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on July 2, 2013
I love the show Dexter. I've watched it since the beginning. Each season would get better as he became more comfortable with who he is. In prior seasons, he would seem to lose control but not quite. This season he did lose control. At times he seemed to abdicate his responsibility to those around him and do stupid things for someone trying to hide this significant a secret. The season ending also left me bewildered as to how do you cover up or spin what happened? Or maybe that is the hook that brings me back for the next season?
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on March 13, 2015
My wife was the one that really wanted to try the series, I don't care for Criminal Minds and that sort of show but she does. I pretty much watch whatever she wants to watch and acclimate myself to the show. Well we started watching the first episode and I was horrified and was just hoping that she would feel the same. No such luck, we kept watching and soon found that the plot was a big surprise and an enjoyable one. How can someone be on a serial killers side? Watch Dexter and you will get past the violence and blood scenes and find a real good series worthy of your time. I do think that they jumped the shark in the last season though, I guess that is why it ended.
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on June 13, 2013
In the Season 6 finale of DEXTER, it's clear that Dexter's world will never be the same. Deb witnessed Dexter's killing of Travis Marshall, the Doomsday Killer. His sister now knows she has to deal with his disturbing secret. She can arrest him or cover up his crimes. Her choices become the meat of Season 7.

The writers dig deep into Dexter's psyche and what makes him tick. This season has many plot twists and a jaw-opening finale that will leave fans stunned. All rules of love, honesty and decency are broken in Season 7. Dexter is wavering from the clear "Code" that his adoptive father created for him...a code that lets a serial killer keep murdering but with his conscience intact. Harry is long dead but he appears at Dexter's side as his conscience and voice of reason. Now that Deb knows that her dear, sweet brother is a killer, nothing can be the same. How will they protect their secret?

New and fascinating characters are added this season. Ray Stevenson guest stars as Isaac Sirko - the head of a Ukrainian mob running drugs out of a strip club in Miami. Stevenson is perfect as the ruggedly handsome and diabolically ruthless Sirko. Soon Sirko is out to kill Dexter who is out to kill Sirko before Sirko and Dexter join forces. Sound confusing? Just follow along. Somehow the writers make it all work. The writers turn murderous Sirko becomes almost a sympathetic and likeable character when the tables are turned and his life is in danger. Let's not forget to mention that sleazy Detective Quinn falls for one the Russian strippers working in the club.

Added to the mix, is the gorgeous Yvonne Strahovski as Hannah McKay. As a teenager, she was involved with a serial killer, but she was just an innocent victim....or was she? Dexter is faced with a moral dilemma as he falls deeply in love with the only person who can truly understand him. Strahovski is an absolute knock-out in both looks and deception. What a perfect match for Dexter. He uncovers her secrets and she knows only Hannah will ever truly understand them. Two twisted minds are bound by some unseen force and both Dexter and Hannah know there can be no happily ever after to their story.

Things are worse than ever at Miami Metro. Items disappear from the evidence room and killers go free. Investigations that are getting to close to the truth are quelched. Are there any honest cops in Miami Metro? Someone is going to pay a price for all these unsavory shenanigans. LaGuerta finally comes to bat as revealing evidence comes her way. She closes in on Dexter. She's sure the Bay Harbor Killer is still alive and that detective Doakes was framed all those years ago. The question that begs an answer is why does LaGuerta keep the evidence to herself and only tells Debra?

Jennifer Carpenter as foul-mouthed Debra Morgan has plugged along through the years as the annoying police officer turned lieutenant who now has the power to quelch investigations that could jeopardize Dexter's secret. Her character has grown and expanded and is much more pivotal than ever before. She has to protect Dexter from the police and from his new love Hannah. Carpenter's emotional scene in the finale is heart-wrenching and so believable that there is no better acting on TV. Kudos to Jennifer Carpenter for finally being able to delve into her character.

In a nutshell, Season 7 of DEXTER is like no other. Dexter seems to go deeper and deeper into his madness. His rigid code is going be broken. He is willing to plant evidence to frame innocent people. The code is expanded to allow for the killing of anyone, no matter how innocent, if they stand in the way of Dexter, Debra or Hannah's safety. Anyone is free game now. All of this leads to the most shocking and unnerving cliff-hanger finale. Dexter and Debra's worlds are spiraling out of control. Can the final Season 8 put all the pieces together?
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on June 6, 2013
Dexter is a show that certainly has had its ups and downs. Very much of it is implausible, and it definitely takes a lot of suspension of disbelief. But this season really began to focus on what has really always been the question. What would happen if the wrong person found out about Dexter. Granted yes, others have found out that he is a serial killer, and he has always been able to end up with the upper hand. Yet, the one person he will not kill had never found out about him. That changed this season (actually at the very end of last season), and the storyline dealing with that fallout was great.

Another wonderful addition to the season was Yvonne Strahovski, as a true love interest. As anyone who watched Chuck knows, she is a very talented actress beyond being drop dead gorgeous, and she played the character as cunning, vulnerable, dangerous and loving. Unlike any of the other love interests she was not blind to what Dexter is, over the top crazy, or damaged. Yet the character is crazy and damaged but in different ways than Lila and Lumen.

The other story of the season was Dexter as a target of a Ukrainian mobster. It is in a lot of ways the filler story of the season, but even so has its own little twists and turns and basically gives Dexter something to deal with while trying to keep even more people from finding out his secret. Sgt. Doakes returns via flashbacks in the final episode of the season and the season ends on a more shocking moment than last season did.

