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Deus Ex: Human Revolution
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on August 24, 2011
Platform for Display: Xbox 360Edition: Standard
For fans of the original Deus Ex, Deus Ex: Invisible War was a big letdown. Although the game in itself was good, there was no way it would hold up to the richness that Deus Ex brought to the PC in 2000. So, how would Deus Ex: Human Revolution hold up the vast amount of hype surrounding its four-year creation?

First, to answer to one of the only real complaints I've heard from gamers: lack of multiplayer functionality. One must realize that the Deus Ex series was never intended to be a multiplayer series. One of my biggest complaints about games that are created more so for multiplayer than solo is that so much work is put into the multiplayer features that the solo aspect of the game becomes mediocre, if not pathetic. In my opinion, this has plagued many games, from the Halo series to most of the Call of Duty games. People don't buy these to play the one-player scenario tract; people buy these games so they can get online and challenge other people that own the game. If the solo aspect of the game was altogether eliminated and the multiplayer option was all that was left, people wouldn't care. Games that are RPG-based, such as Deus Ex, Final Fantasy, Star Ocean, etc., are designed to be a single-player game. They pour everything into the story, the music, character development, and gameplay. That is why I applaud the creators of Deus Ex Human Revolution for not creating a multipleyer option. It would run counter to previous titles in the series, plus I honestly don't see how turning Deus Ex into a simple deathmatch would make the game better. If I want a simple deathmatch game, I'll play Call of Duty over Xbox Live.

Now, back to the game itself. I feel the game has held up to the hype. While not the most graphically beautiful game in the world, the game does a great job of creating a cyberpunk atmosphere that perfectly suites the game. As another review said, the game almost feels like being in the world from Blade Runner. The music has enough comparisons to the previous Deus Ex games, while keeping itself unique. The voice acting is well-done. Normally during games with voice-acting, I would read the words on the bottom and skip ahead if I got done before they stopped talking. With Human Revolution, I listen to the conversation and ignore the subtitles completely. Facial movements and tones of voice do a great job of portraying the speakers state of mind.

I love the gameplay. The limited inventory size was carried over from the previous game, although you can now increase the size through augmentation. This causes you to have to be selective on what weapons you take, which you discard, and what additional items you carry. Granted, the limited ammo found in the game might upset others that are used to having unlimited or almost-unlimited ammo capacity, I think this causes you to be careful on ammo usage, be as precise as possible on firing, and causing you to be more stealthy and use take-downs on enemies, rather than simply unloading a clip into them.

While I don't expect the replay value to be high, Deus Ex Human Revolution is a game that I would want to play through again. There are many things that will be missed the first time through. I've never grown tired of playing through the original Deus Ex, even though I've beaten it over a dozen times. I would strongly recommend Deus Ex Human Revolution to anyone that looks for a good story within a game. You'll find yourself immersed into their world and you'll lose track of time very quickly. If you're one that spends most of your time playing multiplayer games, I wouldn't recommend this. Odds are you might lose interest in the story rather quickly, plus the lack of ammo will drive you insane when compared to games like Halo where you have almost unlimited ammo to work with. Top game of the year candidate.
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on September 5, 2011
Platform for Display: Xbox 360Edition: Standard
If you aren't familiar with the series, think Metal Gear meets Mass Effect. This is a very tactical stealth based shooter with a complex story. Some people will nominate this as a Game of the Year Contender, while the run and gun crowd may be turned off by the deliberate pacing of the game.

Concept: 9/10
Set in a dark and not so distant future, where human beings are getting cybernetic implants, you play as Adam Jensen, an Ex-SWAT operative with a mysterious past, and you're on a corporate backed espionage mission to uncover a vile plot to alter the course of humanity. Armed with the latest in Cybernetic Stealth Technology and an arsenal of weapons, you travel the world to expose corporate and government corruption.

