Customer Reviews: Bolse® 60W / 12-Amp 7-Port Fast Charging USB Wall / Desktop Charging Station With SmartICᵀᴹ Technology - Full Speed Charging for iPhone 6S, 6S Plus, 6, 6 Plus, 5s, 5, iPad, Samsung Galaxy, Touch Screen Tablet, Cell Phone, MP3 Player, (AC 110-220V International), Detachable 5 ft / 1.5 M Power Cord
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I love this for a few reasons. First I'll get the technology out of the way. The review sample that I received is everything the specs and product description claim. What sets this apart is the smart technology that does detect and adjust charging rates to whatever you plug into whichever port. Compare this to nearly all of the other chargers in the market that have ports marked Apple, Samsung and Universal.

Being the skeptic that I am I did populate this with a Samsung Note 3, Samsung Tab 3 10.1, iPad 2, HTC Droid Incredible and some bluetooth speakers and other devices. Only the tablets and the Note 3 were high current drawing devices - the others were just fine in 1 Amp ports. This charged all of them at varying levels of remaining capacity, and I played musical ports while doing it. I'd swap one device's port for another and this charger (and the devices) apparently did not care. I did not time the charging, but roughly guessing everything seemed to charge up about the same as if I used their OEM wall chargers.

One thing to note is the instructions highly recommend that you only use OEM cables when charging with this device. When I ran my tests I used the original cables for my two Samsung devices, but third party ones for the others because I had long since worn out or lost the originals. This still worked without problems, but I do recommend following the advice in the instructions if possible.

Technology aside, there are other reasons why I love this charger and awarded it five stars. First, it comes with a return card in case you are not satisfied. That impressed me. Another thing that indicated that this company is focused on customer satisfaction is a notice in the packaging that clearly explains the limits of this charger. It can only handle current loads of 60 Watts/12 Amps and the notice gave an example of how this would not support seven iPad Air devices that each required 2.4 Amps. The honesty is refreshing.

However, the most compelling reason in favor of this charger is the fact that you can plug any device into any port. That is why I am completely satisfied with it.
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on June 30, 2015
Purchased about six months ago; it appears to be well made. It failed recently and is of no further use. The yellow "Charge Complete" lite blinks continuously, and apparently it thinks all devices are fully recharged, whether or not they really are. I emailed the manufacturer at customer support, but never received a response. I would think it should have lasted longer than six months. There are enough different manufacturers of this sort of device that I doubt I would purchase from this one again.

07/26/2015 Update: As I stated originally, I emailed the manufacturer at the email address provided on their website,; in that email I included the original Amazon information. I never received a reply. Subsequently I posted the review here on Amazon. Apparently they monitor reviews on Amazon because they commented on my review asking me to contact them. I resent the email and the Amazon invoice, but once again I got no response, which presumably means they either don't monitor or ignore the support email address. I wonder if the other folks who elicited comments from the manufacturer ever actually got through?
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on September 10, 2014
Very convenient and very small. Very powerful (most powerful as of Sep 2014... at 60 Watt). No regrets whatsoever. It charges a whole bunch of devices at once. Would be better if the price was below $30. I paid $35. I am sure you will find more detailed reviews here, but all you need to know is that this is an awesome little device that will charge your phones, tablets, bluetooth speakers, bluetooth headsets, portable power banks all at once AND at maximum speed AND without overcharging or overcurrent (you need Your own USB cords. Duh :-) ). I have a whole bunch of USB cords plugged in to that (mostly retractable micro USB, but also mini USB, apple 30-pin, and the new lightning). It charges my two Android tablets, 4 phones and a power bank at once.) The awsomeness of this device, unlike most other multi-port chargers, is that you never care which port you use for which device. Just randomly plug in all your cables to any port. There is no stupid lables like Apple vs. Android ports vs. Low current port because all ports are SMART and will charge your devices at maximum possible speed and safely, regardless how you plug in.

