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Dexter: The Complete Series Collection [Blu-ray]
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on November 13, 2013
So I just received this in the mail and I was really excited to see how it came out. I was happy and disappointed at the same time. Overall the product looked very nice and is an awesome addition to my Dexter Collection, but I felt it could have been much better.

The Box:

Very nice, it has "Dexter: The Complete Series" printed on both sides. The "wood" finish isn't really wood, but a paper cover instead. The numbering on the inside is also paper. It Top of the box starts at "1" but the bottom of the box starts with "42." That may be hard to understand but it doesn't seem like it should be that way. The only problem I had was the top and bottom of the box didn't line up. The top was a little shorter than the bottom.

The Inside:

This is what disappointed me the most. The "Blood Slides" that held the disc in was only one sided. Half of my DVD's were already popped out and it was frustrating. I don't know why they could have added a second side to secure the disc inside. Another thing, though minor, was the fact that there was a clear, transparent "thing" I don't want to say paper but I can't think of the word right now. It was placed on the other side of the disc holder to make it look like a blood slide. It had a red circle and gave it the real feel, but instead of imprinting it on the case, it was taped on to the back. Some of the slides didn't match up with each other so that was frustrating as well.

The Grafix Art Book:

It was a nice addition, it just added some artwork and photos that were taken throughout the seasons of Dexter. It even had the season prints that I really liked. It was a nice addition but nothing super special.

Overall, I still think it is a very nice product, maybe not worth the $219 price tag, but if the price ever drops, I would definitely buy it. This is a piece of Dexter Memorabilia that you will be glad to make apart of your collection.

This is also my first review so I tried my best at explaining everything.
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on July 20, 2014
Item not as pictured: dvds come in cardboard box not the wooden box as shown, no artwork, no extras. Disappointed.

Item not as described. The site says you are purchasing: grafix picture book, wooden box, dvds, & disc cases that resemble the blood slides. What you get: just the dvds in cheap clear jewel cases in a cheap cardboard box (no 'blood' like pictured, no wooden box and no pictures). Picture needs to reflect what you get and discount/refund given for fraudulent advertisement.

Email received after inquiry:
spr_media - Amazon Marketplace <>
5:19 AM (3 hours ago)

to me
I am sorry the Dexter Complete Series did not meet your expectations,
it is what it is. If you would like to return it. Please do. Amazon wants
and expects only complete customer satisfaction. I assure you that
you purchased what I received as the complete Dexter DVD series collection.
I am sorry.

--- Original message ---

I just received the Dexter dvd collection in a cardboard holder box; item is definitely not as described. The description and picture shows a nice wooden box, an extra dvd, and a graphix picture book but I didn't receive any of those nice items. Please help?
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on November 27, 2013
Keep in mind that I am in no way reviewing the show Dexter, I am obviously a huge fan to have had purchased this complete series set, that being said...Dexter: The Complete Series Collection [Blu-ray] is a HUGE disappointment as far as presentation and quality. The first and most important thing to take away from this review is: THE BLOOD SLIDE BOX IS NOT WOOD!!! It is contact "wood looking" paper over cardboard, some plastic and whatever else. Isn't the idea of this box set to have it as an awesome display piece?!?! God forbid this gets a little damp, or accidentally banged into, its going to take nothing to ruin this "box". Now lets talk the "blood slides" that hold the blu-rays. These discs are housed in an open faced dvd case with a clear plastic backing with a blood design glued on by 4 extremely small dabs of glue. This came shipped with none of them broke, and no scratches on the discs, which I am extremely surprised at. All it's going to take for the backing "blood" side of the case is some mild use, and the actual case will no doubt crack on a single impact drop on the floor. Not all is lost on this set though... The book "Grafix: The Art of Dexter" is absolutely gorgeous, the book is covered in a nice glossy finish and the pictures include everything from the promo shots, to fan submits, to the season main shots. The bonus disc is also a nice perk for purchasing the box set with some nice inside looks. Bottom line, this is my favorite show, enjoyed by so many of my close friends and family members. Am I glad that I have every episode in stunning blu ray quality to watch at anytime I desire? Absolutely. But if you already started your collection by picking up a few season, DO NOT waste your money on the complete series collection, as the only really nice thing you get with it is the complimenting book.
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on November 19, 2013
Very disappointing quality. A cardboard box covered with woodgrain paper. Cheap jewel boxes with cellophane covers. At $238.00 I was disappointed ; at $450.00 I would be angry.
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Some reviewers bemoan the high pre-order price for the Blu Ray set (about $320 at the time I'm writing this). Don't pre-order at this price. Wait until Black Friday, when Amazon offers many popular sets at significant markdowns. Last year on Black Friday, Amazon had The Lord of the Rings complete extended editions blu ray set for $49.99 (list price $120), and similarly steep markdowns on The Dark Knight trilogy and complete Harry Potter on blu ray, and many others. I wouldn't be surprised to see Amazon or other retailer offering the Dexter blu ray set for $199 on Black Friday or at some point during the holiday shopping season, and it would be a shame to have paid over $300 for it.

