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on February 6, 2004
Doctor Rogers is exactly on the mark! I am a trained epidemiologist. I have always been concerned about the illness patterns that seem to be increasing in our culture. Diseases that historically were rare are almost commonplace today. Doctor Rogers has homed in on a root cause that finally describes the root cause.

In science the simplest answer that accounts for all the observations is the correct answer. Doctor Rogers has done just that in this book. She has taken all of the observations she has made clinically and the epidemiologic data and has defined the root cause that easily accounts for all the observations.

On a personal note, I only wish I had read this book years ago. I was sure that both my parents had some toxic problem. I knew it was from my experience. They both ended up being medicated for their various conditions, eventually they developed Congestive Heart Failure (CHF) and rapidly deteriorated until they both died. I was looking for the answer as long as 20 years ago and I finally found it in this book.
The solutions in this book range from the simple and not expensive like the "Detox cocktail" up to the FIR Sauna that can truly improve your health but at a more costly level. She offers ways to cope with toxins from heavy metals to endocrine mimics to "mega chemicals" like PCB and halogenated hydrocarbons.
I cannot recommend this book enough. I have read outrageous claims in the past that were not well documented and very hard to believe because they offered no scientific support for their findings. Dr. Rogers uses the very best medical references to support her position and clearly knows what she is talking about.
If you or someone you love have any sudden onset disease or chronic condition or have been told by a physician that your condition "must be nerves" or "you're just getting old," read this book!
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on October 10, 2005
I bought this book as well as Pain Free in 6 Weeks. I was reading a copy in my chiropractor's office and really got hooked. I wanted my own copy so I could refer back to recipes, sources, and background reasoning.

Dr. Rogers starts out by assuming she has to really (and I mean extensively) convince you and I that we are full of toxins. The air we breath, the food we eat it laced with them and our bodies defenses are tested every second of the day to rid them. Now, what happens when the body is fighting off not only toxins but internal biological threats (disease)?

Her plan involves boosting your immune and detox systems (50% of which is in your gut), changing your oil (say no to trans fats), and detoxing (cocktail, enema, and FIR sauna). I had already made the change to a healthier diet (lots of organic fruits and veggies, less processed grains and foods, whole grains, less frozen) and exercise regimen, but there is one catch. Toxins bioaccumulate. If our body has no way to deal with trans fats, mercury, etc... it stores it in the fatty tissue. Those McD's fries I ate as a kid and teenager, that margarine that they said was better than butter, all those artificial sweeteners, years of air pollution ... you get the idea. Once you reach a threshold for these toxins they start to imitate symptoms of chronic diseases.

It was fascinating to really understand cancer, remission, the immune system, and the digestive systems.

Bottom line: there are real cures out there for chronic illnesses. Drugs focus on controlling the symptoms, Dr Rogers focuses on the root cause. I feel she is very genuine in wanting to spread the truth. I found the book very informative (if a bit verbose and repetitious) and would recommend it to anyone that wants to understand what else they can do now to prevent issues in the future an enjoy a pain-free life in their golden years.
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Is there anyone in your family or among your friends who is constantly sick from "mystery" symptoms that have the physicians baffled? The problem may be a lifetime's worth of toxins built up in the fat layer of that person's body from pesticides, plastics, mercury, cadmium and other harmful substances. Sherry Rogers, M.D., is a leading expert on how the environment affects our health. In this outstanding book she tells you all you need to know to diagnose and rid yourself of those toxic residues. It can be a sweaty process though . . . because safe saunas are one of the best ways to eliminate the most dangerous toxins.

If you are prepared to educate your physician in environmental medicine (with a lengthy, annotated letter in the book from Dr. Rogers to help you), this book can extend your life. You will probably have to eat better, add some nutritional supplements and aid the detoxification process with various healthy activities. Although health treatments from whatever source come with no guarantees, you certainly improve the likelihood that you will have a healthier life with fewer unpleasant symptoms.

