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on August 22, 2005
I am an avid coffee drinker, somewhere between 2-4 pots a day. My husband bought this 3-in-1 coffee maker for me for the Christmas of 2004. It has a digital clock/timer, flavor strength switch and makes pretty good coffee. It worked great for a while.

However, after about a year and a half the coffee maker side stopped working, without any warning. I went to get a cup of coffee and the hotplate was cold. After emptying it, cleaning it out and setting it up again, I turned it back on to make another pot.

The hotplate didn't even get warm, and the brewer didn't even make a noise or pull a single drop into the carafe. Even though the espresso and steamer side still works wonders, for the price of this 3-in-1, you would think it would work a bit longer than it has.
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on April 10, 2007
I had originally purchased the Krups version of their fanciest dual machine and it arrived non-functional with a display and buttons that were a little too "Star Trek" for me fact, they didn't function at all. The Delonghi Caffe Nero (so far) has been very straighforward, easy to use, and produces good coffee and espresso. The quality of the coffee is moderate-high and I'm impressed with its strength selection system (a simple knob) and the mechanism by which it brews. No bells or whistles to confuse me. I did think initially that the permanent filter might be difficult to clean but not so far. However, the heat resistant coffee pot has an interesting design and a strange top which snaps on somewhat awkwardly and appears vulnerable to breaking but otherwise I have not found any major flaws with this machine as of yet.

Good coffee, good espresso, easy to use, easy to program for the next day. We'll see...
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on April 17, 2007
Although their coffeemakers do an excellent job of making coffee, DeLonghi WILL USE ANY EXCUSE NOT TO HONOR THE WARRANTY IF ANYTHING GOES WRONG! Here's my experience: When I ordered my coffeemaker from DeLonghi, it was "backordered" and took over a month to ship. A little over 10 months after I received it, the coffeemaker broke! (The heater coil went out and

it would no longer make coffee.) Since it had been over a year since I ORDERED it, they said the one-year warranty was expired, despite the fact I had proof I had received it less than a year before (I still had the shipping confirmation). I explained this numerous times. For a couple of months, the various people I talked to kept telling me they would "look into it", but they never called back. Finally, when it actually WAS over a year since I had received the coffeemaker, when I called to check on the status of my warranty claim, they said, "Your warranty has expired. You've had this coffeemaker over one year. There is nothing we can do." I highly recommend you find a coffeemaker from a manufacturer that stands behind their product! I have a Cuisinart now, and it is WONDERFUL!
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on November 17, 2011
I actually bought a different item from a *bay company, and they sent me this machine by mistake. Told me I could keep it if I wanted it. I chose to keep it.
We don't actually make regular coffee, but only espresso.
So far it's been a good experience (I'm just on day 4 at this point, bear in mind.)
The espresso part is the same as Delonghi's other machines, 15-bar pump, single and double cup with ESE pod option.
Our old machine was a Delonghi that was two years old, that's about all we get out of one because we drink espresso every day, our machine probably makes six a day on average.
This one makes a great espresso, strong and nice crema on top and in fact better than our old machine (but of course it was pretty well shot after two years).
I have not even tried the regular coffee side, but the clock does appear to be working, so perhaps it will work if I ever use it.
Some tips for maintaining an espresso machine (the information below ONLY applies to the ESPRESSO part of the machine, not the regular coffee part):

