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on November 16, 2012
1. Connected the capture device with the supplied USB cable to PC
2. Installed the drivers and software from DVD (easy)
3. Connected HDPVR using supplied component cable
4. Connected XBOX 360 using HDMI cable (NOT PROVIDED)

1. Opened HD-Capture software that was installed
2. Went Setup->Capture and changed the Video Path and Capture Bitrate to High Quality

1. Changed the source input to component, pressed capture (software UI could be better, but it does the job)
2. Changed the source input to HDMI, pressed capture
3. 1:18:00 of footage resulted in 11.76GB

I uploaded a clip to youtube at 1080p -> [...]
Amazon didnt let me upload a high res video.

Has both Component and HDMI inputs (main reason i picked this up over the others)
I liked how I could have both source inputs connected at the same time
Easy setup and capture

Windows ONLY <- wished it was supported on OSX
Capture software is kinda ugly
Doesn't have the feature the Elgato has buffering your footage

NOTE: keep in mind that if you are using HDMI IN, to set your source to 1080i. If you have an XBOX 360 slim, make sure to turn off display discovery so you can set the display to be 1080i
NOTE2: I am also using a HDMI Splitter that I also bought from Amazon (I am not using the pass through on the device)


I am planning to get a new computer. Therefore, I emailed support and asked them if their capture software supported 64 bit. Here's what the support person responded with:

Ian A. <>
3:20 PM (18 hours ago)


The GC1000 already works in windows 7 and 8 respectively. As far as updates for them specifically for x64 architecture, and/or OSX, I don't know of any plans for it.

Ian A.
Technical Support
Diamond Multimedia
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on March 23, 2015
Awesome Capture card, my entire team uses this card in all the studios, which is three of them.
a little finiky, but nothing a quick google wont fix, it can be a bit wonky, and the DM cap program is a bit off sometimes.
Def helps to have a PC with more than 2 ram (common except for with me)
the hd output can be easily modified to use YWR cables instead of composite, by usuing the Y port, making retro easy to record.
this product is amazing for those looking to do anything gaming related!
check out our uses over on Youtube gamegoofs over there to get an idea of the content it can be used to produce.
review image
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on June 4, 2015
I don't do a whole lot of video game recording so I bought this back in August of 2012 to get a feel of how this work. I went with Diamond because they used to be the company I went for when it came to video cards a very long time ago and wanted to give them a try again. Another reason I was eyeballing this was because it doesn't require too many cables and was powered by USB so it was perfect for laptop so I didn't need to have a PC next to my TV and consoles. I was also not familiar with Elgato or Hauppauge at the time when I was shopping around. I eventually moved no Hauppauge 3 months later and never been happier and am now looking at the Elgato Standard/H60 for its portability.

The Diamond GC1000 worked well on Windows 7 but it was when I upgraded to Windows 8 that the problems started happening. Diamond didn't bother updating the software to Windows 8 until 7-8 months later (April of 2013). With windows 8, another problem I ran into with the Diamond GC1000 is that I use this maybe once every 3-4 months on a Samung Laptop with 8GB of memory and a core i5 and everytime I run it in Windows 8.1, it just doesn't work. I have to uninstall and reinstall DMcap and the drivers to fix the issue because all I get from the video feedback was a black screen instead of a blue screen. This is with version 1.0 of their software.

As of 6/2/2015, doing the uninstall/reinstall doesn't help anymore with version 1.02 of DMcap and its drivers on Windows 8.1, the video feedback locks up when I hit the record button but you see a timer indicating that it is recording, when you stop the recording 3 minutes later all you get is a 4MB file which is like the first 3 seconds of the video.

The lack of support for this device is just disappointing. When it worked, it does a good job. But now? There's not reason to buy this, spend a little more money and get the Hauppauge or Elgato which is still updating their software.
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on April 15, 2014
The main reason I bought this was because of the cheap price and the fact that it can capture in HDMI AND in Component or Composite. I'd like to note that there are many misconceptions about what this device actually does and doesn't do which made me hesitate buying it, but I eventually did. There is barely any real information or reviews on this product, so I'll start with a Q&A of common questions.

Q: Is there any noticeable added delay on my TV when it passes through the device?
A: No, I have not noticed any added delay from my usual setup. It seems lagless. I play reaction based games (fighters), so I can tell when there are a bit of extra frames of display lag (which is why I don't play using HDMI on my TV).

Q: What is the format of the recorded video?
A: I'm not sure about other input sources, but if recording in HDMI or Component, it is a MPEG-2 TS Video (.ts) file.

Q: Do I need to be plugged in to my computer to capture/playback to my TV?
A: You will need the device to be powered (ie: plugged into a set up computer) in order to capture. If you want to use the device as just a pass through (basically, it doing nothing but working like an extension cable), you can for Component, Composite, and S-Video connections. HDMI, however, needs a power source to pass through. So essentially, if you just want to play games with the power off on the capture card, you can without unplugging everything for the non-HDMI connections. The Power Cord for the device is just a USB that goes into a USB slot on your computer.

Q: Will this work on my OS?
A: It won't work on Mac, and as far as other people say, doesn't work on Windows 8, but I never tested it. The manufacturer is saying that they updated the disc, and now it should work on Win 8 if you buy it. I also noticed that the software shown on old videos of this device did look different than the one I had on mine, so they certainly did update it. The new device/disc software probably does work on an updated Windows 8 OS now as of writing this review.

