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Dell UltraSharp U2414H 24-Inch Screen LED Monitor
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on July 5, 2014
I was totally amazed by the color performance and its super thin bezel. I'm a photography hobbist, so a monitor with accurate colors is essential to me; at the same time, I really care about the style of the monitor. Dell U2414H fulfills both of my requirements.

I connect my Mac to this monitor with a miniDisplay to HDMI adapter + HDMI cable. What's nice is that my 2010 MacBook Pro 15" will output the sound with HDMI, then I can connect my external speakers to the headphone jack at the back of the monitor. Moreover, this monitor has USB 3.0 ports, so I connect my wireless mouse adapter, external hard drive, iPhone cables to the monitor. This makes my desk neat and tidy since I only need to connect a miniDisplay to HDMI adapter and a USB 3.0 cable to my Mac; I can easily take away my Mac for outside use and put it back when I got home.

There is one thing you need to know: when u have a Nvidia GPU and connecting via HDMI (even when you use a miniDisplay to HDMI adapter), the video card thinks it's a TV and outputs YCbCr color space, so the colors are kind of washed out. If u google it, you can easily find ways to overcome this. For Mac users, you can follow the link here:

After making my video card to display full RGB color, this monitor looks even better.
FYI, there is a "sRGB" preset mode. It is the factory calibrated profile for this monitor. Included in the box is a factory calibration sheet unique to this monitor you get.

By the way, it has 100x100 VESA mount, I'm going to mount it to a monitor arm to save some of my desktop space.
review image review image review image review image
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on May 20, 2014
I was replacing an older HP touchscreen monitor with this one, after deciding that I needed something with better color accuracy and an IPS display. I must say, I'm loving this purchase. I bought it directly from Dell when they were having a special that combined it with a tablet for free. The monitor's bezel is amazingly thin--less than 1cm, and it pretty much melts away into the darkness if you use it in low light settings. Color reproductions is a lot better than my old monitor, and it's a very bright display. The touchscreen capacitive buttons are simple yet modern, and the HUD is pretty simple to navigate--but it's a little unresponsive at times, not a major issue by any standards. Text and photos render very crisply, and the expanded screen real estate that I have compared to my old HP is a very welcome change. This monitor is VESA mount compatible, but the stand included has pivot, swivel, and rotates up to 90 degrees--very versatile for my situation. I can now fit this in the corner of my desk and still look at it dead-on. It has a plethora of USB ports, USB 3.0 not just 2.0, as well as 2 HDMI ports, 2 Displayports, and 1 MiniDisplayport (if you have a compatible tablet). In the box came a displayport cable, power adapter, and a USB Type B Male to USB Type C male cable 3.0 (excellent for hiding wires from keyboards or wireless dongles) The viewing angles, as expected with any IPS display, are amazing, with very minute distortion. The anti-glare coating on top of it isn't very harsh at all, and colors are produced sufficiently accurately--grays actually look gray, and blacks do as well. It's no glossy monitor, but for most gamers and photographers (like myself) it's a perfect solution. Overall, it's been a great purchase.
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on August 3, 2014
Verified Purchase
I bought three of these monitors at the same time, as well as 3 DisplayPort 1.2 cables (I TRIPLE checked this because of how I wanted to configure the system). My setup is somewhat unique, so this review is primarily for those that want to have a single displayport 1.2 cable driving all three monitors in a daisy chain setup. The idea is relatively simple: Your graphics card output going into monitor 1 input. Then you connect a cable on monitor 1's displayport OUTPUT to monitor 2's displayport input. Repeat for up to a total of FOUR monitors. Sounds like an easy way to rid yourself of wires and have a clean setup right? Well, here's my experience.

