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98 of 114 people found the following review helpful
on October 10, 2013
Since approximately 1 year ago I decided to start an expensive (but worthy in my mind) comparison of AV Receivers in my home. There is no other comparison giving better results: you must be in your home, same room, same speakers, same connected equipment.
I was coming from a Denon AVR-3312ci, very nice performer to tell the truth, and I just wanted to check if it was as good as I thought it was by comparing it to other non-Denon models.
I went first with an Onkyo 818: even nicer than the Denon 3312, which in fact I sold about a month after having tested the Onkyo side by side. Not sure if it is all in Audyssey XT32 as most audio-geeks would say on AVS Forum (I have my doubts: since when amplification does not count a dime???), but indeed the Onkyo performed better expecially with movies, with a much more intelligible dialogue, more impacting and also better distributed bass. Then guess what, the Onkyo died on me for the infamous HDMI board issue. Replaced by the manufacturer with an TX-NR828 (disappointing, definitely a downgrade from the 818) and later with a TX-NR929 (this excellent). While the 818 was on repair for 3 months I tried Pioneer (SC-1227K, same as SC-1222K in the US), Marantz 5008, Harman Kardon 2700 and 3700 and finally landed on this Denon x4000.
This Denon represents for me the middle ground between the Harman Kardon "warm" sound and the Pioneer "cold/clinical sound. The Marantz is somehow close but I can hear some more details in the highs with the Denon (note that the Marantz has a lower version of Audyssey, so not exactly a fair comparison between the 2), which is also evidently more powerful with a lot of reserve to drive my Energy RC-70/10 speaker set. The Onkyo 929 is a very worthy contender. Possibly a stronger performer on movies and with bass in general, but its sound appears to me quite a bit "drier", for lack of better terms (Neutral? Flat?) than the Denon. The Onkyo remains a better performer for action movies, I could tell that it is designed to be a very home-theater oriented receiver, while I believe Denon designers had the goal to deliver the best all-around receiver in the category.
With this Denon you cannot overlap tone control (independent Bass/treble tuning) when Audyssey is engaged, with the Onkyo you can and I think this is a worthy feature that I will miss.
What I love of the Denon is the ability to remember all the previous sound settings for each input, while with the Onkyo you have to re-set something (or nearly everything) everytime you switch. Both units have a great remote. I like better the GUI of the Denon and also its Android app vs. Onkyo's ones.
It also works very well with my Harmony Smart remote (most do but the Harman was a pain).
Overall I think that I have found "the one" in this model. It is indeed the best balance between music and movies performance, absolutely defects free (mine is even a refurbished unit), powerful enough and not clinical sounding like some receiver nowadays can be.
The Harman Kardon 2700/3700 are very worthy contenders for music listening, sounding IMHO closer to a vintage amplifier (more so than the Marantz) but not nearly as powerful as the Denon. The Onkyo 929 is the one to beat for movies (especially action movies) and also comes with Bluetooth and WiFi (I do not care for any of those, but you might), albeit without Airplay (I am an Android user, so I could not care less) and in particular with a more neutral/flat sound which can be perceived dry by some (like myself) or perhaps more appropriate by music purists/audiophiles (something certainly I am not). It is also more expensive than the Denon but you get also 2 more amplified channels being a 9.1 receiver.
I am not sure whether I'd have come to the same conclusions with another speakers set, so please take this review as just a personal experience. Also noteworthy, I tested them all with acoustic jazz, flamenco and some downtempo electronica CDs or FLAC files through a WD TV Live media streamer. If I were listening mostly rock or hip-hop perhaps I would have had another pick in this bunch.

I have now owned this refurbished unit for one year now. I have experienced ZERO issues. I thought this was worth mentioning with an update of my original review since nowadays the foremost concern when buying electronics is reliability and durability. Denon has not disappointed me and this receiver rocks! I can only recommend it even more than before.

My love affair with this unit continues even after having changed entirely my speakers setup: I now use it with an all KEF 4.1 setup, LS50 front, R100 surround, Kube 2 sub. As you might know the LS50 are deemed very hard speakers to drive, to the point that most people recommend to drive them with a dedicated, powerful stereo amplifier. Well, the Denon drives them admirably. Perhaps a 5000£ integrated amplifier might do even better, but I do not feel as I am missing something when listening in stereo mode through the x4000.
Additional element to add: I tried for 2 weeks a Marantz SR7009 and it went back. Quite surprisingly I have found the x4000 quite warmer sounding and better with bass. The Marantz sounded great too, possibly marginally better in Stereo mode, but I preferred the Denon. The Marantz has the newer version of Dolby Surround which in my personal experience is a step back vs PLIIx (the sound gravitates too much toward the front speakers) and it did not feel any more powerful.
Now more than ever I still cannot recommend more the Denon x4000.
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on July 16, 2013
Here's some thoughts on the X4000 after a couple weeks of use. My speaker setup is 9.1 with wides and backs. I have a B+K ST1400s2 powering the mains.