Lest you think that only "sick" people need this book, Dr. Rogers points out that younger people are often piling up toxins faster than their elders . . . because the environment is less healthy now than it was when elders were younger. As the book points out, even Eskimo mothers find their own milk filled with toxins. So even babies cannot avoid contamination. Detoxification is the key. With this book, you'll know what to do.
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on March 18, 2007
This is the best book for those who know something's wrong with their body but haven't been able to obtain a believable diagnosis from their doctor(s). I lived in a mold-infested house for 5 years and after that began to feel fatigued, depressed, deveoped weird back pain, and began getting sick in office buildings. I became so sensitized to indoor office environments that I developed MCS (multiple chemical sensitivities). Then, unbeknownst to me, I worked in a building that remodeled a year before I arrived. I immediately reacted to the new carpet off-gassing, paint, and other chemicals one year after that remodel, but no one else did. I became the "canary in the cage," able to smell all kinds of toxic chemicals. I had ringing in my ears, dizziness, skin rashes, but mostly chronic sinus and chest inflammation. I spent the last 17 years sick, and getting sicker all the time. Doctors kept telling me I had asthma and pushed inhalers at me, along with antibiotics for what they said were sinus infections. They even wanted to perform back and nasal surgery! Then I got Dr. Rogers' book in 2006 and learned about toxic overload and how it manifests itself in our bodies and was shocked and thrilled to learn there was REALLLY help for sufferers of environmental illnesses like me. This book should be required reading for every doctor in this country who is too busy to devote more than 5 or 10 minutes to a patient, so he/she writes prescriptions to treat the symptoms of our illness, but not the cause, adding even more toxic layers to our already overburdened tissues. In many instances, it is the accumulated toxins which are the cause of our illness. In my case, my body was chronically nflamed from toxin buildup. Saunas, from my personal experience, are tremendously helpful in cleaning out the toxins. I regained my energy and my health. Who would have thought something as simple as a sauna could be so valuable? Sherry Rogers explains the possible causes of so many of today's maladies, suggests natural methods to help heal, and I am proud to say her book has saved me from more years of suffering in ignorance. It is my personal Holy Grail. Thank you, Dr. Rogers. I owe my reclaimed health to your books.
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on July 25, 2005
Dr. Rogers proves beyond a doubt that the difference between the very sick and the very well is: the sick people have a high level of toxicity that causes malabsorption that results in a low level of nutrition. She gives explicit instructions on how to reverse those conditions and dramatically improve your health.

A "must read" for all of us who have seen scores of doctors without seeing results.
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on December 29, 2010
For anyone dealing with a serious illness, or that wants to avoid a serious illness, the books by Dr Sherry Rogers are absolutely essential reading.

Her books explain in a very easy to understand manner how to deal with the causes of disease using cutting edge medical knowledge, technology and testing, and not just how to mask symptoms with drugs and other superficial treatments (which lead to worsening problems in other areas of health).

As Dr Sherry Rogers writes in `Detoxify or Die',

`I have to laugh when people ask me if I do alternative, herbal, acupuncture or holistic medicine. 'No,' I reply. 'We do state-of-the-art medicine. In other words, we find the biochemical, nutritional and environmental causes and cures rather than blindly drugging everything. Sure, herbs are gentler, safer and more physiologic than drugs and holistic medicine attempts to incorporate many diverse modalities, etc. But there is no substitute for finding the underlying biochemical causes and cures. This is real medicine. This is where medicine should and would have been decades ago, if it had not been abducted by the pharmaceutical industry.'

The question is not whether you should read a book by Dr Rogers, but WHICH book of hers you should start with! Choosing which books to start with can be difficult and a bit overwhelming, as there are quite a few. My opinion, is as follows:

1. For healthy people that want to stay well, healthy older people who want to avoid degenerative diseases as they get older, or parents who want to keep themselves and their kids well, then the book you need is `Detoxify or Die.' This one book will probably contain everything you need to know as prevention is so much easier than cure!

After reading this book and acting on the advice it gives, you may then like to subscribe to Dr Rogers' monthly newsletter, to stay up to date with new developments - if your budget allows for this.

2. For those dealing with serious illness, you need both `Detoxify or Die' and `No More Heartburn: Stop the Pain in 30 Days-Naturally! : The Safe, Effective Way to Prevent and Heal Chronic Gastrointestinal Disorders.' Almost all serious illness involve poor gut health and so poor food and nutrient absorption and one cannot improve with these diseases until the gut issues are dealt with.

As Dr Sherry Rogers explains, `The road to good health is paved with good intestines!'