Some background. This monitors are revision A01, my graphics card is a Gigabyte 7870. It has two mini DPs, a DVI out and am HDMI out. I used the supplied adapter from the graphics card for a mini DP to full sized DP, then hooked in the Cables Matters Displayport 1.2 cable to my first monitor. I daisy chained the other two according to Dell's instructions. BY DEFAULT the Dell's DisplayPort 1.2 capability is OFF. With it off you will definitely get no signal in a daisy chain configuration, from any of the monitors. To fix this, on monitor 1 (the monitor with the direct input from the graphics card) touch the menu button directly to the left of the power button. Make sure the monitor registers your touch- you will know if it does because the monitor will display a message saying it has no signal and you can select a different input by clicking the menu button. Once the menu comes up with different inputs, make sure the DisplayPort option is selected and HOLD the green checkmark button for approximately 8 seconds. A menu will come up asking if you would like to switch to DisplayPort 1.2. Make sure enable is selected and click the green checkmark. Repeat these steps on each monitor EXCEPT the last monitor in your DisplayPort daisy chain configuration. This one should stay in DP 1.1a mode.

Alright! So now everything is set up correctly and it should be smooth sailing from here on out right? Well.. not in my case. I experience a plethora of issues: one of more of the monitors will flicker, one or more of the monitors not coming on at ALL, one of the monitors will randomly shut off while the other two work properly and wont reinitialize. Essentially what it feels like to me is that the monitors aren't able to adequately send the signals to each other. I can't tell if this is a throughput issue, some type of handshake issue, graphics card drivers issue, etc. It's somewhat confusing honestly; in my experience all three monitors will initialize and display (albeit in a mirror mode NOT an extended mode) before Windows loads. My theory is that post-Windows, the signal sent to the monitors is displayport 1.1. The monitors don't seem to have a problem sharing a displayport 1.1 signal and displaying in mirror mode, but what's the point of that? That's not why people are getting three monitors! We want monitor extension, eyefinity, etc. When Windows loads, I THINK that the graphics card switches to DP 1.2 mode. So it appears like its a Windows issue or drivers issue but I think its a DP 1.2 issue. This could be two things. A cable/throughput issues or a monitor issue. AMD software has a displayport troubleshooting program, and when I can get all three monitors to actually work and display, the displayport program shows a total bandwidth of 20gb/s and each monitor is taking approximately 4.5 gb/s. So that says to me that its not throughput.. which leads to the only thing left.. the monitors themselves.

I believe these monitors have a serious issue with DP, specifically 1.2. I think DP 1.1a works fine.. but if you want to daisy chain you are REQUIRED to use DP 1.2 because of the throughput limitation of 1.1a. In this monitor's current state, I would not recommend this type of configuration. You can still use the HDMI inputs or the mini or full-sized DP (make sure 1.2 is turned off) and everything should work fine.. but for the sake of this review, I wanted to speak directly to the issue of DP 1.2 and daisy chaining.

I will update my review after I get my setup hooked up via HDMI for all three monitors. My plan is to use two Mini DP to HDMI adapters and hook two monitors up using that configuration, and my third monitor will simply be an HDMI connection from my graphics card to monitor.

So should you be concerned that this monitor doesn't really function properly in DP 1.2 mode? Only if you MUST run a daisy chain configuration. The main difference between DP 1.1a and 1.2 is throughput. You need that extra throughput to send enough signal through the cable to allow all three monitors to get a "chunk" of data. 1.1a cant push enough data through the cable, so you can't daisy chain. DP1.2 is also needed for high resolutions, for the same throughput reasoning. More data, more throughput required. The dell is a 1080P monitor so that's not an issue.
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on December 23, 2014
Verified Purchase
I will start out by saying that I love these monitors. I am a compulsive researcher when it comes to buying electronics. I researched monitors for a long time before deciding on what to buy so hopefully I can pass on what I learned about these Dell monitors now that I own 4 of them.

