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on January 2, 2010
This crib was a lifesaver for us! We live in a small condo and didn't have room for a full-size crib. This was the PERFECT solution. Because it's made of wood, it looks much classier than the other alternatives we considered (which were made of white plastic tubing or were pack-and-plays). It also conforms to all the safety standards for portable cribs.

It was simple to assemble, folds very flat, and can easily roll through doorways. The platform is easy to switch from the upper to the lower position (but this design makes it impossible to put a skirt on the crib unless you are able to sew your own with openings for the levers and the parts of the platform that protrude through the slats). Only one side goes up and down, and it does take two hands to do that... but at 5 feet 5 inches tall I can easily reach in and out without having to raise or lower the side.

It differs from a standard size crib mainly in that it is not as long, so I don't anticipate that our daughter will be able to climb out of it any earlier than she would a standard size crib. We also put my friends' two year old (who is at the 90th percentile for height) into this crib once, and he fit in it just fine.

Like other reviewers, we did buy a two inch portable crib mattress (38 x 24 inches) to replace the thinner mattress that came with the crib. We love the crib so much, however, that this extra expense was no big deal. Of note, two inches is the thickest mattress that is considered safe for this crib.

I don't think this crib would be practical for families looking for something to take in the car on trips, but it's great for those without room for the full-size version or who want something that can be set up and then stored away again quickly (i.e. at Grandma's house).

ADDENDUM 11/2008
At 18 months, our daughter is now 32 inches tall and weighs 27 lbs. She still sleeps just fine in this crib and hasn't climbed out once. Though it's starting to look a little cramped in there for her, she doesn't seem to mind a bit. We were able to hand a Fischer-Price aquarium on one of the short sides for her. We've also taken it to the babysitter's house in the back of our Subaru Outback. We've learned that you have to be careful with the little plastic hook in front because it can scratch the finish if you don't hold it away from the slat as you move it. Overall, we are still thrilled with this purchase and are hoping that it will last us until our daughter is ready for a regular bed.

At 24 months, our daughter was 35 inches tall and weighed 30 lbs. She was starting to look a little cramped in this crib and graduated to a Delta big-girl toddler bed. Baby brother has taken over this crib, and we still love it. Apart from a few scratches, it has held up well.

ADDENDUM 12/2012
I am now using this same crib with my third child, even though we have since moved to a great big house where I would easily have room for a full sized crib. I love this little crib! My second child has always been >97th percentile in height and weight and he slept just fine in this crib up until about 20 months. Never climbed out once. At 20 months he moved to the toddler bed. One comment has asked why we didn't get a full sized crib if we had room for a toddler bed. The answer to that is that we got the toddler bed when we needed the crib for a new baby, and we definitely would not have had room for two full-sized cribs or a full-sized crib and a toddler bed. The flexibility this smaller crib affords is unbeatable in that it's easy to move from beside my bed, to the master closet, to a separate bedroom just by rolling it through the doorways. My mom even made a custom crib skirt that fits on the platform and looks darling.
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on December 28, 2014
Great purchase! Perfect for overnighters at Grandpa & Grandma's! We also took it on a 1300mi Road trip from Tucson, az up to Seattle area and back, it got sun/wind/rain exposure and you can't even tell! Worth the $$
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on October 27, 2015
We turned this mini crib into a sidecar crib even tho it is not a convertible. I removed the one side and the two posts/legs where the casters attach, then hitched it to our platform bed. (Ikea Malm low profile). It is the perfect height to prop on our bed, luckily. We are tying it secure with lashing straps which should be here tomorrow via Amazon Prime, of course. I put a blanket underneath the 4 inch mattress (3 inch mattress plus the 1 inch pad that came with the crib) until we can come up with a better solution to keep the mattresses even. Right now our mattress sits slightly higher than baby's which is fine too--it keeps her from rolling out. We can easily put the crib back together when we have no need to side car but for now, this works so great for us. My almost 4 month old baby slept so well last night!
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on April 18, 2009
First, the CONS:

This crib can be folded into a more compact, stow-away mode so you can store it in a closet or move it from home to home. I do not recommend doing this. The quality of this crib is not that great, and I believe that after about 6 months, the crib would be junk. I just leave it as it is in its normal operating mode and roll it from room to room, as I do not plan on storing it in a closet or moving it from house to house. So, if you plan on folding it up every day or plan on moving it often, I am afraid it will not last more than 6 months. Its just not that good of a crib.

Next, it is made out of particle board, not real wood. The finish looks good, but it can be easily worn off. Again, because of this, I do not recommend folding it into its compact mode. The finish will simply not last long.

Basically, when you put it together and put it in its normal operating mode, leave like that. At least you can roll it around easily.

Some have complained about the mattress pad being to thin for the baby's comfort. I thought that at first, but after my baby was on it a few nights, my fears have diminished greatly.


The price, for what you get, is excellent.

If you are looking for an AFFORDABLE secondary crib you can move around from room to room, this is the crib for you.

If you live in a small apartment, are limited on space (and budget) or simply want a smaller crib, this is the crib for you.

If you are looking for a "temporary" crib and are planning to upgrade later, this is the crib for you.

IF YOU ARE LOOKING FOR A HIGH QUALITY CRIB, THIS IS NOT---REPEAT NOT--THE CRIB FOR YOU. (If you want a real wood crib you can move, buy a $600-$1000 hand crafted crib.)

///////The front gate moves up and down well. It has one full up position and one full down position. (I don't think it has a middle position.) This is the best feature of the crib, for many reasons./////////// The next best feature is that it can be rolled through tight doorways, from room to room, again an excellent feature for many reasons.

