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on December 29, 2012
These iems take a little longer to burn in, but it sounds amazing. I would label myself an audiophile and I've spent thousands of dollars since my first pair of quality headphones. I dont wanna list my collection of headphones, but let's just say I'm more than fimiliar with brands from Audio Technica (highly underrated), to UltraSone, and, of course, the almighty Sennheiser. I love these iems because they really do sound like super expensive headphones. Granted, $200 isn't exactly cheap, but there are plenty of crazy priced headphones with far inferior features. The bass on these sound like closed over the ear headphones, yet it doesnt have a muddy feel that is commonly associated with closed headphones.

The mids and highs are definitely nice. Not the brightest sounds, but definitely far better than under $100 headphones. Compared to Beats Tour, these iems beat it in every category except price. i feel as though these r made for pop and hiphop music so it is fair to compare these to Beats.

If u dont listen to hip-hop and pop, there are better options like the Yamaha EPH 100 and Phiaton PS 200. However, for the price, u really cant find better bass boosting iems that also have great mids and highs. If comfort is important, then consider Phonak Audeo PFE 122 since they won'tmake your ears numb during extended use. I personally don't have problems with these Denons, but my brother and a friend of mine has complained about ear fatigue.

To conclude, tight+thumping bass and clear mids+highs are the selling points of these in-ear headphones. if u would rather have pure, unadulterated audio, go with the Yamahas. If u want to smoke weed and mellow out to Da Draught 3, get these.
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on April 17, 2014
Build Quality:
I was slightly disappointed with the build quality of these. They have an MSRP of $220, and in my opinion these don't feel like they're worth that much. The materials used are almost entirely plastic. The C300's are really big compared to other IEM's. The cable is fairly good, but its thin and tangles quite a lot. The jack, however, is really sturdy and is right-angled. Very high quality. I very much prefer this over a straight jack as this one is harder to pull off and feels safer when its in your pocket.

This is the main drawback of this IEM. The fit is really hard to get right. I mainly purchased this headphone for running and working out. They serve this purpose well, but there's problems. You will spend hours trying to adjust it to fit your ears correctly. Technically, it is possible to just put them on without a good fit, but this vastly changes the bass. Without a proper fit, the bass is very weak. Get it right, however, and you have one of the bassiest IEM's on the market. The fit really depends on your ear size and shape. I have average sized ears and the fit is a problem to me.

I'm new to IEM's (this is actually my first quality pair of in-ears) so take my words with a grain of salt. The isolation on these is fairly good, when you get the fit right. Nothing too special for an IEM, but i still wish it would block out more noise as i mainly use these outside in a busy area.

Comfort on these is good when you remove the wings. But when the wings are on, they will cause discomfort after about half an hour or so of use. Taking the wings out, though, will decrease your chance of getting a good fit. Without the wings, I'd say these are good for about 2 hours of use without any discomfort.

-Overall sound signature:
I wouldn't say that these are V shaped. These have more of a U shaped sound signature. The mids are not recessed (except lower mids which ill get to in a moment), the treble is a bit boosted, and the bass is the most prominent of the three. If you like EDM, these are the headphones for you. Look no further.

-Across the spectrum:
The bass on these is hard-hitting, impactful, and digs down to the deepest octawaves.Bass quantity is almost equal to that of the XB500, the Denons have very slightly less bass though. They have just as much bass as the M-Audio Q40, though these have more midbass and the Q40's have more upperbass. The bass remains tight and strong. What i noticed is that these often make not-so-bassy songs sound bassy, while others 'phones like the HA-S500 and Q40 represent them as normal (for lack a better word). Subbass on the Denons reaches very low. Im not very good with frequencies but I'd say it easily hits 25-30hz. Midbass is what impressed me the most on these. Hardstyle Trance, Techno, sounds awesome on these (especially hardstyle). Upper bass is the least boosted part of the low frequencies.

The midrange on these is a mixbag. The lower mids are weak and lack authority. Male vocals sound thin and thats because they lack weight.Moving up the central mids these are fairly good. Stringed instruments, painos, violins, etc sound great. The Upper mids are the best part of the midrange. These really shine here. Female vocals sound wonderful. I don't know what Denon did but female vocals sound excellent here. There is no recession in the midrange (except for the lower mids, and thats very slight).

Treble is slightly boosted here, but nothing you have to worry about. The treble is smooth and doesn't pierce your ears. This also helps the details come out a bit more. No odd peaks and spikes here.

Level of detail is surprisingly good. I haven't noticed anything i haven't heard before, but these are able to produce nearly the same level of detail i get out of my dt880's. Crazy, right?

Also quite good considering this is an IEM. But since this has dual drivers, the soundstage is great. Its not as wide as an open headphone, but it is wide. The imaging is also more than satisfactory.

