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on December 22, 2009
Initially, I went through the struggle of choosing separates (pre-amplifier and amplifiers) versus a receiver (where the pre-amp and amplifier functionality is built-in to one unit). I liked the flexibility of having separate components in case I decide to make changes in the future, but simply did not have the space in my audio area to accommodate multiple pieces, hence my choice to look at receivers. There were many receivers to choose from and I found the Denon to be at my sweet spot for value, function, performance, aesthetics and simplicity.

This beast of a receiver is one step below Denon's flagship AVR-5308ci. The AVR-4810ci delivers 9 amazingly clean channels of amplification without breaking a sweat. The GUI-driven menu takes a little getting used to, but after 4 or 5 uses, the menu becomes second nature. There's a plethora of inputs and outputs, and the capability to handle 3 subwoofers coupled with 9 channels for front, front height and/or width, surround, surround back and center channels allows for enormous flexibility with room for future expansion. There are 6 HDMI inputs (with one in the front panel behind the flip down door). Built-in WiFi allows for integration of other networkable sources in your home with no mess or fuss. Having Napster and Rhapsody online access built-in is extremely convenient and very easy to use. Satellite radio (XM and Sirius) can be handled by this beauty as can HD radio. With the USB input, you can playback photos or audio. Freely assignable amplifiers allows for bi-amping, bi-wiring and multiple zones (up to 4) throughout your home. This receiver can even control your iPod on-screen via the USB digital direct connection.

The initial setup process is quick and simple, thanks the Audyssey MultEQ XT Room Equalizer that allows the receiver to setup all of your speakers' time and frequency response, for up to eight positions which is very handy if you have more than one person frequenting your listening area.

The Advanced AL24 Processing Multi Channel features improved dynamics, so my sources sound phenomenal. The 1080p HDMI output via Anchor Bay's advanced VRS processing (using the ABT-2010 chip) and excellent scaling capability makes all of your sources look simply superb! Even your analog sources can be unconverted and scaled to 1080p!!

As usual, Denon's Dynamic Discrete Surround Circuit (D.D.S.C-HD) provides for amazing sonic detail and extended range, with Burr-Brown 24-bit/192-kHz digital-to-audio converters for all channels, rather than just the front two. Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio decoders ensure amazing reproduction of your favorite Blu-Ray discs. As a bonus, you get dual HDMI outputs if you want to output to other rooms or to handle situations where you might have both a video projector and an HDTV flat panel in your theater.

The "ci" designation means that the receiver supports custom integration features if you choose to do some advanced setup or are having the receiver professionally installed/integrated into your home.

If there's one thing about this unit that I didn't like, it's the EL remote. I found the remote a bit clumsy to use and don't really use it much for controlling the receiver once initial settings are accomplished (as I use my Harmony universal remote instead). I also think the User Manual could use some tweaking to make the instruction flows easier to understand.

I heartily recommend this receiver and have not regretted my purchase for even a second! Good luck with your choices and no matter what, ENJOY!
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on February 10, 2011
I researched the features of many high end recievers and settled on this one for the many HDMI in and outputs, the wireless, the DLNA, the internet radio. It turned out to be an awesome receiver except for the malfunctioning wireless. The wireless did in fact work properly until it hooked up to the net and downloaded a firmware update.

I set it up to connect to my wireless router right off, using the security settings I had previously used in the Dlink router, with no problem. Once the new firmware was installed the wireless was no longer able to connect to my Dlink router using any security. It would indeed connect using no security but what good is that when everything else on my router uses security. I even tried 2 other routers to ensure it wasn't a router problem. It had to have initially connected properly using security because it downloaded new firmware via the wireless.

I called Denon tech support and was told there was no way to go back to the previous firmware and I could ship it back to be checked out but I was assured no part of the firmware dealt with with any part of the wireless. The box and packaging it shipped in was hardly capable of enduring another trip so I decided to wait till another firmware update was downloaded in hopes of a fix for the wireless function and I am presently using a wired ethernet setup. The box it shipped in seemed sturdy but the interior packaging was broken up during the original shipping making any further use of it very questionable.

The receiver is a very heavy unit due to the hefty components used to build it. Prior to this receiver I have used four Pioneer receivers, two sony receivers, and a Sherwood. This is definitely the most involved and configurable- versatile receiver up till now. This is far superior to anything I have used so far.

