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on February 27, 2014
This Dell Windows 7 "ultra-book" is very sleek, lightweight, and fast. It handles anything my desktop could handle. A couple of minor issues to note are that there is no VGA connector to connector to a LCD projector. You can buy a mini-port to VGA adaptor and that seems to work fine, but it's another piece of hardware to remember to take on the road. Also there is no DVD tray, so if you're loading software from disks, you'll need an external DVD drive. All these are trade-offs to reduce the size and weight, and I'm fine with them. I've not run the battery down yet, but the indicated life of the battery seems to be reasonable (3 hours+). I had expected a longer battery life, but I've not yet tweaked the power saving settings.
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on April 16, 2014
I generally tend to wait a few months before writing a review for a complex product like a Laptop but knowing that this may be out of date and might not even be available, am for the first time putting the review with less than one month of usage.

About me:
I am quite a techno-savvy end user who has over 25 years of experience with computers, have worked on most OS including Windows 3.1 to up to 8.0, Linux, Sco Unix, Solaris and even most mobile ones like WebOS, QNX and PalmOS.
I purchased this laptop for the following purpose.

1. I wanted a small (<14 Inch) and light laptop, Ideally an ultrabook
2. Sufficient memory to run virtual machines.
3. Gives me a long enough battery to last through a day.

After using this laptop for a week or so, here is what I have found out about this car.

1. Really well built. I love the build quality. It looks good, is strong and stable.
2. Sound - The speakers have proper bass and effects to them.
3. Overall performance - The machine is quite fast out of the box thanks to the lack of crapware on it. It comes with only two pieces of crapware. Mcafee and Windows. Still, the application performance is quite decent compared to other Windows laptops.
4. Resolution - The resolution is slightly higher (1600 X 900) but it makes a huge difference from the standard 1377X768.

1 Battery - This has really pathetic battery. Doesn't even last 4 hours. I have a year old Dell Latitude and that has longer battery life. What is the point of an ultrabook if it cannot give you 7-8 hours of charge. This thing is advertised as a day long battery. I am taking away 3 stars just for this. Initially I thought that battery may improve after 2-3 charges etc but it is still the same. Also, the battery is not user replaceable.
2 Wake Up time - This is shown as a positive of this machine. Sorry. Absolutely wrong. From hibernation, it takes over 30 seconds to wake up and from suspend, it takes 4-5 seconds. Worst, when waking up from hibernation, it doesn't show anything on screen or any user feedback is present and makes you wonder if the machine is stuck. I ended up pressing the power button 2-3 times thinking it is not working.
3. Graphics - The Nvidia graphics card is not used for regular work. It gets kicked in only on 3D. Two gripes here. First, the battery is 4 hours when Nvidia graphics card is not working, means it will be even worst. Second, on windows system experience index, the gaming score is 6.7 whereas the desktop score is 4.7 showing how much lower the score comes on 2D and Aero performance.
4. Layout. There are some issues with the layout like the trackpad is slightly on right and the lower part of thumb touches it while doing touch-typing. also, there are no Pg Down, Pg Up, Home and End keys. You access them using the Function menu. Looks a small issue but if you work a lot on Excel (CTRL + Pg Up or PgDown), you realize the importance. Same on web pages.

Some other minor issues too with the product but overall, you are better off with a different laptop in the same price range. it doesn't justify the price they are charging for it.
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on February 21, 2014
I've had many laptops since I was about 13 years old, and I'm now 20, this one being the absolute best one. Tons of RAM, an amazing i7 processor, though there is a newer model of the 3537u, the specs are almost exactly the same. The 32gb SSD really does allow the PC to start up incredibly fast. It feels totally solid, it doesn't seem like it will break from anything! It does have a little weight to it for being an "Ultrabook," but at least you have the reassurance that it won't break if you drop it accidentally. And the speakers are incredible as well! For such a small laptop it really has incredible audio performance.

The only problem I have with this order, nothing to do with the computer--it is perfect--is that they have installed on it Windows 7 Home Premium. Ideally, Windows 8.1 would be the best because it is just that much faster than Win7, but its only another $70 if you're a student and you buy it from the Microsoft website. Again, that is no reflection on the computer itself.