Build: 5/10
Comfort: 7/10
Fit: 3.5/10
Isolation: 8.5/10
Sound: 9.2/10


Basshead Approved.
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on February 21, 2014
Just want to say besides my pair of Westone 2 these have got to be the best sounding ear buds I've ever owned. I received them as a gift from my wife who always tries her best at gifts... I was afraid they were going to sound like Monster, you know, "All Bass and No Beats"(well, that's what I like to say anyway) and was going to upset my wife by never using them. I was thrilled when I popped them in and turned them on. Its got bass and a lot of it, but in no way is it overpowering! The High's are crisp and the Mid's have plenty of depth(yes, I know, they're ear buds, but what depth exists is still really good). They all seem to blend almost perfectly with the bass standing out a little of course. They fit in your ears very comfortably and secure which I find amazing considering the massive size of these things. Wearing them for very long periods may start to cause a little discomfort due to the shear mass of them trying to fall out of your ears, but being securely locked in at the same time. Now going into the things I'm not a big fan of.... First off, like many others have quoted, these puppies are Huge and honestly, look very goofy(being married with two small kids I don't really care about the goofiness factor, but some of the younger generation might want to take this into consideration) which I'm fine with, however the size will get in the way if you felt like even remotely resting your head on or even close to something...a tug or pull on the cords is all you need to give a pressure point or pinch somewhere in your ear. Stating that, if you are just sitting around, walking, doing yard/house work, or even jogging these will rest comfortably, just no resting of your head...meaning, I probably wouldn't recommend them for travelers, as we tend to nod off(been there, it was a rude awakening). My biggest compliant(which maybe if they didn't have would reduce the size) is the very, very stupid audio controller built into the right ear bud for basic audio control and phone answering. This sounds like a great idea, being able to answer a call, skip a song, pause something, adjust volume, but it just doesn't work for me, seems like it works for other, but I just can't get the hang of it. It's a single button in which you push either Center/Left/Right/Up/Down for commands; first off, it hurts like hell when you push it because it rams the bud into my ear giving me a pinch or pressure point and I can't seem to work the button because of its small size(I tried working it once when I was jogging and never do it again-long story short, I lost concentration trying to figure this thing out and ran into a tree) and I have normal, if not smaller sized hands. I do like that the micro-phone is in the ear bud; that is kinda cool. I am very happy with the product though, please note I'm only taking one star off for the size and controller... the sound is Five Stars all the way, something you'd find in the price range of ear buds hitting the $300 mark no problem. Basically, if you are un-cool and do not sleep in your ear buds then these are a no-brainer best buy...
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on October 3, 2013
I really wanted to like these. The sound is fantastic and the mic built into the headphone was crystal clear. The bass is everything they claim it is and not muddy and overpowering like the bass from beats. The construction quality says: "built to last" and the cable is tangle free and smooth to the touch. Very, nice cable IMHO. Still, there are some major problems with these earphones and these problem outweigh all the pluses in my opinion.
1. These earbuds are huge. They are bigger than they appear in the pictures. I could live with this if they felt light weight enough that I wasn't constantly aware of the bulky mechanism sticking out of my ears but that just wasn't the case. I felt them constantly and they stick out enough that you look like some sixties sci-if creature.

2. This may not me the case for you but I fear it will be true for most people : ear fatigue. I'm not sure if it was the bulk of these weighing down my ear and the wings to keep them in place crushing my ear cartilage or if it was that none of the wings or tips were right for me but a day later my ears still ache. I found a wing(the fin like things that keep them in place) plus tip combo that gave a secure fit and felt good for about an hour or so but after that pain crept in and I had to take them out.

Btw: I tried other combinations and other tips I had that worked with other earphones and I just couldn't get these not to hurt my ears after an hour or so of listening. They are huge and I think that's the problem. They are a marvel of sound and innovative design though. The volume is on a wheel on the right ear. The mic is built into the right ear. The bass and soundstage sound great but they should have been over the ear headphones because the tech just isn't small enough yet. They are currently painful. They sound great but they hurt and stick out of your ear quite a bit. If you are into a few hours of pain for and hour of pleasure they might be for you though.
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on March 29, 2014
For around $80, this is a very good set of headphones. The bass sounds great, as advertised, and they are comfortable despite their size.

I did not like them so much right out of the box, though. If you purchase these, I would suggest taking off the ear stabilizers that are meant to rest in the inner bowl of your ears. With the stabilizers on, the ear tips don't go deep enough in the ear canal for a proper seal, causing the sound to be weak.

I was worried about taking the stabilizers off, thinking the ear phones would not stay in place very well since they are so big. They actually stay in really well, however, because they are light weight and the tips are angled to match the contours of your ears. I have a pair of Soul by Ludacris SL99's, which are comparable in size, and these Denon's fit so much better. The drivers on the Soul's tend to rest on the bottom of my outer ear, causing the tips to put awkward pressure in my inner ear. They also fall out way too easily. These Denon's don't do that. They stay in place and I can wear them for hours at a time without any problems.