It is very important that you heal you gut problems as much as possible, and treat any serious nutrient deficiencies before beginning any type of detoxification program as these types of programs use up a lot of nutrients and place additional stress on the body. Once you've worked on healing your gut, and your nutrient deficiencies, you can then move onto the information in `Detoxify or Die.'

These books will be helpful no matter what disease label you have, or even if you don't yet have a correct diagnosis. They explain how to heal the body, and how to identify via testing the individual factors that affect your health and so they do not provide disease specific information, generally speaking. (With some exceptions.) This is very good news for those that don't have a correct diagnosis, or that have a disease where very little or no specific research into your disease and how to treat it is taking place.

There are 3 basic principles of this type of medicine:

A. Get the good stuff in. Give your body the fuel and tools it needs to work at an optimum level. Good food, nutrients and all the proper vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Make sure you aren't deficient in any of the major nutrients as the different nutrients all work together.

B. Get the bad stuff out. Make sure your body can detoxify out all the toxic substances and toxic by-products of bodily processes properly. Stop as many toxins from getting in in the first place, and do a detoxification program to get rid of the ones you have. Stop doing or eating the things which cause inflammation and have a pro-oxidant effect, and so on.

C. Reduce your body's total load. The total load concept is that lessening the body's overall burden/work and stress level in one area, will improve health generally and improve the body's ability to heal because the body's total load (or burden) is lessened. Fixing one problem frees up bodily resources that can be then be used to help other parts of the body function getter or to heal. In other words, you need to look at the body as a whole in order to heal, and not just the one part of the body that is generating the most symptoms.

Dr Sherry Rogers explains that with treating the causes of disease, 'A life sentence to medications that block physiologic pathways is avoided.' She continues,

`Bear in mind that since medications do not fix anything, they allow the underlying problem to continue uncorrected and actually accelerate. Meanwhile, new symptoms and new seemingly unrelated diseases are the inevitable consequence of this biochemical faux pas. Furthermore, drug side effects are the leading cause of death. NSAIDs as an example of only one group of medications, are fatally toxic to thousands of people each year by damaging joints, lungs, kidneys, eyes, hearts, and intestines. And they are covered by insurance.

You and your doctor have been screwed into believing every symptom is a deficiency of some drug or surgery. You've been led to believe you have no control, when in truth you're the one who must take control. Unfortunately, the modus operandi in medicine is to find a drug to turn off the damaged part that is producing symptoms. A simple example is the prescription of calcium channel blockers, the number one drug used by cardiologists for angina, hypertension, congestive heart failure, or arrhythmia. But as with any drug, this does not fix anything that is broken. It merely poisons normal physiological pathways, thereby forcing the chemistry in a direction that attenuates symptoms.

Since nothing has been done in terms of getting rid of the underlying cause, the disease continues. In addition the missing fatty acids and minerals in the cell membranes that house and calcium channels are not identified and repaired. Nor are the sequestered membrane chemicals that caused the damage, like unavoidable PCBs and Mercury, gotten rid of. If this were not enough perpetuation and acceleration of damage, the side effects of drugs are not innocuous. For example, calcium channel blockers have been shown by MRI to cause definitive shrinkage of the brain and loss of brain function, a side effect rarely mentioned by clinicians or news media.

It should not come as a shock that this type of information is ignored, since studies in the Journal of the American Medical Association document how the practice guidelines for American medicine are made by physicians who receive compensation from the drug industry. (Choudhry, JAMA 2002; 287: 612-617). In addition so is the FDA, the very government regulatory body that approves drugs, riddled with advisers with financial ties to (and is heavily lobbied by) the very drug industry that is seeking its approval. And as the New England Journal of Medicine and Journal of the American Medical Association warm, even the hired clinical investigators for new drugs may have their price. '

If after following the advice in `Detoxify or Die' (and using your FIR sauna daily or every second day etc.) for a year or two, your progress stalls, then you need to follow a more intensive plan. The book `The High Blood Pressure Hoax' is the Part 2 to `Detoxify or Die' and shows you where to go from there to start making progress again with healing. Part 3 is called `The Cholesterol Hoax' and again this book is recommended only if after following the advice in Part 2, your progress stalls.

