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on April 1, 2013
The bass is really pumped which some people dont like highs are crisp and clear, mids are slightly recessed, but not bad. Overall good sound, obviously not balaced as they are quite bass heavy
I dont understand these people saying the controls are complicated its a dial you turn one way for louder and the other way for quieter push to pause maybe the track skipping controls are a little confusing but its no different than a in line mic just easyer to reach. I like the dial a lot better than a in line mic, i had headphones with a in line mic for 6 months now and first time i used the dial it was easier than the in line mic. 10/10
Very comfortable earpads thick and plush, headband couldve used some more padding tho. They are rather heavy if that bothers you. So far the longest ive worn them is around 4 hours and forgot i was wearing them. 9/10
This is the only area that i find lacking. They dont fold which is a smallish problem, my main complaint here is they dont have a hard case instead they come with a enormous bag (10x10 inches) that i am terrified to carry in my backpack for fear of them getting squashed. It also has no pockets so your cables are free to float around scratching your headphones. 3/10
not that i care, but for those of you who do these look sick. If for some reason you dont like the light you can turn it off.
Up to 12 hours battery, not always 12 hours even if the music is blasting and the light is on. I charged these overnight and with the light off and music at half volume i got around 14 hours. I also like that you dont have to buy batterys.10/10
these come with a 3 foot cable, charging cord, and soft carrying case. i would have liked a hard case and another longer cable, but overall satisfied here
Noise cancelling:
No active noise cancelling, but they do keep out noise pretty well. I used these on the bus and didnt hear anything besides the music which was at half volume.
All number reviews are based on what i expect for the price
Tell me if i missed anything
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VINE VOICEon October 25, 2012
Product Packaging: Standard PackagingVine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
As a matter of disclosure, this part time audiophile "got lucky", receiving these headphones for review via the Amazon Vine program.

For comparison, this reviewer owns Sennheiser HD595, Bose QC Series 2's, Razer Carcharias (gaming headset), Audio Technica AT-M50, and recently reviewed the Denon AH-D600 . Additionally, Shure E-3c, Shure SE-215 and Shure E-425 earphones are used. Personal tastes range from a variety of music including ambient-electronic and/or beat oriented electronic, harder industrial rock, garage and noise bands, a variety of alt-folk-country-indie and corporate rock.

Appearance. The AH-400 is packaged luxuriously in a sturdy and attractive box with the headphones presented on a molded satin bed. The headphones themselves are a mix of metal and plastic with predominating black and blue plastic on outer surfaces. Overall appearance is fairly compact, but not foldable. When the amp is running a soothing blue light is present on the outside of each earpiece. During charging this light changes to pulsating red light. This light can be turned off if desired. The ear piece against your head and covering your ear is composed of soft and comfortable leather. The detachable cord is standard plastic, 3 feet, and short since the form is functional for those using portable devices.

Accessories. The AH-D400 comes with that single primary cord, a jack adaptor, and a USB cable that terminates in a mini USB for charging. A foldable Denon branded carry pack made of sturdy black Cordura material outside and a bright blue zipper and similarly colored soft microseude inside is provided for transport protection.

The internal rechargeable battery is charged via USB. It took about 4 hours for an initial charge, and then that charge lasted well over 8 hours of continuous run time. This battery runs the internal amp. If the rechargeable batteries run down, they can still be used without the amp on, unlike some other products always requiring power. These headphones do not have any active noise reduction.

This Denon headphone contains a microphone for smart phone use--a feature that was not tested. Additionally, the outer dial on one earphone can act as a controller for music controls, with a skip forward and back.

The Advantage and Marketing: The advantage that Denon has actively marketed is the built in amp. They call it a bass boost. To this user it sounds and performs like an amp. This addition is perfect for portable users who may use or want to use an external amp like a Fiio, but do not want to carry another bit of equipment around.

Comfort. The soft leather surrounding the ample and large earphones is super comfortable. The tension of the headphones holds them to your head without being tight while providing good isolation from outside noises. Noise isolation is passive so you can still hear subdued external noise, and based on listening, unsuitable for air travel isolation. Long term listening has been pleasant and comfortable.

Sound quality, upon initial listening instantly draws you in with strong but subtle bass, balanced through the middle and upper frequencies. When the amp is on, everything sounds louder and the bass while seeming more punchy is probably just louder. With the amp off, things still sound clean, just not as loud or with quite the horsepower that the amp obviously provides.