These Denon's come with a great selection of ear tips. I like the Comply foam tips the best, but the double silicon tips are also good. The cord is also nice. It is a little longer than I prefer, but it is sturdy and doesn't tangle easily.

These headphones do need a considerable amount of time to burn in. At first, the highs sounded really harsh, which is bad for vocals and guitars. After a burn for about 50 hours, then using them for a month, they sound much better. I use an EQ app on my phone and turn down the high sounds a little, and that makes them sound fantastic.

Overall, a great set of headphones. I gave them 4 stars instead of 5 because they need some modifications to sound great, such as removing the stabilizers and using an EQ app. Also, because of their size, they are not as portable as other headsets I own. The case is huge and doesn't fit nicely in my pocket like I hoped. Despite these minor issues, they are great.
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on August 10, 2014
This ear phone is actually the BEST earphone I've ever had, good balance between high mid low, and I can hear the detail very well, great build quality, the switch is solid, I had burn-in the earphone and I SERIOUSLY LOVE THE SOUND come out from it!!! Microphone is a bit quiet, and call others in public looks quiet silly, but not a problem for me at all.

Only downside, is that it's too big and hard to wear on, say if you wake up and go on bus, you need approx. 1 and half minutes to actually get it on in position, which is way to silly.(get it on is quiet simple, but in order to achieve perfect sound you have to put it in position, which is freaking hard).
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on July 16, 2014
Great headphones, especially for ~$90, they are a steal. By far my favorite pair I have owned from a high-end Shure (not sure which model it was a long time ago, and unfortunately they broke..) to Sennheier IE80 to various cheaper earbuds. They are bass heavy (which I greatly enjoy) but not overpowering and have a good spread of frequencies, not just that abrasive thumping low. The mids and highs come in nicely too.

Add in a signal processing/EQ app (I use DFX audio enhancer for my PC), and you have a great experience for PC listening, as it can provide more power to your ear buds than say an iPod. They work well with my iPhone as well, although any mobile music player can only do so much. The headphones have a wider spectrum of frequencies it can reproduce than most headphones you will get, giving your music more life and a better sound stage. They are colored for that more electronic high energy music, not surprising given the name, but rap and rock sound just as wonderful. For me, I need no other earphones.

My advice is to buy some some quality foam tips (Comply Tx-400 Isolation PLUS Earphone Tips (Black, 3 Pairs, Medium, is what I use) as the seal between your ear and the drivers is what brings in the bass and helps all the frequencies fit together. With these tips, the music is immerse and will block out EVERYTHING around you. People have yelled at me from 10ft away, and I can barely hear them. Great for before you go to sleep in a dark room. Remember, ear bud fit, the music player/EQ, and bit rate/file type are just as important as the physical ear buds. If you have low quality files or a bad ear bud fit, there is not much difference between these or a cheaper pair. Together with the DFX app and the ear bud tips, it is the best music listening experience I have had; I can actually just get lost in the music and all the intricate little details that I couldn't hear before.

They are comfortable for me as well and stay in well, even when sweating and moving; which is very important for me. They are plastic, but seem to hold up well, even working outdoors and intensive physical exercise. The cable is relatively thick and sturdy, which is a plus; no cracks, tangling, twisting. They come with a wide variety of silicon and foam tips of varying sizes and pliability, you should find something that works. The provided tips worked well for me, the ones I got just work even better.

The only cons I have had is that the wire near the connector has broken on a previous pair, but I bought another pair as I loved it so much, and other ones didn't compare. This could also be due to the fact that I run with them regularly and had them catch on doorknobs frequently, which violently rips them out of the iPhone port; not good for the wires. The other con is that they may stick out of your ear a little too obviously for some people, but I haven't had an issue with it. They are slightly weightier/larger than most in ear buds, but that is how you get that nice bass response. I don't need to use the included ear stabilizer things, (the curved rubber protruding above the tips) even when doing sprints and sweating; my ears are average sized too, so most people should be able to handle it just fine.

BOTTOM LINE: for the price I haven't found a pair worth buying over these. They make my runs amazing and let me get into focus mode for studying.
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on January 21, 2014
I may have got a defective pair. I returned my pair because there was absolutely NO bass whatsoever. My free ear buds with my iPhone sounded 100% better than the Denon pair I received. I really wanted to love these earbuds. I would guess that I just got a bad pair.
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on August 5, 2014
Nice sounding bass in these earbuds. Bigger than I anticipated. I'm wearing mine upside and put the wire over my ear to hold them in place. Downloading the Denon Club App for Android was a waste of time. It caused more problems than helped with Denon's Mini-Control Wheel. If you're shopping for Android compatible earbuds with volume control, these are not for you.
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on January 9, 2014
It has clear, great sound and powerful bass. I think it is one of best headphones under $100. However, the big size and the weight make it not easy to fit well. It looks like Shrek's cerumen when I wear it.
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