I have the cherry wood finish, and I like the look, it looks very good.


After two weeks with the crib, this is what I think.

I really like it. The overall quality of this crib is pretty good for the price. The overall functionality is only fair (read my CONS section). I think you could resell these at a garage sale if you kept them looking good, or at least give them to Habitat for Humanity or some other organization that helps the less fortunate if you want to get rid of it.

The crib's platform where the baby is placed has two levels, down low and up high. I have mine in the up high position and I have never changed it. I have a newborn.

It rolls easily on carpet.

I move it from room to room often. This is very helpful for many many reasons. I move the gate up and down often, this is very helpful when you sleep in bed with this crib next to you with the gate down. The gate is mostly in the down position, as I have a small newborn.

Final thoughts: An excellent secondary crib that rolls and has a sliding gate perfect for newborns or couples with limited space that are on a budget.

UPDATE...............UPDATE..................UPDATE.........FEB. 2011.....

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on June 20, 2010
We had a VERY tight space for our daughter to sleep, and chose this because it fit the measurements. She slept in it until we moved her to her toddler bed -- a full two years. It folds and rolls easily. It has held up remarkably well through 4 moves (though moving that often I wouldn't recommend for other reasons!!). And when the plastic on one castor did break during a move, customer service was extremely helpful and sent me a new set of castors free of charge. Some people commented that sheets are hard to find, but not if you just search online using the mattress measurements (24x38). My only complaint is that the mattress is awful. Just include the price of a new mattress with this purchase -- there are quite a few out there. We did use the regular mattress for our daughter, but I feel awful that we put her through that, and the vinyl around the foam split after all that use anyway. We are purchasing a new mattress before our next baby arrives in a few months, but plan to keep using the crib!
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on November 6, 2008
Shortly after the birth of our second son, our cheap bassinet was recalled. At the same time, our son was ready to progress to a crib, but wasn't quite ready to share a room with his older brother. We wanted to continue to keep our baby in our room until he could sleep through the night, but needed an item with a small foot print.

This crib is compact, assembles, collapses and sets up easily (I, a 5'3" woman assembled it and then carried it up three floors by myself).

The crib bottom can be set at two heights, has a drop-side, collapses in half, and holds up to 45lbs. One thing to note, the crib does not have locking wheels and our 23 month old can easily pull his 7 month old brother around the room with ease.We're presently working on solution to this issue. Most likely we will remove wheels & cover leg ends with felt.

The crib is classical in styling and is sturdily built. We love this crib and kick ourselves for not registering for this instead of the bassinet.

Oh forgot to mention that when the crib is in its highest setting (bassinet), with the drop-side down, the crib can also be used as a changing table.
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on March 18, 2016
I run a child care business and I have two of these in the natural color. I will be buying a 3rd one also. They are really well made! The mattress that comes with it is "ok". You can buy a better mattress for around $30, which is worth it. I have one I did that for and my infants appreciate that. I also added a water proof mattress cover and mini crib sheet to both. Which added cushion and softness. I like that these can be folded flat. These are easier to fold then a pesky pack n play and a lot more comfortable! I even have an expensive Chicco pack n play and it just doesn't do the trick. And full size cribs just take up a lot more room that isn't necessary for infants or even kids under 2. By age 2 all my kiddos sleep on cots easily. I would recommend this for anyone needing a quality crib.
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on March 26, 2016
Crib is nice but the mattress board I received with is is cracked I don't believe it was due to shipment looks as if it was packed damaged ..where's quality control???? You pay descend money and this is what you get ..never again
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on February 15, 2010
I'm not sure about everyone else but other then the occasional trip (and to be fair, if they invited my kid they probably HAVE a portacrib already) most portable cribs I see are permenently set up as a downstairs "put the baby down / napping crib". If that is your purpose, this crib is excellent. Instead of having a bulky nylon and mesh monstronsity smack dab in the middle of your living room, this allows you to have a pretty, streamlined wooden crib, with your baby elevated! The slats allow you to see your sleeping cherub and the higher height and wheels make it easier on your back. I used it as both a downstairs changing table AND crib. Also, we used it exclusively during the day and it was better all around. My daughter was able to nap within easy reach, and I didn't have to constantly run up and down stairs. Add to that having a downstairs crib exposed her to noise (tv, phone, vacuum!) and she learned to sleep through just about anything.

Many reveiwers comment on the "thin" mattress. I'm not certain that's a factor. I think wanting a plush mattress is akin to seeing catfood in commercials served on china. I'm fairly sure the cat doesn't care, and I know for sure my daughter didn't.

The only - only - downside is, you get what you pay for. If you really want this to be "portable" - it's not a great option. It's cheap. And yes, it wouldn't hold more then 35lbs, and as soon as she could jump, she was out. But we LOVED it and I would recommend it as a secondary crib without reservation.
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on November 21, 2013
My wife and I were looking for an inexpensive portable crib. This was one of the few models that had customer reviews posted, although not all positive. However, I figured "better the devil that you know..." and purchased this crib. I was never able to fully assemble the crib. Like another reviewer, my crib arrived with one side with pre-drilled holes that didn't align with the other side. The crib comes with instructions asking the purchaser not to return defective cribs and instead to call Delta's customer service department so that a new part can be shipped. (I guess defective parts are pretty common with Delta). I called and was told that the part was back-ordered for a month. I returned the crib to Amazon and went with another brand and am happy that I did. For a few dollars more I found another portable crib that I think is better quality.
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