Just suck it up and spend $35 (unless you find it even here cheaper). If you were to buy 7 high-quality power blocks (chargers), you would spend a whole lot more and would also make your charging station a mess of power blocks (like I used to have). Now it all looks clean and even visitors compliment and also charge their portable devices!

Highly recommended. Thank you for reading.

--------- Update February 10th, 2016 --------

Works perfectly. No issues!
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on January 25, 2015
Don't plan to use this in a bedroom, unless you put a few layers of electrical tape over that LED. This charger works just fine. I'd go so far as to give it five stars for performance, but I felt the need to remove a star (YMMV) because the power light is blindingly bright, which makes it awful for use in bedrooms. Sadly, the light isn't even used to indicate the charge status of connected devices, it's merely a fairly pointless "this charger is plugged into an outlet" light, which stays on until you unplug it.

I'm using my Bolse charging station with a Belkin Power Conserve Switch (the Bolse doesn't come with an on/off switch, so I highly recommend), some Design Ideas Brocade Letter Holders, and an IKEA Raskog Cart. Together with some shorter charge cables I picked up inexpensively from Monoprice, they make the perfect charging center!
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon July 25, 2014
How many smartphones and tablets do you have in your family? A lot, right? How about wireless headphones or speakers, or maybe smartwatch, or activity bracelet, and so on. What does it all mean? You have all these devices requiring a usb charging port. If you are relying on the original single port wall charger that came bundled with your gadget, you will not have enough wall power outlets to cover each device. There is a number of multi-port charging solutions, but so far I haven't found anything in compact footprint and higher than 40W. Apparently Bolse realized that if you factor in all the latest devices that benefit from 2A fast charging and latest iDevices that require 2.4A, you will need more current to keep everybody charging happily at the same time. So they come up with a 7-port compact wall charger that's able to supply 12A of a combined current!!! Here is what I found.

Arrived in environmentally friendly packaging, it had plenty of details about the product as you flip the box around. The most notable details were compact size (approximately 4.3" x 2.6" x 1.2"), 12A of a combined current, and 7 ports featuring new SmartIC technology. This new SmartIC technology is based on a controller chip which detects and optimizes amount of current based on a device you are using. Each of the 7 ports of this charger have this SmartIC technology so you don't have to guess which port to use for your phone or your tablet or even your iPad. In addition to current detection to maximize the charging speed, each port also has over-heating, over-current, and short circuit protection. As a matter of fact, the top of this charger has perforated surface to allow a better cooling of the device. The wall charger itself connects to a power outlet through a provided 5ft cable, and there is also led indicating when charger is powered up.

During my testing I had no issues connecting multiple devices to this charger, and was able to monitor and to confirm all of them charging at their max speed where the only limitation was the usb cable. You should be aware that not every usb cable will be able to provide a maximum amount of current due to a thickness of the wires which play a limiting factor in charging speed. Also, the max combined current can't exceed 12A, so for example, you can't have 7x iPad w/Retina charging simultaneous at the max speed, or 7x Galaxy phones/tablets charging at 2A each at the same time. But still, a combination of 7 USB ports and 12A of shared current is more than enough for any household.

Overall, I was very impressed with a spec of this wall charger and wasn't disappointed with its actual performance. Being able to supply 12A of combined current, providing 7-ports for charging, and equipping each port with SmartIC technology, while being covered under 12-months warranty - definitely a great deal, now offered on Amazon for $35.99.
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A desktop USB charger with a nice design, but lower power throughput than charging the same devices on a standalone charger.

* My LG Nexus 5 draws 3W (measured at the wall) through this unit, vs 6-8W with its native and other standalone chargers. Not great, and a notable slowdown in getting to full charge. Presumably this means the fast-charge circuitry doesn't work with this late-2013 smartphone, and may not with other similar devices.

* Other devices (such as USB batteries) drew closer to what they would have from a standalone charger (but still about 1W less in each case). Tested using the same cables.

* A single LED indicates power, but no per-port LEDs.

