Customer Reviews: Dick's Picks, Vol. 7: Alexandra Palace, London, England, 9/9-9/11/74
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on October 27, 2000
I have all 19 Dick's Picks. Most of them have a few songs I consider the "best version available", and some I usually skip. DP 7 has neither! It's just a real good show, with fun song selection, sharp playing and no rough patches. Some of the high lights include a great Scarlett Begonias, and a Not Fade Away that really moves. There are several good versions of "first set" tunes, like Mexicalli Blues, Half Step Miss. Uptown and Brown Eyed Women. Big River and Wharf Rat are also here. The band was tight, their voices were clear, and even with Dark Star, the mood was not very spacey. When I want some solid, easy listening Dead in the background, either in my office, in the car or at home, I often reach for DP 7, and I'm always happy I did.
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on January 18, 2001
Basically I'd like to support Alan Sandler's review. My only qualm with this set is that with better Dick's Picks out there including 4,8,10,11,12,14,15,16 and 18 to name a few, casual fans would be best to hold off on this one until they amass a decent Dick's Pick's collection. If you have most of those shows, then by all means pick this one up. Phil's bass thunders on Scarlet Begonias, Not Fade Away, and especially Wharf Rat. Also listen for the King Bee tease during the jazzy outro jam of a veteran Weather Report Suite. For those interested, these shows come from a three-night stand at Alexandra Palace in London from 9/9/74 - 9/11/74.
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on December 29, 2014
iv'e been waiting for a while to grab this and finally did, finding it for around 15 dollars. for a dicks picks and live dead from 1974 thats a bargain. culled from 3 nights in london during their europe tour 1974, this release offers some of the best music from that tour. there is good documentation of this tour available and after reading that, i can understand the mixed reviews. some of the shows from this tour are flawed by poor playing, the result of way too much coke consumption by most of the band and crew ;; well reported by people close to the band as well as band members ... that said, the 3 nights in london and the show from 9/18 in france are excellent, and this release is very underrated and overlooked. most of the shows from this run can be heard on archives and other sources. each disc here offers some great highlights which should not be missed by dead fans. disc 1 starts with a very nice 'scarlet begonias' that is clear and jams along sweetly. everyone can be heard and donna sounds fine;;; followed by a nice 'black throated wind' , 'mississippi half step' , 'tennessee jed' , and very fine 23+ min. 'playing in the band' that gets really jazzy in the excellent jam . disc 2 features a pretty 'weather report suite'>'stella blue' , hot 'big river' and later a cool, 27+ min. 'truckin>'jam'>'wharf rat' the second part being especially nice wall of sound dead. disc 3 a large 'not fade away' and then a superb 'dark star'>'jam'>'morning dew' which is actually regarded as one of the best 'dews' officially recorded and a large reason this was officially released. the dark star features a long, gentle intro and deconstructs into a very spacey jam. if you like wall of sound grateful dead do not overlook this cd and pay no attention to the mixed reviews, you should include this in your collection ...
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on October 6, 2006
I like 1974 Dead a lot, and this has some fine music. I think the DP12 showcases more innovative music, however DP7 is one I do play a lot.

The Scarlet Begonias is very nicely played, as are all the long jams. The long jams are the main attraction in this release...
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on June 25, 2009
Not as jazzy as the epic DP 31, but a thoroughly solid effort from my favorite era of Dead (1972-1974). Underrated by others here...a gem and true value relative to other available used DP's.
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on October 13, 2000
Here is a collection of music that is for the hard-core dead heads. There are some short simple songs,along with the long jams. The best parts are the long jams. This is what made the Dead different from all other bands, the ability to jam on and on and on. Who else could play Not Fade Away for 15 minuets or longer. The Truckin jam has Phil Lesh showing the world why he is a world class musician. Dark Star is vintage Dead with song structure being unimportant, but the ability to improvise while maintaning focus and make tremendous music is sheer brillance. Capped off with the the most touching version of Morning Dew makes this worth the price alone. Playing in the Band gets the royal 20 minuet space jam treatment as well. Execpt for the off key screaming of Donna everything is played with confidence and passion.
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on January 18, 2015
I was listening to gdradio and heard the 9/11/74 second set. On fire! Was sad to see the concert dissected, you have to hear it in entirety. Mind blower. Wicked Seastones to start the set into Eyes into space jam after space jam. Flashbacking hard. Fun to hear the British guys in the back between songs yelling out song requests, they were having a good time.
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on September 7, 2011
Because of what I'd assumed from other opinions, when I first listened to this I was very pleasantly surprised.
I am a fan with arguably too many different versions of the same songs (although I love it and many would relate), and being somewhat of a completist, especially with Dick's Picks, there was no question about buying this.
I have 'read it said' several times that the band sound tired here. Well, maybe,
but I can't help thinking that they were probably tired during countless concerts that have been appreciated with that familiar Dead joy.
I find this mellow, fat and spunky. Perhaps it is this mellow aspect where some perceive the fatigue. Maybe the recording: it is a little cloudy, but to me it does not detract.
Some highlights are the compact and tight jams; the Dark Star -not represented on many official 74' releases- which has the sounds of the year written all over it, making it unique to the "Wall of Sound" era; and the hint at "Not Fade Away" with just a couple of Bass notes from Phil and the beat on just the drum pedal from Bill, which gets the London crowd clapping the rhythm before the song starts proper and then the band are all in and off we go. Really nice and a fascinating glimpse of the Deadhead network operating far and wide before the more mainstream popularity of the Grateful Dead.
I love this and am so grateful.
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on January 16, 2013
I appreciated the timely delivery of my purchase, considering the stresses of the holiday season. My purchase was a gift for my Son and if the quality and price remains as superior, I will be a return customer. Thank-you, Cheryl Pickering
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on March 24, 2015
I picked this up some time ago because I liked the set list and at the time it didn't really do much for me. Not that I didn't like it but it just kind of sat on the shelf while I reached for something else (usually Dick's Picks 2, my favorite). At the time I didn't really know anything about the significance of the year 1974 in GD history, and even though some of the reviewers here say the band sounds tired and burned out, I have to be honest that I can't hear it. In fact, after quite a few more years of listening to the Dead, I returned to this set and found a lot to like. Yes they blow through some of the standards like Mexicali and Me and My Uncle, and yes Stella Blue could put you to sleep. However, Scarlet Begonias and U.S. Blues were relatively new tracks at the time and they sound different from the songs they ultimately became. I think SB is more funky and loopy here and on U.S. Blues Jerry's vocal sounds so strong and direct. He sounds like he enjoys playing the tune. Weather Report Suite is one of the better ones I have heard and Bobby's vocals are great. Again, I think he sounds like he is having a good time playing it. In some shows this song gets a little off the tracks, off key, screwed up lyrics, etc. This version sounds tight.The jams on this set are really great and funky as other reviewers have said. Keith sounds downright jazzy on the keyboards and there is some of a "prog rock" vibe going on at times. The Truckin' jam is a lot of fun. On disc 3, the NFA>Dark Star>Morning Dew is totally insane. I have never heard Morning Dew played like that. When Phil was laying down the bass line I thought to myself wow that is downright funky! Other reviewers have hit on some of the other high points so I won't bother. If you like your Dead with some of that Funky 70's Flavor then I would totally recommend this Dick's Picks to you. I know it is going to get a lot more rotation for me this Summer.
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