I'll say right here in the beginning that I love the sound I'm getting. Very clear detailed sound.

Yesterday I set up my X4000 from scratch again and it was really easy having done it before. I did a some stereo music listening before running Audessey just to see how much difference there is. Night and day really. I admit I did not spend a lot of time setting things up to try and tune things without Audessey. I did do the bass management though.

I really like listening to music and movies and like new toys. I took time placing my speakers and sub to get the sound I like but I don't let myself get so far into the HT craziness to start doing acoustic room measurements. Nothing wrong with it but I don't want to become more obsessed and start finding problems that I'm happy not knowing. So I'm a big fan of Audessey. I used XT on the 3808 and now XT32. It is great stuff. The XT32 is a definite improvement over XT (assuming they are implemented the same.) The bass integration from the mains to the sub is fantastic now and has settled down my "need" for a 2nd sub. I know I'll end up with one some day but there is no rush. Just make sure to read the guides on the AVS forum before running the auto-setup. I hate reading reviews by people that should know better that don't measure properly and don't like the results. The X4000's setup wizard does show proper mic placements which is nice.

I am new to wides with this AVR and my first impressions were negative. I couldn't figure out what the big deal was. But I kept moving the speakers and re-running XT32 and finally got it right. Now I am loving the wides for movies and TV. For music... well it took me a long time to get used to matrixed 5.1 music so I think this will be the same way. There are definite differences between DSX and NeoX. For music it is really a preference thing. They both sound good and my comparisons are with default settings. I think that NeoX has a stronger front soundstage and DSX has better "you're in the music" feel. And just listening in 2.1 sounds awesome. For movies I really prefer NeoX. There was one scene in Band of Brothers where the guys are walking through a large spacious building and with DSX it sounded horrible. It sounded like they where in a cavern not a large hallway or maybe just a bad reverb added. I was watching with my wife so I didn't stop and mess with settings but went back to the scene when I was alone because I just couldn't believe that the source was that bad. The source was fine in 5.1 so I tried NeoX and that sounded good too. That is the only problem scene that I noticed with DSX everything else was fine. So for movies I'll stick with NeoX.

My wife and I use z2+3 all day almost every day for music, podcasts and news on the radio. The one thing that is still driving me crazy has to do with using zone 2. My z2 and z3 are set up for audio only using the pre-outs. I only have one TV and don't need HDMI anywhere but the TV room. If I am using the main zone and turn on or off z2 the main zone cuts out for a few seconds. This does not happen with z3. This happens with any source including the tuner. As far as I can tell I have all z2 HDMI options turned off. I know that the X4000 will turn on main zone and switch it to the network sources if those are selected from z2-3 but is this supposed to happen when z2 is power cycled? I really hope we get a fw update to deal with this nonsense. I love the receiver and it's flexibility but this seems like they just didn't think the zones through.

The integrated network features are nice and very convenient but the remote app implementation was bad. They should get a new app designer to redesign it. There are minor annoyances like when you select HD Radio it brings you to the tuner screen every time. I only listen to one station and have to wait for the tuner page to load before I can hit the back button. Using Pandora or Spotify is a great feature but the navigation is not intuitive. The web interface is good for settings (using the keyboard to re-name zones and inputs is a plus) but not for day to day control.

So if you are on the fence about X4000 I say go for it. The annoyances aren't so bad that they outweigh the positives. And if you only use the main zone there should be nothing holding you back.
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on June 6, 2013
This is a System Review of the Components I bought to Build my Ideal Surround system that would fit my Great Room.
I am putting it in all of the Components as Reviews for those who might find it helpful for Building a System. I hope it helps.

