Customer Reviews: Denon DHT-1513BA Total 650 Watt 5.1 Channel Home Theater System with Boston Acoustics Premium Speaker System
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on December 20, 2012
This system is great, I have both last year's package (with the 1312) and this one (1513). The speakers are identical between the two, only the receiver changed slightly. The strength of these systems is definitely the sound quality - it is amazing. The Boston Acoustics speakers are worth the price alone. I primarily use this system for music, but also for movies. I knew these speakers were good, but I realized just how good they are when I tried them alongside some Polk audio ones in the same price range (using the same receiver). The Bostons sound clear and pleasant even at low volumes, while the Polks sounded muffled. With the Bostons, the highs are clear and the bass is full and strong, but the mids & vocals really shine. It just sounds like the lead singer is in the room. In a word, these speakers make great sounding music seem effortless.

And the receiver sounds great too. It definitely doesn't have tons of extra features (like A/B speakers, 7.1, Audyssey calibration, 2nd zone etc) but it produces great sound, has a nice OSD for volume, looks nice on the shelf and has all of the latest home theater decoders (TrueHD, DTS etc) and actually not having tons of extra features and settings is nice because my wife isn't afraid to use it. We had another receiver that had all those extras and it scared her with all the buttons and settings. The 1513 doesn't have ARC which would be nice since we run Netflix off the TV, but I just got an optical cable and that works fine. We run Netflix and Pandora off the TV all the time and it sounds great. Another thing that is really nice with the Denon receiver is that the audio delay adjustment is right on the remote. So when you're watching a movie and the lipsync is just slightly off, you can adjust it easily and directly without pausing the movie and going into a bunch of menus. I run a lot of different video sources and many times movies from our home theater PC will have slight lipsync issues so I love having this adjustment so conveniently available.

So now you know why I have 2 of these. I needed a second setup and I thought it might be nice to get a receiver with more bells and whistles, but after test driving one for a while with Polk audio speakers, I just couldn't bear to sacrifice the audio quality so I returned it and got another Denon DHT package and couldn't be happier. And anyways, I figure if I ever want a fancier receiver, I can always switch out receivers, finding great speakers is the harder task by far.
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on March 25, 2013
I purchased the Denon 1513BA on Monday March 18, 2013 and received it as promised on Wednesday March 20. I appreciate the no extra charge (free) two day delivery. However, once I saw FedEx was handling shipment I wasn't so confident. The big box arrived on time as promised BUT with three noticeable holes in the outer box and two other areas where the outer box had been roughly handled to the point where the box tore a bit. I doubt this was the way Amazon received the item from Denon. Also unlikely this was a result of mis-handling in the Amazon warehouse, if it came from the warehouse. I fault FedEx. The few times I have ordered something and it has shipped via FedEx, the drivers appear a cut below UPS. I left packaging feedback for Amazon AND chose to write a separate email to get thier attention. Not good!

Fortunately, Denon packages the AV receiver and Boston Acoustic speakers inside in separate boxes. By chance the holes made during shipping were in braced open space within the large carton and didn't impact the two inner boxes. Whew!

Now on to the equipment. 5 stars for Denon and Boston Acoustics. I did a good amount of research across the internet considering budget systems from Yamaha, Onkyo, Panasonic and others. At first, I didn't want to spend more that $400, but found reviews of systems at this price point and lower to be concerning. I don't buy anything with a three star rating. Amazon ratings were very helpful in this regard.

I came across this Denon unit quite by chance. I am so glad I did!

The Denon AV unit and Boston Acoustics speakers were easy to set up. Denon provides the equivalent of a quick start guide. The owner's manual includes much more information for the user who wants to use the many other system playback options. Directions on how to fine tune the system for their own preferences is helpful.

