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on December 31, 2011
I just hooked this system up last night and finished making all the adjustments today. The sound for both movies and music is fantastic. I have it hooked up to a older TV and DVD player and find a more immediate need to upgrade to a blu-ray and flat screen with HDMI outputs. I can't imagine it sounding better but I'm sure it would with other mmodern ccomponents. My iPhone sounds fantastic through it as well. One piece of advice would be the satellite speakers. There are really no options for mounting them to a universal speaker stand. I have them just sitting atop the largest speaker stand platform right now. The only option on the back of these speakers is a keyhole slot. There are no threaded holes or anything else for mounting to speaker stands. A visit to the hardware store with one of the speakers is a must. Or I may just end up buying some black velcro and secure it that way. More mounting options for the speakers is about my only suggestion to Boston Accoustics. Most of the detailed instruction are on the included CD so I would also suggest popping that in before you begin set up and familiarizing yourself with the settings first, especially if this is your first home theatre system. Overall, a great product for the price.

Update: I've had it less than two months and it quit working. I turn it on and within 5 seconds, it shuts itself down and the power light blinks red. I consulted troubleshooting and it says to send it in for repair! My closest authorized repair place is two hours away AND Denon will not cover inbound shipping even if it is a warranty repair! I am NOT happy right now.
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on April 23, 2012
Pros: Most home theater per dollar of any of its competitors; perfect price point; finally a package that doesn't include 10 crappy plastic components that is expandable; powered, active subwoofer.

Cons: Minimalistic front panel controls require remote for many configuration options; iPod dock requirement for making network-ready; size (depth) could stand to lose just an inch for standard A/V cabinets/racks

Verdict: There is no better Home Theater in-a-Box (HTiB) out there. Period. In my opinion, no other system came even close and I'm a very picky shopper for big purchases like this. I shop at least 3 manufacturers, at least 3 stores, and at least 3 of any of my top products' competitors before finally pulling the trigger. When I buy anything expensive, I am not a compulsive buyer; and in my humble opinion, this is the rule, not the exception.



Let me just say that I am NOT a compulsive buyer. I do not let my ears make the decision nor am I a "shoot-from-the-hip" decision maker on anything pretty, fancy, feature-laden, trendy, or cool (et al). It normally takes me about a month from the time I decide to buy a new piece and actually buying it. I took 6 months to decide on exactly which HDTV I wanted (and the sweet spot for technology changes roughly every 3-4 months).

I never buy the first run in a series of equipment. I never buy a new technology from the first batch. I never trust a new manufacturer unless they have been around for at least a few successful years. I trust quality and quality can usually be found in the expensive section of Best Buy (such as in the Magnolia Home Theater department). While this particular package doesn't appear set up in Magnolia; Denon and Boston Acoustics are regularly in Best Buy's most exclusive club. I am an Electrical Engineer in the intelligent building business so I'm quite well aware of things such as cable ratings, installation practices, and all the techno-jargon that appears in a typical specification sheet. I'm also a professional mobile and club DJ and VJ as a hobby, so I know quality sound, imaging techniques, and the importance of a "real" sound field. Anyone reading this review who knows sound knows full well that just because something is loud and blows your hair back does not mean it's correct. Or good.


I knew going in that I didn't want one of those "all in one box" crap systems that most TV manufacturers offer. Sound bars: don't even talk to me. They should be banned; or at least relegated to bedroom or den duty, not primary home theater duties. I love, love, love pretty much every component Samsung offers, EXCEPT their home theater offerings. I know, they're marketed to the average idiot (which we all know there are enough of them out there); but I'm embarrassed to say that they don't have a legitimate contender in this arena at all. I have an 40" 120Hz LCD SmartTV, a SmartBD, and a Galaxy SII; but you couldn't pay me to install a Samsung HTiB. Passive subwoofers, basic sound stage, combo receiver/BD unit, overrated amplifier power ratings, etc. I digress with Samsung's deficiencies; however, it's meant to make a point: where Samsung fails, so do LG, Sony, and so on.

