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on November 22, 2012
I read this because of all the good reviews, but I found it sadly lacking. If you like constant Jason Borne type action you will probably like this. But to me the author was just trying to impress you with his knowledge of all the various vehicles he threw at us and the fact that an unbelievable heroine could handle them all! (Many authors do this. They research something for their book and then try to impress-read bore you-with all the detail so they can say look at all the research I did!) I would not have been surprised if they had pursued the chase on roller skates, snow mobiles, and water skis. His 15 year old female was also unbelievable. The male characters were rather shallow as was the plot.
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on October 26, 2005
Two police decide to stage a kidnapping to score bags of undeclared cash. Then they compound the plans by setting up a second kidnapping. Then everything goes very wrong. The wife of one of the cops arrives home early from overseas and walks in on his mistress. The two thugs brought into the act are not trustworthy companions - one has an obsession about raping one of the kidnapped girls, and the other tries to kill the two kidnap victims.

The kidnappers haven't factored in the ingenuity of the victims, and the tenacity of the cop's wife, Sara. Sara picks up some unlikely allies and the chase begins. Sara must find the kidnapped children, both to save them and to clear her own name. Stealing automobiles, playing bumper cars, commiting arson and assault, and even stealing an airplane are on the agenda.

This is a crime story, rather than a mystery, but it is interesting to see how the white hats win. Everything works out well for the white hats, although there are some bumps and bruises along the way. Many crimes are conveniently overlooked. Some people would rather not have too much dredged up to the light of day.
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on May 24, 2013
This book has one of the most despicable bad guys I've come across in a long time. I'm talking about Rice, the aids infected kidnapper of two young girls, who somehow doesn't think he's a pervert, when he so obviously is. Rice is hired by Huntington Beach police officer Clay Tredway to kidnap his wife Sara Hackett's niece along with the daughter of wealthy software developer Cyril Radoslaw.

Sara is a racecar driver and when she comes home early from a race in Australia, she finds a pregnant woman in her house. Apparently hubby Clay is a philanderer as well as a kidnapper. Soon after she finds out about the kidnapping, she learns what a weasel her husband really is and she sets out to rescue the two girls. But Clay doesn't make it easy for her. He frames her for the murder of Radoslaw and now she is on the run even as she's running to save the girls.

While all that is going on, Rice and his not-to-bright accomplice Gundry have problems of their own as the girls have escaped into an oil field in the heart of California, where the kidnappers had been holding them hostage. Now they don't care about the ransom anymore, they just want the girls dead. Can Sara, and the quirky band of characters she's enlisted to help her, get to them before the killer/kidnappers do?

In a frantic race against time, which involves stealing a small plane in the middle of the night, a midnight swim and plenty of nail-biting tension, Sara finally confronts her bad cop, no good, two timing, kidnapping rat of a husband. And if you're a girl who has ever been two-timed the way Sara has been, you are absolutely going to love the ending of this book as it plays out to the tune of Bob Dylan singing "Simple Twist of Fate." This is a thriller.
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on April 2, 2013
Riverting, what a great writer, I thought the plot very clever and well though out, the victims terror and fear was there, but not over the top, with the will to survive alway peeking through. The heroines comfusion, fear and anger with what was occurring to her and her determination not to become another victim was believable. I couldn't put the kindle down, I will certainly read this book again at a later date and look forward to reading more of this author
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on July 26, 2006
Desperation Moon is one of the rare books that has it all. Character development, action, suspense, and a very satisfying ending, all in the same book.

Even the first two sentences of the book intrigued me. How is this for a grabber: "Rice stared into the mirror behind the bar. Death stared back." So even from the get-go I knew I was in for a fast-paced ride.

The plot deals with Sara, a female race car driver, whose young niece is kidnapped. Sara is married to a dirty cop, which enhances the suspense, because it becomes "us against them." And the "them" is the entire police force of Southern California, because Sara's husband has convinced the authorities that she is the perpetrator of the kidnapping.