EDIT November 11, 2013:

Amazon is starting their black-friday deals early this year. They've dropped the price of this set (Blu Ray version) from $320 in September to $270 in October to $220 now.

For $220, this set is worth considering: it comes to $27.50 per season, plus you get a lot of cool extras and collectible packaging.

Will Amazon reduce the price even further? They won't tell us. So we have to guess whether $220 is the best deal we're gonna get. Hold out a bit longer and you might save a few more dollars if they lower the price again--or they might raise it back to $270 or $320. I'd rather not chance it.
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on November 13, 2013
Seriously???? A cardboard box that "looks" like wood to hold the Blu Rays? Cheap, cheap, cheap. Great idea, horrible execution. Don't waste your money.
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on May 15, 2014
I am glad I waited patiently before purchasing this. I had a feeling there will a price drop for this set since not everyone (like me) can afford to pay that much money! Thank you, and Showtime! I am happy camper right now. The show is really great.
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on December 31, 2013
The programme is awsome the box set is diabolical.

On all the sites I’ve been it looks a very deep and sinister blood red colour. Even I was firmly in the camp of “I want one of those”

My first impression when I saw the box set was, “have I ordered the correct one” to which I was certain I had. As she so excitedly unpacked everything and opened the “box” it slowly became very much apparent that I have just spent a small fortune on something so horrifically made on the cheap. I even had that sinking felling, the gulp and the knot in my stomach when I came to realise what I had actually purchased and let me tell you I was a hell of a lot more expensive when I purchased it, than it is now and I had to pay £95 (yes that’s right) to import it. But it still came out cheaper than most places in the UK to get this from, but not by much mind.

Whoever made this should be ashamed of them selves. The colour is not as deep as many of the pictures I have seen promoting this product. This is not so much of an issue as that is to do with how the product has been photographed so I’ll let that slide.
But as for the rest, OH MY DAYS. The box is toughened CARDBOARD WITH WOOD PRINT. It has brass or brass coloured clasp and hinges to which in my mind won’t stand the test of time in the cardboard housing. The DVD are housed in cheap plastic sleeves, inside the box is more cheap plastic to keep the DVD in the top again is cardboard with wood print with more cheap plastic. It also looks like a blind man assembled it in a hurry. I was so embarrassed when my gorgeous girl opened it you didn’t have to be a mind reader, it was written all over my face. For the small fortune it cost to buy it I am astounded by the poor build quality. If they did want to make it cheap then use cheap wood. It last and looks a hell of a lot better than cardboard. This is a COLLECTORS EDITION BOX SET and you expect for the money some sort of quality to the product you have just purchased. I feel I have a collectors edition box set knock off a dodgy market stall. I was left deeply embarrassed about the whole thing and feel very much as if I have been conned and very angry. This was a birthday gift otherwise I would have sent it back, but did not open it for obvious reason.
Don’t bother wasting your money. I can’t see it lasting long unless you put it in a glass sealed box out of the sunlight where know one can see your embarrassingly cheap attempt at a collectors edition box set.

I will know be attempting to make one from REAL WOOD.

Shame on you.

Oh btw saw the review about this box set not being for their Zone/region they are from. All I have to say to that is you are a fool and should not be shopping on line if you it gives you all you need to know on the page look:
Region: Region A/1 (Read more about DVD/Blu-ray formats.)
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on September 14, 2013
What a sad year 2013 turned out to be for television. Breaking Bad and Dexter both ending within the same month. Dexter is one of the greatest shows ever, and this box set looks so cool! I love the design, which they based off the blood slide box that Dexter keeps inside his air conditioner, containing all of his trophies. The special features that are new to the complete set include:

- Behind-the-Scenes Cast Interviews, Features and Promos.
- The Evolution of Dexter Morgan, an all new documentary chronicling the titular character of Dexter and his dark passenger.
- The Code, an all new documentary featuring the creation of Dexter Morgan and his world.
- Exclusive Grafix book featuring artwork and photography from 8 seasons of Dexter.
- Unique box set design based on Dexter's blood slide box from the show. A paper tab stands out to separate each season from each other.