Story: 10/10!!!
This is one of the best stories that I've ever seen in a game! Without spoiling anything it is about the boundaries between freedom and anarchy, and the limits that should or should not be placed on technology. The story is complex, so you will have to pay close attention. The story is told through cutscenes, cinematics, in game dialogue, and if you hack computers in the game, there's even more information backing the story. It is truly immersive and will make you think. Your actions will determine which ending you get, so it is crucial that you pay attention.

Gameplay: 8/10
As you play through the game, you earn PRAXIS POINTS, which you use to upgrade your character. There are loads of upgrades to choose from and they will all affect the style of your gameplay. Some upgrades enhance your stealth, like silent movement, more info on enemies' behavior, or temporary invisibility. Some enhance your strength, like the ability to wield heavy weapons with no recoil or bursting through walls like the old Cool-Aid guy. Other implants enhance your shooting, your vision, your radar, your armor, resistance to special damage attacks, close range combat, and hacking.

The game is basically 4 HUBS with a few load screens breaking them up. There are main quests (which drive the story) and side quests (which supply additional info to the story and allow you to gain extra XP.) When you Accept a Quest, important info shows up on your HUD. The majority of quests deal with you infiltrating areas protected by armed guards. This is where the game shines. It is up to you how you complete the quests. You can sneak past enemies and use a tranquilizer rifle to knock them out. You can use a heavy machine gun to mow them down. You can use sniper weapons and hack computer systems to turn off security systems or even turn them on your enemies. When you get to the end, there is usually a multiple choice conversation you have with your contact that will affect the story and give you an XP bonus.

The save points are generous and you usually have the ability to load the last 2 auto-saves or any of your (up to 20) manual save points.

Weapons: 9/10
There is an excellent selection of modifiable weapons in the game. Tranq Gun, Combat Rifle, Sniper Rifle, Plasma Gun, Laser Gun, Shotgun, Pistol, Revolver, Rocket Launcher, AOE Stun Gun, Normal Stun Gun, Mines, Grenades, etc... The weapon choices really allow you to customize the game to your style of play. Put landmines by a door, then trigger the alarm to blow up your enemies. Bribe an NPC and then hit him with a stun gun to get your money back. You can pretty much do anything that you can imagine with this arsenal at your disposal.

Haxx0rZing!!1: 8/10
If you choose the route of Hacker, there is a FUN mini-game that you play in realtime, where you try to take over terminals on a network and reach your goal. The terminals are connected by paths and there is a starting point and an ending point with multiple paths. Each terminal has a % chance that you will be discovered. If you are not discovered, you can move from terminal to terminal and hack the computer, gain XP, information, and sometimes access to the enemy's security systems. If you are discovered, a counter appears and you have that much time to get to the end goal. You also have countermeasures at your disposal to show down the Network. (Nuke allows you to access 1 terminal without fear of detection, Worm gives pauses the countdown for 5 seconds if you are discovered, and Fortify slows down the enemy Network when they reach terminals.) If you are discovered, the system is locked down for 30 seconds and enemies usually are set on alert.

Bosses: 6/10
The low point of the game are the Boss Battles. In a game where you specialize your character for infiltration, the worst situation you can find yourself in is a small arena against a super soldier that can insta-kill you. Fortunately, there are only a few of these. When you play, keep this in mind, and bulk up your armor. I died on the first boss 4 times, even though I sniped him in his helmet-less head 3 times and blew up an exploding barrel next to him. I eventually beat the first boss by hiding. He threw a trio of grenades, and they all bounced off walls, back at him. The boss fights would have been much better if the boss chased you through an area where you had to be stealthy. Then you could use your infiltration skills in the fight. All of the Boss fights are arena battles. Grenades, Armor, Heavy Weapons, the Typhoon, and health powerups will all aid you.

