Customer Reviews: Her Demonic Angel (Her Angel Romance Series Book 5)
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on January 24, 2015
Felicity Heaton brings everything to the table with her books and then some! Her Demonic Angel is nothing short of emotionally provocative on every level!

I’ve read every release from this author and she only gets better. Ms. Heaton’s unique writing voice pulled me into the story from the opening line and her ability to verbally paint the characters and their journey brought the entire story to life.

In the opening we immediately meet the hero, a fallen angel that is caught as an eternal pawn in the war between Heaven and Hell. Verion is determined and focused on seeking revenge so he can finally move on, but his simple plan has a huge wrench thrown at it in the form of the heroine, Erin.

Trapped in Hell, Erin soon finds herself in the middle if Heaven and Hell’s war in a way no one ever expects and I tip my hat at the author’s creative prowess to interweave all the plot threads to create such a great story. The way the heroine fought for what she wanted, her internal strength and her softer side all came together to form a heroine I could really relate to. I loved her sharp mind and how she always picked herself up and carried on. I also loved how she fell for the hero and him for her. While the author knows how to write fight scenes and action, she also has a wicked ability to crank up the heat and give the reader a rounded sense for the sizzling and steamy!

I also love how we get to see the characters from the other books in the series not just in passing, but in roles that are crucial to the story in a way that in not intrusive. Very well done, indeed.

In closing, the entire series hits all the notes a paranormal romance lover wants from a series and this book follows suit. Verion and Erin’s story is riddled with danger and adventure with a perfect dose of sizzling romance that’s not to be missed!

-Talina Perkins, Review written for Night Owl Reviews 4.5 Stars! Top Pick!
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I absolutely love this author's unique style of telling a story that is riveting and engaging and sucks you right into the story to where you are not sure if you are reading it or living it yourself! Outstanding read!
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on January 2, 2016
I was so disappointed in this series that I stopped reading after the second one. However, I loved Ms. Heaton's other series so much that I revisited the Angel series. After reading just the samples of the next few books (the other books had no storyline so why bother reading the whole thing?) I decided to get this one. I am so pleased to have a book with plot between the sex scenes! I might just keep reading the rest of the series...
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on March 29, 2015
This book was too fiction for fiction and I really couldn't get into this book at all. I was over this book when Erin was kidnapped by the devil and held for the amount of time she was, talked about how bad she smelled. But once Veiron shows up to save her she is thinking about sex! Like there is no way you can go from fearing for you life like really and truly fearing for your life then go to wanting to have sex with this man who saves you. YES! This will happen at some point but not while you both are running for your lives from THE DEVIL! So yeah in my opinion this book was too fiction for fiction, while yes I understand this is a work of fiction but at least give me some sort of reality within the pages even for paranormal.
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on August 10, 2015
who says a demonic angel is all bad?????? well this story proves that a true love can over whelm evil!!!! but you have to read it to find out, lol, i don't want to spoil it for you, but drama, love, understanding and caring can change a life!!!! when everything bad has happened in your life, and you think there is nothing worth fighting ??? out of the ashes????
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on September 6, 2014
If I didn't already LOVE this series The smoking Hot cover would have pulled me in.. I have devoured everything she has written but I have to say I think this is my absolute favorite book!
The chemistry between these 2 is off the charts! they were made for each other!
Felicity Heaton has written another heart pounding Book - there is danger, action and romance!
She is one of my favorite authors, and I devour each of her books and still hunger for more.
I am now looking forward to reading the next book in the series. If you have not read this series yet, I STONGLY recommend it!
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on January 4, 2014
I reiterate, I LOVE this series!! This woman is gifted. She really knows her stuff when it comes to creating a world that you can lose yourself in and envision in your "mind's eye".
The characters are appealing and will take you on an exciting adventure with heart-stopping action and drama. You will enjoy all of the books in this series. It's always best to read them in order, but my suggestion is to pick one that catches your eye, read the synopsis and I guarantee you won't be disappointed. That's how I do it. Of course, that's after Amazon makes suggestions based on my likes. Then I go from there.
When writing a review, I like to focus on the writer's aptitude in character building, creativity and imagination, rather than filling this space with excerpts or "spoilers" from the book. I don't feel the need to give any more away, especially after reading the marvelous and informative synopses that are provided. At times, less is more.
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on March 28, 2013
Usually I find the first book in a series is the best of them all. This is NOT the case with this set. I found they just kept getting better and better each one I read. Every time I finished, and said "Wow this is my new favorite!", it didn't last long. Only until the next book was done and became my new favorite. I truely hope this was not the last addition. I am so dragged in, and hooked, I feel like a crackhead itching for my next fix. And if this is really the last book, I'm never gonna get that same high again! This book was superb, had old favorites (Appollyon, etc.), and showed bad boys need love too. I thought this story was a perfect example of good not always being so good, and bad not always being so bad! Veiron was a fabulous look at a bad boy seeking love he thought himself unworthy of, and usually getting the shaft after every good deed performed. I would have liked to see Erin defend him more to her sister. He didn't deserve that treatment after all he did for Amellia, and she should have been put in her place much more forcefully by Erin as soon as she opened her mouth(the first fit she threw at first meeting on the island). Great Book.........Don't Miss! And no, it was just a descriptive way to explain my connection to this series.........I am Not a crackhead........just a book worm! ;)
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on May 17, 2013
When I was considering picking up these books, there was one reviewer who claimed that each book in this series just kept getting better and better which was one of the reasons why I chose to pick it up. I am SO glad I listened to them! To say that each book is better than the first is pure honest truth. The fifth book is hands down my favorite so far.

All of the books are super steamy. The author won't leave you disappointed in the romance department for sure. But what surprised me was how with each new book, the characters become more and more endearing and the plots (and books) thicken substantially. I also loved how with each new book, the world that F. Heaton has created expands with new colorful intrigues and sinister plots that remain continuous, even if new characters are introduced.

One thing to note, you don't have to read them in order however I would recommend it, simply because the characters from previous books will always turn up in future books to play important supporting roles. I particularly recommend that you read "Her Guardian Angel" before attempting to read this book.

Definitely will continue to read more from this author. Five stars!
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on September 22, 2013
I loved this book! It is darker than her other books in the series as the first part of the novel is set in hell. Erin, sister to Amelia from Her Guardian Angel has been kidnapped by the devil and is imprisioned in hell. She is strong and sassy and refuses to do the devil's bidding inspite of the terrifying consequences.

Veiron is a fallen angel with a heart of ice. He is no longer in the devil's good graces,(explained in her Guardian Angel) and is determined at all costs to destroy him. He runs on vengeance. Amelia and Marcus who are now in hiding convince Veiron to enter hell on last time in a bid to rescue Erin. Reluctantly he agrees.

He finds Erin fiery and beautiful making him burn with hunger and desire. Veiron awakens the darkest desires of Erin's heart. These two have wonderful chemistry. This story is well paced, exciting and passionate. I feel it's her best yet in this series!
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