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on December 30, 2009
Season 3 of Designing Women has several great episodes. The Naked Truth- is where we meet Suzanne and Julia's nieces, who are just carbon copies of the sisters.
Mr. Bailey- the decorators decorate a house of a woman who has recently died and left everything to Mr. Bailey, her cat.
Tyrone- this gives more insight to Anthony's past, and how far Anthony has come with the help of the ladies.
One Sees, the Other Doesn't- a personal favorite of mine. Suzanne has met a man who is blind- and learns that even though he can't see her, he "sees" her.
Bill and Charlene get engaged, and married in this season- which makes for some great episodes- from the engagement and Charlene asking Julia for tips on how to be classy while Julia is at a frat party, to the wedding- where Bill and Charlene both get handcuffed to the exotic dancer.
I am glad this season is coming out- keep the seasons coming, Shout!
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VINE VOICEon March 3, 2010
Here are the episodes from Season 3:

"Julia Drives Over the First Ammendment" - Julia gets into trouble with a local publisher after she drives through a newsstand selling pornography.

"The Last Humorously-Dressed Bellboy in America" - Suzanne's crooked accountant offers her a deal.

"Stand and Fight" - The designing women take a self-defense class after Mary Jo is mugged.

"The Women of Atlanta" - A photographer asks the ladies to pose for a "Women of Atlanta" photo spread.

"Come On and Marry Me Bill" - Charlene finds her fiancée handcuffed to a stripper after his bachelor party.

"The Engagement" - Charlene meets Bill's mother and aunt.

"Ms. Meal Ticket" - Mary Jo is upset after J.D. loses his job and moves in with her.

"Full Moon" - Mary Jo is convinced that her daughter Claudia and her boyfriend are fooling around.

"Odell" - Charlene's brother arrives and announces that he is marrying a girl from the family's rival.

"One Sees, the Other Doesn't" - Suzanne has problems with a blind man who asks her out.

"The Junies" - Charlene is pressured to sell products for "Lady Jun" and Anthony finds out he has been nominated for Homecoming Queen at his junior college.

"The Naked Truth" - Charlene, Mary Jo and Anthony find themselves at a nudist colony.

"Mr. Bailey" - A wealthy client leaves her money and the designing women's services to her cat.

"Tyrone" - Anthony helps out a troubled young boy.

"The Wilderness Experience" - The ladies take a camping trip.

"But They're Really Great Curtains" - The ladies must deal with striking laborers at a textile factory.

"Hard Hats and Lovers" - Suzanne thinks Bill should date other women before getting serious with Charlene.

"Big Haas and Little Falsie" - Mary Jo considers getting breast implants.

"Getting Married and Eating Dirt" - Bernice gets engaged but the ladies find her fiancée questionable.

"E.P. Phone Home" - Julia gets tickets to visit Graceland.

"The Candidate" - Julia runs for public office.

"Reservations for 12, Plus Ursula" - A romantic Thanksgiving weekend is interrupted by a sexy maid.
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on March 8, 2010
I have almost completed the entire season 3 of Designing Women and it's only been out for a week. The episodes on this release are all running between 23:10-23:40 which is on par with prior seasons and I haven't noticed anything edited out at all. There are some truly hilarious episodes here such at The Junies, Naked Truth, and Full Moon. I can't wait for the rest of the seasons to come out!
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VINE VOICEon April 14, 2010
Sadly as I was caught up in watching season 3 of DESIGNING WOMEN and was on the last disc it was reported that Dixie Carter had passed away. How bittersweet that last disc was. What a loss to her family and friends and to those who enjoyed her talent. DESIGNING WOMEN was on from 86-93 and had cast changes in the latter seasons. But the show really only had purpose and glowed as one of the classics in the history of comedy series when it was the original four southern belles - Dixie Carter, Delta Burke, Annie Potts and Jean Smart. Meshach Taylor as Anthony provided the testosterone to make the show great viewing for both sexes.