All in all, if you can afford to spend $800 on the PC, then do it! And if you have the $70-$200 to also upgrade it to Win8.1 for the maximum performance, do it too! You will not be disappointed.
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on February 26, 2014
Wowed the second I received the package. I've owned many computers and this is definetely the best one for the price. You wouldn't be able to find these specs in a 14" laptop without shelling out upwards of 1,000 to 1,200 dollars. If you're on the fence, consider this review the nudge that pushes you over to this side.
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on March 21, 2014
I have had many issues with this laptop. Waking from sleep mode takes almost a full minute, wireless adapter cutting in and out, screen lookups, videos freezing, total lack of documentation with the unit, etc. Trying to get technical support involves trying to communicate with someone who hardly speaks English. Very disappointed.
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on March 10, 2014
Forget the remote chance you get a lemon. You probably won't, but it happens. This review assumes you get a healthy computer.

- The processor - try to find an i7 laptop for cheaper than $800. Even the $1600 ones are i5's. Yes, there are faster i7's out there. Yes, you can get an i5 to run at about the same speed for less. But this is an amazing CPU to start the PC with.

I intend for this machine to run Photoshop, InDesign, Dreamweaver, MS Office - and VERY quick.

Now try to find that i7 processor with 8 GB of RAM, and ANYwhere close to $800. There's like one ASUS on Newegg and that's it.


The Cons:

As I was typing this review, the screen froze and I had to hard reset the laptop (hold the power down til it turns off). This is the 2nd time it's happened in the first 4 hours of operation. Not a good sign - and frankly, I'm not sure what to do...

The screen only flips down like 40 degrees. That seems unusual.

I thought there was no 32 GB SSD. The other reviews said not. Look at the comment by Rich in my review. Apparently, there is one. He's right, it's there in the device manager, but it isn't really apparent. Windows does seem to hide it...

Only 2 USB ports, but they're 3.0, so that's good for an external HD. But if you want to plug in two more things, like a DVD writer (because there isn't one inside), and say a wireless mouse/keyboard, you have to use USB hub. Suddenly, your laptop doesn't feel so portable.

Other info:

You've heard it called a "throwaway culture," and this laptop's market position underscores that idea. Every year, a new Intel processor comes out. What happens to the old PCs, from just last year? Do they all get sold? Repurposed? What about those with Windows 7? It's not sexy. No commercials with tablet PC-holding dancers. Computers are mass produced every year.

And they wind up being sold through 3rd party sites (Amazon), with 3rd party-rate support. Here's my point: try finding a record of this model laptop (XPS14-7272sLV) on Dell's site. Heck, just google the model number and see what comes up: almost nothing.

It makes you wonder if it's too good to be true? Is that why this laptop is $800? Is that why it froze twice in its first 4 hours? Is that why its ship date said 2/18, but I got it w/two-day shipping on 3/10? Was it sitting in a warehouse since last year? Did the warehouse employees use it for a week before I got it?

No way to know. I might update the review after I've used it more. For now, I'm holding out hope that it won't freeze anymore, and will somehow stabilize as I load it with CPU-intensive know, break it in.

At least that's how it works with baseball gloves.
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on April 29, 2014
My initial idea for this laptop was to change the hard drive with a SSD (Samsung) and remove the mSATA because is useless if I have a SSD.
That was "easy", there isn't a cover for the hard drive, battery or ram (like used to be); so you need to open the big cover and be carefull because the mainboard is exposed.
I didn't knew that this laptop comes with a single channel (8GB), I thought that only one channel was used but not, is a single channel. If you plan to upgrade to 16Gb you need to buy another dimm.
To configure and use the SSD you need to desativate the Intel's rapid boost, because is better to use the SSD directly. I'm keeping the mSATA as an extra hard drive, for documents or any other thing.
In general the laptop is very good, for medium-high user that need portability.
The battery is very poor, Dell's advertisment is wroooong! should last 11 hours, no way. If I use it with the power saver configuration, to listen music or internet it'll last 4 maybe 4.5 hours.
When the nvidia card is activated the fan start working very loud and get hot, I asked dell's and they said that is normal, the CPU could reach 90 degrees so my advice, get a cooler pad.

* With the original configuration (before upgrade the hard drive), it took 40-45 seconds to get in the login screen.
* After upgrade to a SSD (with the Intel Rapid boost), it took 11 seconds.

* Very fast, you don't need to add more ram.
* Aesthetically beautiful (gorilla glass, colors, material)
* Slim

* The Intel Rapid boost is not enough, is better to buy a SSD instead.
* Heats up very fast when the nvidia card is activated, so get a cooler pad (the adaptor's too).
* Poor battery, with minimal use can last 4 hours.
* The screen is not matte, is annoying to have a mirror as a screen.