Graphics: 8/10
The world is dark and... shiny. It's not the best looking game, but it delivers on atmosphere. The futuristic visions of New Detroit, China, and Montreal are interesting. The characters are well animated and the enemies are nicely defined so you can tell the difference between a light armored, medium armored, and heavily armored guy. (Except for the helmetless first boss who shrugs off head shots with a high powered sniper rifle... sigh)

Sound: 7/10
The music is very cool and the sound effects highten the suspense and punctuate the action. There isn't anything that you'd download from itunes though. I also have to knock the game for using slang from 1995. "I heard someone jettin'", "Fly Girl", and "I gotsta get back to my crib, cholo." *Cringe*

Replay Value: 8/10
There is no multiplayer, but you can replay the single player campaign using different tactics. Play through once as a stealthy hacker. Try again as an armored terminator who can burst through walls. There are also 2 achievements that you can try: Complete the game without killing anyone (gas grenades, stun guns, KO moves...) and Complete the game without setting off any alarms.

Maturity: Older Teens
The plot is complex and there is violence and swearing. This is more of a political intrigue story, so the "I just wanna kill bad guys" crowd might be a little overwhelmed.

Overall: 9/10
This is a Great Tactical Shooter that will take you 15-30 hours to finish. It's a full on RPG with excellent user friendly stealth / combat elements. The story is outstanding, especially if you have been keeping up with what is going on with our current government.

Buy it if you love the Deus Ex series.
Buy it if you love Stealth Action RPG's.
Buy it if you love Stealth Games or Tactical Shooters like Metal Gear of the Tom Clancy Games.
Buy it if you love a good government conspiracy story.
Rent it if you can finish an RPG fast.
Avoid it if you wanna feel like Rambo and gun down hordes of bad guys. You won't last very long if you abandon the tactics. It's like playing Halo with No Shield.
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on August 23, 2011
Platform for Display: Xbox 360Edition: Standard
The original Deus Ex(DX) hit the market back in 2000 and with its combination of a Cyberpunk atmosphere and fusion of RPG and FPS elements, became a hit title that eventually won game of the year amongst many other awards. The game was ahead of its time in a way, similar to how Blade Runner (the movie) was ahead of its time for back in the 1980's. With this new release, DX: HR, does the game fall into mediocrity or does DX continue to be a a beautiful melody of various gameplays in an immerse environment?.... A few technical details aside, I would say this game easily marks a new generation in the Deus Ex line and could just be one of the best SP based campaign game released in 2011.

And a whole lot of it! This game is massive and the cyberpunk vision of the future is captured beautifully. DX:HR I feel, tends to be a blend of FPS meets Stealth meets Espionage meets Social. You play as Adam Jensen who is a security officer for an Augmentation company. After an attack leaves him so badly wounded he needs heavy body augmentation the game begins. Who plotted the attack? Why? Terrorism? Self-Sabotage? The conspiracy runs deep and it is your job to figure out it! At your disposal is a very immerse and game changing set of mechanics that shapes how you play the game, yet adapts to your play-style. Need to get to the 5th floor and hack a terminal.. no problem go in guns blazing...or maybe stealth past the guards taking them out one at a time... or maybe break in through a vent system...or combine all 3! Not only can you approach objectives and quests from various methods, but there often are quite a few options available to you. You don't always need to take that grate on the left. You could hack the janitor's closet and steal the keycard and just walk right in on the objective. Maybe there is a guard wandering who has a keycard also, or someone wrote it in an email message that you found when hacking terminals. The variety is just huge and never gets old! To top it all off you can upgrade Mr. Jensen to better suit your play-style

As you complete objectives, side quests, or basically do anything you gain XP. Shoot a mob you get XP, stealth him instead XP, Avoid combat all together get XP! Hacking amounts to bonus XP as hacking is more of a mini-game than a mandatory tool in this game, but I found it worth my time to hack. It was fun and provided some interesting bits of information that paid off in the long run. Anyhow, the XP you gain is used to level up Jensen, and as you level you gain the ability to further boost the level of mods you have. What is so beautiful about this the upgrades compliment your play-style. You are not forced to pick upgrades you do not want, however I rarely found that I picked something that felt like a waste. It is a solid system that gives you the freedom to play as you want for the most part.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution is not the flashiest of games. It isn't the latest and greatest game engine that might choke your PS3/360 or stress your video card until it explodes. The game still looks very good though. It captures a cyberpunk / blade runner style atmosphere very well and uses a darker color pallet which makes for a slightly darker vision of the future. Character animations can seem a little stiff or awkward at times, but do remember people are walking around with augmentations so the body movements might seem a bit unnatural for a reason. On the PS3 version the Frame-rate dropped from time to time, especially during one or two intense cut-scenes but it wasn't that bad. There was similar frame-rate issues on the 360 but occurring in different areas spots so the drop is probably relating to how the system is handling the engine itself. Graphically, the PS3 vs the 360 have differences but not enough to sway me to one or the other. It really depends on what you are looking at, at the time you are comparing. Sometimes PS3 looked better, sometimes 360. PS3 lighting was better in some spots, yet the 360 had better coloring in others.