The AH-D400 are not as smooth sounding as the larger and more expensive brother the AH-D600 and may sound muddy if switching from one to the other in the middle of a listening session. This character is evident in the middle frequencies. If pressed on the bass side, the AH-D400 may sound slightly better than the AH-D600 (probably exactly what Denon engineered and has marketed). The built in amp is the key point that may drive people to the AH-D400. This reviewer likes the short cord for portable listening.

Summing it up. The Denon AH-D400 provides good sound quality for short and longer term listening and comes recommended for this price point. The built in amp is a huge benefit for those desiring it.

Overall sound...4
Noise isolation ...4
Sound leakage (no leakage)...5
Use without an amp (efficiency)...4.5
Use with amp...5
Price to value estimate...4
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on March 12, 2014
All the bad reviews can shove it. Anyone who didn't pay more than $200 and are complaining should be forced to return them for being so ungrateful to have gotten such a great deal. These sound amazing and I swear I'm returning my one week old dre studios tommorow. The bass is there but not over whelming. Just try them PLEASE!!!!
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on July 14, 2014
I admit that the primary reason for purchasing these headphones was that I loved the idea of getting a $450 product for $100. However, I did a lot of research since – to me at least – a $100 is still a lot of money to pay for headphones. The most I've paid in the past was $30. However, my last pair, Skullcandys, were uncomfortable, even though I was pleased with the quality of sound. So comfort was a primary concern for me. I read all the reviews here on Amazon, and elsewhere before purchasing the Denon, so I will address what others said was true.

Sound quality - I don't have an Apple device, so the wheel options don't really apply to me. But I check them out on my son's Ipad and found that they would be a nice feature to have if you owned such devices. I primarily listen to headphones throughout the day as I work on my laptop. I almost exclusively listen to electronica music, everything from new age space music to Tiesto-type progressive music. I stream almost all my music off of SiriusXm and Pandora. Personally, I found that these headphones are not much different than any $20 headphones. Sure, there a little more richer – but not $400 worth. Let's face it though, I'm 50 something and my range of frequencies that I hear are a fraction of what these headphones claim to produce. I found the reviews about the bass to translate more into what I would call noise. These are LOUD headphones. I have to turn the volume on my laptop to about 20% without the amp on. With the amp I can barely stand it. And I did not like the fact that I had to charge my headphones (I barely remember to charge my cellphone when I need it), so I'm glad they sound just fine without the amp. Where the amp really does add to the listening experience is while watching movies. In my opinion, the amp makes it sound like you are in the movie theater (minus the surround sound experience). So if movies are your thing - you will be very pleased.

Comfort -this was the primary reason I bought these. Unfortunately, although better than my Skullcandys, I've had $20 headphones that were more comfortable. The over the ear pads are great, but the headband puts all the weight and pressure on one spot on top on my head, and that is annoying. I guess you can't beat the leather strap types with the bar suspended over your head such as the AKG Pro Audio K271s, the other ones I was tempted to buy. The problem with those are the reviews that claim they break easier. If the Denon had more padding under the headband, it might feel better.

Misc. - someone complained about the high pitch whine if you plug them into the computer to charge as you also used them to listen. I found that was true. Weight – they don't seem any heavier than any other brand I've owned. Maybe a little, but I'd rather have durability. The switch for the amp isn't that hard to find with your fingers to flip it while on your head. I can still hear what others are saying to me while I have them on. They do seem to insulate your listening pleasure a bit more than regular headphones, but they aren't like the ones I heard at the Apple store. The packaging – this was the nicest box I've ever received any item in. Truly, the unboxing was a pleasure (but I still rather they knock off a few bucks instead).

Conclusion – if this is typical of $400 headphones and you've always wonder what you're missing, it isn't much. I would have felt really jipped if I paid full price, or even half price for these. I do wonder if the other $120 headphones are any better. This is one of those situations where buying online may not be the best way to go. If I had a chance to actually listen to each one, I may have made a wiser choice. But as long as I can tolerate that pressure point on my head, I will be satisfied with these.
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The manufacturer commented on the review below
VINE VOICEon September 26, 2012
These headphones are a new experience for me. They feature Denon's "Illuminated Control Wheel" to control your iPhone, iPod or iPad. They won't control other devices, according to Denon's instructions. There are no controls on the cord that connects the headphones to the ear pieces. You turn a nob on the right earpiece clockwise or counter clockwise to adjust the volume. To play, you push the button, to go forward you press the button twice, to skip you press and hold the button and you press twice to go forward. The left earpiece has an integrated microphone, which works well. For this mechanism to work, you have to charge the phone by plugging them into computer's USB port using a special cable supplied with headphones. The headphones also have an on/off switch and an LED to tell you when they are charged.

