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on August 31, 2013
First off, this is an absolutely excellent computer. The design is pleasing - trending toward a glossy minimalism, the screen is about as sharp, bright, and large as they come, and the performance is exceptional. It's new, but I'm very happy with it thus far.

Intel's i7 processor, standard on this computer, is the newest build available. Any processor clocking over 3 GHz (included is 3.1 GHz), combined with the 8 GB RAM, is going to feel instantaneous for 98% of users, including me, and even those of you who multitask and game with abandon. Performing almost any task(s), the power of this computer combined with the lovely Windows 8 software gives an exceptionally upscale feel.

Everything I write beyond this is, therefore, nitpicking. I love this computer.

First of all, storage capacity is not the only metric for evaluating hard drive performance.

The main upgrade to this hardware would be the replacement of the included 2TB (2000 GB) drive with a Solid State Hard Drive (SSD). Very few consumers in the target demographic of all-in-one desktops are going to use 2TB of storage space, which would hold more than half a million songs on mp3. The included hard drive (storage) is the type with a spinning internal disk, which is about 6 times slower than solid state, non-spinning drives. A solid state drive, therefore, boots and loads applications about 6 times faster than a standard drive, and they are becoming the industry standard for high end computers. Of course, a 1TB solid state drive is worth at least $800, while a 500 GB solid state drive (ample storage space for most users) is available for around $350. A 2TB hard drive like the one included on this computer goes for about $120.

Therefore, not only is it cheaper for the manufacturer to skip the SSD, but a 2 TB (2000 GB) "spinning" drive (commonly called an HDD) like the one on this computer also seems better for most consumers - who look only at the storage capacity - though the performance is actually not in the same ballpark as a more expensive SSD with less storage.

This may seem like a trivial complaint, especially since the hard drive is actually a hybrid that includes 32 GB of sold state memory, which makes it faster than your average drive. But in fact most users will feel far more performance improvement from an upgraded hard drive (to an SSD) rather than the half GHz processor upgrade that is the hallmark of this computer's performance. This is because the time to start up the computer or boot an application is reduced significantly by and SSD, while the difference between 2 GHz and 3 GHz will very rarely be noticeable at all. Just as an example, a computer with a standard hard drive will open Microsoft Word in about 7-10 seconds. An SSD will do it in about 1.5 seconds, giving it a much faster feel. The good news is that the hard drive is easy to replace.

My only other observation is that users who record music or edit videos may like more than 8GB of RAM memory. Again, that's only true for a few users. And RAM is incredibly simple and relatively inexpensive to upgrade. I record music with 8 GB with little or no trouble, but I've used machines with more RAM and they are noticeably more responsive and crisp when the tracks stack up.

If you can't tell, I highly recommend self-installed hardware upgrades, which seem scary but are actually simple to perform. I replace the hard drive and RAM on all my computers, and I'm far from any kind of computer wizard.

Ok, so in summary, this is an exceptionally powerful and beautiful computer. Honestly, it's overkill for 90% of users, including me, who will feel absolutely no difference between this computer and one that costs $700 less. Moreover, those users will be better off buying an all-in-one with a cheaper processor and a solid state hard drive. For those of us who want absolutely top end performance, whether we need it or more likely do not, this model with an upgraded hard drive in an incredibly potent machine.
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on October 15, 2013
GOOD: Beautiful screen, good speakers, responsive, fast, sleek. Touch useful sometimes. The Windows 8 screen is easy to learn in a day or two. The lack of a start button is immaterial. It's a no-brainer to use the desktop screen just like Windows 7. DVD Movies can be watched on Windows Media just fine. Good, polite customer support from Dell (you're going to need this!)
BAD:Screen resolution is high but because you have to sit close to it, you see pixels. You would only watch a movie from across the room, just like on any high def tv. Windows 8 screen is pretty much fluff and gimmick. Touch seems fun at first, but is tiring to your arm and you finally just use the more comfortable mouse. Extremely long wait times on phone trying to get customer support (you're going to need this!)
REALLY BAD: First machine crashed in two weeks, shot hard drive,completely dead, no data retrieval possible. Replacement crashed in three weeks, not as bad (completely frozen and did an unathorized system restore). I really wanted to keep this machine, but I would have had to have tech support on speed dial and risk a hard drive failure after warranty. It is being shipped for full refund today.
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on October 17, 2013
I have 4 of these machines. In candor, I love them and this is not an indictment of the system, but one of Dell's Warranty and service. The only negative on the design is the screen is too glossy - reflects everything. The issue is that one of my 4 systems has been a nightmare. I have had issues with this system since the first month I bought it, yet Dell claims they will only replace parts, not the full system as that is what the warranty is for - just parts. SO, I have had the LCD screen replaced 3 times and they are about to replace it for the 4th time. I have had the mother board replaced 2 times, and they are about to replace it for the 3rd time. Despite begging for a new system, they will not do so, constantly sending out repair guys. In all, they have spent far more on the parts than on simply replacing the system, but there is no logic to these guys. They can only follow the rules - just parts.