I have 3 of these mounted to an Obutto racing cockpit and one across the room on a desk. All 4 are connected to the same PC that currently has a single Gigabyte GTX 970 G1 card in it (SLI coming very soon). I am a 31 year old nerd that's been doing IT professionally and compulsively for a long time now. I am going to list the things that I got caught up on when researching these monitors in hopes to ease the pain for you

60hz IPS vs 120hz+ TN panel - I really went back and forth on this one. I tried a couple 144hz monitors and they were excellent for gaming. If fast paced online shooters are the only thing you do with a monitor then 120hz+ might be worth the consideration. BUT the trade off is poor viewing angles and slightly washed out colors. I don't play competitively and also work on the same screens so color became more important to me the more I thought about it. The colors and viewing angles on the dell more than makes up for the lack of a higher refresh rate. Especially in a surround setup where the outer monitors are angled. Yes high refresh rate is really awesome for competitive FPS games but to me it wasn't worth the tradeoff. I am happy to report that I have ZERO complaints about these 60hz screens while gaming. From racing sims to RTS to fast paced shooters. I don't notice any lag or blurring or anything else that would make me regret having an IPS for gaming. Best of all the colors look amazing in everything I do with them.

The dreaded nvidia color problems - I decided after reading reviews about this monitor and display port issues that I would stick to HDMI connections. I run one monitor on HDMI, two on DVI to HDMI cables and the 4th desk monitor on an active display port to HDMI adapter. My monitors did show up with limited color selected. This is NOT the fault of these Dell monitors. This is a known issue with nvidia in general and affects other screens as well. I ran the fix for this (see comments for link) and now have full range color on all four displays. It took about 2 minutes to download and run and all is well. You do it once and it sticks. No need to run it again after driver updates. Nvidia has finally acknowledged the problem and will have a fix for it in the future (link to that also in comments).

Daisy chaining via display port - Don't buy these monitors for that. If you need that function then these are not the screens for you. There are countless others having issues with it so just avoid it. I run laptops with HDMI and my gaming rig so I don't personally have a need for it but enough people have had problems with it that it wouldn't make sense to buy these for that purpose.

Dell warranty issues - This issues isn't an issue. Dell does warranty them if you buy them from Amazon or any other retailer. They even warranty them if you buy them privately. The confusion is that Dell monitors under 24" do not have a service tag which means they can't be registered with Dells support site. Check the comments on this review for the full warranty info posted by Dell. Rest assured that your monitor is covered under dell warranty.

Price / Value - Buy these on Amazon and direct from Amazon. Enjoy no hassle returns and a huge savings over dell direct. The monitor is phenomenal for the price. I tried to get Dell to price match Amazon but never got a response from them and still would have had to pay a large amount of shipping. I saved so much buying 4 of these on Amazon Prime that I could have bought 3 extra ones. The price on here fluctuates daily if not hourly sometimes so keep an eye on it for dips in price. I saved even more by frequently checking it.

Touch sensitive buttons - Not my favorite but they aren't THAT bad. As a few others pointed out, use your thumb. Mine work fine with my thumb but don't work at all with my index fingers. If you only run one of these monitors then install the dell utility and you can control most of the settings right through the windows app.

Sound bar accessory - SKIP THIS! Please just don't do it. It looked like a great solution for when I docked my laptop on my desk but it sounds HORRIBLE! Literally any other USB speaker on the market would sound better. The sound bar is almost painful to listen to and it stays on ALL of the time. No way to turn it off separately from the monitor.

So with all of that out of the way what's left to say about these screens? BUY THEM! I love them. The colors were excellent right out of the box. The three I have in surround matched each other pretty good with almost no tweaking. The matte screen is refreshing to someone like me that hates reflections with a passion. None of that here with colors that still look great and a matte coating that isn't grainy. And those bezels! Probably the #1 reason I was so stuck on buying these. If you are doing a multiple monitor setup then these screens should be at the top of your list. Even debezeling and overlapping TN panels won't get you bezels this thin. It's excellent for a surround setup.

Hopefully this long winded review can help dispel some of the reservations you may have on these. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend these as an all-around solid investment. 3 year warranty and out of the 4 screens I got not a single one has a dead pixel or serious flaw. If you are still reading, check the comments to see the other info I mentioned above or to ask me any questions about them. Good luck in your search for a new monitor!

