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on February 7, 2013
I recently purchased this tablet to take on my business trips for entertainment and the occasional web search at home while seating on the couch.

The poor:
* I bought the 32 GB but just out of the box availability - 15.4 GB, after initial Windows updates - 14 GB available. **************** I wanted to update my post since I have updated my tablet to 8.1, The new O/S update has given me back a lot of my C: drive space. If you have this tablet or any tablet with the W8 RT, I'd recommend getting the free 8.1 OS. It has given me an extra 9 GB of free space.***************
* Unable to hook Tablet to my PC to transfer data - not a big thing since you can use the micro SD to transfer data, just and extra step.
* Need to have a Microsoft acct to download Apps to your Tablet
* You can't install just any software on your tablet, I guess the RT O/S is very new and not that many options out there. I tried to install my Shared home printer(Brother MFC) and that could not be done. Also tried some work apps, no go!

The Good:
* Great screen, very clear and works well with the touch aspect(first time using something like this).
* Pretty intuitive, there are some options that I'm just getting use to, but as I start playing around, I'm noticing there are shortcuts to moving around. A more advanced users would have no problem figuring things out.
* Plays all my mp3 music and mp4 videos, very nice sound system for a tablet.

All in all, not a bad little unit. I did not want to buy an Ipad because I did not want to have to sync everything through Itunes, hate that. So this will meet my needs and the battery life seems to be fine for my nominal usage.

I'll update later if more items come to mind, but as far as recommending, I would say a safe buy. Only wish there was a nice protective case I could get.

btw - I did not pay the extra $180 for the keyboard/battery. Might have been a good idea to get for someone who is planning on doing a lot of emailing/working. This does come with OneNote, which I think is the greatest thing MicroSoft has come out with in some time.
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on November 26, 2012
Owing to my occupation, I was afforded the opportunity to test drive this tablet pre-release, and pit it against a similarly sized Asus offering and two other competitors in an effort to determine which of the four best suits our needs.

Overall, the Asus VivoTab was my selection as I found that it outperformed the competition in the areas critical to our business need, however the Dell XPS stacks up fairly well and deserves an honorable mention as the runner up. While Dell Tablets aren't generally viewed as the top of the heap these days, they have produced a viable, quality and well built offering in the XPS 10. Prior to this one, my last experience with a Dell tab was with the Streak, an android powered device which I found unremarkable. I am happy to say that the overall build and design of the XPS is a dramatic improvement and offers far greater durability, battery life and screen responsiveness.

*The dual-core SnapDragon processor, much to my surprise, performed nearly as well as the Tegra found in the Asus VivoTab, which speaks volumes for the work Dell put into this device. I experienced no lag time whatsoever when fast switching from app to app and task to task, which in itself is a selling point to me.

*The gorilla glass screen is, as advertised, remarkably strong, as I found out after having dropped the device which landed face down. If you are a bit of a clutz, I always recommend opting for a device with gorilla glass, as it can save you from a bothersome scratch or scuff which, even if it wont affect functionality, can aggravate the heck out of you for having marred an otherwise flawless device.

*the 2GB LP-DDR2 is more than many current laptops come equipped with, and enough to assure that the even the heavy user who frequently uses memory intensive apps will never fall short or experience lags.

*Windows 8 (RT) is a smooth and quality build, and will seem quite familiar to those who have prior experience with Android-like OS, as it has been designed to be as mobile and intuitive as possible and in most ways succeeded.

*The battery life did fall a bit short of what I got from the Asus, having netted me only about 7 hours of heavy use before needing a recharge, but in the grand scheme of things this seems somewhat negligible.

Overall a 4 star device and one that you wont regret owning.
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on June 4, 2013
I bought the XPS 10 to replace an Asus netbook as my travel laptop. I researched the device extensively to be familiar with the limitations of Windows RT. Also, I should disclose that I bought the device from the Dell Outlet with a keyboard for $340, so that is a significant discount over what we it is available for in most locations.

XPS 10 - Performance is good with Windows RT. Everything works well. Performance is much better than the old Atom netbooks and even the one I had before this one that had an AMD-C50 and 4GB of RAM. There have been a number of system updates and it seems they have fixed a few buggy behaviors that existed out of the box. Battery life is very good, excellent with the keyboard dock. I unplug in the morning, use it all day and still have life left at the end of the day. Screen quality is much better than a netbook. Wireless performance is good, better than other portable devices we have in our home and office including iPads. The keyboard is much better than a netbook keyboard, but the touchpad is sensitive and doesn't have palm rejection. Media playback is a strength, with strong video playback performance and good speakers for a device this size. The keyboard dock has one strange limitation. The tablet drains it's battery all the way before it starts using the battery in the keyboard dock, so you cannot undock the tablet when the battery is drained without it immediately shutting down, even though you can use it for many more hours if it stays docked. This was an engineering choice by Dell, as electricity can only flow from the dock to the tablet and not vice versa and the dock would be unusable if it's battery drained first. My suggestion to Dell would be to have the tablet drain to 10% before using the dock, so you would at least have a little bit of power if you need to undock it.