I was coming from a Pioneer Receiver with Bose Acoustimass Speakers all around.
I upgraded to the Following:
- Denon AVR-X4000
- Polk LSi7 (Fronts)
- Polk CSi A6 (Center)
- Polk OWM5 (Surrounds)
- Polk PSW505 (Subwoofer)

The Denon was easy to setup and allowed me to BiAmp the Polk LSi7's which are 4 ohm loads. So there are 2 Amps driving each of my LSi Fronts.
This sounds quite spectacular with really good separation running Music which is best listened to in 2.1 which the Amp Defaulted to.
This was the Biggest upgrade in sound from my old setup, it lacked when playing music. All the different types of music sound fabulous including the Heavy stuff like Three Days Grace which is my Favorite style.
Surround for Movies and Games is off the Hook. Watched Prometheus because it happened to be on Cable one night. The Scene when the Water is Raining down in the Cavernous are where they talk about Terraforming was really awesome. It sounded like the Rain was coming from above and I am only running 5.1 since I wanted to Bi-Amp my LSi7s. The LSi7s are 4 Ohm Loads but the Amp Handles them with no Problem. I have read that the Denon can handle the 4 ohm loads although not advertised. The Manual does list a Spec for "Dynamic Power" of 130w x 2 Ch @ 8 Ohms and 190w x 2 Ch @ 4 Ohms.

The Internet Radio works well from what I seen. I have an XM subscription which I added the Internet Streaming for $3 a month and that is great to have on my Receiver. The Interface for Tuning XM Stations is just so-so but it works. The HD Radio automatically tunes in for FM Stations that broadcast one. I have a Synology DiskStation that I use to Back up my Business Server, on that I put all of our Music and installed the Media Server Application and boom my MP3s were playing.

This Receiver also has Plenty of Pre-Outs as well. So down the Road if I want to an External Amp like the Emotiva to drive my LSi7s it is capable and I can add Front Height Speakers. My Living Room doesn't accomodate the other possibilities that this receiver supports like Surround Back etc.

The CSI A6 Center is a VERY HUGE Speaker, so make sure you have room for it. It blends well with my LSi7s and OWM5s and I never have trouble hearing the Dialogue. With my Bose System I had the Center Cranked and Dialog was tough to hear. I always thought that the Movie Industry didn't know how to mix sound, because the Music was always too loud and the Dialog too soft. I guess it was my Surround System all this time. You should never skimp on your Center Channel because this is where all the dialog is going to come from.

The LSi7s I bought because I have read about how Musical the LSi Series was. The LSi7s being the Smallest of the Series and the Largest I could sneak past the Wife... LOL. These Speakers are Top Notch with any Music I tried throwing at them. I was worried about the 4 Ohm Load but after much reading it appears many Receivers if they have the Wattage can handle these ones because they Average a 6 Ohm Load with only a Few 4 Ohm Spots in the Frequency Graph. The Denon AVR-X4000 also had the BiAmp mode option so I removed the Gold Jumpers and Ran two sets of wires to each and it works very well.

The OWM5s are Fairly big themselves at 7x16 inches. But I didn't want my surrounds to fall behind the rest of the System. With 2 Midrange 4.5" and a Tweeter they Keep up quite nicely to the rest of my System.

Finally I have the PSW505 Subwoofer. The Audyssey wanted me to turn the Level Down to just below Half on the Sub so it has Power to spare.
It sounds great with Music and Movies or Games. Explosions reach a new level of Awesome. Must Watch Star Wars 1-6 in order next!

The Denon allows adjustments of Subwoofer Level and Saves Separately for each input. So I could up the Bass a little for FM Radio and XM Radio and it would not effect my Movie Level Adjustment.

Update: Protection mode.
Mine was shutting down and I needed to move it out of my Entertainment Center, which was open in front with about 4 inches sides and top. So if your putting it in something without lots of space or ventilation, keep this in mind. I am now powering LSi7s LSi9s and an LSiC with an Emotiva external amp, so the Denon only powers the Rear OWM5s now. Even with only running 2 speakers this unit still puts out some heat.
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11 of 12 people found the following review helpful
on January 5, 2015
Apparently it's a hit or miss proposition getting a reliable, problem-free AVR-X4000. As with many others, in many other forums, ours kept powering off, then powering immediately back on, eventually even freezing to the point of having to unplug the power, from the very beginning.

We gave this unit the benefit of the doubt, despite the numerous complaints about similar issues (unexpected shut-downs) from other users on different forums, but will be returning this for another brand (Onkyo TX-NR1030 -- since "board"-related issues have been resolved for 2012-2013 models, or Yamaha RX-A3030, 3040). The obvious "Troubleshooting 101" steps were taken, including ensuring speaker wires were not grounding against the chassis or other speaker posts/wires, even connected new Klipsch RF-62 IIs and RF-82 IIs, etc., etc, etc.

