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on June 8, 2013
I have loved & adored Cade since Destined To Change. Many thought he was an arrogant jerk, but not me. I saw his heart & soul through his sexy smirk.
I was thrilled when I found out he was getting his own book & after reading Destined To Succeed I can honestly say Cade is still thrilling me.
Destined To Succeed shows the true Cade. How hard working he is and how much he loves his friends and family.
It was great to see this other side of him. Lisa Harley could have taken the easy road & just written a fun sexy little romance with Cade flirting all the way through, but she didnt. Don't get me wrong, this is a fun sexy romance, but it's more than that.
Harley deals with some extremely serious issues mixed in with the fun & sexy. There were some scenes in this book that made me uncomfortable, but they were meant to.
I applaud Lisa for thinking outside the box and showing us not only a sexy fun cowboy, but a real man with great character.
Destined To Succeed will give you everything you expect from Cade plus much more.
*This honest review was brought to you by CADISON. I love Cade so much we have a combined name. :-)
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on June 8, 2013
I have to be honest and admit that I was not a fan of Cade in Destined to Change. I was completely Team Jaxon and felt Cade was arrogant, cocky and just in the way of my favorite couple. But from the beginning of this book, my opinion of Cade changed. In Destined to Succeed we find out about his past, what shaped him, and what turned him into the ladies' man with little emotion that we first met. But in this story we see his vulnerable and his sweet side. We meet Suzanna when Cade does... in third grade. They grow up together, become best friends and are inseparable. But as their pre-teen and teen years occur, their feelings start to change. But unfortunately communicaton issues, fear and insecurities lead to years of missed opportunities and poor choices. My heart literally hurt for both of them.

"Son, when you find the right one you'll just know it. Your dick won't pick her. Your heart will. Always listen to your heart, because your dick can be a lying b**tard."

They clearly loved each other and belonged together but they could not seem to get it together. Their failed union created consequences for both of them and changed the course of their lives. Cade turns off emotion and seeks fulfillment in multitudes of women, and Suzanna finds herself miserable in an abusive marriage. But she feels she has no chance of escape since she has to protect her daughter and those she loves. They have such deep feelings of longing, lust, and love. But they have so much stacked against them. It was sad, heart breaking, frustrating, and maddening.

Cade is a sexy, cocky, cowboy with a huge sense of responsibility and a big heart. He hid this by being a womanizer in order to cover up his true hurt feelings and to protect himself. But deep down, he knows there is really only one woman for him...but he is not sure how she feels and circumstances make the situation impossible. He is struggling to rebuild his ranch and take care of everyone.

"He was sex on a stick. If the body didn't get you, that d**n deep voice with the country drawl would do it every time."

Suzanna was initially fun and feisty, but her marriage and circumstances dragged her down. She was damaged and hurt, but always still managed to support Cade and his family. The only bright spot in her marriage is her sweet daughter Isabella. She will do anything to protect her. She longs for the life she could have had with Cade if things had been different.

"My heart picked you, Suzy Q. My heart always knew it was you."

There is also danger lurking the background threatening Suzanna, Cade, and their families. So there is tension, suspense, intrigue and tragedy that raises your anxiety level. You know something is coming and it just builds and builds. And then something does happen, and then the build up starts again. So it kept me entertained and engaged.. It made me tense, upset, and at one point...totally shocked. I loved many of the supporting characters especially Cade's cousins Cord, Clay, Colt, and Cole, and the sweetest little girl ever, IzzyB. She had such a child like innocence and spunky spirit and she had all of the men eating out of her hands.

I was really invested in the characters and their relationship. They really were likable and so good for each other. If they could only go back in time and change one thing, their lives would have been so different. It is told in alternating points of view of Cade and Suzanna in present time and in flashbacks. But it flowed well and I enjoyed their memories as much as their present story.

Despite all that they have been through, can they finally overcome the problems with their past and find a happy ending? Or are they destined to have happiness just out of their reach?

I look forward to more books in this series and hope that we see more of the characters from the first two books filter into the subsequent books.