Windows RT - The key with Windows RT is information. If you know what you are getting and are familiar with it's limitations than it is still a very functional device. My core functions are email, Office, web browsing, Skype, GoToMeeting, and reading. Of these, I have found RT to provide excellent alternatives for all of them, with only one complaint. I miss having the ability to install other browsers. I rejected IE years ago and haven't used it as my primary browser in more than 10 years. The new IE is of course much better than the old and I have found it to work well, but I have missed the ability to use Chrome and Firefox. Windows 8 RT is excellent with the touchscreen and is vastly superior to iOS and Android in areas like multi-tasking and getting real work done. Before buying this, I experimented with an iPad as a possible laptop replacement and even installed Android ICS on my netbook to see if either of these might be a workable solution. I have found Windows RT to be a much better alternative as a productivity OS than either of those. If your main goals are entertainment, RT will never have all of the applications that Apple and Android do, but I needed to get real work done while I travel, and RT allows me to do that better than the other options. One more note, I also experimented with a Chromebook and Chrome OS for a couple of weeks. I loved many things about the OS, but I need to deal with local files fairly regularly and found the file manager and manipulation capabilities to be very weak. I deal with legacy Office files that are frequently broken by Google Drive/Docs. I wish there was a way to have Chrome on RT and it would be the best of both worlds for me.

Conclusion: Know what you need. I needed a small, light-weight productivity device with long battery life and the ability to easily use all of my existing files as well as files people send to me. I have been very happy with this device and would buy it again in a second. The only reason I gave it 4 stars instead of 5 is my acknowledgement of the limitations of RT. If Chrome became available for RT (Not likely to happen), I would be 100% satisfied, but right now, I would still say I'm 90% satisfied and I knew about this limitation when I bought this device.
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on May 10, 2013
I bought a xps10 WITH keyboard! This is a good choice for me:
1 battery lasts very long comparing to any other laptops and iPad, iPhone I have
2 it came with the microsoft office 2013 rt, can use microsoft office over the skydrive from anywhere, any system
3 window 8 rt pre-loaded, easy to use and browse around
4 hdmi port hooked up to any monitor or big tv screen with high res. image and digital sound
5 tablet with keyboard option make travelling easy - easy carrying, long battery, microsoft office availability, easier hotel big screen tv connection
6 log on flexibility with microsoft skydrive account and/or local account PLUS guest local access account
7 highest security spam-free workbood comparing to other pc desktop or laptop environment
8 usb sandisk access is very handy
9 high res webcam with user definition option
1 cann't load any legacy software
2 Limited availability of printer drivers
Cann't think about any other negative things to complain about this xpa10!
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on August 21, 2013
I purchased the Dell XPS 10 for my husband's birthday. I have an iPad which I have found to be somewhat restrictive. My husband and I have fallen in love with the Dell XPS 10 Tablet because it syncs seamlessly into our lives. No need to purchase programs and apps we'll only use once or twice. And the greatest part of owning the Dell XPS 10 is that it works hand in hand with the Dell computers we currently own! I'd recommend this product to everyone who wants a tablet at half the cost, but does 10 times as much as an iPad!
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on February 19, 2013
If there were a way to score 3.5 stars I would. Be very certain that you want this tablet before taking the plunge. For all intents and purposes it is a decent tablet. The biggest knock i would give it (and the Surface) are that Windows RT does NOT allow Apps to read from the SD card. I purchased a 64GB SD card solely to store my music.

I have a rather large music collection so storing music on the tiny 32 GB hard drive (which by the way only had 14GB available when you take it out of the box). The Xbox music app is TERRIBLE all by itself, but add to that, the fact that it completely ignores your SD card content makes it down right maddening. There are available tweaks for the Surface tablet to fix this issue, but NONE of the tweaks work for the Dell XPS.

Your Music folder, Pictures, Videos and Documents are read from the primary hard drive only - so forget about using an SD card unless you want to use Windows explorer to drill to the files manually and open them from the from File Manager.

Windows RT is pure garbage. Here are the Pros and Cons as i see them (been using the tablet for 2 months now.)