Overall impression: the Denon 1513BA system in a box at $500 makes me very happy! An A grade. The BA speakers must have been custom tailored for this system because they cannot be purchased directly thru BA. They don't look cheap. The fit and finish is very good. The four little satellites have some weight to them! Since the speaker case is plastic (which I don't mind) this means the little bass speaker inside of each has a heavy magnet. This means better overall bass response. The sub bass unit is weighty as well and small enough to fit most anywhere. The center channel speaker fit nicely in front of my SHARP lcd tv.

The sound: Good for a $500 system. I am careful about information in my reviews because I don't want to mislead thru over or under rating. I have two other complete dedicated 2 channel stereo systems. I like my audio. Products from Theil, Dan D'Agostino, David Hafler and Phillips, when it made a few high end components, are represented in these systems. I do have an appreciation for better than average sound, "higher end" if you will.

Denon impresses in two more key ways: first, selecting Boston Acoustics to provide speakers and second, a company named Audyssey from LA, for the AV's internal sound management system. Boston Acoustics has survived and flourished since it began in the 1970's. Audyssey is a professional company providing sound management systems for retail and commercial applications.

The system has functioned flawlessly since day one. No issues. My wife grins! The sound is detailed without being harsh. The bass is strong. When properly set up the speakers reproduce the sound in a true surround configuration. I recommend readers take a good look at Denon products, HT in a box.
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on August 13, 2012
The DHT-1513A surround sound system is better than the other options offered by the local big box stores, and cost less. I bought a new 60" Samsung led lcd tv and the sound was awful. Rear speakers on the tv were inadequate. Anyway, this Denon amp is an intro version for Denon, but pretty good. The Boston speakers are also intro level, but also good. I'm very happy with the cost/value and the overall sound. I found the best price at Amazon, and trust them.
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on June 9, 2013
Have had this about 3 weeks now using a Kindle Fire HD, bluray player and internet radio. One bummer is my basic cable won't allow my TV to provide a digital audio signal for patching network TV sound back into the amp. Not an issue if you have a digital TV signal. The speakers are fine with the wire provided if you are in a smaller room. I would not use their wire for the maximum runs of 20 to 40 feet it could provide. My longest run is 14 feet to the rear speakers. The subwoofer is amazing, shaking my chair, the floor and walls during DVD action scenes. EDIT: regarding the subwoofer - the bottom corners of the cabinet are held off the floor by about an inch and they are sharp! You can cut your toes if you bump into the corners barefoot but the fix is easy, just sand down the corners a bit with medium grit sandpaper or a fine file. The FM tuner is just OK, not a strong point of this amp but will be fine if you are in a large city. The pathetic single wire FM antenna provided would not work at all for me in a fringe area but I had one of those 'T' configuration antennas from a previous Sony amp and it brought in a couple stations. I'm better off using the internet radio. I get no coloration or distortion with this setup and feel it was the most audio quality for the money I could find on Amazon. You have to get used to the volume control that increments too slowly at first, then moves too fast if you hold the remote button. The volume is too low for my use below 50%. I do not want to bother my neighbors so have done little high volume listening except by accident and heard no distortion. Plenty of power for small to medium rooms. I do miss the B channel output they left off this model but they make up for that with quality sound. Don't panic when you start setting up and realize there are hardly any buttons on this thing, it has what counts and includes a sleep timer.
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on March 6, 2013
I always wanted a home theater system. I would go into best buy or Frys and just sit in the Bose demo chair. The rumble, the noises over your shoulder. But I could never get past the price. So by chance I'm in TigerDirect store and I pop on the Onkio and fell in lore So I rush home to check internet reviews. Some units stop working within a year others report several bad reviews for confusing remote, poor sound quality.
So I head to Frys, cause now I'm bitten and on a mission and I got cash in the pocket just for this.
Turn on each demos one by one then I get to the Denon. I press the On button and I get the same rumble that I enjoy with Bose at 1/3 rd the price. Sold, take it home 15 min later, the house has been rattling all night ... What's that over my shoulder? Oh it's the Denon tricking me again, 3d is awesome.

