A01). Return it to them. Then buy directly from our New, not refurbished sales site. You should then get the newer panel revision, A02."

I obviously cannot confirm this assertion with Amazon, but if it's true it seems bad that Amazon continues to sell the old versions (and only the old versions) of the monitor that have known issues.

I also asked Chris M if the new AO2 models fix the cross-hatch effect or just the backlight bleeding. He said: "I was only told it corrected the backlight and high pitched noise. I will have to read through other threads to see if A02 still has the cross-hatch."

One other note for people considering this monitor because of the The Wirecutter review: The Wirecutter writer says they continue to recommend this monitor "Because Dell backs its Ultrasharp monitors with a Premium Panel Guarantee, you don't have to worry about getting stuck with a lemon. This is still a killer monitor for the price, and you can trade it in for a replacement if yours isn't pixel perfect out of the box."

However, as Chris M's advice to me shows, Dell only offers that Premium Panel Guarantee *if you buy directly from Dell*.

So even if you're still interested in this monitor, it seems like a big roll of the dice to buy it from Amazon at this point.
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on December 19, 2013
I ordered one of these monitors earlier this year and it was fantastic. High quality, great price - one of the best purchases I've ever made. I'm a graphic designer and this made me a very happy camper. It was for personal use -- but I loved the monitor so much I made my boss buy me two for work. Again, both of them were as close to perfection as you could get.

This fall I decided to get a second U2713HM monitor for personal use. I was severely disappointed. Brightness was significantly less. White colors took on a noticeably green and dull tone. I thought I had bad cables, so I hooked it up the same way as my first U2713HM. Still dull. No matter how I altered the settings I ran into significant troubles. So, I returned it and got a replacement. Just tried it out and the replacement has the exact same problems. On the back of the monitor it says it was made in September 2013. I'd say Dell's quality department needs a severe smack upside the head. I will be returning this one for a refund. I'll have to figure out a different monitor to buy. I don't understand how Dell could screw up their product this badly.
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on February 22, 2014
I replaced my Apple Thunderbolt with this one and want to add my 2 cents for those trying to do the same or torn between the two. I was using my MacBook Air with Thunderbolt which stood on a very fancy swivel stand from Rain Design (another $100). I was generally happy but wanted to use other media devices (like Roku or AppleTV), which was not possible on the Thunderbolt because it lacks HDMI ports.
Dell U2713HM has extra-HDMI or DVI port (in addition to the DisplayPort to be used with the computer) which can be used for another Media device.

I got myself a MiniDisplayPort cable from Circuit assembly and got full 2560x1440 resolution immediately. Extra cable is required.

Apple Thunderbolt has a very slight advantage of using the monitor as a hub, but only slight because Dell also comes with a very respectable USB 3.0 hub. So really, when all boils down, the only difference between setting up MacBook Air to Apple Thunderbolt than to Dell is hooking 3 cables instead of 2.
The picture quality is close. Apple might be a tad better but I would not bet on it.
However, one advantage Thunderbolt has over Dell is the ability to control monitor (brightness etc.) right from the computer while for Dell you have to use its tedious onscreen menu. Second advantage is you can use FaceTime Camera on Thunderbolt with your Macbook in Clamshell mode. This one does not have camera but if that is important than you will have to add a camera to the USB hub.

Quick comparison between Apple Thunderbolt and Dell U2713HM:
1. Picture Quality:
Apple: 9.1
Dell: 9.0

2. Stand:
Apple: No stand
Dell: A great height adjustable pivot.

3. Looks:
Apple: Very Pretty (9.5)
Dell: Very plain (4.5)

4. Connectivity:
Apple: 9.1
Dell: 8.0 (Lacks camera)

5. Extensibility:
Apple: Not extensible in any way or form (Deal-breaker for me)
Dell: Other devices can be added (Roku, AppleTV, Blu-Ray player).

6. Audio:
Apple: Great audio for a monitor
Dell: No audio but a decent $40 Dell sound bar is available, which integrates natively to it.

7. Audio Out:
Apple: Not Audio out
Dell: Has audio out (Stereo only). Preferable to those like me who want to use their own speakers.

8. Price:
Apple: $1100 with stand
Dell: $550-$600

In short, if money is not a problem in life for you, and all you want a pretty looking monitor to hook up your MacBook or Mini than Apple Thunderbolt is a better option for you. If you want to add other media or enjoy your own audio than Dell appears more suitable. Picture and resolution wise there it is hard to tell the two apart.
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on February 25, 2013
I tried three of these (consecutively). Each had unacceptable levels of yellow-tinged backlight bleed in the lower left corner, visible under normal room lighting when displaying a solid black dead-pixel test page in full-screen mode (and, more practically, when using something like Mac Journal's 'Focused Editing' mode - a black background with green text).

This issue has been reported both here and elsewhere. It's a bit difficult to capture in photos, but you'll find some on the web. If this doesn't bother you, then go for it.

I first read about the 2713HM at They recommended it as a non-glossy alternative to Apple's displays, with which they compared it favorably. Out of curiosity, I dropped by an Apple store and loaded the same test page. For what it's worth, none of the displays (Thunderbolt, Apple LCD, a couple of 27" iMacs, and a 21" iMac) had the yellow-tinged bleed. My current display - a six-year-old Dell 2407WFP - doesn't have it either.

Dell tech support was atrocious. On the phone, it was 11 minutes before they routed my call to the correct department, and then a message said the wait would be another 45 minutes. I gave up after about 35 minutes (for a total of 46 minutes on the phone) and went back to Dell's web site to contact support via email. The web page didn't respond after I entered the required info. I tried multiple times with four different browsers and got the same result.

Amazon's good return policy, and Dell's simple eco-friendly packaging made the returns relatively painless. The Amazon customer service rep I spoke with was helpful and friendly and followed through on her commitments to call back.
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on February 15, 2013
I went through 2 Dell U2713s monitors from Amazon. The first 2 Dell U2713s were awesome but had HORRIBLE backlight bleeding (i posted pictures)! It was quite unfortunate. I finally gave up on Dell and decided to order the ASUS PB278Q monitor and it is just about perfect! The ASUS panel is amazing with no dead pixels and virtually NO backlight bleeding :) I am finally a happy man who can edit photos with a smile on my face :)
review image review image review image
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on February 26, 2013
While the idea of the monitor is great and it has nice features it fails in quality. For the price you pay, you'd expect a higher quality item yet this has more issues than the rejected panels that come from third party korean sellers. Sadly I can't offer a review on its strong points as they are completely over shadowed.

As common with this unit apparently is terrible backlight bleeding in the lower left corner. My first one wasn't acceptable and tried for a second. Both were bad, the blacks look dull/yellow and the whites looked dirty in the left corner.

The first monitor after 3 days of being on has started some image problems, where things seem to be staying on screen long after they should have vanished.

Mine both had the oct 2012 build dates, for now stay clear of this model and save yourself some time.
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on May 12, 2013
Overall this is an awesome monitor, colors are fantastic, resolution is amazing. I had zero dead pixels when I purchased it.

On the first night of use there was a little image retention, but that went away by the second day. On the second day of using though, I decided to watch a movie and that's where I could see horrible backlight bleed. Lower left corner is yellow, and lower right corner is white. Top right corner was okay, but the upper left was also yellowed out.

Production date was Feb 2013. I'm returning it to Amazon and hoping they will send me one from a newer batch. Not what you'd expect from an UltraSharp premium monitor for $800 MSRP.

One star rating due to the bad backlight issues. Uniform color is necessary for me.
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