Originally, our thoughts were to upgrade to the Denon AVR-X5200W, however, Denon is evidently going through senior management changes (high churn) and financial turmoil (Bain Capital unable to restructure debt, for "struggling audio equipment retailer [sic] D&M Holdings Inc.” which includes Denon), which has also affected our decision to shift our focus toward other manufacturers.

On the other hand, contrary to what some have said about Denon Support, we've found their collaborative style tech support to be very helpful. This is one of the main reasons we had wanted to stay with Denon, but after reading all the same complaints about the same issue, plus the aforementioned management and financial concerns (historically implies organizational instability), we're simply gun shy. Personally, I detest, absolutely detest, having to return or exchange products. My schedule is far too busy for those types of needless, time-consuming transactions. While there's no guarantee that we won't have issues with another manufacturer, we'd rather roll the dice with another brand after our problems with Denon (again, other than support).
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on September 3, 2014
I've been playing with this receiver for almost two months now and absolutely love it. I've been drooling over it for the better part of a year and finally pulled the trigger to replace my 30 year old stereo system. This, with a pair of Fluance XL7F floorstanding speakers and an XL7C center channel speaker, I can now again listen to my CDs and LPs as well as start doing the "home theater" thing. There is a LOT to this box and studying the manual thoroughly is a must. The automated setup routine seems to work well to adjust the channel delays and equalization for your specific acoustic environment. In the case of the Fluance XL7Fs, I was able to configure the amp to take advantage of the bi-amp capability of the speakers. The built-in networking features are awesome! If you have specific internet radio streaming sites you listen to, the Denon will find them and set them up as presets for you. In addition, you can download an app for your smartphone to remotely control your system. It's kinda nice not having to get up, walk _all_ the way over to the remote to turn on your stereo. ;-) When you first get the system set up, it's a good idea to connect it to your home network and have it go search for a firmware update. Be prepared for it to take an hour updating it though! I'm definitely glad I bought it!!

Update 9/28/14...

Being the lazy individual that I am, I listen to streaming internet stations quite frequently. Earlier I had interfaced this receiver with a USB HDD connected to my router as a media server. The router, an Asus RT-AC68U, did a poor job as a media server, effectively scrambling my 2TB HDD and messing up the Denon's GUI as the screen containing all the network features, Pandora, etc. quit displaying on the TV. Emailing Denon support I was told to reset the unit to factory defaults. Resetting defaults fixed the problem (for now) and it allowed me to go back and do another recalibration of my audio environment. It also wiped out all the FM radio stations I had entered, but it DID NOT erase my Pandora account information, or my internet streaming favorites. On the plus side, it saved me the inconvenience of having to reenter all that information, on the negative, I think it's a security loophole if I ever were to sell the unit. I'm still very happy with the receiver and time will tell if other issues pop up with something as advanced as this.
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6 of 6 people found the following review helpful
on November 13, 2014
This is a great receiver. I replaced an eight year old Harman-Kardon in order to process HDMI. Plugged into the back is an Xbox, Chromecast, Media Server Computer (in a closet), Laptop and a third desktop unit. Zone 1 is connected to a projector and Zone two is connected to a 1x4 splitter with TV's throughout the home with sound/video on each. I can put any input on Zone 1 or Zone 2 or duplicate one input to all. This is great for movies and sporting events. I tested zone 3 but do not use it.