Q: Does this actually record in 1080p or HD?
A: It records in 1080i, which (for the sake of me not having to explain all of it) is basically 720p in video quality, which is indeed Hi-Def. You will NOT get 1080p quality. It records in 1280 by 720 and at 60 frames per second. I am not sure why the description as of writing this review indicates differently. You just need to make sure you are recording using a decent HDMI cable or HD component cables. I say HD component cables, but I really just mean high quality ones.

Q: Component or Composite? What about S-Video?
A: Component cables have red, blue, and green video with red and white audio cables. Composite cables have yellow video with red and white audio. Component generally records in a 1280 by 720 (HD) format, while Composite generally records in an 720 by 480 (SD) format on consoles. S-Video is basically just a higher quality composite cable (still SD).

Q: Why does HDMI capture not work on my PS3, etc.?
A: Sony has what is called High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection (or HDCP) enabled that blocks you from recording any video or audio on the PS3. Other devices can use a similar block. Microsoft has the same HDCP block enabled on its Xbox 360's Video apps (like Hulu), however it still lets you record games using HDMI. In short, use Component cables for a PS3 setup and an HDMI or Component setup for Xbox 360. I'm not too sure how HDCP is used on the PS4 or Xbox One.

Q: Can I use this to play on my computer screen?
A: The capture software window shows you what it is capturing in its window. So technically, yes, but at about 2-3 seconds of delay, which is basically unplayable for most games. In other words, I recommend against it.

Q: Can I use this to stream my games over something like Twitch?
A: Yes, but the set up process is not as well integrated as other capture cards make it, but it is possible. If you know your technical stuff on a fairly basic level, it is pretty easy to set up. It still isn't that great of a capture device to stream from, but it gets the job done. At least it sort of did for me when I tried it.

- Diamond Multimedia GC1000 Capture Device
- DMCap: The GC1000's capture software (required to capture videos) located on included disk
- CyberLink Power Director 10: The included video editing software (not required to capture) located on the included disk
- Component Cables (Red, Blue, Green) x 1
- Power Cord for GC1000 x 1
- I don't remember if they include the Red & White Audio Cables. (they actually might not)

Notes: If you want to record in HDMI, you will need to buy your own cord, as this does not come with any. Here is also a friendly tip about the cords: the cords included aren't the best quality, so use them for the output. You basically want to input using the highest quality cord you have. So if you have two HDMI cords, use the better quality one as the input cord. Also, the video editing software included can be replaced by any other software, such as Windows Movie Maker (the most basic example). I never touched the included software nor installed it, so I have no idea if it is good or not.

- Choose you source input noting that YPbPr stands for Component.
- Go to Setup > Capture and change the Video Path to where you want it to be and set the Capture Bitrate to a higher amount for good video quality. If you do not, the video frames will blur when capturing.
- Now go to Video Setting and change VMR type to VMR 9 if you are planning on streaming the capture window when playing a game. I don't know why this worked for me, but it did.

Notes: When uploading files to a video site, try to compress them using a video editing program as the high capture bitrate can lead to large files very quickly.

- 720p Capture with HDMI and Component cables
- Standard Definition Capture with Component, Composite, and S-Video cables
- Snapshots of Video Input
- Color Adjuster
- YouTube and Facebook Uploading Integration

All in all, this is a great device for it's price range and does what I needed it to: recording in HD format with nice quality. Having multiple input sources also means it can be used for many kinds of devices.
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on May 29, 2014
I can't give it one star because it does technically work, but it only seems to work sometimes. The device itself works but the drivers you have to install on your computer do not work so well. Constant crashes, error messages, and Recording interruptions are to be expected. Maybe the software just doesn't agree with my type of laptop, but even then there are the recording issues; PS3 footage cannot be recorded at all on this device via HDMI, although AV is just fine if you run yours that way. N64 footage is not possible, for some reason it captures the first image it sees and loops it over your recording footage repeatedly. If you are like me and are looking for the best way to record footage from several consoles just save up and buy something better, I regret not doing that.
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on October 30, 2015
This device is completely useless. The DMCap software flickers and produces completely unusable video. Diamond won't support it because it was sold by Circuit City and Circuit City wouldn't accept returns saying Diamond has to support it. I lost my money and they all gave me the run around.
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on July 23, 2015
I enjoyed the device but now the software gets a little clumsy when recording, I would record and sometimes it would freeze, I'd have to set the input source to component again. I'm still having problems with the software. I also wish that the software came with narrating options. Overall it's a pretty good capture card besides the wonky program that it comes with.
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on December 30, 2013
It's basically recording in 720p. i tried recording at 1080i but my screen was making wierd images and such. but the human eye can't differenciate between 720 and 1080. basically consoles are at 720p so yea.
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on May 4, 2014
I was a bit skeptical about purchasing this device to capture video from a digital camcorder, but nw that i've purchased & used this device i am proud to say that it works perfect for capturing from a digital camcorder. i use a sony HDR-CX110 with component video output. In addition, it works perfect on win 8.1 pro 64bit
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on September 30, 2013
not much help from diamond!! it was my pc it had sum bad files on it the it now works on xp - 7 and 8 but the video is a bit too crapy for what wanted it for but good for old vhs and dvd,s and Stuff it works great on a new dvd thu component in and s video but you can forget hdmi on most things it works on hmdi but the video gets a audio tack beat too it I WUD SAVE MY BUCKS AND LEAVE IT ALONE! I HAVE BEEN testing it for 30 days on 3 dif pc,s its still crap for 100 bucks........ hope this saves some pain in the head! for some one
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