So Sara hits the streets and goes on the lam, meeting some very unusual helpers along the way. Sara's purpose is two-fold: to avoid arrest and to also find and rescue her niece. What makes this scenario so exciting is that obviously Sara cannot depend upon the cops for help. She is running from them, and they are close on her heels.

The adventures Sara encounters are exciting and suspenseful. The author, Ken Douglas, obviously writes from personal experience in many areas, as he has detailed knowledge of boats, planes, and vintage automobiles. This enhances the believability of the story.

Because of the character development, I found myself relating to and rooting for the main characters. The character Sara initially is a woman who is strong on the inside, but weakened on the outside due to her husband's emotional abuse. However, as the story races along at breakneck speed, Sara turns inward to bring the strength she possesses outwards. The results are stunning. This woman can kick (...), and she does.

All in all, Desperation Moon is a fast paced thriller. It has caught my attention to a small publishing house called Bootleg Press. If the other novels that come out of this little publishing house are as good as Desperation Moon, I will be buying more novels from Bootleg Press. They may be on to something here.
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on July 5, 2011
I have read several thrillers before, but not many are as gripping as Desperation Moon. Some people might find some of the sordid characters, especially Rice, extremely off-putting, but it's also important to realize that as a writer, it was Mr. Douglas' job to capture each character's essence to the core. Yes, it gets very graphic at times, but that's because inside of Rice's head is equally disturbing. So, although I hated Rice, I never doubted his credibility. I appreciate that Mr. Douglas did not water things down for fear of what others might think. Staying true to each character's true nature is one of the hallmarks of a great writer. Desperation Moon has a standard plot; however, it is interesting in that minors are placed in harrowing situations that require them to make grown-up decisions. In short, it has a likeable heroine, real villains, and most importantly, stays true to what it is -- a first-rate thriller. 4 1/2 stars.
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on October 19, 2007
I finished the book Desperation Moon and I have mixed opinions about it.
I think it all depends on what a person is willing to read. I did find the language a bit vulgar, but it was meant to be that way. It didn't bother me too much because English is a 2nd language for my dad and cursing is his first. Even so, he is everyone's PaPa in our old neighborhood.

I had a hard time with Rice wanting to rape and touching Paige especially because she was a teenager. I think it could have been easier to digest if it were kept in his thoughts and he never touched her. This is just how I because of what I think about adults that prey on children in this manor.

With the exception of what appeared to be a few typo's and a mistake when you mentioned Sarah parents died in a plane crash then followed it up with them dying in an helicopter cash; I thought the writing was good.

The writing is very discriptive; I found myself in the bar when Rice was coughing, inhaling the red dust during the race in Australia, I saw Carole from behind standing in Sarah's kitchen, and I felt the mud in the ditch and on and on. I think that one of the most important things about writing is that a person should be able to feel and see what they are reading. I have not written much and do not consider myself a writer but as a reader. I have to feel the joy and pain when I read a book or it can take me forever to finish it by force.

I hope that you continue to write and publish new books. I haven't read any of your other books yet but I think I will. I think that in this age of what appears to be a attack on our young people, because your writing is good and very discriptive,some people may not be able to deal with it.
There were periods where I had a hard time with the contents and wondered what some of the women in my book club would think about me choosing this book.

I had thoughts of what kind of person could write in such detail about what Rice wanted to do and did do to Paige.

I was pleased that Rice could not go through with what he thought he wanted to do to Paige. I probably would have either stopped reading the book or skipped that part if he did. I felt like Somewhere in the back of his sick mind, he could not go through with it because she was a child. He felt that this would make him a freak or something.

He said something to the effect that someone who would do something like that to a child was sick earlier when they were all in the car and
he looked at Kelly.

My book club meeting is at 7:30. It takes us about an half hour to get settled. I would like to call you around 8:30 CT if this is not a problem. We shouldn't take up much of your time. to the meeting. We have also listed to a recorded interview of an Author at one
of our meetings. I think that getting to know an author can help with understanding the Author's message. We have a couple of ladies that are hard core readers and will more than likely have a couple of questions. I think this would be good for you as well to get started again.