In short... The Graphics, while not the best, are very good and despite the PS3 and 360 having some frame-rate issues, either system is a perfect option for this game; each boasting pros and cons over the other.

The music for this game is awesome! The style of music chosen fits the environment and setting of the game perfectly, going well with the cyberpunk theme. It helps immerse you into the game which is a big plus. Voice acting however is a sub-par as often the same voice actor played multiple characters and didn't even change their voice. You may even find multiple characters who say the same line of text. I'm not surprised by this though as the original Deus Ex had some of the Worst-yet best! voice acting of any game I played. .... Storyline wise, while I honestly have not completed the game at this point (the game is LONG!), the storyline is great! Everything you do has influences on the game, and the storyline is very deep and balanced. It is full of plot twists and surprises that had me hooked.

While this game lacks multiplayer, you are getting your $'s worth here. The game easily has 25+hrs of gameplay, more like 30-40 hrs if you factor in side quests and taking your time to really immerse yourself. Not only does this game boast a huge amount of varied gameplay, but I could easily see myself picking it up and doing it all over again! The variety in gameplay is just that amazing. You stealthed your way into the building for Mission 6, replay it and try going Rambo. You might find new items or bits of information, or even slightly influence events of that mission. Deus Ex reminds me a little of Mass Effect in this sense. Every new gameplay can be filled with little bits and pieces you may of missed, or simply did not see in a previous playthrough; plus there are multiple endings to this game which only tempt you to try alternative paths and methods.

Normally I integrate my Con's into each section, but Deus-Ex is the kind of game that you need to see the entire picture. The game can clock it easily +25hrs and has such a wide variety of elements to it things were bound to go wrong in some spots. This comes in the form of frame-rate problems(see graphics), boss encounters, and AI problems. Frame-rate has been covered but Boss Encounters were a disappointment simply because there is only one real way to fight them. RAMBO style! If you specialized in hacking that won't help you during the fight. The illusion of choice is removed here and you are forced into a play style you might not enjoy. This isn't a major problem but for someone who didn't specialize in guns, since the game is forgiving, it feels like bosses were rushed in rather than fully thought out. AI problems well, it was to be expected. Sometimes enemies just become stupid and forget you are there or have such obvious pathing it makes you wonder how they were even hired to be guards. Despite their AI problems however they seem to have eagle eye vision when it comes to accuracy with guns (which makes for a good challenge!)

OVERALL ... 93% (9.3 / A)
Deus Ex: Human Revolution is a product of its sums. Individually each part of the game, from the shooter, to the stealth to the social aspects 'could have' been done better. Instead each element was created specifically to balance the other and what you end up with is a game that has multiple play-styles, gameplay which caters to the needs of the player, immerse storyline and environment, and a wide variety of methods to tackle the problem; so much so alternative play-throughs are a must! DX: HR has technical issues, but when a single game can easily surpass 25-30hrs and contain such variety, a few problems might slip through the cracks or be inevitable.

In the end, we have a beautiful game that will keep you glued to your PC, 360 or PS3.
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on September 10, 2011
Platform for Display: Xbox 360Edition: Standard
I have played this game through twice now and something that confused me about what other reviewers have stated; the lack of ammo. The storage was only designed to hold 2 maybe 3 weapons tops. NOT every weapon in the game. When I finished the game I had over 350 rounds of 10mm and 300 rounds of LMG rounds. Ammo is not an issue if one manages their inventory correctly.