It was in season 3 that the series definitely hit its stride. There are 22 episodes and each character gets a solo turn in some episodes and there are many ensemble episodes where the chemistry of all four together rules. There was no standout of the four in this season. All sparkled and shined. In the next few years Delta Burke would be singled out and be the only one of the foursome to get an Emmy nomination - twice.

But here we have Mary Jo wanting breast implants and dealing with problems with her boyfriend J.D. and daughter Claudia. Charlene gets caught up in the Junies selling cleaning products and has some lovely episodes with her fiancee Bill as she gets engaged and married. Very well done. Julia drives thru a newsstand to support her first amendment rights and famously walks down a runway in a fashion show with her dress tucked in her stockings with no underwear. Delta Burke did start developing her sarcastic wit and superb comedic timing this season. Each episode had some great Suzanne moments but she shined in the episode where she dated a blind man. How would the woman who relied on her beauty be accepted by someone who could not appreciate that. And Anthony became a big brother and had a young delinquent Tyrone he mentored in a very touching episode.

The personalities of all are fully established here. Julia with an opinion on everything, Suzanne with her sarcastic wit, Charlene with her naive innocence and Mary Jo who represented the everywoman. These episodes are in no way dated and are presented here with no cuts running about 23 minutes apiece.

This show more than has a place in television history. It was the first time a show had all the main characters as strong, independent women and became a hit. They took on issues, provided laughs and tears. This show is highly recommended and season 3 is one to truly treasure.
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HALL OF FAMEon August 28, 2011
A new year, and a new version of the signature theme song "Georgia on My Mind" highlights the third sparkling season of DESIGNING WOMEN. This season also saw a re-vamped opening credits sequence featuring a sepia-tinted "fashion shoot", and the inclusion of Meshach Taylor in the leading cast roster.

Season Three builds on the strong foundations of the two previous years, and finds the ladies in peak form. This season sees Julia (Dixie Carter) run for local office and battle a porn magazine empire; Charlene (Jean Smart) tie the knot with the man of her dreams; and Suzanne (Delta Burke) finally catching up with her runaway accountant; but also a break in Mary Jo's (Annie Potts) rocky romance with J.D. (Richard Gilliland).


"Reservations for 12, Plus Ursula" - A trip to Florida for the ladies and their respective boyfriends is soured by Ursula (Rika Hofmann), a busty Danish au pair who has been hired to look after the kids.

"The Candidate" - Julia campaigns against Wilson Brickette (Jason Bernard), the leader of an ultra-conservative political party.

"E.P., Phone Home" - Charlene drags the gang on a roadtrip to Memphis when she wins tickets for a deluxe Graceland tour.

"Getting Married and Eating Dirt" - Julia takes issue with a New York journalist; and Bernice (Alice Ghostley) announces her engagement to someone who's even crazier than she is.

"Big Haas and Little Falsie" - An unexpected inheritance for Mary Jo must be spent on something frivolous, so she decides to look into breast enlargement surgery...and in the process, unleashes a monster.

"Hard Hats and Lovers" - Julia and the ladies become irked by a group of wolf-whistling construction workers outside of the Sugarbaker mansion, and decide to create an inventive way to combat the situation. On advice from Suzanne, Charlene allows Bill (Douglas Barr) to date other women, as she worries that he hasn't sown all his wild oats.

"Curtains" - Sugarbaker's finds itself swamped by picketers after a local textile company goes out on strike. The ladies desperately need an order of curtains for their current design job, so secretly go into the factory to complete the job themselves, experiencing first-hand the sweatshop conditions of the underpaid workers.

"The Wilderness Experience" - Bernice's "fog" lifts long enough to lead the girls on a weekend wilderness expedition, designed to boost female empowerment.

"Tyrone" - Anthony introduces the ladies to Tyrone (Shavar Ross), a juvenile delinquint he is mentoring as part of a 'Big Brother' programme.

"Mr. Bailey" - The girls inherit a brand-new client...who just happens to be a cat.