In general is a good laptop, one of the cheapest with an i7, 8GB of ram, external video card (important) and 14 inches (complicated combination).
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on April 21, 2014
I've had this for about a month now and still struggling. I immediately plugged it in overnight when I received it. I opened the lid for the first time and it was requesting safe mode boot due to a bluescreen. Really? I've been dealing with bluescreens for a few weeks now The screen was also fluttering like old school poor bunny-ear TV reception.

I immediately did the windows updates. The problems are with My Dell website and the drivers. The bluescreens seem to be caused by wifi and Bluetooth driver issues, which reflects what others have been commenting.

My Dell will analyze your computer and tell you what drivers you need to update. Sounds great, but really screwed up with this model. There must be 30 drivers, multiple gb, yes gigabytes of drivers to update.

For wifi and Bluetooth, there is Intel Centrino, Killer, Dell, and Windows drivers to update. Multiple of each. I think they are all fighting each other. Update all of them? Which is controlling wifi and bluetooth? Both wifi and Bluetooth have failed me, recognizing nothing, yet "working properly". Half of the driver updates have "failed installation". Blue screens mixed in. The My Dell blue screen analyzer says to scan for viruses and...wait for it...update drivers. Are you kidding me?

Even after installing the drivers that did take, some of them multiple times, the My Dell analyzer still shows all of them needing to be installed. My IT tech at work has the computer and is working on it. It's been a week and she is digging into the problems. I may need to update this review.

Price, bought at an Amazon price drop, cant beat the features and price
Hard drive + 32gb SSD, which is there, for boot-up speed
Backlit keyboard! great feature
8gb RAM, did not need to upgrade and will only go up to 16gb
i7 processor, albeit 3rd generation
size, thin
NVIDEA video card a plus
Well built, gorilla glass,
Screen resolution
Battery life, 69 whr, 8 cell, seems to last a few hours, I have not timed it
Decent sound thus far for a laptop
Came with a year of Mcafee anti virus
Not a lot of useless software clogging the computer
soft smooth rubber layer underneath and on top
Windows 7 (I don't like windows 8)

**See above, there may be some serious software/hardware issues. I have yet to deal with Dell, which will be my last option.
My Dell, which is a great feature in theory, screws up this computer
upper end of 4 lbs, but big battery could be contributing, plus beefy construction, OK with me though
Battery is internal, so you can't buy a backup spare and swap out
No dvd drive, you expect one with a 14", even an ultrabook. I already bought an external dvd drive
Only 2 usb ports, bought a Bluetooth mouse, but as mentioned the Bluetooth issues
Dell support, not that I've called them, they appear to try, but always have a loophole to negate any warranty support and blame windows or other software, generally most issues is "not their responsibility". I'm not saying their useless, but always try to worm out of supporting and fixing your computer. from experience. Historically they have taken my computers and wiped them clean, reset them to "factory condition", but wipes out all software that came with the computer other than windows. they seem to do that for free.

Bottom line, the low price may not be worth the headaches. I think dell is moving to a new Xps model and pushing these out as clearance, knowing the issues per the reviews. I'm hoping my IT tech can make this work.
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on February 27, 2014
this dell laptop would be my first dell computer. the screen brightness is excellent, I can use it perfectly well when outdoors. without any program installs, I am averaging 40 seconds boot up. (expecting it to change after I install an SSD). the keyboard seems to be of a great size, ive read some complaints about the size of the keyboard but we all have different hand sizes. I am 5'6'' tall, to give you an idea that it suits someone of my size very well. it has a smooth black finish on the bottom and on the keyboard layout.
(I will be updating this small review soon, wanted to inform some possible buyers that this laptop is a great buy)
i'll be happy to answer any questions.

EDIT: so far the battery is not as described, im averaging 3-5 hours, no more than 6 though.
review image review image review image review image review image
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on March 20, 2014
When I received this laptop I was very happy. I liked look and feel of this laptop. But the problem comes when it start hanging while working. the only option to resolve this issue was to switch off the power and start again.
Amaozn has wonderful customer service and they sent me the replacement next day only and I thought my pain is gone but next day only I got Blue screen twice and hanging problem still persist. Planning to sending this back and search started for new machine.
Note: I was using this Laptop only for office work!!
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