After reading a couple of Dr Rogers' books, you may also then like to subscribe to Dr Rogers' monthly newsletter, to stay up to date with new developments - if your budget allows for this.

3. Doctors are recommended to read `Detoxify or Die.' The book `Is Your Cardiologist Killing You?' is also recommended if they commonly prescribe statins, beta blockers, Coumadin and other cardiac drugs.


Information on each of Dr Sherry Rogers' books:

1. Detoxify or Die (2002) by Sherry A. Rogers M.D.

This book is excellent. It is also very easy to read and understand. It talks about the importance of treating the causes of disease and the most important chemicals to avoid in food and in cleaning and personal care products, the impact of each of the major chemical types on the body, tests which can be used to determine your toxic load (as well as your nutrients levels and how well your detoxification pathways are functioning etc.), the problems with many common prescribed drugs, the benefits of a daily detox cocktail, the benefits of juicing and enemas, the benefits and safety of regular FIR sauna use, how to use the sauna safely and what to expect when doing a sauna program, and so much more. There is also a great little summary of the parts of the book on FIR saunas that is available as a free PDF online which is exceptionally good. (Google the relevant terms to find it.)

2. No More Heartburn: Stop the Pain in 30 Days--Naturally! : The Safe, Effective Way to Prevent and Heal Chronic Gastrointestinal Disorders (2000) by Sherry A. Rogers M.D.

This book is excellent (even if the title is NOT!). It is also very easy to read and understand. It talks about the importance of treating the causes of disease and why healing the gut is an essential first part of any healing program - whether you feel like you have any gut issues or not. It discusses food allergies and intolerances, low stomach acid, dysbiosis, the problems with many prescription and over the counter medications (such as NSAIDs, aspirin and ibuprofen) on gut health, rotation diets, Candida, enemas, and leaky gut syndrome and the tests which can be used to determine which gut issues you have.

It also discusses the importance of detoxification enemas and other detoxification regimes and the all-important concept of the `total load.'

3. Pain Free in 6 Weeks (2001) by Sherry A. Rogers M.D.

This book may be useful if you are generally in good health, but suffer with chronic pain. If chronic pain is part of a serious disease complex then you'll be treating the pain along with all of your other symptoms by following the advice given in the books on gut health and detoxification and so this book probably wont be necessary. Several supplements which can help with chronic pain are discussed in this book as well as a nightshade-free diet, improving gut health and lowering your toxic load and detoxification enemas for pain relief.

4. Wellness Against All Odds (1994) by Sherry A. Rogers M.D.

In most of Dr Rogers' books the only diet recommended is the macrobiotic diet, although every now and again there were also comments about how not every diet works for everyone and that some people may not do well on the macrobiotic diet and should read `Wellness Against All Odds' for more information about other diets. This book explains that while the macrobiotic diet suits a large percentage of ill people, some of us need far more protein and fat in our diets and do much better when our food is cooked rather than raw. Dr Rogers explains that some of us may need a raw food macro diet to heal, and others a cooked diet with lots of animal protein and fat or something between these two extremes, and that as we heal we'll all likely move more into the middle and eat some raw food, some cooked food and a balance of plant and animal foods. What is most important is eating whole foods and making sure to find the diet that works best for us at this point in time.

As well as discussing different diets, this book also contains excellent information on enemas, detoxifying salt baths, the liver and gallbladder flush, the castor oil and olive oil body rub and the use of systemic enzymes to treat cancer and other diseases. It's an interesting read and probably essential extra reading if you have cancer.

5. The High Blood Pressure Hoax (2008) by Sherry A. Rogers M.D.

Part 2 to `Detoxify or Die.' Also contains useful information on how to treat and how not to treat high blood pressure.

6. The Cholesterol Hoax (2008) by Sherry A. Rogers M.D.

Part 3 to `Detoxify or Die.' Also contains useful information on why the `cholesterol hypothesis' is dead and why statin drugs are hazardous to your health.

7. Is Your Cardiologist Killing You? by Sherry A. Rogers M.D.

This book is absolutely essential reading for anyone taking statin drugs, daily aspirin, Coumadin, NSAIDs, beta blockers or calcium channel blockers etc. The information given on these drugs and the problems they cause was frightening.