* Case is plasticy, but the dimpled top surface gives it a nice enterprise look.

* It has reasonable heft. Combined with rubber feet, it doesn't slide around.

* The sideways facing ports are far enough off the desktop that they aren't a pain to use (slimmer units can be awkward because the port is right at the desktop)

* Charge cable is a bit short. For reaching a non-cubicle desktop, 6+ feet would be better.

[ A free sample was provided to me for review. ]

The power throughput is disappointing, especially for my Nexus5. I've run into the same limitation with other USB docking stations, but my Bolse units always seem on the low end of power delivery. I've also have used a Sabrent charging station that didn't have any problem delivering full power throughput to both Nexus5 and various other devices.

While I like the build of this unit, the lack of per-port (or activity) lights, and the poor power throughput drag my rating down to 3 stars. It's better looking than other units on the market, but this Bolse is not as good as it could be.
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on October 20, 2014
i was looking for a charger that offered at least 6 fully-powered ports for use in a mobile charging kiosk that i was fabricating for my bar. this charger from bolse was the highest amperage charger i could find, and it's got a superb rating on amazon, so i thought it was worth a shot. in short: this charger is simply the all-around best high-capacity charger i've ever used.

the form factor is small enough that it can easily fit inside the housing of the kiosk. each port offers the same charging capacity, so i dedicated three of them as micro usb, two as apple lightning, and one as apple 30-pin. for the 7th port, i plugged in a string of usb-powered led strip lights, and mounted them on the face of the kiosk to light up the cables and phone holsters. the whole kiosk is powered by this one charging block!

i have seen as many as four devices plugged into it at once while in use at the bar. everyone i have asked says they get a fast charge from it. i think i may have to get one for my house next. everyone looking for a high-capacity charger should definitely consider this block from bolse. the cost may be a bit more than the lower-wattage options, but it's definitely worth it.
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on September 22, 2014
We are a family of 6 (4 kids and 2 adults). We have an interesting dynamic in that we are a blended family, which means that the kids travel back and forth between our house and their other parent's house. From an electronic gadget perspective, this makes things tricky because the kids need chargers for each of their gadgets at both parents' house.

Each of us has at least 1 device (phone and/or tablet) from various manufacturers. As the "head IT geek" for the family, I tried buying each member of the house their very own charger for each device to make sure their device remains charged properly. As you would expect from kids, the chargers get moved around, "borrowed" or misplaced, so it seems that we never have the right charger for the right device in the right place.

Enter the Bolse charger.... it's smarter than all of us and automatically senses the device attached to it and provides the appropriate charge. I simply keep a collection of cables connected to it and direct the kids there when they need to charge. It stays in a central place and I don't let anyone take cables with them, so we always have a place to charge devices properly.

An absolute must for the family with multiple gadgets!
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on May 5, 2015
Fire Hazard! I used this charger for about 2 weeks. Last night we smelled something burning and discovered a melting usb plug cord in our Kindle Fire HDX it had glowing red embers on it and had we not caught it we could have had a serious fire! The cord and the Bolse was super hot. It melted the port of the Kindle Fire HDX also. According to the description "Safely use any port for any device with any USB charger cord" I have to say that was not the case.

I called Amazon regarding the Kindle and they said it was rated for 9 Watts so they were not suprised this happened. So it seems to me the SmartIC Technology is flawed on the one I received anyway. Fortunately I am still within the return window so mine is in the mail and my search for a safe option to charge all devices without matching up cords to devices continues.
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on June 14, 2015
What made me choose this model was the claim to stop charging once battery is full. Like many, most of the time I charge my devices overnight so that they'll be full and ready in the morning. Now, I can relax instead of almost constantly checking to prevent "overcharged" batteries which weaken severely. Works well for an iPod touch 5, Kindle Keyboard, Samsung tablet, Bluetooth keyboard, and two Samsung cell phones. The iPod charges the fastest. Very glad I purchased this Bolse.
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