To those who are coming new to Dexter, I cannot recommend this series enough. The show follows the path of Dexter Morgan, a serial killer who channels his dark urges onto the guilty. Dexter was different ever since he was a small child, and sensing the darkness inside of him, his police officer father, Harry Morgan, helped Dexter channel his desire to kill by teaching him a code, that dictates he only kill other murders. While many would think of Dexter as a monster, he still has a lot of humanity. In fact many times over the course of the series, you will find yourself emphasizing with Dexter, which is sort of the whole point of the show, that there's a little bit of him in all of us. Each season tells a different story, and brings Dexter into conversation with a different aspect of his dark side and how it relates to "human" issues.

Season One:
Season one introduces us to Dexter Morgan and the people he surrounds himself with. We are introduced to his girlfriend Rita and her two children, which he describes as more of a disguise or normalcy than anything else. He also has a foul mouthed adopted sister named Deborah, or "Deb" for short, who he describes as the only person that really loves him. The first season explores Dexter's hidden desire to be normal, to be accepted, and involves a game of cat and mouse between Dexter and another serial killer known as the Ice Truck Killer. As the season progresses Dexter learns more and more about his past, and about the terrible events that made him into a monster, and through doing so, he discovers a connection between himself and the Ice Truck Killer that goes far deeper than a passion for human dismemberment.

Season Two:
Season two opens with a twist, several months after killing his brother, Dexter is off his game, but he snaps to when the police have found Dexter's dumping ground for dead bodies, and have officially opened an investigation into the serial killer deemed The Bay Harbor Butcher. The season focuses mainly on Dexter trying to sabotage the police/FBI investigation from within. Given that he works as a blood spatter analyst for Miami Homicide, and that his sister is a detective, he is of course in a prime position to be on the inside track of the investigation. This is unfortunately complicated by the meddling of Sargent James Doax. Doax doesn't trust Dexter, as he believes he had a connection with the Ice Truck Killer, and has always sensed that there was something off about him. A large theme here is Dexter trying to juggle his life as a serial killer, while keeping it from Doax and the police, while simultaneously dealing with issues in his personal life. New to the cast is a dangerous woman named Lilah who becomes obsessed with Dexter's dark side. She's sort of depicted as Dexter's polar opposite. While Dexter has a thing for the cold and air conditioning, Lilah is a pyromaniac/pheliac who is obsessed with fire.

Season Three:
The third season focuses on Dexter as the family man. Learning in the first episode that Rita is pregnant with his child, Dexter tries to imagine what his life would be like as a father, and takes on an increasingly more parental role in the lives of Rita's children Aster and Cody, and even proposes to Rita. Dexter also takes on a sort of protege this season. He's able to make his first real friend, a district attorney named Miguel Prado, who believes that Dexter killed the man who murdered his brother. Dexter is initially delighted to have a real friend, and even takes Miguel out killing with him, however before long we start to see that two monsters can't really be together for too long before turning on each other, and Dexter and Miguel wind up at each others throats. The new serial killer this season is called The Skinner, and is rampaging around Miami doing exactly what you think, skinning people. He and Dexter really don't come into contact with each other until the end though, he serves more as a nemesis for Deb throughout most of the arc.

Season Four:
The fourth season is widely regarded as not only the best season of Dexter, but some of the best television ever filmed. This season focuses on Dexter trying to balance his new life as a father and husband with his other life as a murderer. The killer this year is known as Trinity, and is one of the oldest and most successful serial killers of all time. Trinity is also a family man, and Dexter believes that he can learn how to balance his two lives by studying him. This season demonstrates that you cannot be a father, husband, and killer. It either leads to the complete destruction of the family, as with Trinity, or constant lying and being stretched to the limit as with Dexter. Here we also see Deb begin to uncover the truth about who Dexter is, finding out that his brother was the Ice Truck Killer and about the way his mother was killed. The way that this season ends is one of the defining moments of the series. It's surprising, and brilliant, and tragic all at the same time. What makes the final scene so heartbreaking is that right before Dexter comes home to find what Trinity has done, he is speaking for the very first time every about someday having a life without his dark passenger. His final words too "I'm what's wrong" show the parallels between him and his sister Deborah.

Season Five:
Season five picks up immediately where season four left off. Beginning here we see Dexter trying to deal with Rita's death, and with the loss of his family, as Astir and Cody move away from Miami with their grandparents. Dexter bonds with a woman named Lumen Pierce, who was raped and tortured almost to death by a group of people, when Dexter kills her captor and rescues her. Dexter and Lumen eventually form a romance together. Unlike Rita, Lumen knows exactly who and what Dexter is and still loves him for it. We see more of Deborah beginning to subconsciously accept the real Dexter here, when she confides to him that she wants to kill the barrel girl murderers herself. She even allows the two killers to go free after discovering the body of one of their victims (not knowing that it was Dexter and Lumen). I have to say, this season surprised me with how good it was. I initially thought that seeing Dexter immediately hop to a new woman would be forced, but seeing them form an awkward killer bond, and watching Dexter his his own pain by helping her deal with hers is absolutely marvelous.