Overall, this book is very easy to read and well organised and very clear in its message and with its references. If you're taking some of the above drugs, this book really is essential. It not only warns you of the dangers of these drugs but tell you how to safely get off them. (Very gradually!) If you aren't taking any of these drugs, you are much better off with 'Detoxify or Die' instead as it contains much more detailed treatment information for those of us with heart problems.

This book is highly recommended for any doctor that commonly prescribes the above drugs as well.

7. Depression: Cured At Last? by Sherry A. Rogers M.D.

This (very long) book is kind of an early version of `Detoxify or Die' although it does contain a small amount of material that isn't in any of the other books. While I took 8 pages of handwritten notes from `DOD' I still managed to write 2 pages of notes on the new information in this book that was of interest. Most of it was information about the specific role of each vitamin and mineral. This book looks at how nutrient deficiencies and toxic overload are the root causes of disease, using depression as an example. It makes a strong case for the use of environmental medicine in treating all disease, including mental illnesses. This book is an interesting read if you're able to get a copy, and read such a large amount of text. It is probably essential reading if you have depression, anxiety or disorders such as schizophrenia or OCD and so on.

8. Chemical Sensitivity (1998), The EI Syndrome Revised (1995) and Tired or Toxic? A Blueprint for Health (1990) by Sherry A. Rogers M.D.

So far I have chosen not to buy these books as a) They are older compared to `Detoxify or Die' b) I have read a huge amount about chemical sensitivity and its associated problems already and c) The book `Detoxify or Die' seems to be an updated version of all of these books, to a large extent. They are recommended reading if you are very new to the subject of chemical sensitivities and would like to know more about this problem and what symptoms it causes and so on.

9. The Scientific Basis for Selected Environmental Medicine Techniques (1994) by Sherry A. Rogers M.D.

This book is designed to be given to doctors and perhaps also insurance companies. It contains summarised information about the basic principles of environmental medicine, along with lots of reference lists. Unfortunately, as this book is now almost 20 years old, most doctors would probably see it as outdated and you may be far better off using books such as `Detoxify or Die' to try and get relevant information to doctors and other professionals. This book is not necessary for patients to buy for themselves and it doesn't contain any information that isn't given in far more detail in `Detoxify or Die.'

10. Macro Mellow : Recipes for Macrobiotic Cooking (1993) by Shirley Gallinger and Sherry A. Rogers

This is one of three books on macrobiotic cooking by Dr Rogers. I need to eat in a way quite opposite to the macrobiotic diet and so I haven't bought any of these books. These books are highly recommended if the macrobiotic diet works for you however.


General comments on Dr Rogers' books:

1. There is a bit of repetition in some of the books, as some reviewers have noted. But overall it isn't a big problem and it does help you remember all the major points she is making.

2. There are some typographical errors in some of the books, but please don't let that put you off. These books aren't produced for massive profits and are written by someone who never planned to be an author, isn't in it for the money and doesn't advertise her books, instead relying on word of mouth sales. There may be a few typographical errors and some books may have somewhat of a `homemade' feel to them in parts, but the information in the books and their references are spot on and that is what is important. The books are very well written and extremely well referenced.

3. The books almost always give recommendations for actual brand name products, as Dr Rogers notes that the quality of supplements varies widely and she only feels comfortable recommending trusted brands and long-term tested products. This is helpful as it gives you a starting point in your research of which products to buy, whether you end up buying those exact brands or not. Note that Dr Rogers has no financial ties with ANY of these companies.

4. All of the recommendations in the books can seem overwhelming, but all you need to do is start small. Do one small thing at a time and make gradual changes. The worst thing you could do, especially if you are very ill, is jump into taking and doing lots of different things all at once anyway.

(Actually, the need to start some supplements very slow is something I feel Dr Rogers could have given more attention to. Some of us would get (even more) extremely ill taking the amounts of reduced alpha lipoic acid, vitamin C, reduced GSH and garlic etc. she recommends if we didn't raise the doses very gradually over 1 - 3 months or more. Perhaps this is just an issue for people like me who have M.E., that almost all have to be especially slow in introducing new supplements of this kind, but perhaps it relates to at least a small group other patients as well, which is why I am mentioning it. I can now take her recommended daily detox cocktail with no problems at all, but the first time I took 5 g of vitamin C, and even 100 mg of ALA daily, it really knocked me around. It was awful and very severe.)

