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on January 2, 2007
This is the first game in the DnC series that I've played. I had to write this review to balance out the previous one.

First, the game is a port, and in version 1.0 (shipped version), there are two important bugs:

- joystick axis reversal - your left stick controls the right and vice versa, making the game unplayable.

- resolution problems - it just doesn't remember your settings and defaults to the 640x480 one, always.

HOWEVER, with the patch, the two above are complete fixed, and I played through the game without any problems. The only bug I encountered was my inability to use the Artemis, a energy pistol in the game, without it crashing. It was annoying but doesn't prevent anything from being accomplished though it does detract from the game experience a bit (no cool Gunmaster).

Now, to the game. The controls are extremely responsive, the moves instanteously carried out satisfying, and the fighting is furious. There is no exaggeration here, it's exactly as described - a furious button mashing combo followed by insane dodging. I have never before played a game with such satisfying controls and actions. You can also quickly switch between your swords and your firearms to highly entertaining and insanely damaging combos.

It is a lot of fun.

The gameplay is not repetitive as Dante, the main character, has multiple styles like Trickster, Gunslinger, and Swordmaster, etc. Each style has unique moves and special abilities that really comes in handy and suits the player's taste well. However, you can only switch styles in between levels and at Divinity Statues (savepoints).

Different from the original DnC3, a new character, Vergil is added. Now Vergil is Dante's brother and the antagonist of the game. You can use all of his moves, and he is stronger than Dante to start with, but his abilities do not develop as fast or as far. Furthermore, he has only one style while Dante has 6 styles, so the play becomes a bit repetitive.

Now to the other problems with first getting into the game. First off, the game is very hard to begin with. This Special Edition pretty much toned down the level of difficulty from the original for the most part. In the original, death would force you to restart the level, and special orbs can let you restart from the last room you died in. Here, there's a Gold Mode that allows you to restart from the last room when you die, and the Gold Orb allows you to respawn in the spot of your demise, making the game much easier. Still, in Normal difficulty and Gold Mode, I found the game quite difficult, but after some dedication and trying out combos, I was able to progress well with the game.

The boss battles are wickedly fast-paced, requiring careful timing and counterstrike. Mistakes in timing will easily result in a premature demise, and many reloads. Had it not been for the Gold mode, I would not have had the patience to beat this game, and this mode alone makes this game fun and playable.

Also, for the PC version, you have some special goodies. They're actually the secret movies in the game you would otherwise have to unlock through completing the game. But being on the PC, you can just go to the folders and watch all the movies without having to do that. It's not fantastic, but it's something.

So overall, this is a very fun and addicting game. My first run in Normal difficulty and Gold Mode took 20 hours. Once I got the timing and combos down, my second run in Hard and Gold took half the time. The replay value is in unlocking Vergil and new customs and modes, and I would highly recommend this game to anyone seeking a furious, fun-filled break from... just about anything.

P.S. The game DOES have a sensible story and plot, and an addictive background music that led me to get its soundtrack. Finally, Dante's over-the-top lines adds to the humor and cheesiness that make the game enjoyable.
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on January 9, 2008
Devil May Cry 3 is one of the most fast paced and fun action games you will ever play.The game was originally released on the PS2 and was ported to the PC in this Special Edition version. On the PS2 the game was very well reviewed receiving 9.6/10 from IGN, 9/10 from Playstation magazine and Game informer, 4.5/5 from Gamepro.

DMC 3's gameplay is based on a complex fighting system, reminiscent Ninja Gaiden. There is only one standard attack key, but your attacks can be modified based on what direction you hold when pressing attack. This may sound shallow, but these attacks are extremely stringable, and even early game you can rack up huge juggling combos if you know how. But this is but the beginning of the gameplay. You also have a "style" key. at all times you have one of several styles equipped. each style has it's own abilities which supplement your current attacks. each style is distinctly different as well. For example, the Trickster style allows you to perform quick evasive dashes and acrobatic maneuvers, where as the Swordmaster style, adds dozens of new moves to your repertoire. Choosing from one of the 7 unique styles, as well as the 11 unique weapons you can carry, allows for a large amount of customization.

When in combat, a large focus is your style meter. the meter judges how stylish and well performed your attacks and moves are. The higher style rating you achieve the more orbs (the games currency) you can collect to buy new upgrades and moves. Being "stylish" requires some time to learn and good reflexes, but is extremely satisfying once mastered. effective moves cannot be spammed or else you will stop gaining style points for that move and begin losing them. Taking hits also drops your style meter.

DMC 3's presentation and graphics don't hold up quite as well as the gameplay, but are admirable nonetheless. The game features beautiful Gothic architecture and the levels have enough variety to stay interesting, with a few particular highlights such as the Leviathan's Stomach and the Chess Board.

The music is decent. Most of the soundtrack is composed of a combo of thundering heavy metal and beautiful hymns. sounds like an odd combo but they are well used and fit in at the appropriate times.

however nothing is perfect. Most of DMC's flaws come from a bad job of effectively porting it to the PC. First of all, though the graphics are stunning for the PS2, they just don't hold up to the power of most of today's PC games.