The headphones will work to listen to music even if they are not charged but in the actions of a charge you won't be able to use the controls from the earpiece. I found this all rather complicated. Having controls on the cord is so much simpler and obviates the need to charge the headphones.

Denon advertises that these headphones have powerful bass and I agree. It is way too powerful for my liking. But that's a very personal, others might really like the heavy bass. I have also reviewed the Denon AH-D600 and I think the AH-D600s sound much better. And the controls on the AH-D600s are straightforward and no charging is required. Like the AH-D600s, the AH-D400s, come in a box that is almost too nice to open. They would make a wonderful gift. However, the complication of the controls and the sound are not to my liking. On the other hand, they are very comfortable. Denon is a great company and I like what they do generally but just not in this instance.
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The manufacturer commented on this review (What's this?)
Hi David,

We apologize for the issues you've been having with the Urban Raver Headphones. We wanted to explain a few things that might not have been clear and we apologize for that!

You don't actually need to have the headphones charged to use the microphone. The headphones have a built-in amp and to use it you need to have the headphones charged.

I know you mentioned you thought these headphones had too much bass for you. The great news is these headphones actually have two sound signatures: with the amp on/switch turned on you experience a bone-jarring accentuated bass curve but turn the amp off and the bass gets less intense.

At Denon, we strive to provide best in class products and service. Since the introduction of our lifestyle line of headphones we are consistently evaluating new concepts, technologies and listening to our customers' feedback. We wanted to let you know that we appreciate your feedback and will keep it in mind when developing future products.

Thanks & have a great day!
on July 19, 2014
First thing to clarify, I'm not an audiophile and I can't give too much in depth reviews. But I am giving review as a casual user. I owned Denon AH-C300 which is pretty much a smaller version of this Denon AH-D400. I also have Beats by Dr.Dre Beats Studio.

Pros :
- Light weight
- Nice and trendy design
- Illuminating LED ring on the headphone is cool
- Built-in amplifier
- Built-in rechargeable battery via USB to Micro USB cable
- Great bass and sound quality (Very great BASS)
- Great for Trance, Rock, and quite fun with Modern Pop
- Detachable cable
- Premium packaging and accessories
- Very comfortable and soft ear cups

Cons :
- Very plastic but still solid
- Not very nice with acoustic music, too bassy
- Inline-control for volume is only for iOS devices
- Noise isolation is not very good

Let's start things out from the box. The packaging is seriously very premium from outside into inside. The headphone and all the accessories are packed inside a hard cover box. Everything is packed nicely in there and the accessories in the package is pretty good with a carrying pouch and a karabiner same as the Denon AH-C300. I am very happy with the whole unboxing experience.

The design of the Denon AH-D400 is pretty trendy and cool. However, design is a very subjective matter and it can be vary from different users. But the material used to build it is quite plasticky eventhough it feels solid. The only downside I think about the design is the signature dial controls on both side of the headphone. The knobs are a little too "outstanding" and I think it makes the headphone looks a little bulky. Eventhough I said looks bulky, the headphone feels pretty light. I guess it's because of the material used to build it.

The Denon AH-D400 feels very comfortable to wear even for several hours of continuous listening to music. The ear cups are made of memory foam and it is very soft and comfortable. Besides, the ear cups are big enough to cover your ears inside them which fits nicely and comfortably. The top of the headband is also made of some sort of cushion material and it rest nicely above your head.

The Denon AH-D400 is not label as "A Bone-Jarring, Brutally-Powerful Bass Experience" for nothing. The bass produced by the headphone is seriously very powerful and very suitable for bass-head, just like me. With the 50mm dual dynamic drivers equipped, the volume and bass is very good. In addition, the built-in amplifier not only adding in volume, it makes songs clearer and the bass much punchier. The sound of background instruments are clearer and the atmospheric sounds better and wider. Music such as trance and rock become much more fun with the bass produced by the Denon AH-D400. Compared to my AH-C300, this is like a big brother. Both almost the same, produce great bass and great sound quality. But I would prefer AH-C300 more as the bass is punchier and the volume produced more.