5. Dr Rogers books are to some extent `do-it-yourself' health books but ideally Dr Rogers recommends that you get well with the help of a qualified practitioner that will be able to order the appropriate tests for you, and also help you interpret them.

6. One extra thing I feel I have to mention in relation to Dr Rogers' books is the amount of religious material some of them contain. In books such as the one on gut health and `Detoxify or Die' it is fairly minimal, but in books such as `Depression: Cured At last?' and `Wellness Against All Odds; and others it is quite extreme. Topics are mentioned such as the need for prayer in schools, what a terrible idea it is to teach kids about homosexuality and condoms at a young age, evolution is mocked as unscientific and the theory of intelligent design and creationism is discussed, evidence is given for biblical events/artifacts such as the Ark and the moral decay caused by more people rejecting religion. The push for readers to embrace religion and Christianity is very full-on and a very hard-sell.

I really hope that readers that have big problems with this type of information, or just with its appearing in a scientific textbook, will be able to take the mountain of very good information on health in these books and perhaps just skip over the religious parts (which are generally focused on one chapter towards the end of the book) and agree to disagree with the author on this topic. It would be such a loss for anyone to miss out on these books because of the religious content, I hope nobody does. It is also important that you know these books have this content if you are going to give them to others, so that you can also mention it to them beforehand, this avoiding or minimising any upset on their behalf as well (or a very unfortunate blanket rejection of all the health information in them).

7. You will often be referred to other books while you're reading one of Dr Rogers' books. I think I actually would really rather pay more and have the one BIG book (or set of 3 books) with everything in it and all up to date, rather than keep being referred to other books when reading. I'm ill and get easily overwhelmed, as I know many others do too. I'd rather not buy an extra whole book just for a few pages of relevant information in it too, but I realise the one big book idea may be too difficult to do for a whole host of reasons. (Sorry Dr Rogers, I don't mean to sound ungrateful, I'm a big fan. This is just a suggestion.)

8. In addition to books by Dr Sherry Rogers I'd also recommend books by Dr Lawrence Wilson (and his website), Dr Abram Hoffer, Andrew Saul, Sally Fallon and Mary Enig (most especially `Eat Fat, Lose Fat' and `Know Your Fats) and any and all of the vitamin C experts such as Linus Pauling and Dr Thomas Levy. Other excellent books include `Good Calories, Bad Calories' and `Deep Nutrition' as well as books on the SCD eating plan and the GAPS diet for the treatment of dysbiosis and a diet-based plan to heal the gut.

That's it!

BTW I'm writing all this as someone that subscribes to Dr Rogers' monthly newsletter and owns most of her books, and that is slowly improving month by month from a very severe neurological disease - thanks in part to the work of Dr Rogers, and others like her - that has left me housebound and almost entirely bedbound for many years. I wish so much I had had this information early on in my disease, rather than coming to it more than 10 years in. Healing is so much easier the earlier you start it.

Best wishes for future health to anyone still reading this far! And a big thank you to Dr Sherry Rogers for sharing all this valuable information!

Jodi Bassett, The Hummingbirds' Foundation for M.E. (HFME) and Health, Healing & Hummingbirds (HHH)
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on February 4, 2009
This is one of the worst books I've ever read!

First, there is virtually NO organization of the information. Granted, there is LOTS of information the author is attempting to share. The number of references and citations is mind boggling! For information content the book deserves 5 stars. Unfortunately the information is so poorly organized that it is virtually impossible to find any of the information after the fact without creating your own index on a separate sheet of paper along the way. (yes, I actually did this.)

Second, at least 1/3 of the book is wasted. The author states she is deliberately repeating herself because she believes the information is so important she wants to make sure you don't miss it. Does she really think readers are that stupid that she has to continually repeat herself? Give me the facts in an organized fashion so I can quickly read the book or re-read if necessary. But don't waste my time repeating yourself. Good organization would help with brevity as well.

Third, the author fills the book with medical terms which are not in common usage except perhaps in medical circles. Since the target audience is NOT other doctors the use of these medical terms detracts from the usefulness of the book and makes it all the more difficult to read.