So here is my review:

Animation was par. Unnatural movements, even to characters that did not have augs, while speaking drove me insane. The world itself was very nice; as stated Blade Runner type of environment. The cut scenes were very nice also. All-in-all not the greatest imagery, but definitely not the worse.

Game play was solid. Lots of ways to complete a scenario, just as long as you get it done. The boss fights didn't fit right and I was expecting them to get tougher as I played, not easier. Stealth pretty much through the entire game.

Story lines were incomplete at times. The main story was ok, sometimes hard to follow. Spent more time watching the speech aug than listening to what was being said. Believe it or not the most interesting story line was about the character himself. Just wish there was a close to it.

There were only 2 things that I absolutely do not like about this game. One being the unnatural animation as stated above. The other was the fact that I could not replay my character with my existing augmentations instead of having to start all over from scratch. Another draw back was not being allowed to replay any level without having to start from the beginning.

While I am sure there will be better games out there, this isn't a bad game to play. I did have fun and I am thinking about playing it for a third time. Though I think I will only use the 10mm, even in the boss fights. :)
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on August 26, 2011
Platform for Display: Xbox 360Edition: Standard
We, as gamers, rarely get games that not only exceed but surpass our expections; however, it's time to break tradition and meet the best thing going in gaming right now, and that'd be Deus Ex: Human Revolution. The first sequel to the original Deus Ex, Deus Ex: Invisible War, wasn't the sequel most fans had hoped for. When it launched at the end of 2003, it was rated highly by reviewers, however it wasn't by fans of the franchise, and mostly for good reason. Granted, Deus Ex: Invisible War wasn't a poor game, as it was completely competent and solid, but it just wasn't a good sequel to one of the best games ever made. Like the innovative and incredible Deus Ex, Deus Ex: Human Revolution isn't without its flaws, but it's a sequel that not only lives up to the Deus Ex name, it even surpasses it in some areas. This is the true sequel (or prequel, I guess) to Deus Ex that you've been waiting for. Don't even bother reading the rest of this review, pick your platform of choice and click "Add to Cart" ASAP.


- Deus Ex Done Right - Unlike the previous sequel, Deus Ex: Human Revolution doesn't "consolize" the Deus Ex formula; this, my friends, is a true sequel that's packed with challenging gameplay, a great inventory system, unlocks/augments, side missions, etc. This is the role-playing masterpiece that you've been craving.

- Beautifully Detailed Hub Worlds - There are 2 hub worlds in total in this game, both offering their own unique atmosphere. These hubs are huge and offer a lot to see and do. Not only can you push through the main story missions, you have tons of things to hack into, side missions to take on, civilians to talk to, and so much more.

- Atmospheric Masterpiece - Thanks to wonderful game design, incredibly detailed visuals, and amazing sound design, Deus Ex: Human Revolution's atmosphere is nothing short of breathtaking.

- Role-Playing Delight - Deep systems, which keep track of your choices, can have an overall impact on the immediate and long-term narrative. Every choice you make matters. If you mess up during a conversation, you may either fail to complete a side mission or have to try to achieve it another way. Along with these components, you have an inventory system and weapon augments, the latter of which serves as your upgrades throughout the course of the game.

- Tons of Replay Value - You won't see and do everything the first time through. This is a game packed with choices, both in terms of how you tackle a mission and how you react in conversations, which makes things much different depending on how you play. You could play this through differently a good many times before you see everything it has to offer.

- Polished Gameplay - While Deus Ex: Human Revolution is a first-person game, it also switches to third-person when you take cover, and it features a system that allows you to easily traverse around environments when in cover. To move around a corner, you just hold in A, and to transfer from one piece of cover to another, you just tap A. It all works well and it's satisfying.

- Cinematic Bliss - Deus Ex: Human Revolution has the cutscenes, in-game graphical effects, stellar sound design and more, to make this an unforgettable experience.


- Dated Animations - As wonderful as the graphics are overall, the animations certainly aren't cutting edge; however, they do get the job done.