On the other hand, the big dogs of home theater (Pioneer, Definitive, Panasonic, Onkyo, etc) are not exactly entry-level priced when figuring the total of all speakers, receiver, wiring and peripherals required to get going. The sky is the limit for components and pricing; which all but turns off the average buyer from getting quality equipment. The point I'm trying to make here is that I was a person in need of a solid starting point for a high-end home theater. The quick fix options were not even seriously considered (soundbars, AiO-HTiB) and with a budget of around $800-$1000, I could have purchased a receiver and. . . That's my point. I would have to wait another month to get enough of an additional budget so I could buy a good sub and. . . Month later, surround speakers. You get the idea.

Then there's the Bose conundrum: for 190% more money, we'll sell you something that doesn't work well with any other piece of equipment on Earth, comes with the bare minimum needed to produce sound, and doesn't have a single technological advancement from the last decade of feature sets of their competitors. Ok, maybe it's good marketing to stand out from the competition. As a business model, it works wonders because there's a sucker out there everywhere with too much damn money that are willing to spend that kind of coin on something that's overpriced, under-featured, is not able to be upgraded, and is difficult at best to get to work with others. Sound familiar? Yeah, I think Steve Jobs started Bose as well when nobody was looking. If you like Bose, ask yourself this: how many movie theaters have you ever heard of using Bose? Exactly. None. And it's not because Bose is expensive. I'm pretty sure that with cinema competition the way it is, if it gave a competitive advantage, someone surely would be using Bose in theaters now.


That being said, the Denon DHT-1312BA with the Denon AVR-1312 3D-ready full A/V switching receiver and Boston Acoustics MCS-160 speaker system are a match made in heaven for true aficionados. Here's what you get: a pair of top-notch receiver and speaker manufacturers (owned by the same company) in Denon and Boston Acoustics working together to create a perfectly matched system that is upgradable, user-friendly, budget-friendly, and, most importantly, quality. For just under $600 retail, you get a 3D-ready, 600W (rated), HDMI-switching, network-ready receiver, a POWERED, ACTIVE subwoofer, and 5 amazing-sounding surround speakers. Those are just the quick highlights, but that's enough right there to justify its price. Just the speakers alone would set you back nearly $700 if purchased the traditional way and you would still have to acquire a receiver.

I bought this system because I trust Denon and Boston Acoustics to have quality I can depend on for a long time, even at their collective low-end. When I'm ready to upgrade, I replace only the pieces I need to, when I'm ready to. All the while, I'm enjoying this for what it is: a great system with pretty much no downside.

Hope you all find this comparative review helpful. Cheers on your new home theater! You're going to love it.
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on January 22, 2012
I was up grading from an old school $1500 Kenwood system I paid for years ago (I know old, but still works) just wanted a smaller speakers. Was in Bestbuy about to buy a $1800 Bose system. It had been awhile since I bought one so I just wanted the same equivalent. One of the "Geek Squad" guys past by so I asked him what model Bose was better (I was looking at two models). The dude was way cool. He said he installs about 200 different systems a month in various houses and of all the ones he installs he would recommend this one. I was shocked considering the $1000 difference! The guy makes NO commission. Paid hourly, spent about an 1hr just helping me out.

He did say Bose is great, but a lot of what you pay for is the advertisement. He also said the sound quality was almost identical. Only people who wanted to pay more and wanted a Bose would notice a differences.

I was skeptical, took a chance, hooked it up (about two hours to hook it up). AND IT SOUNDS GREAT !!! I would highly recommend this system. I have seen systems with 500 watts go for around $900 and this is 650 watts. I rarely turn it up past 50 to loud for me. I have a Samsung 55 in HDTV.

Cons: I wished the digital read out was a bit bigger, I have bad eyes.
Remote is okay, small buttons
Could have a slightly stronger bass