I had a problem at first with my Media Server because it would not output sound over HDMI only fiber. I called Denon and they support person thought we could make it work through the TV input and asked to escalated up the chain to witch I agreed. This was a Thursday (I think). I had already tried Sony and it had the same problem. So, I ordered a new video card from Amazon a Geforce FTX 750Ti and Monday I was up and running. I missed the follow up phone call from Denon on Monday then received an email from them offering help. I did not follow up (yet) due to low importance. So, tech support was good and willing. The receiver pumps out plenty of power. The remote is easy enough and I can use my network to control the receiver. Denon has done a great job for us home folks. Thanks Denon. I posted a picture, please excuse the mess I am still running cables and putting in wall plates.
review image
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on April 5, 2014
This is the 5th receiver I've purchased in the last 20 years. My last receiver started to fail after only 3-4 years of moderate use. It would drop sound for a few seconds periodically and then recover. I had typically bought mid-range receivers from a well known compering brand. After researching the AVS forums, I discovered the problems with my last receiver were common and the overall quality of the brand I had been loyal to had plummeted. I did my research and stepped up into the big leagues with the Denon X4000. My prior receiver had Audyssey, but the Audyssey XT32 on the Denon is a world of difference. If you're a movie buff with decent 5.1 or 7.1 setup, I cant recommend this receiver and Audyssey XT32 highly enough. Crystal clear audio reproduction and location. If you keep your eyes open you may find a promotion with this receiver. Mine came with a free pair of the AH-D600 headphones.
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8 of 9 people found the following review helpful
on September 18, 2014
This is a solid piece of equipment with some significant weight to it. I like the simple clean look - two knobs, power button, and display screen. The rest of the buttons and front connectors are hidden behind a flip down panel. The first one I bought had some issue with the auto-protection kicking in and shutting down the receiver. I did some troubleshooting and it seems this is a feature to protect the receiver from short circuits. So I rechecked and reattached all my wiring. Still didn't fix the problem. I exchanged the receiver and the new one works great. I guess the initial one must have been defective. The new unit is working flawlessly and has brought new life to my old speaker set-up.

Wow. I absolutely love all the features this receiver has. This receiver can be set up as a 9.2 system, but only with 7 channels amplified. I have it set up as a 7.1 with two extra speakers on zone 2 so that I can listen while I'm outside on the BBQ and the family is inside watching TV. Network integration (via ethernet connection) is great, although it doesn't have WiFi. However, once you've got it connected to your network, you can control it wirelessly from any network device, like your phone, tablet, or laptop. Also, for Apple users it's got Airplay (which my wife absolutely loves to use.) The phone/tablet app is a little laggy, but still super cool. I love that it has built in Spotify, Pandora, Internet Radio, and SiriusXM and these are all controlable through the app. Although, I haven't used the Sirius, I have used the rest and they work great. I love being able to control what's playing from my cell phone without having the TV on. While the app is free, I do wish it was a bit more user friendly and fine-tuned.
The Audessy XT32 is absolutely amazing and fairly easy to do (although it takes a bit of time). It vastly improves the sound quality. I even tried matching different brands of speakers and they sound much better together after running Audessy than if I run them directly without any calibration (I still recommend having the same brand and series of speakers though to match the timber.)
I won't go over the rest of the features, because they are listed in the item description and generally self-explanatory. This receiver will handle pretty much any time of modern technology with a few exceptions: if you want a unit what has WiFi, Bluetooth, and does Dolby Atmos, you should consider the AVR-x4100.

<Installation/Ease of use>
Setup is a breeze if you connect it to your TV and follow the onscreen instructions. I won't describe what types of inputs/outputs it has (that information is readily available), but for people using older technology (i.e. s-video, digital audio, rca, component, etc.) this receiver is still compatible with most older technology as well. The layout on the back looks like most any receiver and I found it to be better laid out than my old Sony receiver.
In a matter of minutes I was able to show both my wife and my sister in law how to use a lot of the features on this receiver, and neither one of them is particularly technically inclined. They regularly use Pandora, internet radio, and the Airplay feature of the receiver (in addition to regular TV and BluRay use.)

<Overall Impression>
I absolutely love this receiver. However, at it's price, I wouldn't recommend it to everybody. If you can live with 2 zones (instead of 3), a less effective version of Audessy, and 105 watts/channel I'd consider the much cheaper x3000. However, for the money, you won't find the type of features on the x4000 on other receivers in the same price range.
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on February 9, 2014
Either the HMDI output, or the HDMI switching functionality failed 3 days outside of the Amazon return policy. Now I get to experience the joys of service center repair. I anticipate that the 3 star review will either move up or down a star post service repair.
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on February 17, 2014
I have a Mid End to High End (So I would Like to Think) Home Theater setup in my home. My Monitor/TV is a Panasonic 55" GT50 Viera Plasma 2012 Model. For my Speakers I have Klipsch Icon WF-34 for my front Left and Right along with a Klipsch WC-24 for my Center channel. My Sub is yet another Klipsch RW-10d 10" Digitally Controlled Sub. My 2 Back Left and Right Surrounds are 10 + year old Klipsch Reference Series Speakers that do the job and do it well after 10 years to complete my 5.1 Surround Setup. I use only High end cabling, nothing ridiculous, each of my HDMI Cables cost in the range of $40 each along with my speaker cabling costing around $80 for the front pair (L & R) and totaling another $100 for Sub, Center Channel, and Rear Wiring which is all done in the ceiling when I renovated the living room 15 years ago. Extra's include a 3rd Gen AppleTV and a Monster Power Center HDP 1800 to protect all my equipment and my always trusty Logitech Harmony One Remote.