Season Six:
A lot of people didn't like season six, but I think it was just misunderstood. Taking place about a year after the events of season five, Dexter, whose life has finally reached a semblance of balance and order, now explores some of the greater mysteries behind the meaning of life, and if there can really be light within his darkness. The villains of this arc are two religious zealots who become known as the Doomsday killers. The Doomsday killers want to bring about the apocalypse by reenacting some of the more gruesome parts of the book of Revelations. Along the way we get to see some pretty narley murders, which is always fun. This season explores the best and worst aspects of religion, the worst in the form of the Doomsday killers, and the best in the form of a reformed murderer named Brother Sam, who teaches Dexter to look for the light in the darkness. The most memorable moment in the series comes in the final moment. I won't say it here, but it leaves us hanging on a huge cliff-hanger.

Season Seven:
Season seven picks up immediately where season six leaves off, Deborah has just witnessed Dexter killing Doomsday and he has some explaining to do. At first it seems Dexter is able to BS his way out of the situation, but by the end of the first episode Deb knows that he's a serial killer, and the Bay Harbor Butcher. This season has some of the best moments between the Morgan siblings. After all this time, we finally get to see Deborah and Dexter talk about who and what he is. The season centers a lot around Deborah trying to change Dexter, and then later coming to accept him for who he is. We also meet Hannah McKay, yet another blond that Dexter Morgan falls for. Hannah and Deborah spend a lot of time at odds, and Dexter finds himself having to choose between his sister and a woman that he might be in love with. Oh did I mention Hannah is also a serial killer?

Season Eight:
The final season disappointed a lot of the fans, and I'm sad to say that I do include myself in that. I won't spoil the ending, but the ending does a fairly decent job of ruining itself. It was just a bad way to close the series, a sour bite to and an otherwise fantastic meal. I still recommend Dexter to anybody though. We had many great years, and the show will always hold a special place in my heart.

My one beef with this box set, is that it's pretty expensive. I would wait for the price to go down, or maybe for black friday.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERVINE VOICEon September 13, 2013
"Dexter" is one of my favorite TV series. I miss the show now that it's over. Of course, one of the great things about a TV series coming to an end is that you get a nice complete box set to commemorate the series. This "Dexter" complete collection is one of the nicest blu-ray set designs I've seen. One piece of advice: these box sets usually drop significantly in price as time goes on - I'd wait until Amazon has it as a Gold Box deal, or perhaps it will go on sale during Black Friday.

Here's what's included:
1. Blood Slide packaging (note: the box is not made of wood, although it looks as though it is).
2. "Grafix": The Art of Dexter book
3. Bonus Disc with New Special Features
- Behind-the-Scenes Cast Interviews, Featurettes and Promos
- "The Evolution of Dexter Morgan" Documentary
- "The Code" Documentary

If you like the show but don't yet own the seasons on blu-ray, then this is the perfect collection for you. If you've never seen the show, then I encourage you to give it a chance. I know some people who are put off by the premise of a blood spatter guy who moonlights as a serial killer, but I assure you the series is much more complex than that and you really enjoy the characters and the story. This blu-ray set is the perfect way for you to catch up with this great series.

Although it's not for everyone, I really enjoy the dark themes presented in the show. It's a constant struggle for Dexter to keep his work a secret -- he works for Miami-Metro Homicide department, surrounded by the very people looking for him. And while certain characters are glad that someone is ridding the world of bad people, there are many other characters who see Dexter's actions as an insult to law enforcement and the criminal justice system. Being the rational and peaceful person that I am... Dexter's actions on the show are not justified from my perspective. But it's still fun to watch someone on television who embraces the darker side of his personality and channels it to potentially rid the world of criminals. You are stunned to find that you come to like the main character - who would've thought that a killer could be this likable?

There are some seasons that are better than others (Seasons 3 and 4 are my personal favorites), but I think they are all worth a watch because each season is essential to the story. The show looks into Dexter's past traumas; sometimes the writers put him into adversarial relationships with other serial killers; and throughout the series Dexter is exposed to various ideas about family, fatherhood, and faith; and eventually his secret is discovered by those closest to him. It's all a marvel to watch unfold. This is one of the best shows and best performances on television.
review image review image
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