Thanks to Lisa M. Harley for providing me with an ARC in exchange for an honest review. I was actually privileged enough to be a Beta Reader for this book and review is based off my beta read.
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on June 9, 2013
As I started reading this book my heart broke for Cade during the prologue. I loved Destined to Change. When I met Cade in that story I loved him so glad he got his own story. His story is a rough one many twist and turns. There anger and hate and happiness and sadness and in the end there is a story of ONE TRUE LOVE and that no matter how ugly or crazy that journey gets your destined to be.
Cade and Suzanna have been best friends since they were 9. But because if stubbornness and fear of ruining there friendship neither one would tell the other how they felt. Well that was there first mistake. They decided to be each others first and Cade thought his luck had turned around with his Suzy Q . Ignorance/Fear took them on a different path for many years. To many years. She always knew her heart only belonged to Cade but decided to marry Branch anyway and she paid dearly for way to many years for her decision . She was living with fear at the hands of a crazy violent man. ( what he did to her sickened me beyond words) she finally escaped only because her daughter saved her. No child should have to endure what Izzy B did. Things were getting better for them until the CRAZY showed his face again doing the unthinkable and destroying another life. There journey continues to be a hard one. Anna has always had a thing for Cade but he never felt the same way. Anna decided that she would win in the end an has turned into a crazy person. Cade has fought long and hard to have Suzy Q and Izzy B in his life there were destined to be his family it's what should be. When life gets out of control and two people are so crazy they would stop at nothing to split you apart destiny has to run its course. It's hard to put your happiness in the hands of destiny but if you learn anything from Cade and Suzy Q's journey in Destined to Succeed there is a reason for everything whether you like it or not. Now matter how difficult your journey was destiny will get you to your happiness and you ever after. This book took me thru many emotions I cried because I was so ANGRY I cried because I was SCARED I cried because I was HAPPY. The ending made me so happy I'm so in love with Cade , Suzy Q and Izzy B there just perfect together and after all they endured they deserve there HEA.
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on June 12, 2013
I have come to conclusion that Lisa M. Harley and I are destined to have a love/hate relationship...hehe. I read her first book in this series, Destined to Change, a few weeks ago when I found out we had our blog tour. I enjoyed that book but didn't love it. There were just certain parts of the story and dialogue that had me saying, "Seriously, did I just read that right?"

Lisa can write a great story, she makes you laugh and definitely keeps you entertained. I definitely enjoyed Destined to Succeed more than her first book. Her writing developed some and the story had a much better flow. She does repeat some of the same things more than once and puts lines in that state the obvious to reader but it doesn't take away from you enjoying the story.

Readers first meet Cade in Destined to Change. That was where I first fell in love with him and was so excited to read his story. I just knew it was going to be good. I was not disappointed. The story starts out where her first book ended and there being a major accident on Cade's family ranch. The accident puts Cade in danger of losing everything he holds dear. That is also where you meet his best friend Suzanna. She is there to console him and from there you start to see that something is just not right in her world. The story then jumps to when Cade and Suzanna first met at 9 years old. The story slowly progresses from there and you watch their relationship and lives progress over the years. They go through a lot firsts and hard times together. Their friendship is far from smooth sailing. They both love each other and you want them to be together. They should be together but as always circumstances and misunderstandings destroy anything that could have been and Suzanna ends up marrying someone else. Suzanna does not have it easy and spends a good portion of the story suffering in silence. Eventually you make it back to the present and see where things are from when the story first started. That is when stuff gets real and you start to see the true love story unfold.

Cade is all types of sexy cowboy and Suzanna really is a good heroine once she finds herself in the second half of the book. Suzanna little girl Isabella was absolutely adorable. I did shed a few tears for one part of the book because it broke my heart. I felt all their pain. I loved the second half of the book much more than the first. I understood the purpose for the back story but sometimes
I just really wanted it jump back to the present. I think the back story could have been worked into the story a little better.

All in all I think it was great read. You will not be disappointed. Cade and Suzanna's story is part of series but if you have not read the first book you will be fine. There will be a third book in series called Destined to Forgive and will be characters from the first book, Eric and Emma.
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on June 11, 2013
Amazing follow up to Destined TO Change. We all first get to read about Cade Walker in Destined To Change, in that book Cade is a tough, sexy, cowboy who comes across a little arrogant, but like most of us we love the bad boys. I have to tell you I was truly surprised with Destined to Succeed, we get a chance to know the real Cade Walker and why he goes from one woman to the another.

Without giving to much away you get a glimpse into Cade's child hood and find out how much he has loved one woman, Suzanna, since the third grade, his Suzy Q. That's just one of the things I loved about this book, the writer takes you on a journey with Cade & Suzanna from third grade through their high school years, so you really understand what they meant to each other and what happened during that time to not allow them to be together but to just remain friends, who are desperately in love with each other. During those years Suzanna has been keeping a painful secret from Cade, her family and friends, she has been living a life of hell with her daughter Isabella. This part of the book had me in tears and heartbroken for what Suzanna was going through.

This is when we see the side of Cade that just made me even more crazy about him. He is not only sexy and all alpha cowboy but generous and has a heart of gold, he would do anything for the people that he loves.
This book has passion, sorrow and drama everything that you need for a good story that keeps you hooked from the beginning to the end..
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on June 13, 2013
Destined To Succeed by Lisa M. Harley

5/5 Stars

"Destined To Succeed" was simply amazing. I knew from reading Lisa M. Harley's debut novel "Destined To Change" that her writing captured me and I felt her words. It was clear to me then that I would want more.