Well, let's wrap it up. Overall, the Denon AH-D400 is almost the same as AH-C300 but with much clearer sound while AH-C300 has much punchier bass. The Denon AH-D400 is a great and fun headphone to listen to but definitely not for purist because of the enhanced bass. As for bass-head, remember to check this out because the bass is really awesome. I am not very sure to compare this with the V-Moda Crossfade M-100 that is also well-known for bass but this is definitely better than Beats Studio that I owned. Both price and sound performance is better. However, for the build quality, it is a little bit of let down but it can be forgiven as the sound performance is great.
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on February 26, 2014
Snug fit comfortable to fall asleep with ("sleep aid" accoutrements), blocks out ambient noise effectively and well placed controls makes in-bed use easier.

It is not wise to make purchasing decisions of headphones relying on online reviews in cases front-end hardware and software differ significantly in quality, the ultimate determinant of the performances electromechanical transducers.

With the equipment used (CD Transport, DAC, & Digital Preamp, miscellaneous shielded audio cables), there has been neither a lack of quality signal nor power to drive these Denon headphones yielding breathtaking results albeit sonically different from others tried in the past. The onboard amp was powered but found unnecessary and excessive so biased opinions are unwarranted.

The claims of excessive bass have been found to be exaggerated (as perceived from the reviews) in the passive mode. While the sub-bass to lower frequencies have profound presence - benefitting percussion instruments including the lower registers of grand pianos, and of course both stand-up and electric bass offered richly but controlled without dominance), midrange is not obscured; the treble though not hot, retains detail without sibilants. All this within a deep but tight soundscape (similar to attaching a cone on the face) yielding fluid, smooth and punchy power especially at low volumes where the unit excels.

For the price paid, the Denon AH-D400 headphones exceed expectations (still burning them in) and so far leads in this best bargain category in the performance, ease of use, comfort and looks versus price.

Phenomenal sound and jaw vibrating "oomph" on tap complemented by a rich texture offering at sane volumes.
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on February 2, 2014
I believe this can beat the Vmoda M100, Beats Studio(old), Sony xb1000, X10, UE6000.

You will need to use the graphic equalizer to bring high frequencies a little better, I also used it with Fiio e17. I heave never heared better bass that this. The only close competition IMO is monster inspiration but the bass on denon is more boomier and if you amp it wth E17 you can easily blow your eardrum and damage it. Beats studio is aso very good. I believe the bassheads should have all this headphone, Studio, inspiration and D400. The only problem is that this is more heavier that the other 2. Beats studio old model is really light.
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on February 16, 2014
I like that the box feels premium when you unbox the product. The cable that charges the headphones is thicker than my galaxy s3 charger but a little shorter and it aslo sr ass in better. The audio cable is tangle proof and when you sit it down it goes back to round shape the way it came every time! The case is also pretty nice! The sound doesn't distort although is not the clearest by any means but if your coming from beats then you will appreciate it. I came from the ath m50s which I still have. These headphones are made for bass heavy music only! Can work with other genres too but won't be as enjoyable. Dubstep, electronica, pop, rap, hip hop, oh yes and trance is amazing on these! The headphones are very plastic feeling and a little cheap but I know its not. Headphones are comfortable and full of cushion. I wish the headband had more padding on it and was big like the m50s or beats. For android the right button when pressed pause/play, goes to next track when pressed twice on the three presses goes back to previous song. All other features aren't working with android such as volume which is sucks but oh well. Enough for me. In my opinion these headphones are worth $300 not 450. So good thing I got them on sell! I get a lot of looks when I have these on. So I guess they look cool. I think they look awesome if that matters. Amazon's one day shipping was quick and delivered by ups! For the reason you buy these headphones is for bass so I gave e them 5 stars.
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on December 30, 2013
Found these here on Amazon for what appeared to be a reasonable price- Reviews around the interwebs were questionable regarding the performance of these things. My findings are-

1) Packaged beautifully
2) Built in amp- definitely worth it- charged up and ready to go in a few hours
3) Coupled to my iPhone- WOW- face rattling bass and face melting highs and mids- Rap to metal= awesome
4) Amp battery life is pretty good- I got about 8 hours of 80% volume listening enjoyment out of them

1) You sort of look like a tool sitting there with gigantic headphones that light up- these things are huge- You can turn off the light(s)
2) Like I said- these are big and heavy
3) Only iPhone integration with dials and buttons on headphones- No problem for me- But sure to irritate other smart phone users

Bottom Line-

I love them as they are a reasonably priced alternative to Beats Studio that IMO sound better. Looks- not so much.
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