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on January 22, 2005
When I first received "Detox in a Box" I was disappointed because the program is based on a plan that requires the procurement of over $100 worth of supplements. However, after listening to the introduction CD I decided that $12.00 to $15.00 per day was a worthwhile investment if it meant saying good-bye to my miserable state of mind. I originally intended to do the 7-day program, but found that it was so easy to follow and I felt so great that I followed the plan for 21 days. I lost over 15 pounds and feel terrific. As a result of this program, I have made major adjustments to my diet. This is not a "quick start" program; after you receive the materials at least a week of preparation is required - Keep in mind that it is well worth it! In addition to "Detox in a Box", I also recommend, "Breaking the Food Seduction".
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on June 25, 2006
6 25 06 I did The Detox Box program about 60 days ago and wanted to let a little time pass before I commented--. I loved it!!!

I went with all of Dr. Hyman's suggested `favorite' supplements.

Yes, it was expensive and some what time consuming, but I feel it was so very worth it.

It helped me kick the intense sugar, white flour and caffeine addictions that had hold of me. This is extremely miraculous for me and I am so very thankful to God I found this program.

Here are some of sources (showing costs) that I used. - Once I made the decision to do the detox I was in a rush to get all these things in fast and in some cases I paid more in shipping charges as a result.

* From Total Health (Internet Company out of NY)

with 3 day select UPS shipping 139.70

Endefen by Metagenics (420 g Powder) 38.93

Advaclear by Metagenics (42 caps) 25.75

Ultraclear Plus by Metagenics (canister original flavor) 75.15

From Amazon (Bolton Drug Alternative Supplements)

*Ultraflora plus DF by Metagenics 50 gram 34.96

* From a local Whole Foods

Barleans Omega Twin Lignan Rich Oil 16.95

Yerba Prima Psyllium Husk Power 7.19

* From Bed Bath and Beyond

Kitchen Aid Blender with 20% discount card at BB&B 89.00

* From Integral Yoga (local Health Food Store in Virginia)

with Senior Discount 63.83

Great Plains Bentonite 8.06


Primadophilus by Natures Way 17.99

(*Back up to Ultraflora plus DF

which may not make it in time for my start date)

The Peoples Green Decaf Tea (50 Bags) 9.17

Celestial Seasonings Caffeine free Herb Tea 4.67

Frozen Organic Dark Sweet Cherries 3.14

Frozen Organic Mango 1.79

Frozen Organic Raspberries 3.59

Frozen Organic Strawberries 4.04

Frozen Organic Blueberries 4.67

Frozen Organic Green Peas 3.59

* From Organic Pharmacy (Internet Company online)

with UPS shipping 28.75

Buffered Ascorbic Acid (Vit C) by Pure Encapsulations $13.65

Magnesium Citrate by Pure Encapsulations $6.95

I even had to get a blender (our other one bit the dust a few years ago) but it is a good thing I did because since the detox I have kept up with the morning shake several times a week. On the detox the hardest part, but doable, was getting down the Bentonite Clay and the Psyllium. I did the program pretty close to prescribed and have since kept up with eating more Brown Rice, Fish, Veggies and with drinking more water and Herbal Teas.

I think giving up that morning coffee was really helpful for me both with controlling my evening sugar cravings and improving my joint pain. Lost about 10 lbs so far and plan on losing more - really feeling more energy and joy.

Check for all the `program' products as well. I really appreciate Amazon and the users who wrote reviews on this product. I hope I can encourage someone to try The Detox Box. Hopefully you will share my success with it. I have about 100 self help health books (including Mark Hyman's other books) and so far this one has been the catalyst to give the others possibility!

Do it!
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on March 16, 2006
I love this detox box. The information you need is written very clearly, and you won't have any trouble following the program. When I first got on the program, I had a tough time "downing" the vitamin C, bentonite clay and psyllium. But I felt so great after just 4 days, it was worth it. The shake is actually very good, and the rest of the food you are supposed to eat is everyday healthy organic vegetables and fish and brown rice.

You can get very creative with the spices recommended and make each meal really flavorful.

I like to detox every few months, especially after a vacation or holiday week of eating and drinking too much. Not only do I lose 4-5 lbs in 5 days, my skin looks more radiant and I feel like I look younger! I'm 47 and my skin is starting to wrinkle. The detoxing makes my skin tighter and smoother...a side benefit I was not expecting. The products cost about $250, but lasts a long time. You can get most of the products at an organic grocery store (Whole Foods/Wild Oats). Or of course at a special pharmacy and on-line. Thank you Dr. Mark Hyman for this wonderful program.
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on May 18, 2006
When I first looked at what was required and the flax seed stuff never tried before, I thought this is for the birds! But I weighed 235 pound on May 10th and my blood pressure tested by the doctor and at home was consistently 150/110. Today is May 18th and my weight is 219 pounds and my blood pressure has been for the last 3 days 120/80. I'm only going to continue the detox for up to 14 days. I will be following the advice of this doctor from now on. My HMO doctors did not know what to do.
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on May 19, 2006
OK.... No one would beleive this. My husband and I went on Dr. Hyman's diet for 2 weeks. I lost 8-10 lbs. My husband lost 12 lbs. We eat lots of food and it is ALL healthy.
Now for the amazing part. My son has Down Syndrome and severe respiratory problems. I looked into the side of allergies for him through Dr, Hyman's ideas. I actually make shakes out of the same food that my husband and myself eat. My son hardly has the congestion that he once had. We believe that gluten and other horrible [...] had created his health problems.
In the past we have brought him to many specialists: pulmonologists, cardiac specialists, allergists and on and on.
He was on so many antibiotics and other steroids. I thought I would loose my precious son to a horrible fate.
We work closely with this diet for him. It has been successful for allergies, which he probably had/has which never showed up with any allergy testing we had in the past.
I am delited, please try this book.
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on March 8, 2010
I found this detox program in a fit of frustration. Three years ago, when I first found the detox-box, I had been diagnoised with a couple of pretty severe problems all stemming from a genetic disorder that had gone undetected my whole life. Save the sob story- point being, while the doctors took care of the immediate problems, I had to change my diet and overall stress inducers in my life... those habits that, while on the whole may not be too extreme for most, were not healty for me and I needed a shake up in order to get everything back on track. This detox program is amazing! I am one of those people who when I'm told I can't have something, I just want it more- so yes this program is difficult, but the effects were so overwhelming that it became very easy to override my cravings. I remember the first morning I woke up without feeling tired. It was about four days in. It was such an amazing thing to wake up, be up, and not feel groggy or like I needed coffee. I remember the initial thoughts of "Wow, I have energy!"... and not the caffeine/sugar energy, just normal- like I was a teenager again. A co-worker stopped me one day- about week two- and said that I was glowing... that my skin was radiant. I had been living with constant bowel pain prior to this detox, so much so that I completely ignored it- numbed it out. For the first time I was fully aware that there was nothing grumbling, no occasional pain- my organs all seemed for once to be working right.