"The Naked Truth" - Suzanne and Julia play host to their teenage nieces (Ginna Carter and Mary Dixie Carter); whilst Mary Jo and Charlene are invitited to redesign the location of a nudist colony.

"The Junies" - Charlene gets roped into becoming a saleswoman for Lady June Cleaning Products, which seems innocent enough, until Julia suspects it of being a "perky cult".

"One Sees, The Other Doesn't" - Suzanne panics when she starts to have feelings for the firm's blind new client, Danny (Tom Sullivan), as she believes she doesn't have anything else to offer a man besides her looks.

"Odell" - Forget 'Romeo and Juliet'... Charlene's teenage brother Odell (Gregory Wurster) and his fiancé Sissy Sloan (Leanne Griffin) decide to flee Poplar Bluff and get married secretly because of their families' long-standing feud. Bernice and Anthony enter a "Dance Fever" contest at the retirement home.

"Full Moon" - Paranoid that there's a prank caller in the neighbourhood determined on killing her beloved pig Noelle, Suzanne buys a semi-automatic, and holes up in her mansion. Meanwhile, Mary Jo is convinced that Claudia (Priscilla Weems) is having sex with her first boyfriend.

"Mr. Meal Ticket" - Mary Jo becomes worried when she and J.D. decide to move in together just when he's been fired from his job.

"The Engagement" - Charlene's dream to become Mrs. Bill Stillfield still has two big hurdles to overcome - his blue-blood, old-money mother (Benay Venuta) and aunt (Anne Haney). Mary Jo starts dating a college student after J.D. moves away, and finds herself in an exhausting cycle of kegger parties and Taco Bell runs.

"Come On and Marry Me, Bill" - Bill finds himself handcuffed to an exotic dancer (Fabiana Udenio) on the morning of his wedding to Charlene.

"The Women of Atlanta" - The girls pose for a photo spread about the "real women" of Atlanta, but the photographer's true motives soon become clear.

"Stand and Fight" - After Mary Jo gets mugged, Anthony enrols the ladies in a self-defense course.

"The Last Humorously-Dressed Bellboy in America" - Suzanne discovers that her runaway accountant, Reggie Mac Dawson (Danny Thomason), has returned to Atlanta using the alias of a piano-playing hotel bellhop.

"Julia Drives Over the First Amendment" - In an act of protest, Julia purposefully side-swipes a newstand that has begun to stock pornographic magazines, and gets slapped with a $10 million lawsuit.
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on December 16, 2014
Another great season from the First Ladies of Atlanta! This season was completely entertaining. Charlene got engaged and married, Julia literally drives her car into a newsstand selling adult magazines in her neighborhood, Suzanne finds and confronts the man who stole most of her life savings, Anthony mentors a wayward teenager and Mary Jo considers getting breast implants after receiving money from her deceased uncle with instructions to spend it on something frivolous. The ladies are also visited by their scattered brain friend, Bernice Clifton, who announces her intention to marry. The only thing is her groom is unaware of the festivities! These episodes are funny, along with many others. A great add to your television shows on DVD collection.
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on December 1, 2011
I was really pleased with the quality of these DVDs and how easy it was to select the episodes.

I won't go into a list of episodes as others have done that. I just wanted to say that Designing Women will be viewed by different generations for decades to come, just as the old I LOVE LUCY show, and some of the other classics. The Golden Girls will also join this group.

Dixie Carter was a classy lady, as were the other ladies on this show. TV shows today just don't cut it, as far as I'm concerned. They just don't measure up to the calibre and humor of Designing Women.
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on October 22, 2015
I bought every season of this show and I can't say enough good things about it. I hadn't watched it since it originally aired but the episodes are just as funny now as they were then. Highly recommend! A+++
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on January 6, 2012
I am reviewing for my wife on this, but she loves it. She feels seasons 2 through 5 are some of the best shows ever... but the cast was established and the characters personalities were allowed to be as eccentric as necessary. Seasons 6 and 7 were the cast change and could not recapture the feel of the show.

Ok, I copied and pasted the info below, but personally I think it is nice to have a run down of the Episodes.