First things first, Cade Walker... It's no secret that I was Not Team Cade at all in DTC. In fact I'm pretty sure the whole of the Facebook indie-book community I frequent knows this.

So... While I knew I would enjoy reading "Destined To Succeed", and waiting not so patiently for her to finish writing it after the prologue I read at the end of DTC, I may or may not have sent some er, rather "encouraging" messages to the author to take her laptop and get in her writing cave so I could find out what happened next.

My surprise? Cade Holy Hotness Walker!! How in the world did she make me fall in love with HIM? Talk about I didn't see THAT coming! Yeah, she did. (Relax, my loyalties and love will always lie with Jaxon from DTC) but, Cade Walker has so many layers to him. I can honestly say that I look forward to seeing snippets of him in future "Destined Books".

Suzanna... Oh my God. I loved her. I wanted to protect her. I wanted to talk sense into her. Hell into both of them from time to time. The journey that she goes through and the absolute hell and horrors that she faces. I cannot imagine facing those situations myself.

The level of emotions that I felt while reading DTS was light and easy yet at times very intense & definitely smokin' HOT!!!

Strength? Love? Loyalty? Cade & Suzanna have it in spades.

Oh, and you may want to have a box of Kleenex nearby, just sayin'.

Definitely a 5 Star book... Add it to your TBR list and watch for it in June! I love to feel and get lost in the books I read. Thank you Ms. Harley and get back in your writing cave!!

Review by Stacy Bailey Darnell/Literary Mania Reviews
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on June 11, 2013
I absolutely loved this story. It was slow to take off but has a powerful emotional story that takes the reader along for the ride to the point the chatacters capture your heart.
This is a story about Cade a sexy cowboy bachelor who is in a word: sex walking! He is gods gift to women and he knows it

Suzannah is a firey red headed natural beauty who grew up with cade and is in an abusive unhappy marriage with a small cheeky 3 yr old daughter.

I loved this book even more than the first and look forward to the third book in the series due to release later this.year.

My only criticism about.the book was the main characters names:

01) Candy (mum)
02) Cody (dad)
03) Cade
04) Cord (cousin)
05) Colt (cousin)
06) Cole (cousin)
07) Clay (cousin)
08) Callie (suzy's mate)
09) Chris (Branch's mate)
10) Caden (son)

The individual names are fine but to.have so many characters in one book all begin with "C" is both annoying and frustrating. Its understandable and acceptable for twins but I couldn't help but feel that with 10 characters all with "C" names that the autor really didn't put much thought into it and just slapped any name that came to mind.
Apart from that the book is AMAZING and i highly recommend it.
I guarentee you will laugh and cry along with the chatacters.
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on August 13, 2013
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on June 12, 2013
I have never felt so many emotions happen at the same time while reading a great book. When a writer can put a picture in your mind and it makes you laugh a real out loud full belly laugh that's when you know... You're hooked. One scene still plays out in my head only because from the minute I read about Cade walker in Destined to Change I felt a kinship to Lisa. I could actually close my eyes and see Cade walking beside his bike after dumping Suzanna in the pond.... I won't add to that except those of you that have finished reading Destined to Succeed will know exactly what I mean... (BIG SMILE!!!)

You never know when or where you will meet your soul mate.
Cade Walker was introduced in Destined to Change as an arrogant, cocky, self-assured, and sexy as hell cowboy..(Every girl's dream). In Destined to Succeed, the softer side of Cade Walker is introduced. His strong family values and love for his best friend and soul mate, makes the reader want to protect him from outside sources determined to cause him emotional pain.
In Destined to Succeed, Cade and Suzanna meet at the age of nine and make it through some very important firsts. I felt the pull of Suzanna and Cade from the moment they meet. Suzanna the feisty red-head never to back down, at least to Cade and Cade the "Cowboy angel" determined to stay in her life even if it means giving her up. They are like two sides of the same coin. Lisa follows the two through ups and downs of childhood, adolescence into adulthood. You know they are meant to be together and the story line takes you through all the difficult times life can throw at you and they still move forward.
Every woman needs her "angel" and if he happens to be the hottest cowboy around; so be it and Cade is definitely Suzanna's.
I love this book and look forward to many more from Lisa Harley.
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on February 7, 2014
so Cade was so hot! I loved him from the last book and fell even more in love with him in this book. Suzanna was an amazing character. she went through so.much and I loved getting lost in her world. even though it was so dark.
I laughed. I cried. I blushed! Lol and I just swooned over everything in this story!
great job Lisa! I looking forward to more of your writing!!
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