I did the detox for three weeks. For the following six months I maintained the diet and exercise end of the detox (minus the supplements). I lost 65 pounds and because I was able to stablize my body to a certain degree the docs were able to pinpoint more accurately how to help solve the genetic thingy. Now, three years have gone by. I do an annual detox and maintain with Dr. Hyman's Ultraprevention and Ultrametabolism programs for the rest of the year.

The detox is expensive. Shop around. First time around I prepped for a month. His suggestions are high-end, you can definitly (and should) adjust according to your income. Do the research. Get rid of all the crap in your cuppards! You don't want any temptations.

Good luck!
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on December 13, 2006
This was a fantastic program. I highly recommend it. My husband has been "detoxed" for 3 months and is like a new man. He feels great, has energy, and has lost 42 pounds. He has no cravings, enjoys his food, and says he could live like this for the rest of his life. It's pretty involved, but if you stick to it, you will feel fantastic!
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on January 23, 2007
I swear by this program. You have to go into it really wanting to do it and not having backing out as an option. It is WELL WORTH IT. If I can do this, anyone can. I was sort of surprised about all the rest of the stuff needed to buy to get ready for this (suppliments and groceries), but I was excited about it and wanted to do it right and spending the extra time and money was worth it many fold from the results I got out of the program. I stayed on the program for 7 days and lost 7 pounds and kept it off and am continuing to lose the weight. I feel fantastic! I feel cleansed and have more energy and sleep better now. I have energy to go for walks and ride my bike as well as ride my horse all in one day!It has taught me how to exist in this world with food and not have it be a problem. I used to be addicted to bread, ice cream and chocolate. I would crave those foods. I am honest when I say that I do not crave those things anymore. I know how to eat better and what to incorporate into my meals now. It taught me to take the time to prepair my meals every day because I am worth the time to take care of myself. It gave me a sense of power over my life and that I can do anything I put my mind to. This program was hard at first to stick to. The first few days I was missing the rich full bodied sweet or tasteful food I used to eat all the time. It really made me feel alive and get in touch with myself.

Best thing I have ever done for myself. I will do this quarterly every year for the rest of my life. (The journaling really helped as well)
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on January 20, 2007
I've done multiple juice fasts for detoxing, but Mark Hyman's Detox Box is superior to any fast or diet I've tried. It's nutritionally sound, but more important, it doesn't leave you feeling hungry and deprived. The shake is great--I still use it a few times a week for breakfast. The supplement advice was very helpful. And ridding my body of all potential allergens really cleared up my sinuses and headaches. I highly recommend this book! I lost about 7 lbs and felt more powerful, alert, and healthy than I've felt in years. Before doing this, I thought that my fatigue and weight gain were due to my entering middle age, and I was becoming resigned to not feeling my best. Yet, a week into this program, I felt alive again. (Btw, I was able to do this and still work full-time and care for my preschool age son, so that shows you that I had energy while following the detox program.) I even followed the maintenance part from August to Christmas Eve, when I allowed myself to eat whatever I wanted. Unfortunately, that lasted for about a month ;-> Now, finding myself with migraines, sinusitis, and acne, I am ready to begin the Detox program again.
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on October 14, 2010
This is the best detox program ever. I would not even call it a "detox" because past detox programs I have tried (and I have done them all, from the master cleanse, to the blessed herbs, to all of the above) I was starving and could not even finish them all the days recommended. On this program, I was not starving out of control, and it was very doable. Once you get past the initial expensive cost of all the supplements you realize that is balances out with the other food you would otherwise be eating. I LOVE sugar, cupcakes, coffee in the AM, candy, chocolate, you name it I love sugar. I wanted to stop this viscous cycle of craving sugar and carbs.

The first week I had terrible headache, but after that I was sleeping unbelievably well. I was not hungry, and I lost over 10 lbs. (and I was just doing yoga each day for exercise). It has changed my life now. I swear, if you commit to 21 days you develop habits that stick. I promise. I did it for 21 days and still continue to do much of the shakes, broth, and other eating habits now well into 35 days and counting. Please commit to this program. Try it and really give it your all. YOu will be so happy you did, it will really change you life and your body will love you for it. I am thin now, I sleep like a baby, and do not drink coffee, eat white flour, or any sugar anymore. And that was once a far cry for me.
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