So, you can buy the system and pray you don't have a problem, because if you do, you will not be happy. I have dealt with a great deal of IT support over the years. These guys just have a very poorly designed warranty. For a system this expensive, they should replace it when major issues can't be resolved. When I have a problem with an Apple product, they fix it or replace it. They don't keep doing the same damn thing again and again because they can only replace parts. This attitude and policy of Dell's is just bloody absurd. Though I like the product, a 25% chance that you will have a problem and then never get it fixed just isn't worth it.
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on November 2, 2013
Quality of product is less than average for such an expensive computer. Components and features do not work properly. Problems started the first day of use. It is like quality control was not even implemented. Terrible product. Stay away.
I decided to go for the most expensive model in this line, because I wanted the best. I am so busy working that I didn't have 2 weeks to do proper research. So when my previous computer died I needed a quick replacement and I relied on some quick reviews found on web.
I received my first unit. Within the first day I got an error blue screen and all kinds of error messages. The computer was not behaving properly.
Called customer service. They tried to be helpful but I could tell they too can be at loss sometimes. I am computer literate and I was surprised re: to all this technical issues. You don't want to spend the little spare time you have solving issues with a brand new computer.
We deleted some drivers, installed some others. My error log in device manager was full of error warnings. You would not expect this from a brand new computer. Within a few more days mu family tried to use the installed microphone through Skype and other software. It did not work. I spent hours on phone with a technician. Did not solve the issue. The first 2 weeks of use I spent so much time on phone with Dell's technical department that I was almost avoiding coming home because I knew that my evening would consist of at least 2 hours on phone with Dell's support. Finally I was offered a refund or an exchange. What a bad choice I made. Because I wanted to like the computer I decided for an exchange.
Got the new computer in about one month. Within the first day of use, same errors and same blue screen error issue occurred. I started to panic. Not again. This was starting to became a nightmare. Again I spent time on phone with a technician to look at drivers and stuff. First 3-4 days I almost spent 3 hours per evening trying to do this to do that, update bios, delete drivers, install drivers. One of the major other issue is that the Blu ray drive would not work properly. The blu ray won't read /rip. In other words it is useless. This is unacceptable. I think they installed a riplocked drive into these units. I talked with Dell tech but they didn't seem to know how to solve this issue. All I want now is to return the product and get a refund. After spending almost 2 hours on phone with them and having talked to almost 8 departments and the same number of people I was told that I am out of my 21 days return period. Is this a joke ? I spent the first 21 days trying to accommodate Dell to solve the issues on my first unit and now they are telling me that I am out of return period? I asked the issue to be escalated to some upper level technical people. We'll see next week (November 3 , 2013 week) what will happen. This is very unfortunate but the computer is useless to me, I can not use it for what I intended to. It is just not working. And I am not spending one more minute on troubleshooting. I should have never bought this. It this is not solved to my satisfaction I might have to sue Dell.
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on November 21, 2013
Disappointed and really sad because I thought this is a good purchase.
some people say the machine works fine and they like it But all the one that has problems, Dell couldn't fix it.
I think choosing this machine is a gamble, read this before you buy it.

Don't be fooled by the specs, it's not good if the machine doesn't work. This PC has both hardware and software problem.
The screen flicker and a thin black line appears randomly across the screen. Dell can't seem to be able to solve this problem.
I am not alone just check the forums on and the reviews on amazon.

Since I bought it 6 weeks ago I have been on the phone with customer support in India for hours.
They are polite, patience and speak good English but They couldn't solve the problem so they decided to send
a tech to replace the LCD Screen. Four days later someone came and replaced it but the problem is not solved.

Customer support tried to fix it yet again by updating the bio, the drivers and every update he can get his hands on.
Now instead of me having a flickering problem the screen goes completely black for a few seconds up to a minute
b4 it comes back just to do the same thing over and over.

