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on January 14, 2014
Fit like a charm, OEM part, with slight modifications though. The old fuel pump module had an external filter, this one had an internal filter. The old fuel pump module had a square looking 4 pin connector. The new one has a new wiring harness included but you will need to cut off the old connector, strip and crimp down the new connector according to the wiring diagram provided with the instructions. It was very easy and very clear. It came with new crimps. The only tools u'll need for the wiring is a wire stripper/crimper, and a heat gun for the heat shrink crimps to make the connections water proof. This is very IMPORTANT to note, it took about an hour to take the camper off my truck bed and unbolt it and lift it up off the truck to get to the fuel tank... this wasn't hard to do, but it is easier than dropping the tank especially when you have to reconnect the fuel and vacuum lines and wiring connectors. However, YOU MUST SCREW in the GROUND which connects to the rear of the chassis before the pump will run. If you are like me and left the truck bed off the truck you will need to make sure the wires in the back, specifically the ground is screwed into the frame otherwise this pump will not get the juice to run. It took an additional 5 hrs for me to figure this out. Also another important note, when you turn the key from off to position 1 you'll hear the pump engage and pressure up for a second. It was very easy to hear this with the old pump. The old pump was a lot louder than this new pump. The new pump you can barely hear it running and engaging in a very quiet garage/basement. Kinda threw me for a loop at first till I pulled the thing out and stuck my head down to the gas tank, then I could hear it working.

***UPDATE*** It's been over a year and one month, fuel pump is still working great!
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on September 15, 2010
For over 2 years we have had problems with our 2000 GMC Sonoma ZR2. We could not keep the truck running whenever it was hot outside, we replaced the fuel pump 3 times with an after market pump from NAPA, we replaced every sensor, fuse, solenoid, computer, if it was on the truck we replaced it. After some more research, going into the heart and soul of the problem, we discovered that the fuel pump from NAPA was not adequate for the type of truck we had. I ordered the DELPHI Electric Fuel Pump, and we have not had ANY problems with the GMC..NONE..We needed a high temp fuel pump and this is the one to buy. If you are looking for a quality product from a quality seller, this is the place to be...Thank you so very much for finally having the product that we needed all along...
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on December 3, 2015
Bought this for my 1999 S10. Install was reasonable. I did have to change one of the electrical connections, but the one I needed was included with the fuel pump. Gotta love buying the same brand item on Amazon for $100 less than I could get it locally, and having it in two days. Count me as a happy customer.
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on August 29, 2012
My 1999 Sonoma fail to start in a parking lot and after checking a few things i noticed i didn't hear my fuel pump buzzing when i turned the key to the on position.
I found the OEM Delphi fuel pump on hear at a much lower price than my local Blue and Gold auto parts store, was priced in the $370 range.

While I waited for the new fuel pump to be delivered I prepped the truck.
I took the truck bed removal option, so I had to remove the 8 bolts that hold the bed to the frame. Had a friend help lift the bed up near the cab and just proper it up with a couple 2x4's.
I couldn't actually remove the bed because there are 2 bolts that the wires are attached to for ground and I couldn't get those bolts out as they were well rusted.

The new pump arrived and upon opening the box I examined all contents and literature. The literature tells you all the improvement they have made to the pump, as it looks a little different from the one that I removed from my tank. Included is a new plug for the electrical connection and directions to show which way to connect the new plug, they even include the necessary wire connectors, all you need is a set of wire cutters/crimpers.

After installing the new electrically connector I dropped in the new pump. I don't remember seeing this any where in the directions but you defiantly new a lubricant on the O ring. I saw a video they said to use a silicone lubricant, I can tell you WD-40 won't work. After you get it seated in the O ring in the tank correctly you just put the retainer clip on to hold the pump in the tank. Hook up all the connections electrical and fuel. Then I tested it out and the truck started right up.

One recommendation i have is to purchase a new fuel tank lock ring, this holds the fuel pump in the tank. Mine was very rusted and practically broke into pieces upon removal.