Written by: Linda Bloodworth-Thomason
Directed by: David Trainer

The ladies of Sugarbakers and their boyfriends take some of the children and grandchildren for a holiday at a cozy beachside condo. Unfortunately, their choice of au pair for the children is a voluptuous Scandinavian who detours the guys' attentions.

Guest cast: Hal Holbrook (Reese Watson), Richard Gilliland (J.D. Shackleford), Douglas Barr (Bill Stillfield), Rika Hofmann (Ursula), Ann Nelson (Mrs. Walker), Kaitlyn Walker (Caroline), Scotty Williams (Ben), Jandi Swanson (Hannah Shackleford), Robert Hy Gorman (Quinton Shively), John Lecky (Bert Shackleford)

THE CANDIDATE -November 21, 1988
Written by: Linda Bloodworth-Thomason
Directed by: David Trainer

After delivering a citizens commentary on the TV news, Julia is asked to run for the office of Supervisor against a sexist pig with ridiculous priorities -- which may make it hard for Julia to bite her outspoken tongue.

Guest cast: Jason Bernard (Wilson Brickett), Peter White (newscaster), Terry Wills (Mrs. Meshmoyer)

E. P. PHONE HOME -November 28, 1988
Written by: Linda Bloodworth-Thomason
Directed by: David Trainer

Charlene drags the ladies to Graceland for an Elvis Presley nostalgia weekend where Julia learns just how strongly Elvis affected some people's lives.

Guest cast: Pete Wilcox (Del Davis), Richard Michenberg (Jeff Weddington), Newell Alexander (Vern), Rosemary Alexander (Dodie Smith), Tommy Kramer (Ricky Davis)

Written by: Linda Bloodworth-Thomason
Directed by: David Trainer

While Julia is calling the editor of a New York paper that claims that southerners eat dirt, everyone is shocked by the news that Bernice is getting married -- including the groom, who apparently has a bad habit of proposing to women everywhere he goes.

Guest cast: Alice Ghostley (Bernice Clifton), Richard Bull (Everett Anders), Stuart Nisbet (Bert Newkirk)

Written by: Linda Bloodworth-Thomason
Directed by: Harry Thomason

When Mary Jo's uncle passes away, he leaves her $3000 to spend on something frivolous. Little did he know that she plans to use it to have her breasts enlarged. As Mary Jo tries different size prosthetic braziers, she loses more and more control with each increase -- relishing the power of new, larger breasts.

Guest cast: Robert Donavan (guy #1), Michael Francis Clarke (guy #2), Steven Connor (bartender), Richard Gilliland (J.D. Shackleford, uncredited)

HARD HATS AND LOVERS -December 19, 1988
Written by: Linda Bloodworth-Thomason
Directed by: David Trainer

After finding out that Bill never dated anyone besides his late wife, Charlene insists he sew some wild oats before settling into a serious relationship. Meanwhile, the ladies plot to stop the harassment they are receiving from a group of construction workers.

Guest cast: Douglas Barr (Bill Stillfield), Dierk Torsek (hard hat #1), John Shearin (Mr. No Fat Chicks), Robert Fieldsteel (Randy Pennington), Pamela Roylance (Mimi Hollingsworth), Joanne Nail (girl #1), Nedra Volz (mother)

CURTAINS -January 2, 1989
Written by: Pam Norris
Directed by: David Trainer

Desperate to get their curtain order finished by deadline, the ladies of Sugarbakers cross a picket line, and find themselves the target of angry striking workers.

Guest cast: Royce D. Applegate (Mr. Emery), Pat Li (Margaret)

Written by: Linda Bloodworth-Thomason
Directed by: David Trainer

Bernice treats the ladies to a survival course in the wilderness, but Julia and Mary Jo aren't quite prepared for the rigors of outdoor living and must call for help -- which comes in the form of Anthony, who must pretend to be a woman.