**Video is a friend playing GRID Autosport on pretty high settings at 5760x1080. That's on a single GTX 970 locked at 60fps. This video was shot with an iPhone 6 but came out horrible when I uploaded it to Amazon. I wanted to post more pics of my setup but Video was my only option in the review section. Oh well, I tried. Bottom line is you won't have regrets with this monitor.
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on December 18, 2014
Verified Purchase
There have been countless reviews here about how great this monitor is, and that is true. So rather than write yet another similar review, this one is specifically for the MacBook Pro users who may be searching for an external monitor.

For a MacBook Pro user, it's important to know the "Display Port-to-Thunderbolt Port" cable included with this monitor is all you need. I attached this cable to my MacBook Pro and instantly it worked perfectly in the clamshell mode. No adjustments are need regarding the display arrangement in Preferences, as is the case with some external monitors. Also, the MacBook Pro (with Yosemite installed) recognized even the model number of the Dell monitor and automatically adjusted from its Retina display resolution to the full 1920 x 1080 resolution of this monitor.

Speaking of resolution, many Mac users will want to know that fonts on this display at 1920 x 1080 can be much easier to read than the Apple's own 27" Thunderbolt Display. I recently purchased a 27" iMac and lived with the small font sizes at its 2560 x 1440 resolution for a few months before buying a MacBook Pro and this monitor. It's not enough to just go down one notch in resolution on the 27" iMac as it then looks horrible when out of its native resolution. This is something most users find out only after they've purchased it.

For audio options with this monitor and your MacBook Pro, again OS X automatically recognizes the exact model number of this Dell (U2414H) and provides it as an option it the OS X audio preferences. Then all you need to do is plug in your favorite speakers into the speaker jack on the rear of the monitor and you have great sound, freeing up the headphone jack on your MacBook Pro.

If anyone is skeptical about picture clarity with this monitor...find something else to worry about :-) The display quality is every bit as good as the Apple Thunderbolt Display and for me, a plus was the matte finish of this display so I don't have reflections like I had on the 27" iMac. I normally don't care for matte finish displays, but for some reason, this one doesn't bother fact I like it a lot.

Another great feature of this monitor is the easily accessed settings for anything you could dream of adjusting (unlike the Thunderbolt Display). I was able to adjust my brightness and contrast separately to suit my office environment. Bottom line is if you're a MacBook Pro user and want a great monitor you can use by itself, or daisy chain, this should be one of your fist choices.
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on December 28, 2014
Verified Purchase
You should wait until Amazon confirms the Rev. number of the product is A03 or high before buying!!!! See my chat with Amazon below...

Me:Dell has agreed to exchange my monitors without the order number. But please advice your lead that the monitors sold be Amazon are defective. Dell has recognized the defect so you should contact them to exchange your stock
Sure thing, let me escalate that issue to our Higher Department.
Me: U2414H Rev A01 and A02 are effected
A03 is the revision where it has been resolved
At least I'm told
The issue is... the monitors do not wake up from sleep mode unless you pull the plug and plug them back in.
Kristty: I already submitted a form to our higher Department that would handle this and they are now conducting an investigation in our warehouse.
Are we good to go now?
Me:Yes thanks,
Kristty:You are most welcome! If I may ask, will there be anything else I can help you with?
Me:no thanks. but you might want to advertise the rev number.
Kristty:Yes, I already note that and our Department is working on it now..Thanks for the information :)
Does that cover everything for today?
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on November 15, 2014
Verified Purchase
After weeks of reading reviews, technical details, etc. I bought the Dell U2414H and am very pleased with it. I like the easily adjustable stand, the clarity, and the size of the monitor. For the price, I believe I got a very good monitor.

The only downside is the touch sensitive buttons used to the monitor on and off, and to adjust the settings. They do not respond to a touch and I find that I have to repeatedly touch a button to make an adjustment. While this isn't a deal breaker, the quality is lacking on this feature. I use another Dell monitor at work and the touch buttons on it work perfectly 100% of the time.