So now that you know what I have for equipment and hopefully some of what I own is similar to what you own or are considering getting and this review will be more useful to you. So back in October of 2009 I decided to buy the Denon 3808CI AVR to be the "Brain and Control Center" for all of my AV Gear. All Signals went through the Receiver via HDMI for the receivers switching abilities. I paid about $1000 but immediately purchased the $100 Firmware Upgrade Pack Denon Sold for the 3808CI to add more sound processing to the Audyssey features it contained. The Denon 3808CI paired with my Klipsch 5.1 Speaker System and DirecTV, my mostly watched source was amazing. I also owned an Oppo BDP-83 Blu-Ray Player for a few years and everything sounded and looked incredible. Highs, Lows, Mid Range and LFE were all what I thought was really top notch. But last week the sound on my Denon 3808CI just popped and that was it. No more sound coming from any speakers. I reset the Micro-Processor and the sound would work again for 5 minutes then the pop and it was gone. So it was time to look for a replacement that would be an upgrade both in terms or the sound quality it was capable of and it's feature set.

I was looking at all Brands at first, but when I found the New Denon AVR X4000 I was pretty sure I found my new Receiver. Now let me get this part straight, I was not at all afraid of buying another Denon due to the 3808CI only lasting 5 years. Until the sound issue, I never had one even small glitch with the 3808CI. The X4000 only weighs about 30 lbs compared to the heavy 40+ lb 3808CI, but as technology advances things keep getting smaller and lighter while not compromising on quality. First a quick run down on the X4000. It has a total of 7 HDMI Inputs (6 Rear, 1 Front) and At least 2 HDMI outs if not 3 for other Zones. I currently am only using the Main Zone. The Speaker Terminals are laid out much better as well. They are side to side for + and - Speakers Connections not top and bottom. I use all Banana Plugs. It can control 2 Subs if you have that setup and obviously up to a 7.2 total speaker setup. I believe it's capable of 9.2 with the use of Pre-Outs. I plan on a 7.1 setup one day, but am in no rush for that. The On Screen Display is far improved over the 3808CI's display as well. After unpacking and making all my connections I turned the Denon X4000 on for the first time and it completely walks you through setting up all your speakers and then takes you right to Speaker Calibration using the included Audyssey Calibrating Microphone. In complete silence I ran the calibration placing the Calibration Mic in all 8 locations it asked for. After that a few tweaks to the Setup and operation of the Receiver and I was on my way.

The Sound! The first 2 or 3 days I primarily watched AppleTV Movies and the Olympics on DirecTV and the Dolby Digital had a different sound and feel to it. More Warmth and Depth and one thing was very apparent was the rear surrounds were tonally matched to the rest of the system were as before the surrounds were almost non-existent. The Bass/LFE also had more purpose other than just "Feeling The Bass". I had also used the Calibration Microphone to calibrate my speakers with the 3808CI and it sounded nothing like what the X4000 was putting out. Now Last Night (2/16/2014) I finally put on High Bit Rate Music I ripped Streaming from my iTunes Library thru the AppleTV and put the Volume on -10 Decibels. Never went that high with the volume to that point on the new receiver. My Jaw dropped. I was glued to the couch for hours re-living music I had heard over 100 times and and feeling it instead of just hearing it at loud volume levels. I mean "Something I Can Never Have" by Nine Inch Nails from the 2010 Remastered Edition of the Album Pretty Hate Machine was a spiritual Experience for me. You felt every Piano Key-stoke in your entire body coming from the Front Left and Rights with of course the Sub Contributing to the experience. The Vocals were crystal clear like I had never heard before and the whole piece was perfectly portrayed by the AVR X4000's Newer Audyssey Platinum Processing it posses. I then listened to all kinds of music and this receiver has without a doubt turned my Klipsch Speakers into Brand New Speakers I never heard sound that great before. Just Amazing.

So if you are thinking of getting a $1000+ Receiver and have speakers capable of re-producing sound the way it was meant to be heard you will not go Wrong with the Denon AVR-X4000. I didn't really touch on all the extra's like built in AirPlay for Apple Devices (I have an AppleTV Anyway) as well as 4K Support, 3D Pass Thru and tons of other features, but you will be pleased if you add this to you Home Theater. I Promise.
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