Guest cast: Alice Ghostley (Bernice Clifton), Denny Dillon (Big Edie), Doris Hess (Mickey Jr.), Sharon Madden (Connie), Meg Wyllie (Dorothy), Maggie Murphy (Corrine), Jeanette Miller (Evelyn)

TYRONE -January 16, 1989
Written by: Linda Bloodworth-Thomason
Directed by: David Trainer

Everyone is impressed with Anthony when he gets involved in a "big brother" program, but his young protégé makes Julia an unwitting accomplice in a convenience store robbery.

Guest cast: Shavar Ross (Tyrone), Stuart Nelson (news announcer), Dara Monahan (guard)

MR. BAILEY -January 23, 1989
Written by: Pam Norris
Directed by: David Trainer

Sugarbakers must honor the wishes of a deceased client and complete the decoration of her house for her heir --- a cat. As Suzanne tries to endear herself to the cat in hopes of becoming its guardian, the ladies try to defend the will and prove that their client was in her right mind --- which becomes increasingly difficult once they actually get inside her house.

Guest cast: William Griffis (Joe Hale)

THE NAKED TRUTH -February 13, 1989
Written by: Linda Bloodworth-Thomason
Directed by: Iris Dugow

Julia and Suzanne meet their grown nieces for the first time, neither of them realizing that these girls are exactly like them. Meanwhile, Charlene, Anthony, and Mary Jo take a meeting with one of Julia's old college friends who wants his clubhouse redecorated --- not expecting to fins that the clubhouse is in a nudist colony.

Guest cast: Phillip Richard Allen (Tom Ketcherside), Mary Dixie Carter (Jennifer Sugarbaker), Ginna Carter (Camilla Sugarbaker)

THE JUNIES -February 20, 1989
Written by: Pam Norris
Directed by: David Trainer

Charlene takes a job selling Lady June cleaning supplies for some extra cash, but finds it difficult to escape the cult-like organization. Anthony gets nominated for homecoming queen at his junior college, causing mixed emotions in Suzanne.

Guest cast: Kate McNeil (Libby Coker), Dale Raoul (June Randolph), Daryle Ann Lindley (woman #1), Kathryne Lust (woman #2), Lee Magnuson (man)

ONES SEES, THE OTHER DOESN'T -February 27, 1989
Written by: Pam Norris
Directed by: Ron Troutman

Having relied on her beauty her whole life, Suzanne is not prepared to handle the advances of their blind client, who --- much to everyone's amazement --- is enamored with her inner beauty.

Guest cast: Tom Sullivan (Danny Hedgecock)

ODELL -March 6, 1989
Written by: Cassandra Clark & Debbie Pearl
Directed by: Dwayne Hickman

Charlene's little brother and his fiancé come to Atlanta to elope, but being from opposing families, they bring an Arkansas family feud into Sugarbakers. Anthony reluctantly agrees to be Bernice's partner in a dance contest at her retirement home.

Guest cast: Alice Ghostley (Bernice Clifton), Gregory Wurster (Odell Frazier), Sandy Kenyon (Norvelle "Bud" Frazier), Ken Letner (Earl Sloan), S. Marc Jordan (Rabbi), Leanne Griffin (Sissy Sloan)

FULL MOON -March 13, 1989
Written by: Linda Bloodworth-Thomason
Directed by: David Trainer

There is a full moon over Atlanta; Julia gets her dress stuck in her pantyhose during a fashion show -- mooning twelve hundred people, Suzanne buys a semi-automatic rifle to protect her pig after some threatening phone calls, and Mary Jo drags Julia and Charlene to Look-out Point with a huge frog light to find her daughter before she has sex.

Guest cast: Priscilla Weems (Claudia Shively), Mel Johnson Jr. (sergeant), Paul Lawrence (policeman), Patrick Day (Ben), Suzanne LaRusch (prostitute)

MR. MEAL TICKET -March 20, 1989
Written by: Pam Norris
Directed by: Hal Holbrook

Mary Jo lets J.D. move in for a week while his new condo is in escrow, but she isn't prepared to deal with the possibility of J.D. staying after he loses his job.