Camera SUCKS for dark or evening pictures (no flash)
Inability to read by default from the SD card (App store is complete garbage)
Windows RT (is what Windows Millennium was to XP) - it SUCKS badly
Keyboard (if you get it). It lags at times and sometimes just stops working. I have to disconnect the tablet from the keyboard and reconnect it to get the keyboard to work again. Makes it a pain in the rear when working on documents

Performance, have not had any issues whatsoever. Performance (For a tablet) is top notch
Keyboard (yes a pro and a con): The keyboard adds an additional 10 hours of battery life
Battery life: is phenomenal. On a full charge I get literally 20 hours of life from this tablet
Office 2013 comes pre-installed! This is a huge advantage over Android or Apple devices. this tablet is more functional (from an office perspective) than both IoS and Android put together right out of the box!

Incidentally, since I am primarily a music buff I have found a music app in the App store that reads by default from the SD card (MediaMonkey). It's a little buggy but finding that app has negated my urge to sell this tablet and is now officially more functional than my previously owned ASUS TF201. but trust me when I say the Windows App store is GARBAGE as are the apps available

I also found the game Riptide (the only game I play on this tablet) and it has also enhanced my experience. All in all it is a decent tablet, but not phenomenal. 3.5 out of 5 stars

***EDIT*** I sold this Dell XPS 10 and then 2 weeks later Dell stopped manufacturing it - because basically IT and Windows RT SUCK! I bought the ASUS T100 with detachable keyboard (500 gb hard drive buit in the keyboard) full windows 8.1 and it's strange, I don't find myself secretly longing for a better tablet. Dell is terrible with tablets - Avoid them - Buy ASUS Windows tablets - they got it figured out!
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on August 27, 2013
I had been wanting to hold off until I could afford an IPad, but Dell's price for this tablet was one I couldn't resist. I had purchased another off-brand tablet from HSN a year or so ago that was a total waste of money - I ended up scrapping it as it was totally unusable, and I paid the same for that as I did for this Dell XPS 10 tablet. But, surprisingly, this tablet has almost everything I wanted in a tablet including a larger screen and the speed and beautiful pictures and the ability to add extra storage, etc.. It is fast and had a lot of apps - not as many as the IPad, but whatever it doesn't have, can be found on line. I didn't expect to like it as much as I do. I was a bit leery of Dell products as I had a bad experience with a small laptop, but I also have a Dell pc that is great so took a chance, and I am so pleased.
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on June 2, 2013
I needed a smaller and lighter laptop to travel to conferences, and other business meetings. I bought the Dell XPS 10 because it had windows and came with the basic Office Applications and because was on sale for $299.00 I did not know if I could easily attach to it a mouse (in addition to touch gestures), small traveling keyboard (in addition to the touch keyboard), and also be able to connect a wired network adapter (in addition to Wi-Fi). I found out that it comes with only a micro USB port, but had a micro USB to USB small cable. I linked to this USB cable a four port USB hub and easily connected both a USB mouse and keyboard. Finally, I found a Plugable ethernet adapter (USB to ethernet) and connected to one of the USB port in the USB hub.

I normally use Yahoo mail (multiple accounts) and thunderbird (Imap to office) in my regulatr PC. Of course I had no problems installing the Yahoo app, but there is no Thunderbird in Windows RT. I use the Mail app without problems to connect to my office server using Imap -- it is not as good as Thunderbird but it does the job.

Internet Explorer at the Windows RT desktop (yes there is a desktop in Windows RT, too) is good but the Internet Explorer modern edition is poor (avoid it -- because any time you need to change settings it drops you in the IE desktop, what is confusing, better to use the IE desktop all the time). Same apply to Control Panel, use it only at the desktop. I assume Microsoft will fix this in Windows RT 8.1.

I installed a variety of modern Apps that I am used to have in my Galaxy Note phone in the XPS 10 tablet to use in WiFi and wired connections because when I travel to Europe I leave behind my smartphone and use only a basic European phone with a SIM that I buy when I arrive there.

This is by far the best traveling Laptop I bought for $299 that can do all I need with the weight of the iPad and MS Office support. I think if these machines had been selling at this price regularly they would have been a huge success.
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This tablet feels more sturdy and comfortable in your hand, it has a better screen configuration, and it is more productive for school and business....and it's a Dell !!!
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on July 7, 2013
This tablet was excellent for the price. We added the keyboard, which extends the battery life. Unfortunately, this accessory was not available on Amazon at the time we purchased it. This tablet is phenomenal for the price. It's primary use in our home is for a student's on-line classes. We loved that Microsoft Office comes pre installed.
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