A feature I also chose this unit for was the Hi Def FM. I live in a very rural area that can hardly pick up stations using analog FM but this unit receives many digital stations excellently using the included FM "T" antenna. One of the FM features that only work on the most powerful stations are the music information data that streams imbedded in the FM signal. It still picks up many stations with no dropouts, but only shows the frequency used with no other details of song, genre, etc. on the weaker stations.

I am currently only using the main zone set to 9.3 surround. I have 3 subwoofers and have the speakers set up to use the Front Hi and Front Wide extra speakers, for a total of 9 surround sound speakers and three subs. I have plans to use the extra HDMI output to a second room with a separate receiver and TV.

The Denon receiver has so many HDMI inputs that I am not even using the other main feature I bought it for, the up-scaling to HDMI from analog inputs.

The 140 watts per 9 channels is awesome. It runs warm but not hot. There are 9 separate sets of speaker binder connectors on the back plus even more pre in and pre outs for use with other components including pre-out outputs for 3 subwoofers.

The front panel display could seriously be larger to be of any use. I have to stand right in front of it to use the display for settings or information, hence I use the TV on screen display for all settings and usage.

It has two remotes but both are infrared. You would think that the secondary remote intended for use in other rooms would be RF since the unit does have a wireless antenna. In lieu of that the unit should have included an infrared remote extender.

A feature I didn't realize it had when researching is the ability to preset input, audio settings, volume level, and then set all possible settings to a one button choice. You get it set to exactly how you want to recall then press one of three buttons for a few seconds and presto it can be recalled via the front panel buttons or on both the remotes. I really like that particular function since there are so many variable settings you can change.

Overall I can't rave enough about the power, flexibility, configurability, fit and finish of this receiver. The only cons for me are 1- the wireless malfunction, 2- the non RF remote, 3- the shipping box and packaging weren't quite up to handling the heft of this unit.

Update 4-24-2011;
After using the receiver for a couple of months I am less and less enthused by it. Now the unit will not connect to the internet to receive updates or internet radio. I also cannot connect to the unit via IP address to control it through its built-in webpage. My router shows it has assigned an IP to it but typing that IP into the web browser gets a "cannot display web page error". Also the unit has developed a problem of not switching the HDMI video signal when selecting different sources. I have to switch sources then power the unit off and back on to see video on the TV. This problem is also occuring when switching from non-video sources like Hi-def radio. It seems to have a gradual decay of its features functionality. I may have to end up sending the unit off to a repair facility since 1) denon says to repair the firmware it needs to go to their repair facility and 2) now it cannot connect to the net even via ethernet cable as well as wireless.

Update 6-11-2011
Ok, so I paid the 84 dollars to UPS the unit back for repair. (They only pay for shipping back to you) It got there ok and they replaced the DM80 board. That fixed the wireless issue and other things. Now that it is back home it has developed another problem. When I switch channels on my Direct tv box the audio coming out of the Receiver stops, goes silent. Changing inputs the sudio works there so far but I have to power the receiver off then back on to get audio on the new channel of direct tv. What a P.O.S. So do I send it back for more repairs??? another 84 dollars, another 3 weeks without the unit? The warranty clock is ticking, hmmm. More later after MORE issues develop.

Update 5-12-2013
Well it has been over 2 years now. The wireless still works, yay!! I have never been able to get the DLNA to work with my PC. It sees my PC as a server but when you select it the receiver just hangs and never sees any songs playlists or anything and you can't back out of the choice until powering down. It can find internet radio stations ok so I know it is on my network. I have tried using wired Ethernet and wireless with no success. It doesn't seem to be able to put internet stations into memory locations. It works reasonably well with my Iphone. It is a bit quirky switching from internet to Iphone. Many times it gets hung and won't connect to any network type device till you power the receiver down and let it take a break. It would probably be ok if it were a 500 dollar POS but it just doesn't have that level of fit and finish to cost over 2200. The adage you get what you pay for really doesn't apply to this receiver.