I tried some of the monitor's presets when I received it, and ended up using the sRGB setting, which gave me the truest color. One nice feature of this monitor is that it comes with a printout of the monitor's color analysis from the factory. The only thing I adjusted was the brightness and contrast. Once these were set, I didn't have to make any further changes.

I ended up downloading the Dell Display Manager from the Dell website to use for making adjustments to the monitor. The software allows me to use the mouse to make adjustments, which is much easier than using the monitor's buttons. All in all, I'm very pleased with the monitor and would recommend it to anyone.
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on October 20, 2014
Verified Purchase
Design-wise, it’s great! Originally looking at Apple’s Cinema Display; this is not quite there, but excels in certain respects for the price. Bezel is Impressive. Picture is pretty good. Has a very stealthy, simple look.


Display off: about 6mm gap from edge of display (not pixels) to monitors edge.
Display on: about 10mm gap from pixels to edge of monitor.

You could create an impressive 6 monitor setup. You could do 3 monitor upside-down with 3 monitors right-side-up for a super seamless setup.

Hey Dell, remove that bottom bezel!

Touch Buttons:

Easy to use, futuristic, and techie. Tiny dots indicate button location on bottom bezel; menu adapts each button (dots) for different menus.

LED activity indicator beats slowly, looks awesome, and if you like can be disabled, but its so simple and cool looking you’ll want to keep it.


Simple matte black, has a nice cover for I/O. There is an easily accessed usb on the back in addition to those near the other I/O.


Never used it, can comment, decided to go with a desk mount stand. Defiantly recommend that route!

Display Quality

I have no problem with it, best way I can put it: it looks great next to my retina MBP. Colors seem pretty accurate, IPS is nice, and resolution isn’t problematic. Look to other reviews. I am a novice in the display quality area, and don’t game.

> Design
> Utility
> price

> Coming from retina, you will notice the pixels.
review image review image review image review image review image
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on December 30, 2014
Verified Purchase
I bought this after referring to TFT Central's list of flicker free monitors.
If you are affected by flicker, this one works perfectly for that purpose

However, the common issues presented themselves.
The display port on this monitor is horribly implemented. It will cycle on and off forever if you suspend your computer, fail to turn on once resumed, sometimes start going into the on/off cycle upon resume. Since the default cable is the display port, you'd think they would try to get it right.
I bought a hdmi cable to see if it was isolated & it was. It works fine now. So I greatly suggest getting a hdmi cable if possible with this.

The black is washed out. Online guides suggest changing some settings on nvidia or some other video cards. Naturally, these are all for windows computers (I am running Linux Mint) and I'm not using nvidia.
However, if you are running linux, fixing this may be actually quite simple.
In the terminal, enter xgamma -gamma n

xgamma -gamma 0.8 works good for me. I doubt this is permanent, so put it somewhere to run at startup. No need to install anything.

There is a color profile available however which is nice, and the color is incredible. I watched Avatar again just because it looked so good!
As others have reported, the touch screen buttons are terrible. But, set them once & you're good. So not a big issue.

In summary, 1 star docked for terrible displayport implementation
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on December 25, 2014
Verified Purchase
* If you haven't experienced an IPS panel before, you owe it to yourself. The colors on this monitor are incredibly rich and accurate.
* The bezels have to be seen to be believed. Their thinness makes the screen feel bigger than on similar size monitors.
* Zero stuck or dead pixels on my unit.
* The stand adjustments are smooth and flexible: if you've only used a monitor that had only tilt adjustment, you're in for a treat.

* Strangely, it defaults to Standard mode, not the factory-calibrated sRGB mode. Fortunately you can fix this in seconds using the capacitive buttons.
* Speaking of which, these buttons are touchy. They look sleek, but I would prefer real buttons for better feedback and more consistent registering of presses. Taking half a star off for this.
* There is a tiny amount of backlight bleed in the lower left on my unit. But it's only noticeable on a dark screen in a dark room, and even then just barely.
* The shipment came with too much packaging: a medium size box within a huge box. Taking half a star off for this. It could have been worse, I suppose. At least there was no styrofoam. And at least it was well-protected.
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