A problem that most reviewers mention concerning the PC version are the keyboard controls. personally, I had no problems with them and actually having played it on the PS2, rather prefer them because of the closer placing and easier access.

Another problem, present in both versions of the game, is the camera. most of the time the camera is obliging and points you in the right direction, but occasionally it doesn't change at the right time, or zooms out, or in a few occasions has even gone behind a pillar. these instances aren't often, but they do happen.

Lastly I'd like to point out a semi-mistake in another reader review of this product. CyperSpawn2100 stated that the resolution auto returned to 640x480 every time the game was started. In the original release of the game this was true, but a patch was posted mere weeks after release, and the issue was fixed.

Overall DMC 3 is an excellent game that is slightly marred by a mediocre transition to the PC. If you're itching for some awesome fast paced demon slaying action, then this is your game.
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on February 18, 2007
the game is very fun, but, if you don't have a controller then your out of luck. all the tutorials pop ups in the game are for a controller, but if you use a keyboard like me, you have to constantly go back to the manuel.

nonetheless, very fun.
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on March 31, 2013
I love having this game for the PC. I really couldn't play it though without a controller, and you have to mess around with some downloads and patches to get controllers to work properly with the game, but overall that wasn't enough to dock a star. It is a great game, definitely worth it. The special features also are a big bonus.
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on March 10, 2008
I enjoy the arcade sword fighting that this game offers.

The only problem is the controller pad configuration does not work with the 360 controllers so you have to plug two in and use a joy to key program on the second. The first one will get the messed up controls and the second will work just fine. Easy fix if you have access to more than one controller.

This is the only problem with the game.
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on April 7, 2013
This is the first Devil May Cry game I've played and it is completely awesome!!! I love this game. It is very fun and exciting and I never get tired of playing it no matter how many times I play it! I seriously recommend this game if your a devil may cry fan. And even if your not, give it a try.
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on December 31, 2009
ok...first... i accidently played DMC4 first:P.... it went a little like this.... i was looking at a ton of games to buy....and then i came accross DMC. then i looked for a PC version, and of course the first thing that came up was i got that.... after i played it i wanted to play the other ones....1,2,and 3.... but the 1st and 2ed were for PS2... so i got the 3rd....and to my surprise dante was the main character and nero (from DMC4) wasn't even in it....

cool things about the specal edition.....
you get to play as virgil
there's cool pix and vids
and it's the only version for pc!

now i really liked DMC4.... but i LOVE this game... it's WAY better... well except a few things....

graphics: very good.... i mean for that time frame... but not too bad... it's kinda like the graphics from tomb raider 5.... but quite a bit better!!!

gameplay: this is one of the downsides.... (in DMC3 you can switch between any style [trickster, swardmaster, gunslinger, royal guard, quicksilver, or doppelganger] {in DMC4 the 5th one is dark slayer and there is no 6th one} but you have to choose only ONE style you want to use throughout the entire level!!! {in DMC4 you get to change between any style anytime you want!!!} now for me, this was very annoying!!!)... but i kinda got used to it quickly :) and although it's kinda hard to get used to.... it's really quite fun!!! there's over 12 awesome weapons, including wicked awesome guns... (but i love one of the guns in DMC4... it's called pandora B-)... and it's so awesome!)... and the combat system is really fun!!!

music: i LOVE the music!!! it's so awesome!!! the music in this is even better than in the 4th!!! XD

story: the story is alot better than in the 4th one too.... i mean it's much more drawn out.... more elaborate. and even though i like the way that dante is really cocky in the 4th one... i actually like this story better, mainly because i like virgil. too bad he..... ooops.... don't wanna spoil anything :)~

replay value: it is surprisingly good.... in most newer games... the replay value sucks!!! but in DMC 3 and 4... the replay value is excellent!!!

so, if you did the same thing i did....which i really wish i didn't do.... you NEED to get this game! but if your just looking for a cool game that will kill the endless hours of bordum... i highly recommend this!!!

if you still don't want to get this.... you seriously need to see a doctor... because your suffering from extreme stupidity! :) ^.^ :P

P.S. it works on vista!!!
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on May 23, 2009
I originally decided to buy this game after DMC4 came out and I realized how much I loved this game. I had played the regular version on the PS2 and absolutely loved it, but this special edition pc version is even better! It's great playing as vergil and turbo mode is a welcome addition. The only thing I'd really worry about is the fact that it's somewhat difficult to play if you don't have some type of controller.
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on October 27, 2008
...yup and I don't regret it (yet) just played few minutes of it and I loved it. Fast paced and relatively easy to battle and the combos are fairly easy to achive (so far).

My only problem was one that has been repeated over and over in the reviews (resolution and control settings) which were very fixable with the patch posted at ubisoft (you can't miss it).

Looks like it's gonna be a whole lotta kick-a** fast-paced fury action-packed melee madness. but don't just take our word for it..try it yourself!
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on January 19, 2013
good game, would recommend it to anyone who enjoys games full of plot twists and demons. excellent continuation to the dmc series
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