Pros: Compact/ speakers look great
Great Price compared to others
Awesome sound!!!!!
Highly recommended
I have had it for about 9 months now
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on December 8, 2011
I took a serious look at all of the home theater receiver manufacturers product lines. I even checked out Consumer Reports and their rating system. The end result...purchase a Denon DHT from Amazon. This unit arrived on-time and in perfect condition. The installation proceeded without any hiccups. And I must say, the surround sound coupled with the power of the receiver is just amazing.
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on February 14, 2012
it worked well, sounded great for my small apartment and i was happy with it for about 24 days. I woke up and turned the unit on as i do every morning and the power button was flashing red, turned it on and off a few times because I had no idea what that meant. After researching a bit online I found out it had went into "safe mode" So I go onto the Denon website and it seems this is a common issue. I followed the steps Denon recommended on the forum to fix this and it didn't work. I called Denon the next day (they are closed on weekends) and did the trouble shooting with customer service and again didn't work....In the end they said just to send it back to Amazon for a refund or replacement.
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on February 4, 2012
I'll start by saying I normally don't take the time to write reviews on products. But after the time I spent looking for this HTIB system, it's worth it to say the Denon 1312ba exceeded expectations. Specifically in sound quality! The Boston speakers included with this package have outstanding dynamic contrast/responce and the subwoofer will rock the house. The receiver as well as the speakers are carefully packaged and feel/look/sound solid. You will definitelly feel like you got the meat with this system!

At first I considered Yamaha's YHT 595 5.1 HTIB system. I was told that the user interface was easiest to use among many other systems (I also own two Yamaha HS80s studio monitors so I expected the best sound quality from their speakers). But after listening to both systems in a local electronic store, no doubt the boston speakers sounded better (literally more depth, dynamic range, and cleaness to the sound). The bass never over powers the treble and the mids are still very distinct. I prefer boston sound quality over those Yamaha surround speakers.

As to the receiver, it has more wattage than the YHT 595, meaning that the surround speakers do have more power (which obviously translates to better sound). The receiver is built solidly with a fairly easy set-up. However, you may need to refer to the set-up manuel if you are unfamiliar with surround system set-ups and audio terminology. If you already own a surround sound unit and have set-up experience, the interface is clear and understandable and responsive to preference.

I would recommend that you upgrade the speaker wire to 16 guage rocketfish wire (that's what I used - worked wonders). The speaker wire that is included with this package is fairly cheap and does not alow the speakers their full potential sound output!

Definitelly pleased with this purchase, it is a great system for a small room (15' X 20') and the SOUND QUALITY beats anything else in the $500 price range! Sounds good, must buy
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on November 18, 2011
this is a top notch system. the subwoofer will make your floor shake and give you the sensation that you are at the movies. the different hdmi connections add to this systems versatility. the five speakers plus subwoofer provide a very rich sound. I had this system for 9 months and it' working as if just out of the box.
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on December 30, 2011
Took me about 2 hours to set it up. Overall, excellent home theater system for the money. Brand name quality product at an affordable price. Good thing I didn't buy Bose or any of those cheap sound bars. Nothing beats a true 5.1 surround sound home theater system. Just buy it already. You will not regret it. Just look at all the other reviews for this product. Comparable systems could fetch up to 800 dollars. If your going to get a Bose system, good luck. That's an easy grand or more.
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on January 19, 2012
I had looked on Consumer Reports for home stereo system for my parents. I was choosing based on surround sound and overall quality. The setup was pretty straight forward and the speaker wire they gave was enough for a standard sized room (15x20). It is a good value when you consider price vs performance. I have a Bose setup myself and it is better but I paid a lot more for it. The average person will be happy with this product. Audiophiles will probably go for something a little more costly but if you don't need the best of the best then I would highly recommend this.
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on February 15, 2012
I had been researching home theater speaker systems for long, and finally after a lot of research, I discovered a clean winner, keeping in my mind the price range of $500ish, Denon Boston 1312 BA.
The whole system was pretty easy to set up, no fancy wiring etc, step by step configuration as per the manual, in about 2 hrs, I was all set up, right from opening the box to actually playing songs.
The speakers are great, awesome sound, the woofer is amazing, I play my movies/xbox/songs at say, a little more than half the sound capacity and it blasts!!!
Couple of things that I really appreciate in this speaker system:
1. 3D support
2. Many audio decodings
3. Clear dialogues while watching movies, and enough bass for action (unlike bose, wherein the dialogues of the movies aren't that clear, ever imagined, why Bose has only one video playing in stores for display??)
4. Easy preset one button HDMI slots for game(xbox),Blu ray player, TV, etc
5. Ipod Dock support
6. Decent priced

None so far
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