-at least once or twice a day (depending on how much espresso you make), take a paper towel and fold it a few times and then clean up inside the machine's rim where the pan screws onto to the machine. Coffee tends to get caked in this area, and over time this accumulation will harden like cement if you don't clean it out. That accumulation will also cause the seal to deteriorate over time.
-at least once a week (if you make espresso daily), disassemble the pan and clean out the little holes in it. These will get full of coffee oils over time and block the flow of water, which will put too excess pressure on the pump and possibly destroy it. The best thing I have found for this purpose is using an old toothbrush with a chemical stew known as Greased Lightning: "Greased Lightning Cleaner, 32 oz". Be sure you rinse the pan really well after using this product! Hold the pan screen up to the light to see when you've got the holes clean. Keep brushing until you have them all open.
-Lightly grease the rim of the coffee pan with olive oil about once a day, this makes it easier to insert in the machine.
-Every few months, disassemble the screen filter that's inside the machine where the water comes out (just above where the pan attaches to the machine). Unfortunately this process is best accomplished by draining the machine totally, because you can't see how to get the screen out without the machine being upside down. There is a small screw in the middle of the screen that you have to unscrew (you're gonna need a short-handled screwdriver for this) in order to free the screen. This screen will also clog up with coffee oil over time and overburden the pump if you don't clean it every now and then.
-I use filtered water in my machine, in order to keep the scale buildup down. Also you should run some descaler through the machine periodically, these brands are all pretty much created equal IMHO but here's one: Urnex Dezcal Home Activated Descaler, For Home Coffee & Espresso Equipt., 4 - 1 oz Packets
-having the right grind of coffee is the difference in whether you get good espresso. I used to grind my own, but having gotten lazy, I now use Cafe Bustelo pre-ground coffee. Cafe Bustelo Coffee Espresso, 10-Ounce Bricks (Pack of 4) I've found that this brand is ground such that I can tamp my pan tight and it makes a really good strong coffee with nice crema.
-preheat your cups. You can do this either by filling them with hot water or microwaving them with water in them. Hot cups mean hotter coffee, and that means better espresso. (I've personally never seen a home machine with a cup heater on top that worked worth a darn, by the way.)
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on October 3, 2006
I thought I did enough research before buying this machine but apparently not enough. I was disappointed in 1. the design ( looks rather cheap) and 2. the performance. The coffee maker didn't stop dripping either water or coffee when you pulled out the pot and for the espresso part you need to REHEAT the unit 30 MINUTES prior to use!!! So much about being flexible about having an espresso! If you really enjoy good coffee you need to invest more, unfortunately.
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on July 3, 2008
I went through a few of these within a month of owning it. I received it damaged got a replacement and that one lasted less than a month then another and another and finally one worked for almost a year and that one broke too. You have to ship the unit at your expense every time as well and at 20+ pounds its expensive to ship and my closest place was a 2 hour drive.

it doesnt make quality espresso at all its more like coffee even with premium beans that are ground just before brewing.

Their customer service is useless as well they dont know anything about their units or making espresso.

spend a couple hundred more and purchase a higher quality one that will last.
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on July 15, 2006
On the outside, this is a beautiful machine. Unfortunately, the mechanics don't match. 6 months after my wife and I purchased it, the hinge on the back cover broke. I contacted Delonghi to see if it was covered under the warranty. Of course it was not and I had to purchase a new one. Then, after having it for just over a year, the coffee maker quit completely. I had to take it to one of their authorized repair facilities to get it fixed. I have been without the coffee maker for 1 month now and they still don't know when they will get the parts from Delonghi. I do not drink coffee and my wife drinks maybe 1/2 cup a day. My wife owned a Mr. Coffee that lasted more than 10 years. You would think that with the price of this machine it would have lasted much longer. My recommendation to you is to save your money and buy a Mr. Coffee!
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on April 26, 2013
When I first purchased it the machine ran great and made a great cup of coffee. My husband is very handy and had a difficult time with the espresso, so difficult he gave up. After a few months the machine stopped working and have been emailing the sellers now for a couple of months to have the machine replaced or repaired. After numerous emails of paying the shipping to have the item returned, I paid to have it shipped to the sellers. After a few weeks the machine finally was sent back and now it was damaged during return shipping. Sent a reminder email to the sellers on 3-29-13 and to date have not heard a word (4-26-13) not sure what the holdup you can see I am not being taken care of.....just forgotten. I held off on this email as long as I could but when you don't respond to my emails you leave me no other alternative but to tell my experience which is not good.
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on July 14, 2013
It has it all and does it all... Everything is "okay" and average, nothing works on an exceptional way as expected, unfortunately.

The top dial can make you select how dark or strong you want it but is lacking something else that makes cheaper products taste better.

As an espresso machine the taste stands out and since it can be programmed it's good for that special time for you coffee, whenever it is.

The built quality is nothing more than okay: cheap design and quality, really a chinese product. There's probably something better out there.
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on June 14, 2015
First thing, I am a barista as a profession. I was able to purchase this machine used for $30 specifically to brew espresso, and I enjoy having it. That being said I am shocked that it retails new for $250 - it is not worth it. The espresso brewing part works great, and I am pleased with the results of the espresso (it is a little finicky, but that's true of any traditional espresso machine, so unless you plan on dropping 1k+ on a machine and getting something fully automated, you're going to have a finicky machine.) However the steamer wand is total junk. It doesn't extend far enough from the machine to use a steamer pitcher, so you are stuck trying to steam in the cup. It is extremely slow (takes a few minutes to hit 140 degrees) meaning you get way more froth than desired. It is also plastic and I feel like it will probably break within a few months. The coffee maker works great, but there's really no difference in results between this coffee pot and a $20 mr. Coffee maker. Overall $250 is far too much for a basic coffee pot attached to a decent espresso maker and a terrible steamer.
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