In order to solve that problem they have to send another tech, this time they are going to replace the motherboard.
I am waiting for it to be shipped meanwhile I can't use my $2000+ dell computer.

I made the mistake of purchasing this machine from Tiger Direct. In the future I am only using reputable vendors who has
a good return/exchange policy like amazon. Don't make my mistake.

I can't recommend this machine at this time but on the good side I do have a four year warranty that I purchased from dell.
I think I am going to need it. I will update to see if they can fix it.


A tech replaced the motherboard two days ago, The computer didn't start, he asked me to call customer support then left because he has other appointments to attend to. Called and they had to install a new OS.
a process that is lengthy and I would lose all my files . Finally the machine is working, I don't see the flickering any more. Relieved and It has been two full days with no problems. If this system worked fine out of the box I would have rated it 5 stars.

Another update to follow if I see more problems.

I wish you better luck then mine.


Since dell replaced the motherboard and reloaded a new OS, the machine is working good with no problems.
I tested this machine extensively. I use it 8 to 10 hours a day several days a week.

I downloaded games like battlefield 3, crysis2, dead space3, Fifa soccer 13 and 14. all are demanding games and all are running great without adjusting the frame rate or any of the game settings.

I do like windows 8.1, it runs on this machine without a hitch. Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and all the USB ports as well as the HDMI in and out are working perfectly, I actually connected my Mac Mini via the HDMI and it worked just fine. "Though I couldn't switch between the mac OS AND Windows OS without first disconnecting the mac mini".

The Camera looked good on Skype and I was able to connect two Bluetooth headsets "Plantronics voyager legend and LG wireless head set" without any software update and both worked perfectly.

This machine is heavy and its very hard to swivel so I added a swivel base that I bought on amazon"" It's bigger then the pc base but it allowed me to swivel right and left freely.

Netflix videos looks nice, Speakers are loud and clear. The screen is the focal point of this machine it really is awesome.

Power, speed, performance, and good looks is what this machine is, It,s definitely a 5 star machine and I would recommend it despite all the hard time I had with it initially.

At this time I truly enjoy using it and I felt that I should update my review.

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on December 4, 2013
Very high end machine, just what I have come to expect from Dell. I'm a software developer and use this for programming work, writing, games, and anything else I find myself doing throughout the day. The touch experience with Windows 8 is better than any other operating system out there. The start screen is like having a second computer to switch to on demand, one that I use for social media, Web browsing, news updates, and games. And the standard desktop is there when it comes time to do actual work. I am mystified by people who say they don't like the Windows 8 experience. I guess it's just too much computer for them and they'd be happier with a simpler product. Or they just simply fear change, even when it's for the better.

Another benefit of Windows 8 on this device is that all of my settings and files sync across all your other Windows 8 devices. A few months after buying this computer I got a Surface tablet, and it synced automatically - all my apps, preferences, files, and settings. So now I can use the desktop for serious work, and take the same experience into a portable tablet, without having to manually sync or reinstall everything.

The touch screen is less useful on a desktop machine like this one than on a tablet like the Surface (mostly because your arm gets tired reaching for it), but it's still nice to have. I picked up a rubber-tip touch screen pen to use with it and that works perfectly - and also doesn't leave the fingerprint smudges that you'd otherwise have.

I have had zero problems with the hardware, it's fast as I need it to be and works perfectly well. I've had Dell computers die on me before, however, and Dell has replaced them immediately - even after the warranty expired. Not sure if their customer service experience has changed for the worse since then or if their home and personal use departments aren't as good but I've always had good experiences with their small business services.