I have had this installed in my truck for three weeks now with out a single problem and don't expect to have any. I would recommend this to anyone looking to replace their fuel pump.
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on February 15, 2015
Great product, solid Delphi quality as expected. Upgraded wiring which required splicing new harness wiring to old wire. Took 15 minutes to put in. Provided higher fuel pressure and quick starts compared to the aftermarket pump it replaced. Worth the extra $ than others on Amazon, and about the same price as inferior pumps sold at auto parts chains.
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on March 5, 2012
I was told to stay away from Airtex and other third party pumps, but when I saw the 400 dollar price tag for the delphi one at the parts store, I was super annoyed. I found it on Amazon and was a little concerned about ordering such a complicated gizmo from Amazon, but decided to take a chance considering it was 170 dollars cheaper on here. I was not disappointed. Amazon repacked the delphi box into an amazon box and padded it nicely all around. It showed up at my door in perfect condition.

Install was a snap (as far as installing a fuel pump goes) and there were no surprises. The fitment was great, other than the new o-ring being a little fat, so we used the old one which was still very tight as well. The new wiring harness is much better than the original, and as long as you follow the wiring instructions you'll be fine. The only annoyance was my tank had a metal circlip instead of tabs that hold the pump in, so I had to run to the parts store for that.
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on December 16, 2012
This was actually bought for my fathers 1998 4x4 S10 because it had been struggling to start. As other reviewers had stated, there is more of a problem getting to the pump than actually replacing it. The instructions on replacing the pump were extremely helpful. The electrical connection to the new pump is different than the old one so the original wiring harness has to be cut and the included plug has to be connected. Like I stated, the instructions are very detailed and have 4 different possible wiring orientations drawn out. You simply have to match your existing connections to any of the schematics and follow them accordingly. The truck fired right up after the new pump was installed without any issues.
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on February 16, 2014
This pump fit my 1998 Chevrolet S10 ZR2 with little issue. It is always tempting to try and save some money, but going with the OEM replacement is a good idea: especially with a part as important as a fuel pump. I had normally installed fuel pumps, albeit never on this pickup, by dropping the tank. This was mainly due to the fact I had access to a hoist and various other pieces of equipment. For this application however, I opted to lift the box. Instead of taking it all the way off, I removed all bolts but the back two in which I just loosened them up. This allows you to jack the front of the box up similar to a dump truck. You have to be careful not to go to high otherwise the back of the box gets pinched into the bumper causing damage. I did this by myself, but I recommend finding an extra set of hands for this as it will save on you going from underneath the truck and back out a hundred times to make sure everything is OK. Another thing to note is that it is also a good idea to put on a new fuel filter. I sprayed some penetrating oil on those threads so they could soak while I put the new pump in. Once the box is up you can access the pump. Make sure you blow all the dirt and grit off before you start the removal process. Remove the fuel lines, remember where they go, and then the electrical connectors. Knock the retaining ring to its removal locations with a punch or screwdriver and the pump should come out with a small amount of effort. There wasn’t a lot of room with the box up like I had it, but with some ingenuity it worked. I put a dab of dielectric grease on the new pump O-ring and reversed the removal procedure. I also had to put a new connector on the pickup wiring harness. You will need to look at the directions to see how it attaches to your particular vehicle. Although the new pump comes with connectors I chose to solder it on as it makes much better connections. If you choose to do this though, care must be taken to not melt anything or to ignite any residual gas fumes; THIS IS PROBABLY NOT THE PLACE TO USE A TORCH FOR SOLDERING, but rather a soldering iron. I used a piece of tin to solder on and to help keep heat away from the pump. Once soldered I used both electrical tape and wire loom to protect the wires. Then just plug the wires back into the pump, make sure the ground is still good, and reverse the box lifting procedure. Don’t forget to change your fuel filter and you should be good to go.
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on April 1, 2013
I replaced my fuel pump about three years ago with an Airtex pump. It always was making noise. High pitched humming. Well it would not hold pressure after prime so my truck was very hard to start. And my SES light was on due to the lean running condition. I replaced it with the Delphi which is the OEM manufacture. My truck starts good. The SES light turned off. And the pump is very quite.I don't even hear it running during prime. It's the way to go.
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on July 12, 2013
I used this pump on my 2001 s10. I took the bed off for easy change out. I didn't use the connectors they provided because they seemed kind of cheap. I soldered and put heat shrink on the connection and now I know it will never break. One thing all you truck owners should know. If you take the bed off, you have to disconnect the ground to the fuel pump. The ground is directly behind the rear left wheel. This pump wont run without the ground. I had two long days of internet searching to figure that one out. This pump seems to work good for now.
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