- Slight Frame-rate Dips - During larger encounters and in big hub worlds, you may encounter a very minor dip in performance here and there.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution had some very big shoes to fill. Not only did it have the pressure of hype because of the amazing trailers Square Enix and Eidos put out, but they had to live up to one of the most beloved games ever. After being disappointed already, I don't think Deus Ex fans would've been so kind if another sequel failed to meet their expectations. Luckily, I'm here to report that this game will go down in history as one of the absolute finest out there. If you want a meaty single player experience that offers something truly unforgettable, you better get yourself a copy right now.
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on August 31, 2011
Platform for Display: Xbox 360Edition: StandardVerified Purchase
Deus Ex: HR is a must own game. Period. If you never experienced the original, this is a great way to get into the universe. It was very smart of the developers to make the game a prequel as it allows those new to the series an opportunity to come in fresh and not be lost in the story. Speaking of, the story is very good. If you have ever seen Blade Runner, The Ghost In The Shell anime series, or are a fan of Terminator, Robocop, etc, you should like this story as well.

The gameplay is deep but still approachable. It is a lot of fun taking on a mission that has multiple paths to completion. You can take a frontal assault approach, use stealth to disable your enemies from the shadows, or find secret passages and air ducts to avoid a confrontation altogether.

It's a game about morals and choice. And the combination of the two make it great.
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on September 4, 2011
Platform for Display: Xbox 360Edition: StandardVerified Purchase
Admittedly this game is NOT the groundbreaking stealth-shooter-Mass Effect type dialog tree-deep character mashup I was hoping for. I don't even consider this game an all-time great after beating it. It seems to do most things well, but almost nothing exceptionally well. This game is still a very enjoyable experience with a few minor and major setbacks depending on your taste and what you are expecting out of this.

The story itself is pretty good. It's very creative and makes you think about the future of technology, which is a big plus. From the onset you are wondering what will happen next because conspiracies are all over the place, but some story choices are quite odd, and even stupid. I won't go into detail, but I felt that some things happened to fast and/or needed further development in order to have the lasting effect we all crave from an engaging story. One aspect where this REALLY sticks out is the character development.....there is none. I liked Jensen but it would have been nice to know the supporting characters on a more personal level. The story is NOT driven by the characters at all. I also thought the Hengsha city hub (Not Thai Yung Medical in the upper city, that was awesome) was simply awful. It was the low point of the game story and character wise. Sprawled throughout the game are scientific journals called "e-books" which contain info on where the world will supposedly go (China as the world power) as well as HIGHLY detailed info on the technology used in augmentations. The reading can become tedious after a while if you aren't REALLY interested in the tech and the events between now and 2027 that led the world to where it will be in 2027. There are A GAZILLION computer terminals to hack where email conversations that are meant to suck you into the universe, but ultimately become tiresome to read. I got sick of reading employee protocols and mostly uninteresting conversations. The game makes you wonder who Jensen really is and it has you wondering, but ultimately it didn't satisfy me like I wanted so the buildup seemed dumb. Overall the story is very interesting, but besides Jensen I didn't care for any of the characters. Pritchard and Malik had so much potential as strong characters! The bosses we've seen in all the trailers are not characterized. The Rihanna-looking one only says one sentence!