I enjoy using this machine for work and play all day every day, and even sort of miss it when I'm away from my desk, it's that convenient. Very powerful multi-media machine and looks nice and compact on a desk despite the large screen size. Speaking of screen size - you end up sitting pretty close to it so you can reach it (to interact with the touch features) which is a little disconcerting because it's so wide, but the picture is perfectly clear and high resolution and if you snap apps (like chat) to the sides of the screen and work in the middle it works great - like having dual monitors without the desk clutter.
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on June 10, 2015
I did not buy my XPS 2720 from Amazon but rather from Dell. It was purchased in October 2013. The first hard drive failed in November 2014, three weeks after the warranty expired. I paid Dell to replace that failed HD. Then that HD failed within a few weeks after I got the unit back. Then it really went south when early this year I began the most frustrating, maddening experience I have ever had with any company. Dell shipped me a "refurbished" replacement unit. The CPU fan in the refurb unit began squealing like a pig. So Dell sent another refurbished unit. Same thing (squealing CPU fan) with that second refurb unit Then, believe it or not, they shipped a third refurbished unit. The CPU fan squealing was evident in that unit as well. All of theses units, including my original purchase, were mid-2013 manufactured WIN 8.0 models. Dell had me ship the third replacement back to them in Houston to "fix" the CPU fan. The fan was out of stock. But eventually they "repaired" it. I got the third refurb unit back about three weeks ago. It has the same loud, very noticeable and very annoying noise as each of the refurb units. Throughout the six months I have dealt with this I have wasted countless hours installing and re-installing software, OS updates, file replacement, accommodating FEDEX deliveries, etc., etc., etc. It has been the absolute worst customer service and product quality failure I have ever had...for any product. And I'm a long time Dell customer.

I think Dell has lost their way. They farm out all customer contact to their overseas contractor. These days I recognize that that is not all that uncommon. Their off shore service people are polite to a "T" and of absolutely no value in solving real problems. After five months of this I finally
wrote a personal letter to Michael Dell on the 22nd of May. I had to resort to that because there is no way to actually talk to or exchange emails with a live Dell employee in Round Rock. The company has so intentionally insulated itself that it is impossible to contact anyone there other than by snail mail. I did not ask Mr. Dell to intercede. I simply asked him to have one of his people give me a call or email me. So far nothing.

I suspect Dell makes some good products. They certainly used to. But based on my experience I think you're playing the lottery if you hope to get a quality made product. So I would absolutely, positively stay away from them if you value customer focus, customer satisfaction, after sale support and your time. From a design standpoint the XPS 2720 is a gem. You won't find another desktop all-in-one that compares. But quality, reliability and and customer satisfaction has, at least in my experience, taken a back seat. Design means nothing if the product doesn't work. I loved my XPS 27 for about a year. But who has $2500 to throw at a new computer every year?
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on July 18, 2014
This machine has exceeded all my expectations. Bought it two months ago and have been thoroughly impressed with the image quality, blazing speed and quiet operation.

I wanted to make the move both to a Windows 8 OS touchscreen and away from my exclusive habit of buying only laptops over the last ten years. With my tablet and smartphone used for all mobile computing I wanted to go back to having a great, high-end desktop. After doing TONS of research and waiting nearly two months for a great deal I bought the Dell XPS 27. I got the specs I wanted at a great price through an Amazon Warehouse deal.

So far the machine works great. The graphics card is a really nice NVIDIA; the brilliant screen is made by Samsung; the chip is one of the new gen Intel i7s. Basically, if you buy a Dell this is the kind of Dell you want to buy: one that's built from parts other, better companies make! All kidding aside, after a troubling experience with a Dell laptop a few years back I said I wouldn't buy another. Glad I didn't keep that promise!
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on January 23, 2016
Purchased this computer recently. It was upgraded to Windows 10 immediately when I received it. Amazingly fast computer and the touch screen is accurate. The screen resolution is very impressive when viewing actual 4K content, 1440 also looks nice also.

It's runs Adobe Creative Suites flawlessly. Games running on it are Total War: Shogun and Skyrim, and its flawless. Not sure about newer games though.

I did have some video card detection issues, but solved it by updating the bios and drivers manually.

Video Card Issues: (solved)

After updating everything that was recommended, the graphics card was not detected. Here's how I fixed the problem.

1. Go to and update.
2. Update BIOS to the latest version (very important)
3. Go to NVidia and download latest drivers. (you can use Dell's available driver on their website, but i'm not sure because I went NVidia directly)
4. The computer should restart multiple times while all of this is going on.

The process worked for me and now it's running my Creative Suites faster than my MacBook Pro with 1TB SSD and 16 GB of ram installed.

Upgrading to a SSD and 16 gb of ram. If you only use it for school, then the stock specs are just fine.
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on October 2, 2013
I share the comments about Windows 8.

I had to return the unit since it would lose my USB 3 add-on hard drive at least once a day.

Hung up a couple of times after updating Windows. and a couple of other times too.

Seemed a little flakey to me like it hadn't been tested enough yet, but that could be Windows 8.

I knew screen would have a lot of glare but wasn't ready for how often the screen needed cleaning from smearing from the touching.
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