Fourth, the author is a trained M.D. so I wasn't surprised that she "laughed" at chiropractic, homeopathy and other forms of medicine. Yet she then goes on to advocate magnetic resonance therapy. This sort of closed-minded, oxymoronic approach to healing is a real turn off and hurts her credibility.

In summary, the information content and references are what make the book worth buying. Just be ready for hours of frustration as you wade through this poorly organized, verbose book. And keep a dictionary handy for those medical terms.
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on October 30, 2003
I do not know how to convey to others how important this book is for you to read. I have suffered with chronic pain and some anxiety for years, and only to have doctors tell me "ahhh..I don't know" ...Most doctors truly suck! If you read this book by an actual doctor who knows her stuff, you will be blown away by the information...If you suffer from any malady or sickness, give this book a try and do what Dr. Rogers says to do....She is right! We are all being toxified by environmental toxins that will not leave our bodies, UNLESS we make them go away by sweating in saunas, eating and taking the right foods and supplements and other things she writes in the book to do....I hope my review will persuade and help someone take the jump to do this...Too many people do not understand or care how they are polluting their bodies....GOOD LUCK! By the way - if you have mercury fillings...get rid of them ASAP from a holistic dentist! Trust me.
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on May 7, 2007
This is the first time I have ever written a review for a book - and I do not have any affiliation with Sherry Rogers. I watched my mother deteriorate (medically) over a 15 year period. By the end, she had (among others too numerous to list) the following diseases: congestive heart failure, diabetes, glaucoma, emphysema, Chron's disease, and osteo-arthritis in all her major joints. Her pain and discomfort was so intense that no medication(s) could help - even though she was on 15-20 medications. Needless to say, her demise was slow and painful and she spent the last 2 years of her life bed-ridden in a nursing home. The amount of medical care she needed was simply too much for the family to provide. My mother's lifestyle was the primary cause behind her many medical issues. Unfortunately, she was too stubborn to change her ways. She smoked most of her life, was sedentary, and though her diet was average by American standards, she drank cokes and diet-cokes (2-4 liters per day) for 20+ years. She always believed in the traditional medical establishment - and that she should be able to get a "pill" that solved any medical problem she had. My mother was a testament to modern medicine - she was kept alive long after she wished to be gone....but her quality of life was horrible. My mother was the poster child for what NOT to do if you want a quality life health-wise. And so, I've tried to take care of my health in ways she never would (through diet and exercise). After watching what Mom went through and (through my own experiences with medical doctors) I came to the realization that `traditional' doctors: a) don't spend enough time with their patients and jump to quick diagnosis; b) don't always run the diagnostic tests needed before prescribing medications (due to Health insurer pressure?); and, c) are too quick to write a prescription - I decided to begin educating myself about my own health care. It's taken me a few years, but I've reached the conclusion that `traditional' doctors have their uses, but they are not going to help you solve health problems. They WILL write you prescriptions which simply treat the symptoms - not the underlying cause of your health problems. As I've continued my self education concerning my own health care, I have located a natural doctor that I see to counter-balance my PCP. I also ran across Sherry Rogers' name in my readings and promptly ordered "Detoxify or Die" (sorry for the long dissertation - I'm finally getting to the reason for this book review). Her book was extremely well written with language that even a lay person can understand - chock full of the true science behind medical problems. I was elated to find a doctor with her convictions and willingness to share her knowledge (as well as treatment protocols) in the books she has written. "Detoxify or Die" was just the first of her books I've read. I've ordered several more and am working my way through them. Though America has the most technically advanced medical care in the world, the health of our nation is well behind many other nations. If you are interested in educating yourself as to "why" and want to take responsibility for your own health, I cannot recommend a particular author more strongly!
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on January 21, 2005
Sherry Rogers' books have given me the education to know how to heal myself, and how to interact with doctors in order to access the services I need from them to supplement what I am doing. She speaks in an easy to understand manner for those of us without training in biochemistry, but she also includes a phenomenal education instead of merely telling us what to do.

As a psychologist, I have recommended this book to all my clients so they can look at physiological healing in addition to psychotherapy. I now see that one without the other offers a fraction of what is possible by addressing both. My practice has changed greatly since I learned from my own experience of physical and emotional healing.
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