Dexter is not a show that will appeal to everyone, given the subject matter and the style of the show. If you have been a fan of the series though, you will definitely like this season. Even if your interest in the show has been waning, I think it lays a good foundation going into the final season for ending the story.
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on December 31, 2013
I thought Dexter had jump the shark after and during the jimmy smith fiasco, but it came back, I heard the last season was bad or at least it's ending was bad i'm can't say since I have not seen it yet.
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on October 11, 2013
As usual, Dexter was well written, directed, shot, and acted. I really enjoyed the performance of Yvonne Strahovski. It took me awhile to place her from Chuck. She was very good and the chemistry with Dexter was great.
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on July 22, 2016
I was hooked on this series from season 1. However, the stories got a little odd in Season 7, and I felt like the writers were losing their way a bit. It wasn't outstanding, but it was still pretty good Dexter.
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on May 31, 2013
Season six is undeniably lacklustre, especially compared to the first five seasons of tension, suspense and riveting viewing.

After Deb discovers Dexter's secret (which was almost exposed at season 5's climax), things unravel for both of them. Dexter gets caught up in a Ukrainian mob war, LaGuerta closes in upon her quarry, and Quinn and Angel move forwards with their lives and careers. Finally, FINALLY they begin to pull their act together. They're not the inebriated winos used for cheap laughs. More flashbacks into Dexter's past deepen the bonds between step-brother and step-sister. Nothing is out of character and every action makes sense, both individually and as part of the whole.

The primary villains (Isaak Sirko and Hannah McKay) aren't just evil villains who want to torture their prey or destroy society. They're well-rounded, developed and almost four-dimensional. And all the better, because at least some of them will be surviving until the show's final season.

Because of the nature of the plot and character development, this is best watched after re-watching the first two seasons.
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on December 25, 2012
I am completely flaked out on Dexter! Not only is he sooo simpatico but all the seconday actors are really really good. I keep hoping non of the ones I like best will day. As far as television series go, this has to be the most original one in many a year.
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on May 21, 2013
Watching all of season 7 of Dexter, and then trying to summarize my reaction, has left me feeling as confused and conflicted as any of the main series characters as portrayed by Michael C. Hall and company. On the positive side - and there are plenty of positives this season - the plot arc is chockablock with all sorts of entanglements in terms of romance and relationships ranging from excellent (Dexter and the female serial killer Hannah) to interesting (the continuing semi-incestuous fascination of Deb for Dexter as well as the romantic obsession of the gay Ukrainian mobster played by the always-excellent Ray Stevenson) to clunky and generally awful (Quinn's involvement with the Ukrainian stripper.) In a voiceover that's insightful and almost sweet, if you're open to a "Serial Killers in Love" kind of vibe, Dexter analyzes his dark side and his past relationships with women in earlier seasons along the lines of `Lila was drawn to my darkness. Rita was blind to it. Lumen needed it. But Hannah is able to see both sides of me and to like both sides." Of course, ultimately, none of the relationships that are so central to Season 7 survive anywhere near to being intact. In a whole variety of ways, Dexter Season 7 mirrors what the late movie critic Roger Ebert concluded about the Michelle Williams/Jason Segal film Take This Waltz: "The wounding power of love, its essential asymmetry and unfairness, permeates (this film). The one thing you know for sure is that someone - maybe everyone - is going to get hurt."
Coupled with all of the generally appealing exploration of interpersonal stuff there are some relatively interesting villains (which in and of itself puts this season far out in front of the disappointing season six) as well as some tricky plot twists which are generally successful in helping further the whole `will he or won't he finally be caught' thread that underlies the whole series. A particularly clever ploy by Captain LaGuerta at the end of the penultimate episode worked well for me despite the fact that the whole premise was - on reflection - fairly implausible. (Spoiler alert: La Guerta - suspicious of Dexter - arranges for the aged mobster who had Dexter's mother killed to be released from prison in order to monitor his movements on the outside and try to trap Dexter in a murder attempt.) Likewise, there is a totally ambiguous cliffhanger element in one episode - `would Deb go so far as to drug herself and crash her car to throw suspicion onto Dexter's girlfriend and get her out of the way so Deb can have Dexter all to herself'- that is a lot of fun to contemplate until it gets resolved in the next episode.
All of those positive things aside, the season simultaneously manages to be hugely frustrating in the sense that the writers seem to have been so concerned with all of character analysis and exploration that they phoned in a lot of the writing in terms of the "Dexter and his dark passenger" narrative. The net result was a plethora of WTF moments where logic and forensic reality (as well as what we know about the characters in the past) just seem to have been cast aside due to an excess of laziness. (Second spoiler alert: Toward the end of the series a key plot point involves a car crash in which Deb has been injured after presumably drinking water that has been spiked with Xanax. The writers just glossed over the fact that Xanax in tablet form is virtually insoluble in water and that the tablets Deb had a prescription for as well as the less-likely Xanax drops BOTH would have had a disgustingly noticeable flavor - apparently niggling little details clearly deemed too inconsequential relative to the demands of the plot. Likewise, Dexter makes a point of giving Deb a pen that has been tipped with the drug aconite supposedly as a way to establish the guilt of his serial killer paramour Hannah in the death of a true-crime writer, even though the viewer is totally aware that the tox screen done on the victim specifically focused on plant poisons such as aconite and none was found. Duh.)
Bottom line: This season is far superior to season six and I'll certainly plan on sticking around for the next - and final - season that's upcoming. My hope, however, is that having plumbed the depths of the main characters' emotions and motivations the writers will avoid going too much more overboard with that sort of thing (cf avoid the mistake that has made Bones such an unrewarding televisional experience lately) and will get back to focusing on the primary premise of Dexter and the thing that made it such a breath of fresh air when it first appeared.
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