This is a stealth game that tries to accommodate to gunfights and succeeds....mostly. If you play it as a stealth game and have a hiccup every so often and get into a gunfight, then the gameplay will be great to you. You have to appreciate stealth and have fun not setting of alarms and taking all enemies down silently in order to enjoy it. If that doesn't sound like you, I'd suggest skipping this one. The shooting aspect is good, but not strong enough to play the whole game as such. If you're into stealth like me, then you will have tons of fun. Let me first mention the problems: 1) NOT ENOUGH ANIMATIONS. As cool as the KO and death animations are, there just aren't enough of them. I never killed anyone needlessly, so I used KO's mostly and I swear there are 4 animations. 2) WEAPONS The weapons are your standard fare: pistol, machine gun, assault rifle, sniper rifle yawn. I'm not saying they're bad, but I would have expected the variety and creativity of the augments to carry on into the weapons. Only one weapon can be customized into a super cool weapon-the revolver. It can have explosive rounds like the one in Resistance. Speaking of Resistance, I expected some cool futuristic (but not as over the top) weapons or weapon augments that made it more than simply a normal assault rifle in futuristic clothing. I want to vaporize people. I want to have crazy ammo that lets me control their minds to walk to their allies and let me detonate a small bomb. You know, creative stuff. The weapons can be upgraded in terms of damage and reload speed, but never customized, which sucks. 3) CITY HUBS. Some of the side missions offer a nice little side story to investigate, sending you throughout the small city, but sadly the 2 city hubs don't have much purpose beyond that. I already mentioned that I hated Hengsha, so in my opinion, the city hub thing was poorly executed. The side missions actually became worse as the game went on. The game was at its absolute strongest when you were placed in huge mission-specific facilities, shipyards, etc. with tons of multiple floors and paths for you to choose. The cities bored me and I came close to trading this in when I was forced to walk back and forth in the big, boring yellow cities.

There's a point in the game where you go to Montreal and there is no yellow. Now before I say what I have to say, I have no beef with the color yellow, but it sure as hell doesn't remind me of the technological future; blue is for that. As I was saying, you get to Montreal and the yellow is gone. I saw how beautiful the game looked with natural colors! Actually each location had a different color that stood out and set the mood, but oddly enough, they decided to make the 2 city hubs VERY yellow. This made the two city hubs extremely boring to look at because the yellow at first may seem kinda cool, but it's overpowering and makes everything look the same. If you're extremely picky about lip sync then prepare to look at some of THE WORST facial animation and lip syncing on a current gen game. The character's bodies are fine, but the heads at times can be downright scary bad. On the bright side, all of the weapons are beautiful (except for the fugly heavy rifle). Jensen's character model and voice could not have been more perfect IMO. Some complain about the gruffness of his voice, but if you were OK with Infamous 1 Cole, then you'll be fine.

There are flashes of greatness in the variety and choice that the game lets you have. A VERY high point is where you must convince someone to give you, tell you, or do something you want. The dialog sequences are excellent but only happen a handful of times. Regarding the exploration, the reading can become extremely tedious. The e-books and or emails should have been voiced like the audio logs in Bioshock. The different pathways during a mission (Thai Young, Montreal, Singapore, derelict row) are amazing and let you choose how and where you want to approach the enemies. You CANNOT max every augment so everyone has a different experience and can even access different areas depending on what augment is chosen. Mission variety is the strong point.

Like I said, this is NOT the GOTY in my opinion, even though I thought it would be. The end is very satisfying and although I liked Jensen a lot (SERIOUSLY JENSEN IS AWESOME), I didn't care for any of the other characters, even thought they aren't bad. Deus Ex tells you its version of a futuristic conspiracy where man is trying to fight the forces of nature with augments. Not everyone feels like it should be done and the end of the game, while satisfying, never really brings a solid conclusion to the main anti-augment spokesperson. There are multiple outcomes and endings so I cannot say that firmly. This game is a good combination of a lot of things, but none great on its own besides the cool story and stealth gameplay. I CAN SAY FOR SURE that this is one of those games where a second playthrough makes the experience better. I'll update after I have a crack at it on a no-alarm-no kill-hard difficulty run.

Feel free ask me anything if you're on the fence about Deus Ex or just simply want to know something.
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on April 26, 2012
Platform for Display: Xbox 360Edition: StandardVerified Purchase
Great game, truly. Square Enix needs to rethink the inclusion of bosses, however. The bosses are not even challenging, they are defeating and make you not want to play the game.
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on November 29, 2011
Platform for Display: Xbox 360Edition: Standard
If you like a good story with your action, this game is for you. If you've enjoyed the Mass Effect series, this game is for you.

In this game, you are an augmented (nearly cyborg) human who is the head of security for a large biotech company which is mired in public controversy. Competing interests hoped to take you out but you survived and now it's time to put all the pieces together and dish out some sweet payback.