******** Please Note *******
Fry's wanted$100.00 more for this unit, I had to show them the Amazon Web Price to get Frys to "Price Match"

As with all things, trust and verify!
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on May 1, 2014
At first i thought this system was just okay, but after i went through and set the proper speaker loudness it became awesome. I did not have any trouble getting it to work with any of my systems: Blue ray player, computer, ps4 or mobile devices. The system really makes movie so much better. This is my first surround sound system and I am very happy with it so far.
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on June 2, 2014
This system sounds great and is cheaper than many competitors. The quality sound and high bass is exactly what I wanted for my home theater. It is equal to many high end brands but a fraction of the price. My brother purchased the same model after hearing the quality. You can connect any external music player and it makes movies feel like you are sitting in a theater. It is a must buy for anyone with a quality TV.
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on April 4, 2014
Technically, I bought this from BestBuy (because they had it on sale one day for $300...which was more than a steal); however, I put a lot of stock into Amazon reviews, so I thought I'd give my two cents worth. I live in a condo and was looking for an "entry level" system. Nothing too fancy, but I wanted a quality product. I was willing to spend $300 (see? Honestly wasn't looking for much) and decided on this one. One of the best decisions I've made. The speakers alone are amazing. Very clear and powerful. Even though they're made of plastic, they're heavy and well-constructed. The Denon receiver is also well constructed and definitely has enough features for what I wanted to do (hook up my PS4 and ChromeCast). Setup was a breeze, but the instruction manual is lacking when it comes to explaining all of the features (but, hey...that's what the internet is for). The receiver is a little on the quiet side (which is fine for me; I don't want to upset my upstairs neighbors...I haven't gone past about 60/100 on the volume control). All-in-all, a very strong system. If you're wondering whether or not you should go with this system when deciding on a HTIB in this price range, this is definitely a winning combination! (if you don't believe me, Google Boston Acoustics or Denon, and you'll find plenty of high marks on both of these companies; better yet, Google Denon 1513BA and read all of the crazy awesome reviews)
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on August 14, 2013
Best home theater system I have ever had. I have had purchased three Bose systems over the yeas and this Denon system beats them all hands down.
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on March 23, 2013
The reviews I read for this product were a little mixed and some of the quirks, described by others showed up in my product as well. However, they are fairly small issues and really don't upset me that much. I might mention that the rear speakers are run wirelessly using another item purchased on Amazon ... the Soundcast SCS100 SurroundCast System.

The overall sound is very good to me. I'm not an audiophile nor that sophisticated. I have a nice 60 inch Samsung and PS3 and watch Blu-ray movies exclusively. The total output was quite a bit less than I was expecting ... max volume has a numerical value of 80. Normal TV viewing is usually set at 56 - 60. Movies usually require 62 - 66. That being said, the sound is well balanced and the Boston Acoustics speakers sound fine to me. Just when I think I can't hear the bass, something will happen on the screen and all the pictures will vibrate on the walls so I know it's doing what it's supposed to. I have the TV and 2 PS3s connected to it and sometimes run video games (racing) off my laptop through it with no issues. The input selects work perfectly well. Installation was very straightforward with no surprises.

Now for the quirks that other reviews pointed out .......

1) Every once in a while (once or twice a week of everyday use) the rear speakers will produce a fairly loud "pop" sound. This can be while a program is running or if the system is just turned on with nothing actually running. It's mildly unpleasant but mostly just peculiar.

2) Every once in a while the sound will just drop out for about 1 second and then just come back on as it had been. This happens in any of the input modes .... watching TV, watching a movie or playing a video game. It can happen as described every 30 seconds or so but only 3 or 4 times and then it doesn't happen again for several days. It bothers me but not enough to make me want to go through all the trouble of the disassembly, repackaging and returning process.

Theoretically, it may only deserve 3 stars due to the quirks, but I am enjoying the surround sound experience so much I have to say honestly that I do like it :-)
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