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on October 29, 2011
I'm going to agree with some other reviewers and sum up the way I feel about the book. It was disappointing. It was short and lacked a new story line and more resolutions of past dramas. For example, Neferet is still the bad guy, still doing whatever she wants, and even though Zoey is so powerful she still hasn't been able to do anything about it? How many more books are they going to continue battling the same people and the same problems. Let them win over Neferet and if you want to continue the series, create a new villain who provides different challenges. I feel like they are just extending the series to make more money out of each individual book, the last two books could have been one and it could have made more sense. Again, I know this is a YA book but the writing is terrible sometimes especially when they use made up words like "gihugic" every other sentence. The books seem to be regressing because the earlier ones were for YA but were mature and entertaining enough to be enjoyed by an older demographic as well. This one not so much. I'm with the viewer that says if the next book doesn't progress, I'm dropping this series.
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on November 4, 2011
With new lows in discrimination tactless and untasteful language Destined tests the boundaries and beyond in terms of YA. The latest edition of HON perfectly demonstrates the frustrations of a great concept being smothered by an overly indulgent publishing contract, unnessarily complex mythologies, world building, and increasingly neglected characters. Yup. It's just as bad as it's predecessors.

Zoe&Co Inc. are back in yet another been-there-read-that installment of the House of Night. In this episode Scooby Doo and Crew are trying to expose Neferet to the council (yet again) and find out what really happened on the night of Z's mom's murder.

Surprisingly Destined had an individual story arc. Something that has eluded past installments for quite a few books. Unfortunately good bones aside, Destined is written in the prose of the truly awful. I understand that Zoe and company are supposed to be typical trendy teenagers with relevant age appropriate voices, but the slang only manages to come across immature and ignorant instead of current. I get that the authors are trying to create irony with characters like Kramisha but it just doesn't work and becomes demeaning. The real irony is how an english teacher and an accomplished poet managed to compose the most inelegant, inarticulate, uneducated sounding young people ever immortalized in a published work. Along with bad dialogue the Cast's somehow consistently manages to turn what should be a shared reader/character experience of the emotional upheaval and devastation that occurs after death, into a load of corn and camp. I wish they would stop trying to mix grieving with pop references, not only does it diminish the impact of the situation, but it makes the whole passage awkward to read. The authors were dropping so many brand names that I felt like the book was sponsored by pop culture and local businesses and I was expecting ads to show up between the pages or a commercial to pop up in the middle of my audiobook.

I started getting the audiobook version a few books back because i just couldn't get through the hardcopy but the language has gotten so bad I'm not sure even that will suffice the next go around. The narration is ok but the horribly stereotypical cliches are infinitely pronounced.

In other bad news, Destined marks Zoey's return to boyfriend indecision. We are once again subjected to the whims of too many would be suitors. Just when you think the field has been narrowed down, someone's reincarnated, or thrown back into the mix due to some alliance or circumstance. And then we are led to dislike Z's current boy toy (again) in a story line that has no other purpose but to add more fluff now and maybe an out later.

While I applaud the author's attempt at going green, I would prefer they recycle materials rather than plots. I feel no satisfaction, only dizziness from circling the same themes of give salvation a chance & encroaching darkness this way comes, but it's only temporary because Zoe&Co. still don't trust Erik, Stark, or Raphiam. The whipping boy club and their vows to the goddess don't seem to mean anything since they're the one's the authors' choose to be vulnerable all the time. The main lesson is nothing but a contradiction. I can understand throwing some devolving into the mix but when it's every character in a similar position the device just gets tired and no one seems to grow or learn from past mistakes. Of course it's not like they have very many role models. With the addition of Lenobia's filler side lines they're venturing more and more adult or becoming less and less interested in YA. I think they should just age up the characters already. There's no order or structure for these teens they live more like off-campus college students than high school boarders.

There was one bright and shining beacon of hope, fresh meat aka a new fledgling. I actually found myself interested. I mean really, really interested in the story since the third book and wanting to invest into this character and her thread. It reminded me why i got so caught up in this series way back before the monstrosity HON has become. I think the authors should make like Mead, end this already, and start fresh. Mead was smart and kept some of the characters we know and love but didn't overkill VA. They need new characters and a new locale. Things that have already been established within the series, so it's all already there. The duo of Cast may have made this kind of transition difficult for themselves though. They have too many new and existing storylines in this book, no doubt to fill their contract quota. So it would be hard to close this wild runaway beast out. The mythology is too diverse and at the same time really specific to the local native american culture, this can help or hinder a spin off series, set at say the Chicago HON. On the one hand they can tailor the ideas to a new heroine on the other there are no rules or boundaries for their belief system which adds to the chaotic jumble already in need of taming. Also they might have made Zoey too special, too powerful, this leaves no room to grow or expand a new lead heroine for a spin off. Where can they really go with it when Z is supposed to be Nix incarnate. But I think these problems could be ironed out, some of the characters salvaged, to remake this series into something good again. Too bad no one listens to me.