Update 4-27-2014
A year later. I finally figured out the problem with the DLNA. This POS can't maintain the IP address to the router. You can get the IP address once then when you power off it loses the link. I have tried static IP and dynamic on 3 routers. All have the same problem so it's not likely a router problem, eh? There is a setting in the network connection on the POS that says allow network standby. Setting that on or off doesn't change the lost IP problem. Also, when I did get the DLNA to work it was terribly slow to access and change songs. I have tried using my routers built in ability to be a music server (I have the Dlink 868L router)with no discernible difference in speed.
As for playing a USB flash drive or Iphone for MP3 files this POS sounds like they are playing in mono at 64k bit rate. I have ripped all my CD's to FLAC and 320k for the best sound possible. The lowest bit rate I used is 128k for some older MP3's I had. I just hope my review can help anyone else avoid being ripped off for over 2000.00.
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on March 16, 2010
I have owned this reciever for just over 2 months now and I can say that this is top rate gear and really does seem to have it all. There is no way that you would be disappointed with the functionality it offers, however, this is not in any way a unit for the beginner. You need to have some understanding of home entertainment systems, as the customizable functions are tremendous but need to be used properly. There are many features most importantly, Audyssey sound processing, Dolby TrueHD and DTS HD master audio. The unit has so many options; you have to know it really well to get the best out of it. The back panel is absolutely littered with connection options. Denon has color coded and labeled them well, so following the manual is relatively hassle-free.If you are serious about your music(and video)then this is your reciever.
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on March 4, 2011
I have owned the 4810ci since Sept 2009.
It is an amazing unit! I have 3 Emotiva amps (XPA-1,XPA-2 & XPA-5) and am using only 4 of the
4810's internal amp channels for the heights and wides.
It sounds exceptional. I had 5.1/7.1 for many years and although it was very good,
11.1/3 sounds so much better. The realism is amazing. Sometimes it gives me goosebumps.
I have over 700 movies (120+ Blu Ray's) and I find myself watching my old DVD's (on my
OPPO player) and am very pleased with the results. It breathes new life into them.
My audio/video room is now filled with amazing sound.

I live just outside of Nashville so as you can imagine, there are musicians/singers everywhere.
I have had a couple of pretty famous people, in addition to professional musicians, over to watch
movies and listen to some music. They are blown away by the sound.
Once I played an old song (Van Halen's Dancing In The Street) and had it cranked up.
With my pretty efficient speakers (92dB to 96dB), I can get it pretty loud (120+ dB on
my Radio Shack SPL meter). Two of the musicians just sat there (even after I turned it down) with
their mouths open. One said they had never heard something so clean and so loud outside of a
concert. The other said he was hardly ever envious of anything anyone else had, but my system
sounded amazing. Another very well known singer told me it sounded so clear it was like
a recording studio.

Am I saying this is the best system out there? No, absolutely not... What I do know from experience
is; I have never heard one that sounded better overall. I have aditioned many systems with some well over
100,000.00. Some were a little "clearer" (one in particular was a pair of Martin Logan's powered by
a couple of Mark Levinson Monoblocks. It sounded a little clearer but would not go anywhere near as loud as
my system.) I looked at Anthem, Parasound, Meridian, Krell, Theta, Integra, Outlaw, Lexicon, Mcintosh,etc. and
some were very expensive. Some sounded great and others were kind of "laid back" in my opinion.
I was seeking something that would give me a realistic natural sound. I also look at Value, not just
to brag about brand names. I think we may sometimes purchase some high end items and then think we
can tell a big difference from something else just so we can justify our purchase in our minds.
Nobody wants to be thought of as a fool. I have made a few Expensive mistakes in the past myself.
This Audio/Video thing can be addicting. I know of people who spend tens of thousands,every year or
two,just tryng to get that perfect realistic sound but they always fall just a little short.

I also went to Emotiva's "Emofest" and auditioned their then new UMC-1 as well as their speakers.
The UMC-1 is an incredible value. A Nice Unit (Their speakers are nice also).
For the price I'm not sure anything out there can beat it. I left wanting just a little bit more.
I knew their amps were spectacular (especially the XPA-1). I am one of the few that drives my amps until they
get too hot to touch sometimes. I have an open air rack but had to buy a vertical fan to blow on them during
extended party type sound.
I also purchased a ERC-1 (a great product but that is another story)...

I have owned several Denon's in the past and although I liked the units, I always felt their internal amplification
was the weak point of their receivers (as is with most receivers). That is one reason I looked elsewhere when it was time to
upgrade. I also wanted to get a system that sounded extraordinary. I thought I had to spend some major bucks
but it turned out I did not have to.
When I read about 11.1 I had to test drive it. I purchased the AVR-4810ci and was Very Pleased with it's
sound. What a bargain! The Preamp/Processor section of the 4810 Is Very, Very, Good.

I have some friends (online)that have had network card issues with their 4810's. One friend in particular had 3
units fail on him and he finally gave up and bought a 4311. I also thought about getting a 4311 because it is a
newer unit and has some new upgrades. I didn't because I think it may be a small step down especialy in the DAC's.
I would buy a "4811" if Denon ever comes out with one, just for the newest and greatest.
For right now, my 4810 works Perfect and it always has.