The environment in this game, as other reviewers have noted, feels a lot like Blade Runner. It's so rich and well done, with painstaking details everywhere in this game. You feel immersed, like you are wandering a cyberpunk city filled with normal citizens, junkies, hoodlums and cops -- instead of merely playing a "level".

The city has its own sense of life, too. The voice acting is superb, the different responses you can give when interacting with people lets you shape your own attitude and style. The conversations are written well enough that they seem like real conversations, so yo're immersed a bit more.

Combat is fun and fast-paced. While half the game is story and adventure, they didn't skimp out on the actual fighting, which is great. Your inventory space is limited so there won't be carrying 5 rocket launchers with 1000 rounds of rocket ammo around. At times you need to manage your inventory well, both what you can carry and how many rounds you have in your gun. If you go buck wild and fire at everything and run out of ammo, you'll have to stealth your way around some fights or go back and find ammunition. The enemies talk to each other and try to flank you. Sometimes the first door into the fight isn't the best one and you have to weigh the risks with the options you have. It isn't mindless entertainment, although it can be at times!

Another thing I really enjoyed about this game were the side missions. They don't make you run all over the map doing remedial chores; most quests can be done in a few minutes and are usually local OR are add-ins for missions you're already going to be doing anyway.

You can upgrade your character, as you may have guessed. You can start customizing however you wish right off the bat, so I specialized in hacking so I could access all the doors, safes, computers, etc. Physical access was going to be one thing my character never had a problem with. I chose to do the combat related stuff later as the enemies got harder. From giving yourself more inventory space to more "pop" with some of your attacks, there are a number of ways you can take your character and those choices will change how you approach certain situations as you go through the game so you don't have to play the same way twice.

This game, with its great story (and storytelling!), fantastic environment, interesting characters, varied customization of your character and the thrilling combat and stealth pieces have been put together to create a juggernaut of a game.
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on October 13, 2011
Platform for Display: Xbox 360Edition: StandardVerified Purchase
This game is tons of fun. I have not finished it, but I'm about 10 hours into it, and at the 2nd major geographic location you go to. I play very thoroughly and explore everything to the max.

I would classify this game as a futuristic RPG-ish stealth/action first person shooter which provides a large world for exploration. The mission paradigm allows for a very open experience with various decision paths, and the "away" missions help provide a bit more intensity and a change of scenery. There is a nice mix of futuristic and non-futuristic weapons, tools, and upgrades.

One of the greatest parts about this game is the massive amount of detail in the world which provides hours of exploration. While the exploration is optional, it often provides lots of background information about the game world or clues into the storyline of the game or extra information about your missions or extra money/weapons/tools you can use along the way.

**Home vs Away missions**
There are basically two types of missions in this game. "Home" missions (not an in-game term) are done completely within the city. During these missions you are free to roam around anywhere and do everything at your own pace. Or you can just screw around and explore, talk to ppl, etc. It's very open and free. All the side missions are home missions and many of the main missions are home missions.

Then there are the "away" missions (not an in-game term). Away missions are main missions where you actually leave the city for a while. During this time, you do not have access to the city, and 100% of your effort is spent on the mission at hand (no side missions, and considerably less screwing around). These missions always seem more intense.

I've spent about 70% of my time on home missions and 30% on away.

**Multiple mission paths**
Often there are multiple ways to progress through missions. Say you have to get into a guarded building. You might choose to sneak in some way or you might choose to just blast your way in or you might choose to convince/trick the guards into letting you in. That's just a general example. You also sometimes get the chance to make different decisions which appears to have some ramifications on the storyline.

**Weapons & Tools**
Many of the weapons seem pretty standard like what you would see today. Same with the other various tools (powerups, weapon mods, etc). However, there are many weapons, tools, powerups, and character upgrades that are way beyond the technology that exists today, and it gives the game an interesting futuristic feel to it.

If you like futuristic RPG-ish stealth/action first person shooter games, especially ones that provide hours of exploration and a free/open experience, get this game.
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