Guest cast: Richard Gilliland (J.D. Shackleford), Gloria Cromwell (Tova)

THE ENGAGEMENT -March 27, 1989
Written by: Pam Norris
Directed by: David Trainer

After J.D. takes a job in Cincinnati, Mary Jo starts dating a younger guy -- dragging Julia to a keg party. Meanwhile, a newly engaged Charlene tries to endure meeting Bill's very proper mother and aunt.

Guest cast: Douglas Barr (Colonel Bill Stillfield), Benay Venuta (Ellen Stillfield), Anne Haney (Phoebe), William Bell Sullivan (Ken Rayburn)

COME ON AND MARRY ME, BILL -April 10, 1989
Written by: Linda Bloodworth-Thomason
Directed by: David Trainer

The wedding plans are going off without a hitch -- that is until Charlene and Bill get handcuffed to an exotic dancer at Bill's bachelor party, and the only key is in a moving van headed out of state. So while the state police try to track down the moving van, Charlene has to deal with the possibility of walking down the isle with Bill and Little Latin Loupie -- and all with "big hair" after Suzanne gets her hands on it.

Guest cast: Douglas Barr (Bill Stillfield), Alice Ghostley (Bernice Clifton), Hal Holbrook (Reese Watson), Barry Corbin (Norvelle "Bud" Frazier), Ronnie Claire Edwards (Ione Frazier), Anne Haney (Phoebe), Bobbie Ferguson (Monette Marlin), Benay Venuta (Ellen Stillfield), Phyllis Cowan (Darlene Frazier), Fabian Udenio (Little Latin Loupie), Howard Bloodworth (Uncle Howard), Steven G. Gagnow (moonwalker), Ken Hughes (welder), Justin Burnette (Harold Thomas Frazier), Priscilla Weems (Claudia Shively), Gregory Wurster (Odell Frazier), Deborah Benson (Harlene Frazier), Leanne Griffin (Sissy Frazier)

Written by: Linda Bloodworth-Thomason
Directed by: Harry Thomason

The ladies agree to be involved in a pictorial essay on the women of Atlanta, but are soon suspicious when the photographer requests poses that are purely sexual, including putting a strand of pearls in Julia's mouth and asking her to "ever-so-slightly suck on them" --- a big mistake.

Guest cast: Ian Patrick Williams (DeWitt Chiles), Wendie Jo Sperber (Estelle Rinehart)

STAND AND FIGHT -May 8, 1989
Written by: Pam Norris
Directed by: David Trainer

After Mary Jo is mugged, the ladies take a self defense class to learn to protect themselves, but Mary Jo can't bring herself to stand and fight.

Guest cast: Millicent Collingsworth (Gail Forrester), Buddy Farmer (D.P. LeBoof), Albert Potash (Rob)

Written by: Linda Bloodworth-Thomason
Directed by: David Trainer

Suzanne finds the accountant who absconded with her life savings working as a bellman and bad lounge act for an Atlanta hotel. After trying to have him arrested, he convinces her that he spent all of the money buying her a circus --- which is coming to town and needs lodging.

Guest cast: Danny Thomason (Reggie Mac Dawson), Macon McCalman (Paul Webster), Jon Huffman (policeman), Irene Gilbert (waitress), Suzanne LaRusch (trapeze artist), Daniel Frisherman (little person)

Written by: Pam Norris
Directed by: David Trainer

When a newsstand near Sugarbakers displays a magazine poster with a woman in a dog collar, Julia responds by driving her car straight into the newsstand. The publisher of the magazine files a lawsuit against her, and it's up to Suzanne and Charlene to get Julia off the hook.

Guest cast: Rosalind Ingledew (Terry Wilder), Ed Levey (newsstand guy)
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on March 10, 2014
i really miss the ladies of atlanta and ordered this dvd. Classy, brassy, and sassy describes the sugarbaker design team, not to mention hilarious and uplifting. if you enjoy nineties comedies like i do, you will enjoy designing women.
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