I say all of the above to say this; You CAN pay a lot more for a pre/pro/receiver and probably get a little better
sound. I believe the difference is incremental and may be hard to differentiate. But when you throw in the 11.1, the 4810
is a hands down winner! Do not listen to the people who tell you 11.1 does not make a difference. I do not care how many
channels are matrixed or whatever, go and listen to a well set up system and you decide! It always makes me smile.
My only fear is 11.1 does not seem to be catching on as fast as I had hoped. I hope by the time I upgrade it will still be available
on the newer units.

One thing to remember is to get 11.1 on the 4810, you need at least one 2 channel external amp. Try any of Emotiva amps, you
will not be sorry. Also buy the longest and best warranty you can afford in case you do have any issues. is a great place to shop!
Blessings To All!
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on February 3, 2010
Do not buy this unit. I am now on my third Denon AVR-4810CI Receiver in 45 days. One failed after 3 days, the other after 5 days and now the third has failed after 29 days. Each was successfully returned for exchange. The unit is great when it works, but the reliability is horrible. The unit is very complex and feature rich and it takes a full day to install it and go through the setup routines. I have done this three times now. I have also spent much time with Denon tech support on the phone and their web mail. The Denon technicians run the range from "must read the script" novices to "jump right in" experts. None were able to solve my issues short of returning the unit(s). Failures started with the networking features going dead. Then the HDMI input port switching refused to function without first powering the unit OFF and then ON, and finally the audio features went dead. I believe these are software issues, because the failures do not appear to be hard failures as with a hardware component. Anyway buy at your own risk. I am returning my third unit and switching to another brand. This unit is not ready for prime time.
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on November 29, 2010
I am a long time Denon customer having owned early 2ch audio preamps to purchasing my first receiver (AVR 5700) to upgrading into the digital video age with this 4810ci. I am using the receiver in a dedicated room + 2nd zone for home distribution. I'm using 7 Paradigm Signature speakers, dual home-built subwoofers & room treatments for my audio plus a Radiance XD and LG CF181D projector for my video. I have quite a bit of experience viewing ultra-high end setups ($100k audio rooms, etc.) as well as helping friends shop for entry level equipment. In general, I feel that the 4810ci is slightly past the "knee in the curve" in terms of quality / $$$. In other words, you can get very similar video and audio performance for 25%-30% less (Denon's smaller models) unless you require the multi-zone capability, the 'ci' or home integration hooks, or the slightly larger amplifiers (due to a large room or high listening levels). To improve over the 4810ci you will need to spend significantly more money (Denon flagship separates or similarly priced option). Again, those more expensive options only make sense if you need the additional amplifier power (large room, inefficient speakers, etc.) or if you need the extra features (better video conversion and scaling, etc.). For me, it was cheaper to buy an external processor + the 4810 versus going with the 5xxx series Denon. I have zero complaints about the audio or video quality given my equipment and room size. Integration is OK, Denon could improve on publicizing their control codes for the receiver. However, I have major complaints about the remote control. There are little to no redeeming features about this remote. Intuitiveness and usability is zero and legibility of the keypad in dark environments is poor. I would strongly recommend that a potential buyer budget a good aftermarket remote option as part of the cost.

As always, the next best receiver is just around the corner so do some research on what models are in development before buying.

The unit arrived double boxed with zero damage. I would not have any reservations ordering the unit through Amazon.
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on November 2, 2011
I have owned other Denon units in the past and this one performs as advertised. Given all the functions of this unit, my one critique is that there should be a better owner's manual. I have to guess at some of the functionality. Overall, a good unit.
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on April 9, 2015
While this is an excellent product, you must NEVER UPDATE THE FIRMWARE! It will fail and leave you with a useless heavy cinder block. You can take it to be reset at an Authorized Repair Location but the closest one to me in Eastern Massachusetts is all the way in Syracuse, New York, hundreds of miles from me. With the weight, shipping is outrageously expensive. I am stuck with a Product Denon broke and makes virtually impossible to fix. I will never purchase another Denon product again, which is a shame.
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on February 12, 2010
Bought this a week ago and finally have everything set up. Great product. Don't have any problem. Did upgrate etc. Only thing that bothers me is I can not make my iphone to work properly if I plug it into the USB port. All songs I try to play, just play for few seconds from 100% just to 30% and 0%. I can't figure out why.
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on July 20, 2014
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