I wish Cast&Cast JR would make a decision and stick with it, pick a path and stay the course. It's no wonder HON has become so stagnant we've been on the same page for the past three books, recycling the same themes with different characters. Funny how Lenobia states in this very book, her like of change, yet we still can't seem to get any.
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on October 28, 2011
I really like the first few books in this series but its getting really redunant. How many times can these kids battle some new Neferet creation before someone figures out that the chick is whacked out of her mind? I just finished this latest book and it wasnt that great. First off, whats with all the horrible grammer? I know the characters are kids and have their own lingo but its horrible to read. All the aints, and gonnas, and crap, its aweful! And I know Zoeys grandma is native american but is this book her "accent" is so much more pronounced that it sounds sterotypical and out of place since it wasnt that bad in previous books. The second frustrating thing is that it was mostly about Rephiam and his humanity, Zoey was totally a secondary character. And why all of a sudden are the twins at odds? Why keep throwing out these unnecessary subplots, just get to a point already! If the now inevitable next book isnt more action packed and clear, I am giving up on the series. Im tired of wasting the time and money for mediocre books.
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17 of 17 people found the following review helpful
on November 9, 2011
Every time I read one of these books, I feel like I need to wash my brain out with something strong & lemony scented or it might develop some sort of rot.

I think I should turn these books into a drinking game: every time the characters speak like they are the lolcats, or as if they are 12 (essentially the same thing), or the Casts make a ridiculous pop culture reference in an effort to sound hip & cool: DRINK! I think it would make the books far more entertaining & quite possibly will help with the headaches I'm sure I'm giving myself from all of the excessive eye-rolling I do while reading these books.

Meanwhile, if you're reading a review for book 9, I'll assume you're read books 1-8 so I'm not spoiling anything for you here. My review for this book is that NOTHING HAPPENED! Okay- a few new characters were introduced, but in the grand scheme- nada.

We saw how Zoey's mom died, but since we already got to watch that live & in action in the last book- wow. There was chaos- CHAOS I tell you- except that it wasn't, really. It's been 9 books, people are going to get on each other's nerves (certainly they are on my nerves so I'm happy to see they are on each other's as well). Neferet's still evil, Aphrodite still has visions that never come true, Rephaim is still a birdboy (again- learned that in the last book)... there was just no. forward. motion. Mostly there was a lot of the characters sitting around talking about how stressed out they were- FUN!

There was one big reveal that was so obvious from the first moment the character stepped into the book that it was as anti-climactic as the Kardashian's divorce (that bit of pop-culture was just for the Casts. I'm sure they're working it in to the next book right now- DRINK!).

I don't know why I keep reading these. I have to go clean my brain out now...Sorry.
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71 of 83 people found the following review helpful
on October 27, 2011
After book four I have been waiting for the series to get better rather than worse. This book was another disappointment that is stringing us along. The author is worried about making money rather than a good audience. Zoey is becoming weaker each book, she is the youngest high priestess! stop underrating her P.C. Cast! You learn nothing new from this book and it never held the excitement I was waiting for.... I want it get better!
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13 of 13 people found the following review helpful
on November 17, 2011
Awful continuation of the HoN novels. The series started off great. Compelling plots. Action. Everything. I couldn't put them down! Destined is far from the rest. I purchased this book the day it came out expecting to be finished within 2 or 3 days. It has now been almost 2 weeks and I still have 5 chapters to get through. Absolulely nothing interesting has happened and the authors just keep making up ridiculous plot points to drag on their story. Completely unnessecary events (the twins) Lead me to agree with the other readers and say PC and Kristin are just worried about making money from the series and could actually care less about their characters and their fans. I am incredibly dissapointed in this book and seriously doubt I will continue on with the series.
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13 of 13 people found the following review helpful
on November 6, 2011
Worse than the last book. Book was boring, nothing new has happened in the last couple of books. I was so excited for this series. It looked so promising. Luckily I knew to read the reviews online before purchasing it and instead went to the library. I think after this dissapointing novel I am done with this set or authors and this series.
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18 of 20 people found the following review helpful
on November 5, 2011
I'm happy that this series has taken off and become such a big success. That being said, I thought that
the story line would develop rather than regurgitate. The same things keep happening with fewer conclusions than they had before. Zoey has become a spineless whiner. The rest of the crew is hardly any better.

Also, the other comments on the grammar and vocabulary are right on. Or should I say, "It's just......eww[...]"
I mean come on. It actually hurt me a little to write that.)

One more thing, congratulations on the success of this series, dear Casts, however, the shameless name-dropping and brand recognizing have got to end! Could you kiss Charlaine Harris's hind end any more? You even mentioned her by name TWICE in the first half of the book. The clothing designers and brands that you also shamelessly hawk are recognizable to some but not to me and I'm guessing plenty of others. Maybe you should have spent less time at the trunk sales and more time developing a story lines with fewer redundancies.
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11 of 11 people found the following review helpful
on November 10, 2011
So far I love the House of Night series. I've enjoyed each of the books and looked forward to the next. But there comes a time when enough is enough. It feels like the authors are dragging the series on to make more money. As much as I like the books, I'm not buying anymore for this series. Just end it already.
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12 of 13 people found the following review helpful
on October 30, 2011
The authors are riding a money train. There is no additional character development, they just introduce new plot twists and more characters without any new insights into the characters. There is no focus, it just jumps around. At this point it needs a deus ex machina to wrap everything up. For those not familiar with this, the Greek plays sometimes ended with the Gods popping out and saying he dies, he lives, he goes in the stars. This is becoming tedious and lazy writing. It just keeps going on and on. What is the deal with brown soda anyway, no one on earth talks like that. The beginning was fun, but it has long ago lost the sparkle of the early books. Now we have a cowboy, give us a break. The next few books will probably add an astronaut.
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