Last but not least, I wasn't surprised when I saw the picture of you on a boat at the end of the book. At one point during my reading, I saw a connection with you and Seth. There may not have been but I knew that you had to have a boat and either had or wanted to sail the seas and live on your boat.

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on April 26, 2004
I sat down and read the first page of this book and didn't come up for air until I had finished it!! This hasn't happened in a long time.
Sara is a feminine, strong and resourceful woman who returns from Australia to find her niece kidnapped, and a pregnant stranger living in her home - with her husband (who masterminded the kidnappings, the scumbag).
In addition to Sara's niece, Kelly, another girl has been abducted at the same time (the bad guys are looking for double the payoff). The two girls are no pushovers, however, and do their best to excape their captors.
There is no shortage of action and suspense from beginning to end.
This is a great book and I since this book I have read Ken Douglas's Running Scared, and Diamond Sky(written by Ken and Jack Stewart). Every one of thse books got my pulse pounding and me rooting for the heroines.
By the way Jack Stewart writes nail- biting adventure books too. I have read Hurricane by Stewart and Tangerine Dreams (I believe it was a joint venture of these two authors). I hope both these men keep writing because I have become hooked on their brand of excitement and suspense. I have recommended them to several of my friends at work and to you too!
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on April 16, 2013
Rice has AIDs, got it in prison, Now he feels like he's got nothing to live for, nothing to be afraid of. So when he's approached by Police Officer Clay Tredway to kidnapped his wife's niece, He agrees, he needs the money to end his days in style. However, at the last minute, Tredway wants Rice to kidnap the son and daughter of billionaire software developer Cyril Radoslaw. Rice doesn't want to do it, as it complicates the perfect crime he'd worked out, but then there's that AIDs thing, so again, he agrees.

Race car driver Sara Hackett, Clay Tredway's wife, comes home early from an off road race in Australia, because she's worried about the custody battle she's having with her niece Kelly's wealthy grandmother. When Sara's brother and his wife died in an auto accident, Kelly went to live with Sara and Clay, but Grandma Estelle wants Kelly with her in Hawaii.

When Sara gets home, she discovers first that her husband has a pregnant girlfriend and her marriage is over, then she learns Kelly has been kidnapped. The kidnappers want wealthy Estelle to fork over a million bucks, but Sara doesn't think the old woman will pay. Then Sara sees on the news that someone kidnapped software developer Cyril Radoslaw's fourteen-year-old daughter Paige.

Since Clay and his partner also handle security for Radoslaw, in addition to being Huntington Beach homicide cops, Sara begins to think Clay was behind both kidnappings.

Meanwhile Paige and seven-year-old Kelly are being held in Central California. It's dark, they're frightened and they see a chance to escape the two men who are holding them. They get away and flee into a dark and dangerous oilfield, in short order their captors realize they are gone and give chase.

Back in Huntington Beach, someone has burned Sara's house to the ground, with Paige's father dead in Sara's bed. Now the cops, with her husband leading the charge, are after Sara for murder. She figures out where the kidnappers are holding the children, and with only an elderly woman named Dottie and her faithful dog Sherman for help, Sara heads up to Central California, just a step ahead of the law. Can she get to the girls in time? Can she save them?

And back in the oilfield Paige and Kelly are in full flight. They hide first here, then there, as their pursuers get ever closer. The kidnappers no longer care about keeping the girls alive, they want them dead, and the frightened children know it. Paige could escape, but not with Kelly, the child is too young and too slow, so Paige has to tough it out, playing cat and mouse with her deadly trackers until she figures a way out of her dilemma.

This is a thriller about a woman in trouble that will have you on the edge of your seat as you read the night away. The bad guys are of the dirty rotten type. The good girls on the run are endearing. Sara is heroic. And then there is Dottie and her dog name Sherman, they deserve a book of their own.
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on May 24, 2013
This author is new to me but I thought I would give this book a try. I started to read it and then couldn't put it down! I loved the strength of the female characters and it never ran out of action.
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